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  1. Fujisan

    Escape rooms

    As a group we found the Escape rooms similar to dungeons and dragons which we where all keen players of or personally they reminded me of video games like Tomb Raider or Resident evil only on a more personal level..... The only really disappointing thing about our first experience of the E Rooms was there was no way of knowing we had opened or at least unlocked the 2nd door we just assumed we was doing something wrong,we where not expecting the door to be hidden.... We asked the lady in charge how we where supposed to to know the door had opened and she said we should have heard it click...... What,over the sound of 4 people talking? I don't think so....... We are all keen to play it again but at £20 each,its an expensive ask......
  2. Fujisan

    Escape rooms

    Has anyone here tried the escape rooms? A few months ago me and 3 friends tried then We managed to open one door and we had done everything we needed to do to a second door but we couldn't find it and we ran out of time...... How did you get on with it? Anyone here completed one?
  3. Fujisan

    GTB March to your room with no dinner, Mr! 2019

    Kintamayama- Is it possible for you to put my entry ln this thread? Or is it against the rules
  4. Fujisan

    GTB March to your room with no dinner, Mr! 2019

    Thanks....... "Fujisan shoots himself in the foot again."
  5. Fujisan

    What other sports do you watch?

    I don't enjoy your average sports and I especially hate cricket and Tennis("Nothing interesting has happened at Wimbledon since the wombles left...."/ "If Roger Federer was such a great sports man he'd play a more interesting sport....") I do like playing some sports but not like watching them (Soccer/Pool/Running) I have watched darts and snooker(Judd Trump is/was amazing he didn't so much play the cueball as take it for a walk)but I wouldn't worry if I never watched them again...... I like contact sports especially Mixed Martial arts and have a large collection of UFC dvds........I was hooked after watching UFC's greatest knockouts a few years back.
  6. Fujisan


    Thanks Achiyama........ So near but so far....... It always amazes me how much difference a KK can make as opposed to a high mk but I guess that's just as it should be in real Sumo and sumo games..... Back to sanyaku next time...........
  7. Fujisan

    GTB March to your room with no dinner, Mr! 2019

    Yes but will the final position on the banzuke be M17 e or M17 w? As in - M17e Ishiura 0r M17w Ishiura I'm not saying Ishiura was my pick its just an example (I forget who I picked and didn't write it down instead I entered straight to the entry page for the 1st time-Good idea or not? It probably wasn't but it cut my entry time down and the clock was ticking) (If Its M17e then that's me dropping points already)
  8. Fujisan

    GTB March to your room with no dinner, Mr! 2019

    Hello and welcome Thelone......(Not so LONE anymore)
  9. Fujisan

    GTB March to your room with no dinner, Mr! 2019

    I'm in......... I threw the rule book out the window this time and actually found it easier than I expected..... Probably finish last......
  10. Fujisan

    Greetings from the UK

    Hull? Its like a second home to me....... I have probably spent more time in Hull than any other town or city outside of my own town..... That does include 3 weeks in hospital(After my accident) And 3 weeks in Hull prison though.......(For unpaid council tax)
  11. Fujisan

    Greetings from the UK

    Southener hey? Nice area of England that..........
  12. Fujisan

    Greetings from the UK

    Welcome to the board Jaak! Chuck in your salt and join the fray....... Where in the UK are you from then?
  13. """"If I may explain(I apologize if I'm speaking out of turn.)-- It only seems complicated because you haven't recognized that the only really important thing is where The Torch ends up at the end of the year"""" Yes I had missed that...... So the torch starts from the bottom of the banzuke and we are trying to forecast who or where the torch will finish by the end of the year..... I think I got it now.......( My heads stopped hurting anyway )
  14. So let me see If I get this(Understand) I pick a rikishi and he is my day one pick but if he loses whoever beat him becomes my day 2 pick? Am I right so far? If so,will you be posting how I/we did with a day by day record? No disrespect Shimodahito but this is complicated........
  15. Fujisan

    Potential Forum Meeting May 2017, updated to May 2019..

    Not to be outdone..... Any English posters want to meet up? That includes you Arka Maybe you will tell me why we fell out, I doubt it though...........