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  1. Fujisan

    More animal close encounters.

    I didn't know that. I haven't been to donna nook since I was a child and I didn't stay there long then. I was only there to do a sponsored walk from there to cleethorpes pier but thats another story.
  2. Fujisan

    More animal close encounters.

    I went for a walk on cleethorpes beach earlier and I saw something black come out the water,since it is dark here I wasn't sure what it was.. It actually came up to me and I saw it was a Seal. Up to now I have only ever seen one in zoo's or or on tv. Despite It's growling at me(I assume thats what the noises it was making where )it kept coming towards me until it was only a foot away. Problem was ,it was blocking the way I wanted to go,so at first I kept my distance but eventually I had to get closer to pass it(There was no room either side of it) I managed to stroke it aswell but I have never seen a seal move so fast,as it spun round to attack me or at least growl some more at me. Wow!!!!
  3. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Akinomaki!

    Happy birthday Akinomaki. I hope you got everything you wanted,or at least a box to keep it in.
  4. Fujisan

    Corona virus thread??

    Well,I had to open my big mouth,didn't I. I mentioned my friend Mark in the previous thread and how he couldn't visit his 92 year old mother. Now he told me his mother tested positive for the corona virus. It doesn't sound like she is in danger though but it was a shock anyway.
  5. Fujisan

    Favorite Songs

    Meatloaf- Bat out hell Elvis- Suspicious minds Jeff Beck-Hi ho silver lining Mental as anything -Live it up Bob Diylan and the traveling Wilburys-Tweeter and the monkey man Metallica- Enter sandman Kiss-Everytime I look at you AC/DC-Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.
  6. Fujisan

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Kyushu 2020

    Thanks Sakura....... 7-8? Could be worse.....
  7. Fujisan

    Captain Tom Moore

    I can only hope I am that fit at the age of 99........
  8. Fujisan

    Captain Tom Moore

    The corona virus has killed one its most famous and most loved victims..... Captain Tom moore......... Although I am a pacifist I cant help but admire the ex soldier....... He did 100 laps of his garden to raise money for charities at the the grand old age of 99.....
  9. Fujisan

    Corona virus and masks

    In the latest lockdown I have not bothered to shave or cut my hair(nowhere to go) Problem is with a mask on I look like Jim Root out of slipknot......
  10. Fujisan

    Metasumo 2021

    Sorry,I must have been having a bad day,,,,,,,,,We all have them...........
  11. Fujisan

    Ridiculous Predictions January 2021 basho

    Day 14 bouts are delayed when Ichinojo gets himself wedged in the doorway on his way to the dohyo.........
  12. Fujisan

    Ridiculous Predictions January 2021 basho

    On day 10,One of the Gyojis finds a small piece of gold on the dohjo and starts the great Hatsu 2021 gold rush...... It is only after the basho is cancelled due to unwanted tresspassers that Takakeisho admits he lost a gold tooth on day 9.........
  13. Fujisan

    Ridiculous Predictions January 2021 basho

    Someone has to rapidly check the sumo rules when Takakeisho turns up on day 7 with a rocket launcher..........
  14. Fujisan

    Ridiculous Predictions January 2021 basho

    The rikishi get borerd waiting for their turn on the dohyo and they all go home.
  15. Fujisan

    JWS Hatsu 2021

    Day 2 Ikoi