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  1. Taigiin khuu

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    I do hope Shunba and Terunofuji can have a drink together tonight.
  2. Taigiin khuu

    Terunofuji Watch

    The key thing for me is that there is a significant improvement 'in how much healthier' Terunofuji looks compared to even 2 months ago. It was painful to see how the injury and disease had taken its visual toll, but I'm encouraged by what I see. If the end result is 3 - 5 years of Juryo or low--Maegashira, then so be it, I'll be happy to watch him yo-yo the banzuke. But who knows, more may come. Reading this quote was also so encouraging. He was extremely competitive in the early years, getting very down on himself when not achieving what he wanted. I think he has much more perspective now, and will appreciate his progress and his success more, even the little successes. Although I'm sure he will still be competitive with himself, and the fact that he has patiently gone through this comeback, which is still several months in the making, gives me massive respect for this young man. Hopefully the likes of Aminishki can guide him with the attitude needed to make things last near the top. Gaana, chi minii baatar
  3. Taigiin khuu

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    There seemed to be disagreement in the mono-ii. The Shimpan in the back right was quite animated and it seemed to me that he would not let up on what-ever decision he had made. It was on his side of the dohyo, I think he made that call and refused to budge. ...Or I'm completely wrong.
  4. Taigiin khuu

    New kesho mawashi

    Thank you both I don't get to watch live often, so have completely missed these in the past.
  5. Taigiin khuu

    New kesho mawashi

    I noticed today that both Shodai and Nishikigi entered with Kesho-mawashi that featured both the Japanese and Mongolian flags. Does anybody know the story behind those and perhaps who sponsored them? I thoughts its interesting that Japanese rikishi wear these. I did not get a screenshot, and cannot find a picture of these online. Sorry.
  6. Taigiin khuu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2017

    I would think Kagamio has a decent chance, in addition Satoyama.
  7. Taigiin khuu

    Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Agree with above. But on a lighter note, I just noticed that Nagayama is comfortably last in Juryo game, but comfortably first in Rotosumo. Cool contrast. Hieno Nagayama!
  8. Taigiin khuu

    Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    Speaking of which, 35 year old Shunba, Terunofuji's buddy and last remaining Magaki stable mate, has ended Haru 6 - 1 in his Makushita debut basho... 14 years after entering sumo! A nice memory from Terunofuji's 1st yusho ;o) hugging Shunba just as the yusho was confirmed.
  9. Taigiin khuu

    Basho Talk - Nagoya Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    Just watched the Hidenoumi - Ishiura fight linked in the database. Go have a look, I assume that was clearly a wrong decision? At the least a rematch should have occurred, given that Ishiura was not in a fighting position? (summary: Hidenoumi lifts Ishiura, walks out the ring and puts Ishiura down shortly AFTER stepping out).
  10. Taigiin khuu

    Basho Talk - Nagoya Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    Just watched the Takarafuji interview after his win against Giku. Seemed like a really fun interview... he was speaking about Aminishki. If anyone could post and translate that interview, I'd be very grateful. And want to add, its so wonderful to see Terunofuji is well again.
  11. Taigiin khuu

    Basho Talk - Hatsu Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    Its getting to me too. He seems to have no intention to even try.
  12. Taigiin khuu

    Tokitenkuu injured - kyujo

    That is terrible news. But thankfully its been picked up early. I'll await his return. Thanks Inhashi for posting this.
  13. Taigiin khuu

    TORCHBEARER 2016: invitation, rules, and your picks

    I'll pick: Iida and Makushita 11E Thanks
  14. Taigiin khuu

    Tokitenkuu injured - kyujo

    I thought I'd post on this old thread instead of starting something new. Does anyone have any news on Tokitenkuu's condition leading up to Hatsu? I cannot seem to find anything online (in English). regards,
  15. Taigiin khuu

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2016

    Yoks 4 (Hakuho 2 Harumafuji 2) Ozeki 2 (Terunofuji 2)