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  1. sumojoann

    Konnichiwa from Utah-shu

    Hi Tim, welcome to the Forum! Living in Utah, I imagine that you and your wife must feel very isolated when it comes to sumo. Living in Texas, I have encountered a tremendous amount of ignorance, stereotypes and resistance when trying to explain my passion for sumo to others. I was really hoping to "recruit" some friends and neighbors and turn them into fans but I have had to face reality that it's not going to happen. So finding this forum has been a godsend. I've only been a fan since 2013 when I was first introduced to sumo (TV Japan by satellite). Even though I am new, I have felt accepted here. I think as long as one doesn't act like a know-it-all, shows respect for all of the other members, and is not otherwise obnoxious, then you will be accepted, too. You mentioned that you lived in Japan during the Akebono era. Are you fluent in Japanese? If so, you will be able to contribute even more by helping to translate news articles, press conferences and even the Yusho winner's interview!! But even if your Japanese language ability is limited like mine is (mine is severely limited as I have started studying it only 3 weeks ago!), you will still be warmly welcomed. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  2. sumojoann

    Latest news on my accident........

    Fujisan, I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. Is there another type of work you could be trained to perform? A job that doesn't require that you climb a ladder? I can feel your strength of spirit in your words.
  3. sumojoann


    This thread should be under Ozumo Discussions because it's not about an ongoing or imminent honbasho.
  4. sumojoann

    Who is the rikishi?

    He's wearing a wig. And yes, I think the mawashi doesn't look right, either. I think he's fake.
  5. Can you please post a link to your account for all of those who want to donate to you for your great work?

  6. Happy Birthday, Exil!!  And many more!!  Joann

  7. sumojoann

    Sumo Posters - free - you pay for shipping

    Please put me next in line for the second one if no one ahead of me takes it. (I live in Houston, Texas).
  8. sumojoann

    Schedule till Haru

    If anyone finds out the date and time of the NHK broadcast, I would appreciate it. (I checked the schedule for the 11th and didn't find anything). As I recall, last year it was just listed as "Special Program". I see three "Special Programs" listed --- Sat, Feb 17 at 11:20 PM, Sun, Feb 18 at 11:30 AM and Sun, Feb 18 at 10:15 PM (all Central Time). Maybe it's one of these times.
  9. sumojoann

    Schedule till Haru

    Does anyone know what time the NHK Ozumo Charity Show on Feb 10 will be broadcast? I live in Texas and subscribe to TV Japan, but I am unable to find it on the schedule for that day. Is it going to be broadcast on a different day?
  10. sumojoann

    NHK Charity Ozumo 2017

    Some thoughts on the Sumo Charity Show ----------------------------------------------- The highlight for me was the touching song that Kakuryu sang as pictures of his beautiful wife and little daughter were shown. The song sounded like a love song. To see Kakuryu, a man who shows such little emotion in the ring, express himself so beautifully and with such emotion, was very powerful. His obvious love for his family was very moving. It brought tears to my eyes. The low-light was the "duet" between Ikioi and a short, chunky older singer. It appeared as though Ikioi's microphone was turned down very low while hers was turned up high! I could barely hear him sing!! Such as disappointment. Later, fortunately, he was able to have his few minutes in the sun when he sang his solo song so beautifully. Such a wonderful voice. Takayasu sings in such a gentle, slightly melancholy way. He's a pleasure to listen to. Harumafuji's singing ability is, at best, adequate, I guess. Maybe he should focus on painting. That gorgeous painting he brought to the show was stunning!! I wonder how much money I would need to come up with to make it MINE!!! Terunofuji needs surgery not just on his knees, but also on his vocal cords!! And last but not least, Hakuho actually sounded quite passable with his rendition on that old classic Japanese pop song "Sukiyaki". All in all, an entertaining show. However, I thought someone on the Forum said that the 3 Mongolian Yokozunae were going to sing together! Wha' happen'?? And why wasn't Kisenosato included in the talent portion of the show? He could have sung a duet with Hakuho!!! Hahaha!!!
  11. sumojoann

    NHK Charity Ozumo 2017

    Is this program going to be broadcast on TV Japan? I subscribe to TV Japan and am having difficulty locating it in the TV Japan guide. There is a program on the 18th called "Special Program" that lasts for 1 1/2 hours, and I'm thinking that must be it. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. sumojoann

    Basho Talk - Hatsu Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    Will Kisenosato have to win another yusho in order to be promoted to Yokozuna or will he get it now??
  13. sumojoann

    Basho Talk - Hatsu Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    Kintamayama's Day 8 video showing Arawashi defeating Hakuho is now up on Youtube. i don't know how to do a link. See Sumo - Hatsu Basho 2017 Day 8 January 15 2017. Their bout is at 15:40.
  14. sumojoann

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    On a totally different topic, I want to ask a question about Kotoyuki, specifically his hand-taping. I hope this is the place to ask. Even though he is not doing well this basho (actually, ever since he was apparently told to stop, I still think he has an unfair advantage. Why is he allowed to tape both of his hands to make them into "semi-lethal nodowa mitts"? They are ALWAYS taped up the exact same way and with each hand identical to the other. The thumb is by itself but the 4 fingers are taped together. I believe this gives him an unfair advantage, and allows him to use the nodowa technique with greater effect. What do you all think??
  15. sumojoann

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    Can someone post a link to the Youtube video showing Ishiura defeating Milhaere of New Zealand at the Australian Sumo Championship 2012? I apologize, i don't know how to do it. The title of the video is "Ishiura (Japan) vs Milhaere (NZ)". Thank you. You can see that even back then, he is incredible!