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  1. Fujisan

    What we do in our off-time

    Another thing I do is playing Solitaire. All the great games on my PlayStation and I end up playing Solitaire instead...The mind boggles!!!
  2. Fujisan

    A belated happy birthday Sumojoann....

    Thanks Jo... Sorry for going on about it in my last message but its my favourite subject and I dont get chance to talk about it much now.
  3. Sorry I missed this yesterday but Happy 73 rd bithday Jo! "I hope you got everything you wanted or at least a box to keep it in." That secret I promised is on its way by PM.
  4. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Sorry but I don't understand what you mean.
  5. Fujisan

    What we do in our off-time

    I was asking my friend and former bandmate if he would turn my song "Grace amazing " back online but he told me it didn't exist anymore He turned it off after the group split... He said he wasn´t happy with it( He played the organ and sang on it) but personally I think he did it to spite me because he blames me for the band splitting up. I still have the original recording on tape though and better than that it is not my friend singing or playing an instrument on it. And Even better it doesnt have the middle eight in he wrote.
  6. Fujisan

    What we do in our off-time

    Excuse me then my eyesight isn't so great and you do look alike.
  7. Fujisan

    What we do in our off-time

    What a coincidence,I am watching only fools and horses for the 1st time... Previously I have only seen clips from it... The Chandelier episode was one of the funniest ever... Another funny one was Del and Boycie playing poker where Del outcheats Boycie. Del had a double headed coin which Del offered Boycie a chance to win some of his money back Having already lost twice after Boycie called heads before he(Del)could open his mouth,Del suggests to reluctant Boycie that Rodney calls it this time,Del tosses the coin and all eyes on Rodney as he calls, "TAILS" Predictable but still very funny
  8. Fujisan

    What we do in our off-time

    Stupid question Moti but is that you on the drums aswell?
  9. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    I missed this... I didn't know you was a 'sharp‘' but being a creationist I believe we are all related somewhere in our past. Weicome to the pride...(My 2nd favourite five finger death punch song.... "I'm not afraid of dying,everyone has their time." Seems appropriate.
  10. Fujisan

    Hello from the American Midwest

    Mr KK Chuck in your salt and join the fray. I am also a member of the "Chiyonofuji is the man' clan....Fujisan is shortened from Chiyonofuji-san
  11. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    I have never seen the Soprano's but I understand the sentiment..... I definately feel a spring chicken and so long as no one 'cooks my goose' I plan on being around a long time yet. I am the oldest in my immediate set of friends(6-7) but also the fitttest.So why not?
  12. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Yes you are right of course,that is the difference all through these years I can still walk the same distances but now I walk slower....No complaining though,its "more time to smell the roses" as they say.
  13. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Thank you Jo I shall share a little secret with you on your birthday that will make you feel even younger(Just you,no one else...Our little secret)
  14. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Thanks to everyone for reminding I'm a year older.... I'm at the age I have a tendancy to forget and without a word of a lie I did have to check exactly when it was. Saturday night out with my two best mates finished with me one year older another year sober and supporting two very drunk friends home....... I certainly dont feel 55 and I reccon I must have walked 20 miles over my birthday weekend at least(No exaggeration) Not bad for 55 and with my tally of broken bones and metal mickey right leg. My mates not impressed though he says he says he should think so,I am more robot than human now. The only time mentally I started to feel old was when I realised in 15 years I will be 70 and yes in 25 years I will be 80Then I felt old..... Still I know I should be happy to look forward to reaching those milestones and I honestly think I will so I guess I am a happy,healthy 55 year old.
  15. Fujisan

    East vs West Aki 2021

    Okay,ignore my previous post I will keep playing....Hopefully I will learn more as I go....