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  1. Tsubame

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2019

    Tomokaze KK Daishoho KK Toyonoshima KK Hoshoryu KK Takakeisho 9 Yago MK Terutsuyoshi KK Enho MK Daiseido MK Kotokuzan KK Kainoryu MK Kotoryusei KK Dewanojo KK Yamenosato MK Takayasu 11 Goeido MK Hakuyozan KK Takanofuji KK TB: 21
  2. Tsubame

    21 Har Har 19, The Results

    b b a a x a a a b a x a b a a b a a a b b
  3. Tsubame

    Sumo monuments and statues

    Just out of curiosity: Why are parts of the last picture blurred out?
  4. Tsubame

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    No one here with reasonable experience would ever state such a thing. Because there is NO RULE for ozeki promotions. They do it with 32 wins (Kisenosato) and deny it with 34 wins (Miyabiyama). And they have their reasons for every case. This famous "rule-of-thumb" of 33 wins over 3 bashos is just a unspecific guideline to indicate when they possibly start to think about a promotion or not.
  5. Tsubame

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I am really puzzled by those statements. Nothing personal, but when I read "he is only 22" there is only one thought in my head: all the great sumotori were already yokozuna at that age and there were no discussion about "not being ready for the responsibilities or pressures" of that rank.
  6. Tsubame

    Acceptable Ozeki Record?

    5 Yusho.
  7. Tsubame

    Acceptable Ozeki Record?

    No, as there is no "ozeki deliberation council" meeting after every tournament to comment on "stuff". A yokozuna with 8-7 multiple times will not get away as his performance is publicly judged. There are also no "off-dohyo" requirements for ozeki. Ozeki is just a rank with its own hurdle to get there. But beside this, it is a normal rank and thus 8 wins is sufficient.
  8. Tsubame

    Acceptable Ozeki Record?

    Easy answer: it's eight wins. Everything else is just fan chatter.
  9. Tsubame

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Hatsu 2019

    Daishoho KK Tomokaze MK Wakatakakage KK Toyonoshima KK Hoshoryu KK Sakabayashi MK Takakeisho 9-6 Myogiryu 5-10 Tochiozan KK Yago KK Terutsuyoshi MK Enho KK TB: 16
  10. Tsubame

    21 Hatsu 19, The Results

    Sorry, just saw that deadline has passed. Please ignore my entry-post.
  11. Tsubame

    21 Hatsu 19, The Results

    X A A B B B B B A X A A B B A B A B B A B
  12. Tsubame

    Hakuho in 2018

    I did gambarize and showed my best sumo prediction! I feel honoured and this win means a lot to me!
  13. Tsubame

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Kyushu 2018

    Regadring the Hatsu banzuke: Who will be Y1e? I wonder if they do not change the order of our three kyujo-yokozuna on the banzuke or if the "at-least-he-tried-five-times" Kisenosato will be on top?
  14. Tsubame

    Takanohana activities

    Small signs are sooo important.
  15. Tsubame

    Harumafuji danpatsushiki

    Still one of the best performed dohyo-iri of the last decades. (IMHO)