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  1. The Graph

    Awesome, love it! Thanks!
  2. The Graph

    Thanks for the update. I do so love the graphic layout you do with this. So, any thoughts about indicating yusho playoffs in a future version...?
  3. Harumafuji in 2018

    I think Harumafuji must be intai before January so will not respond to this poll until after JSA metes out their form of punishment.
  4. Top 10 Sumo Records Aki 2017 Edition

    I have not seen a list of "ginboshi" records for some time. There used to be a Japanese site that listed them and for a short time an English language site which I can no longer find. Perhaps they should not be recorded since they are unofficial, but since I have been tracking them anyways: Most 'ginboshi' = Maegashira win over Ozeki (excludes fusen/default & hansoku/foul results) 1. 47 - Aminishiki 2. 35 - Toyonoshima 3. 33 - Fujinishiki 4. 30 - Takamiyama 5. 29 - Kotonowaka 5. 29 - Kyokutenho 7. 28 - Hasegawa 7. 28 - Miyabiyama 9. 27 - Tochinonada 9. 27 - Tosanoumi 9. 27 - Tochiozan Active rikishi with most 'ginboshi' 1. 47 - Aminishiki 2. 35 - Toyonoshima 3. 27 - Tochiozan 4. 22 - Okinoumi 5. 21 - Takekaze Ozeki with most conceded 'ginboshi' 1. 114 - Kaio 2. 111 - Kotoosho 3. 107 - Chiyotaikai 4. 98 - Takanohana I 5. 89 - Takanonami 6. 77 - Kotogahama 7. 68 - Kitabayama 7. 68 - Musoyama 9. 67 - Konishiki 10. 65 - Hokutenyu Active Ozeki (and former Ozeki) with most conceded 'ginboshi' 1. 63 - Kotoshogiku 2. 35 - Terunofuji 2. 35 - Goeido 4. 2 - Takayasu
  5. Top 10 Sumo Records Aki 2017 Edition

    Your numbers are correct, but for clarity perhaps you could change the wording of kinboshi losses to exclude fusen/default & hansoku/foul losses. Harumafuji lost to Yoshikaze (M3w) in 2014.09 basho and Yoshikaze was not credited with a kinboshi. (Asashoryu also did this against Kyokushuzan in 2003.07)
  6. GTB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW85lWpbrZM

    Well, I don't feel so bad now after seeing your entry -- mine is very similar! I did not demote Okinoumi & Tokushoryu as far down as you have. Also, I gave the Komusubi west spot to Tochinoshin instead of Tochiozan. Otherwise, aside from a few half-rank differences, pretty much the same.
  7. D'oh! missed the deadline... Grr, one of my favourite games, I will try to be more timely next basho.
  8. Sumo Game Deadlines

    Pick the Yusho Winners should probably be moved to the Forum Games section. I have no expectation of being able to re-host the game website (my internet provider has stopped offering free websites with my email package and I have not been able to access my older records). Itachi has been the de facto gamemaster for the past few years.
  9. Wow, I like this game. Thanks very much to Achiyama for putting so much work into running this game and being very hands-on with updates and problem solving. I think one of the tricks to doing well is to spend a few days making crazy picks worth tons of points even when you don't think an upset is likely. A big score or two is worth way more than a few low scoring results (especially when even "obvious" winners lose from time to time).
  10. TUG Deadline for Day 4 has expired. 35 Gamers have submitted their picks. From the registered Gamers missed to submit their picks: Oshirokita Hmm, I definitely made a pick on Day 4... but my pick (Takekaze) lost, so no matter.
  11. Thanks, Tsuchinoninjin, entry helper is awesome! Only hiccough was when I clicked on the link to the GTB entry page and it did not create a new window/tab but actually overwrote the helper page, thus losing all my calculations. Could be a problem on my settings though, and I have learned from the experience to keep both pages open before using the helper. Had a LOT of fun working with it. This will be a very challenging banzuke, I suspect. I really wanted to have 12 sanyaku, but couldn't get that to work. There are several areas where one rikishi or rank out of place could have cascading repurcussions.
  12. Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2018

    Harumafuji Y1 Kakuryu Hakuho Y2 Terunofuji O1 Kisenosato Goeido O2 Okinoumi Wishful thinking for Okinoumi, but if he can heal up then I think he might just squeak in. Kotoshogiku will be demoted, but stick around as a Maegashira, rather than retire.
  13. Osunaarashi in 2017

    Jan. 2018 K1e 5 KK
  14. Makunouchi Yushos in 2017

    Hakuho 2 Harumafuji 1 Kakuryu 1 Kisenosato 1 Aki Terunofuji 1 Kyushu (preventing Kisenosato from getting his 2nd)
  15. Harumafuji in 2017

    Y1E, 4 12+ bashos (although, I use 11 wins as the bar for acceptable yokozuna performance), 61 wins. Streak of 13