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    SUMO!!! My husband! Also Mongolian language, history, customs and culture. All things Japanese (except sushi, sorry!). I love all animals and some insects, M.C. Escher, Louis Wain, epic music, linguistics, gardening, genealogy, gargoyles, crocheting and baking.


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  1. sumojoann

    Happy Birthday, Akinomaki!

    I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday, Akinomaki! You are such an integral part of Sumo Forum. I don't know what we would do without you!
  2. Excellent article! I will leave it to someone more experienced than me to contact the writer Saya Abney, e-mail address
  3. sumojoann

    Story of Man Who Has Trained Yokozunas

    Very inspiring story. I wish it had named which Yokozuna he trained and provided details about the training. It's wonderful that he's going to be 80 this summer and is still going strong. Thank you for posting this story.
  4. sumojoann

    Corona virus thread??

    I'm very sorry to hear about your wife. Have you and your son actually been tested? I didn't think that because one family member has it that the rest of the family automatically has it, too. I think you both should actually get tested. However, I certainly agree with the 10-day quarantine. If it's okay with you, I will pray for your whole family. P.S. I love your wife and son's names!!
  5. sumojoann

    New Reality Tv Show: Celebrity Sumo!

    Hahahahaha!!!! It says that sumo wrestlers eat chankonabe 6 to 10 times a day! Well, at least they spelled chankonabe correctly! I can't imagine who the producers could con into signing up to do this show. It certainly won't be any real celebrities. They're too busy making sure they don't gain a pound.
  6. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    Good to know. But since this thread was asking about favorite songs, I chose to mention it - one time, one link.
  7. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    One of my favorite movies is "Spinal Tap". My favorite song in the movie is "Big Bottom". It's a little risque so I hope no one is offended.
  8. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    Am not aware of a "sister channel thread" and I only mentioned the HU Band one time with one link. I don't see the problem. This is a great thread, not too complicated for me....
  9. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    Like minds think alike! I had just mentioned this song in my post right above yours!
  10. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    That's another of my favorites!! I also like "We Will All Go Together When We Go", "Pollution", "Smut" and "Elements".
  11. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    One last Enkh Erdene video, this time singing my favorite Elvis song "Can't Help Falling in Love with You".
  12. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    Once again, the young Mongolian singer Enkh Erdene, this time doing his best Elvis impression.
  13. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    Here's Enkh Erdene again singing "Amarillo by Morning". He doesn't speak a word of English (at least not when he performed this song). This song was made famous by George Strait, an American country star. Enkh sounds even more authentic than George Strait!!! lol
  14. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    Believe it or not, this is the same singer who sang Chandmani in the video above. He is extremely versatile. The song he sings in this video is a rock version of a traditional Mongolian folk song!! He can also sing the American country song "Amarillo by Morning" with an American Southern accent. Also Elvis' song "Don't Be Cruel". He's my new favorite singer!
  15. sumojoann

    Favorite Songs

    Here is a beautiful traditional Mongolian folk song called "Chandmani" sung by Enkh Erdene, a young man with an incredible voice. If you scroll down, you can read an English translation of the lyrics.