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  1. sumojoann

    The Yobidashi

    I'm very surprised that no one has singled out Makuuchi Yobidashi Shigeo for his incredibly beautiful singing. He's brings tears to my eyes. He sings like a male angel! I could listen to him all day!! Does anyone know of a video with him singing in it? I think he's in Kokonoe Beya.
  2. sumojoann

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I've run out of "Thanks" for the day so I'll just say, "Thank you!", Otokonoyama.
  3. sumojoann

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Yes, Tamawashi does like to bake! Check him out in the Youtube video with the title "Rikishi With Hobbies". (Other rikishi in the video are Yoshikaze, Takekaze & Wakanosato). (Sorry, I don't know how to do links).
  4. sumojoann

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    He never continued with sumo in any capacity Sorry, I don't know how to multi-quote, but to respond to the previous post about whether Brodi ever took up sumo again after he left Japan, the answer is "no". (See my previous post above). Nothing on his Facebook page indicates any involvement in sumo. He has moved on.
  5. sumojoann

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    This same video was originally uploaded to Youtube on July 21, 2014, with the title "The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet" by Munchies. It was Season 1, Episode 1 of a new series, Fuel, dedicated to the high-performance diets of athletes. Yes, that was Brodi way back then.
  6. sumojoann

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I think there should have been a torinaoshi. It was just too close, but I'm not a shimpan so what do I know?
  7. sumojoann

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I just saw on the news that Kisenosato announced his retirement although apparently it was known several hours ago.
  8. sumojoann

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    It was a strange move, wasn't it? It didn't seem to serve any purpose.
  9. sumojoann

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Did anyone else besides me notice Aoiyama kneeing Yoshikaze in the cojones at the end of their (Day 1) bout? The bout was actually over by the time this happened, with Aoiyama being the winner. Yoshikaze didn't react so I guess no damage was done.
  10. sumojoann

    Terunofuji's health problems

    My favorite Terunofuji Youtube videos --- (Sorry, I don't know how to provide links so here are the titles of the videos) --- 1) Sumo Wrestling - Terunofuji Carries Shohozan Out of the Ring 2) Fukuoka 2014 Day 15 - Terunofuji v. Ichinojo 3) Osaka 2015 - Day 13 - Hakuho v Terunofuji 4) Final Day Sumo Natsu Basho May 2015 5) May 2015 Terunofuji's Championship Interview (English) ? now Sandanme 88W? How far he has fallen! He was always one of my favorites --- still is --- but he should retire now and focus on the rest of his life outside of sumo.
  11. sumojoann

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Regarding Kisenosato hanging around until at least Day 6 or 7 so you will be able to see him fight, my friend bought a ticket for Day 1 specifically to increase his chances of seeing him before the inevitable happens.
  12. sumojoann

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    As Kishinoyama stated above, Brodi, (who goes by the name Brodik Henderson on Facebook), posted a memory in March of last year from March of 2015. Under a photo of him with the other rikishi of his heya taken in Osaka is a caption. It reads in full, "Night out with the Nishikido Boys! Great time with good friends". However, above the photo is his quote from March 5, 2018 --- "Good times with some of the worst most racist hateful stupid cowardly humans I've ever met in my life". One of the commenters asked for the story behind the comments and another commenter said if he (Brodik) would write a book about his time in Japan, he would buy it. Brodik did not reply to the comments. This is the closest I have heard about what happened and it's from the horse's mouth.
  13. sumojoann

    Konnichiwa from Utah-shu

    Hi Tim, welcome to the Forum! Living in Utah, I imagine that you and your wife must feel very isolated when it comes to sumo. Living in Texas, I have encountered a tremendous amount of ignorance, stereotypes and resistance when trying to explain my passion for sumo to others. I was really hoping to "recruit" some friends and neighbors and turn them into fans but I have had to face reality that it's not going to happen. So finding this forum has been a godsend. I've only been a fan since 2013 when I was first introduced to sumo (TV Japan by satellite). Even though I am new, I have felt accepted here. I think as long as one doesn't act like a know-it-all, shows respect for all of the other members, and is not otherwise obnoxious, then you will be accepted, too. You mentioned that you lived in Japan during the Akebono era. Are you fluent in Japanese? If so, you will be able to contribute even more by helping to translate news articles, press conferences and even the Yusho winner's interview!! But even if your Japanese language ability is limited like mine is (mine is severely limited as I have started studying it only 3 weeks ago!), you will still be warmly welcomed. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  14. sumojoann

    Latest news on my accident........

    Fujisan, I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. Is there another type of work you could be trained to perform? A job that doesn't require that you climb a ladder? I can feel your strength of spirit in your words.
  15. sumojoann


    This thread should be under Ozumo Discussions because it's not about an ongoing or imminent honbasho.