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  1. Barry Chuckle...

    They are well known in England their tv series ran over 21 series...... I'm not sure I would say they where funny but they did funny things and the humour was more in the situations they found themselves in..... It was a lot like Laurel and Hardy in many ways...... Like when Oliver hardy blamed Stan for the "mess" they got into... Paul Chuckle always blamed Barry for it... The big difference was that it was Paul who was usually to blame.... Barry was a prisoner to his brothers every whim and often an unwilling passenger in his brothers crazy schemes...
  2. Barry Chuckle...

    When I was reading the Chuckle brothers Wikipedia site I noticed something strange(Or maybe it isn't-What would I know?) In the outside sources at the end it has the full home address of both Barry and Paul.... Is that common? Is that safe? All manner of lowlife can find it out....
  3. Barry Chuckle...

    Sad to hear of the death of one half of the chuckle brothers comedy duo.... Chucklevision was a guilty pleasure as a kld and having met them,they both(Barry and Paul)seemed like nice guys.... What many don't know,the chuckle brothers had two older brothers who made many appearances in the chucklevision....... For those who have seen the show...... Remember the guy that was always saying "And no slacking" Well he was the third chuckle brother.... Anyway.. Rest in peace Barry....
  4. Greetings from Oregon!

    Sounds great..... I don't have hayfever which makes Oregan a nice place to visit...... We are enjoying a minor heatwave in England right now but our climate is notoriously changeable..... My friend Wayne says that what forcasters call an heatwave we used to call summer.... One things for sure,its blazing when I am working(Window cleaner) Lots of cold drinks needed.......Usually I don't finish them because they don't stay cold long...
  5. Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    I think I get it.... So when you said "say hi for me,," you meant to the cup....... "The idiot cup-Mmmm can I play? I meet the criteria for it Just kidding Simon I wouldn't want to spoil your fun....
  6. Bench Sumo news

    Thanks Jezz.. I needed 1 more for promotion...Bummer!!!!! Still I will be home turf at Aki(Many great results there for me)so I remain optomistic
  7. Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    I'm curious now....... What is the baka cup?
  8. Greetings from Oregon!

    Welcome aboard Shio- Chuck in your salt and join the fray...... So whats it like in Oregan? I've heard of it but never been there.....
  9. Nagoya Masters Series 2018

    Thanks I will try that,if I can figure how to do it....
  10. Nagoya Masters Series 2018

    Natsu 2018-..... Thanks for trying but that's the one I keep getting to.......... Does it say Nagoya when you go to the site? The one I see definitely says Natsu.........
  11. Nagoya Masters Series 2018

    Or maybe I was looking at the wrong listing.......... I can only see Natsu 2018 but I still failed to see it before,at 91..... I need glasses literally.... Sorry about that and thanks for your help PS can someone post a link to the present world championship?
  12. Nagoya Masters Series 2018

    19th One of my best results for a long time even though I was disappointed not to win at least 1 yusho........... One problem though I cant find my shikona in the world championships results..... Did you forget me?
  13. Here I come again with my last minute point fest......... Good luck tomorrow,in our sumo game bout Achiyama.......
  14. Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome aboard Dainikama...... Chuck in your salt and join the fray......
  15. Hei from Finland

    Hello Zanna....Chuck in your salt and joint the fray... Enjoy the basho..........