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  1. Fujisan

    R.I.P John Challis

    John Challis best know as Boycie in Only fools and horses has died of cancer.... Although I am not a big fan of the program he was another actor I had the privelige of meeting at the local comicon with his screen wife Sue Holdeness. R.I.P John!!!!!
  2. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday Nekonishiki!

    Happy birthday Nekonishiki... I hope you got everthing you wanted or at least a box to keep it in... Good luck in the games aswell.
  3. My friends seem to agree with you... They always say I'm soft in the head.
  4. Wrestling videos,music videos(especially five finger death punch,Avenged sevenfold and My chemical romance.)Cop videos
  5. Golden picks are useless if they lose... Fu**ing Myogiryu
  6. Fujisan

    sumo jokes/memes

    4 for the price of one here. "Takanosho business like Onosho business like Kotonosho business Oho..." Various artists
  7. Fujisan

    What we do in our off-time

    We seem to have a good ear for music in this area... The man wrote Michael Jacksons hit "Thriller" was born in Cleethorpes where I live. Unfortuately I dont have a musical ear,I'm tone deaf, and the others in my band are not much better... I do like writing songs though.
  8. Fujisan

    What we do in our off-time

    I'm still writing songs ,no one will hear because I dont have Kintamayama's obvious musical talent... My band "The Grimsby reapers" split though due to musical differences
  9. Fujisan

    sumo jokes/memes

    "Dont break my heart my Aki breaky heart." Billy Ray Cyrus
  10. Fujisan

    sumo jokes/memes

    Not Sumo but theres a street in Grimsby called Salycon way.... I thought Oasis did a tribute to it... "So salycon way she knows its to late as were walking by."
  11. Fujisan

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2021

    During the 1st match of the day the audience cant understand why the two wrestlers are taking so long at the Tachai,until the Gyoji finds that some joker has put super glue on the dohyo.
  12. Fujisan

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2021

    Terunfuji converts to Chistianity and refuses to fight on Sunday's,forcing his retirement...
  13. Fujisan

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2021

    Asashoryu,Harumafuji and Akebono gatecrash the basho and declare themselves the New world order of Sumo,they start recruting wrestlers from the active ranks and beat up the ones that dont join...
  14. Fujisan

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Oh! Not to worry it was my own stupid fault. I made it up on day two and three anyway.
  15. Fujisan

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    From last to first in one day,Nice.... Why did I have an X on day one? Did I miss one of the picks or is there another reason?