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  1. Bench Sumo news

    Thanks Jezz.... Seems strange seeing Kosho next to my name after missing my first basho in 13-14 years but dont you worry I am going to make up for it by playing every basho for the next 15 years at least........... Next basho return to Makunouchi you can bet your mawashi on it........... Also noteworthy on the new banzuke is the close proximity of my old enemy Anjoboshi who's recent silences have take some of the spice out of our meetings.... "Cmon Anjoboshi it doesn't take two minutes to trash talk.Please,please,please rise to it again I miss our verbal sparring.."
  2. Help me please! Fujisan in hospital

    Thank you Achiyama! And yes Sumo and the Sumo games are a big piece of my life which I could never leave behind..... Like I have said before I am lucky that I have no family ties or work commitments to get in the way,so I am happy to devote 15 days every two months to the joy of sumo and sumo gaming............
  3. Help me please! Fujisan in hospital

    Thanks again for all the help I still have the fixator/Cage on but I have to go again tomorrow so it may be the last day....... When I reported on the forum last time I found it was tough too get online,my computer is in an upstairs room and there is very little room to move(8000 comics in a very tight space) so it was dangerous to manouver for me,so I decided to wait until I had a little more confidence before I tried again... I will be back for Kyushu basho though come what may....... Hopefully I will enter GTB before the deadline to get me off to a good start.... GOOD LUCK ALL.....
  4. Help me please! Fujisan in hospital

    Thanks for trying and I do understand the difficulty picking for a game you are playing yourself but you did your best..... Results where not great but a lot better than 0-15 would have been......... Thanks again Simon but dont think this changes our in game rivalry........(Probably gives me more ammo as results go )
  5. Help me please! Fujisan in hospital

    Hi guys this is Fujisan for real on my first day out of hospital 5 weeks to the day since my accident obviously far from fully fit but getting better every day...... I have a metal cage(Right term?) on my lower right leg holding my bone together which the doctors say may not be enough for the bone to fix but I remain positive(I have to go in 1 week for a check up so I may have better news before the bashos end) I also have a broken right femur which is fixed with a pin through the centre this is the injury causes me most pain but is going to recover with no side effects so is not a big worry...... Lastly I broke my right arm just below the shoulder..I am sure you all remember the fall I had last year where I broke my LEFT arm below the shoulder,this is almost the same injury on my other arm.... Compared to the breaks on my leg this is a minor injury but because it is on the same side of my body,walking with crutches has been out of the question but I have been excercising like mad to get my arm back to full fitness....3 days ago I had a x-ray(Just on my arm) and I was shocked by the results.. The Doctor told me he had good news and bad news,the good news was that the fracture was mending but the bad news was that it had moved...I had actually been excercising it too hard!?!? Despite that I was allowed to use crutches from then on but progress is slow and painful Thanks everyone for your support and help with the games and I will definately be back next basho whatever happens from now on..... I am quite upset about Bench sumo though the message I asked my friend to post should have read- DAMN IT.......... No internet in hospital now,I once started the games from my hospital bed but not anymore..... Actually quite upset about that now but thanks to all of you-Pandazuma,Jeijima,Achiyama,Gernobono,Jakusotsu,Kuroimori,Ganzohnesushi,Profomisakari and especially to my friend Wayne....... One last thing to my Ichimon brothers and sisters I expect a total victory this basho in the the ICF so dont disappoint me......Win one for the tripper I haven't seen any results(In the games or the real sumo) yet so I cant comment on them but good luck and enjoy the basho to you all...
  6. Hi everyone, this is Fujisan's friend. He's in hospital right now, broken arm, thigh broken, and ankle shattered and wants a favour. He can't do any games at aki so is requesting kosho status 'I hate to miss, I haven't missed since 2003. Need to enter paper oyakata/norizo/ozumo bingo, no kosho, so anyt help appreciated with any of these...(shikona-fujisan) [Password removed] tel UK 07023 764063 (hospital phone)' I have no idea what most of that mean, so good luck! And a thank you from him.
  7. Greetings

    welcome on board Furuya! Chuck in your salt and join the fray........
  8. First sumo run in Japan

    Well at least we have a possible cause for the earthquake..... What was the date of the run?
  9. Tipspiel Banzuke Aki 2017

    Sorry for that Ganzo,its happenened to me several times,mostly in Bench sumo and I pretty much gave the same reply...... The difference between us is that I ranted for real .......... I should refer to my forum signature at this point......

    Thats a no then......
  11. Happy Birthday, Manekineko!

    A late happy birthday from the wolf to the cat Manekineko!
  12. RotoSumo Banzuke Aki 2017

    I have always said I have as many bad resuts as I do good ones....... And thats was awful........ Next time though.....
  13. Thanks Achiyama for a great game.....
  14. Intai notice

    Sorry to hear that Rando.... I wish I could say I understand but I dont.... Happy intai anyway..........
  15. Intai notice

    Well I can promise you one thing I am NEVER retiring,I am here untill I am the last player.... I will go down with the ship...... It has already happened to me twice before....... "The Grimsby Fantasy society" I never missed a meeting in 5 years in the GFS and as a commitee member I never missed a commitee meeting either-The last two no one else but me attended...... Monday night AA meeting got down to two members and we had a vote to close the meeting and it won won by a majority 2-0........ So you can believe what I say....