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  1. Oshirokita

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2024

    I am in. This game seems to always give me good picks which I can rely on in other games too.
  2. After having computer issues for this basho, I was forced to reduce the number of games I played in Kyushu. I skipped a number of games that I had been doing poorly in or have less interest in playing. Meta Sumo had kept me playing them longer than I might have done otherwise. i will continue to enjoy sumo and sumo gaming in the future but will be retiring from the following games (banzuke makers take note): UDH - upside down hoshitori Juryo Game (great to have a game focusing on Juryo but I don't put enough thought there) DST - Deutsches Sumo-Tipspiel (I really like this game a lot and am proud of my previous 2 yusho) TTT - Turn the Tide SQ - Seki Quad ST - Seki Toto CG - Chain Gang (a very clever game that I have not mastered)
  3. Oshirokita

    Yokozuna Terunofuji in 2024

    No grand finale basho for him like Akebono or Hakuho. He tries to enter Hatsu, loses his first match to a Komusubi, goes kyujo immediately, changes his mind and goes intai when Kirishima wins yusho to secure a tsuna.
  4. Oshirokita

    Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2023

    Oh crap! I missed a Juryo pick? Oops. I had intended to pick Shimazuumi, same as I did in the Juryo Game (not that he is setting the world on fire yet).
  5. Oshirokita

    Guess Kotonowaka's Aite - November 2023 edition

    I'll have to be kyujo this basho. My laptop has decided to die on me and needs some restoration work thus I will not have access to my spreadsheets for a while.
  6. Oshirokita

    Preferred style for banzuke release threads

    I don't have a preference. The important thing to me is names and ranks on the new banzuke for quick reference. I don't need annotations since I will go to the SumoDB later on when/if I want to research more details. I just appreciate the existence and timeliness of new banzuke announcements.
  7. Oshirokita

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    The difference for me is that this time Abi and Asanoyama both have the same rank and same record, so if one is promoted it is easier to justify promoting both. The previous Tamawashi situation had Tamawashi in the Asanoyama position, but his rank buddy had an MK. Not a sure bet by any means but I thought the difference was significant enough to be a factor in my guess. We'll all know in a few days.
  8. Oshirokita

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    Well, I have 3 komusubi in my guess too. although I admit my recent results in GTB show that I am not in sync with the banzuke committee.
  9. Oshirokita

    Sekitori Sweepstake - November 2023

    I'm in and hope my KK streak continues.
  10. Oshirokita

    Guess Kotonowaka's Aite - September 2023 edition

    15. Wakamotoharu