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  1. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    Yes I cant afford not to.Even if they throw it at me.
  2. Fujisan

    Just the thing to ask at a place dedicated to sumo

    Thanks,I get it now. II'm sure I could but I haven't tried recently. That is despite breaking both my arms in the last few years
  3. Fujisan

    Just the thing to ask at a place dedicated to sumo

    I would have voted but this thicko does not know what you mean by "pull up."
  4. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    On my way to work today two things occured to me.. 1st , that my customers have appliied the 2 metre rule for years,anything less just isn't safe for them. 2nd That if I do hit anyone with my ladders,it is not my fault they broke the 2 metre rule.
  5. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    I said I knew 300 people, I didn't say I was on friendly terms with them all.
  6. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    Sorry to hear this jezz I have a friend who cant visit his 92 year old mother. Before the corona virus he went every week. I cant help but feel Sorry for him
  7. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    A question for all on this board. Does anyone here know someone who as had the virus? I probablyknow 300 or more people but I dont know anyone who's had the illness. Makes it hard to understand what all the fuss is about.
  8. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    I see what you mean but I still cannot wear a mask and I am not the the only one .
  9. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    I appreciate that but I dont have anyone to worry about. Just a few friends who are of like mind and are happy to take their chances. The one friend I live with is the biggest dissenter of all.
  10. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    I would never wear a mask myself I will take my chances. That is a personal choice though.
  11. Fujisan

    Hello everyone! Sumo fan from Bavaria

    Welcome aboard H. Chuck in your salt and join the fray.
  12. Fujisan

    A Wrestling question for you

    We all know professional Westling is fake but when did they decide to make it fake ? And why did they ?
  13. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    Belated Happy birthday frost brother Jakusotsu. I hope you got everything you wanted or at least a box to keep it in.
  14. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    After an early scare at work the last two weeks I have been picking up new customers,on average of two a day. I now have more customers than I had before the lockdown.
  15. Fujisan

    General Corona Banter

    Britaln is talking about allowing groups of 6 people to meet. Now all I need is five more friends