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  1. Frankly, I am stunned by these rumors of Hokuseiho’s cruelty, sadism and kleptomania. It just seems so at odds with so many people’s perception of him, including mine. To me, he seemed annoyingly passive and lacked the aggression needed to be a successful rikishi. I do have a question. Where was Magaki Oyakata (ex-Ishiura) when all this was presumably occurring right under his nose? Wasn’t he at the heya pretty much all the time? Another question — Is Hokuseiho officially out? I know he submitted his intai papers. I haven’t had time to watch the videos yet but in reading all of this thread, I haven’t seen anything confirming if he’s definitely out. Does anyone think Miyagino showed favoritism toward Hokuseiho because he is a fellow Mongolian? A comment was made that it seemed as though Hokuseiho didn’t really want to be a rikishi. If all these rumors are found to be true regarding his cruelty, sadism and kleptomania, he sounds like one really disturbed individual in need of treatment (which I hope gets, preferably post-ozumo).
  2. sumojoann

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    I’d like to register my friend @Kaminariyuki. He’s been busy out of town and hasn’t had time to keep up with the goings-on on SF. He wouldn’t want to miss out on something this important!
  3. sumojoann

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    Definitely count me in, please. This game is fun because if I’m not familiar with the rikishi I’ve drawn, I am more motivated to learn all I can about them. I drew Gonoyama while he was still in Juryo. I saw his potential then and was already rooting for him when he got promoted to Makuuchi. At this point, a number of SF members were not familiar with him, so I felt like I got a head start. So yes, count me in!
  4. I thought it was interesting that one of the sumo wrestlers Andrew Freund brought to Australia to participate in the Sumo International Down Under event was Ichinojo (pictured).
  5. sumojoann

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Terunofuji sure didn’t look like he’s one step away from retirement! Totally dominated Onosato who looked stunned for a moment as he lay on his back outside the dohyo. I loved that “business as usual” look on Terunofuji’s face afterwards. A great day of sumo!
  6. sumojoann

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Kirishima is absolutely amazing! Somehow he managed to keep Tamawashi’s hands completely off of his neck. Totally disarmed him and then just stood back watching him do that wild flip. Brilliant sumo.
  7. sumojoann

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    I love Ura. Never a dull moment. Great bout with Gonoyama.
  8. sumojoann

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Amazing bout between Atamifuji and Nishikigi. I NEVER would have guessed the result!
  9. sumojoann

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Why wasn’t there a torinaoshi (and not even a mono-I!) in the Wakamotoharu/Kotoshoho bout?
  10. sumojoann

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Hokutofuji is kyujo.
  11. sumojoann

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Asanoyama is kyujo!
  12. sumojoann

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2024

    In, please!
  13. sumojoann

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Nice to see Kaisei as guest announcer today. Oho almost lost his mawashi. I didn't know at one point if I should look away. I didn't, of course! I noticed the gyoji checking him out front and back, front and back. Thank goodness Oho won the bout when he did. What an awful landing by Tamawashi! I am very concerned that our Ironman might be kyujo tomorrow for the first time in his sumo career. His upper spine was bent backwards. On his way back to the dressing area, he held onto his tsukebito's shoulders with both hands and I could feel the pain in his eyes. OMG again! This time it was Tsurugisho picking up Hokuseiho and depositing him outside the dohyo. Are these rikishi making bets now to see who else can do this?? Or did Tsurugisho just say to himself, "Well, dang! If Nishikigi can do it, why not me??" Takanosho's win looked good but when he exited the dohyo, his right leg was bothering him. Hopefully it won't hold him back. Takayasu vs Midorifuji ----- WTF???? WOW! Definitely the Makuuchi Bout of the Day! Just excellent sumo from my favorite Little Guy. It's too bad that both Endo and Onosho are MK this early in the basho. I wish Shodai would fight like this every day. Even though he ultimately lost, he fought hard and his loss was nothing to be ashamed of. I had really looked forward to Kotonowaka vs Gonoyama. I thought it would be a hard-fought battle between an on-his-way-to-becoming-Ozeki and a very promising up-and-comer, but it was anti-climactic as Kotonowaka made dispatching Gonoyama look easy. Daieisho continued his winning record (12-7) against Asanoyama. Daieisho had cupping on his back which I had never seen on him before. Their bout was over in 2 blinks of an eye. Wakamotoharu hasn't looked confident this basho. I was glad to see Hoshoryu not playing any silly mind games today. Hoshoryu won as I expected but that sure was a hard fall, one of several hard falls today. I was pleased to see Hoshoryu showing concern for the possibly injured Wakamotoharu afterwards. There was only one matta today (in Makuuchi) and it was the Nishikigi vs Kirishima bout. Kirishima waltzed Nishikigi out quickly and easily. Kirishima is looking good this basho. I really didn't know what to expect between Takakeisho and Abi but I was hoping for a little more excitement. The highlights for me today were the Tsurugisho vs Hokuseiho and Takayasu vs Midorifuji bouts. I love the element of surprise and I always love watching Midorifuji. So now we've got a 4-way tie for first place with 6 others nipping at their heels. Exciting but of course way too early to call.
  14. sumojoann

    Eat Breakfast While Watching Sumo

    So interesting! And if you scroll down, there are other sumo-related stories from the past, including the infamous Abi/Wakamotoharu "bondage" picture incident.
  15. sumojoann

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    I definitely agree. He strikes me as quiet, unassuming, friendly and likeable away from the dohyo, (but of course fearless once he steps onto it). I'll see if I can find a particular Youtube video that supports my opinion. It was filmed at the Oct 2022 Sumo Fan Appreciation Festival in Tokyo. In this video, a large number of Makuuchi rikishi were called to the stage and introduced one-by-one. The rikishi that were already on the stage generally maintained neutral expressions on their faces as the newly-introduced ones passed by them. However, it was very interesting to see some warm smiles(or lack thereof) shown by the rikishi that were already on the stage towards some of the rikishi that were being introduced. EDIT TO ADD VIDEO, make corrections and add comments. The picture quality is very poor but in watching the video again, I noticed that the following rikishi received warm smiles --- Takanosho, Nishikigi, Midorifuji, Tobizaru and Shodai (although it's possible they were laughing at Shodai!). The Makuuchi rikishi became quite stone-faced when the following rikishi were introduced --- Endo, Ura, Meisei, Abi and especially Takakeisho. And to a certain extent Terunofuji. These are just my impressions. Your opinions might differ.