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  1. More animal madness.....

    I saw a cat today which is not unusual except that it had black rings on its tail.......... I didn't know that domestic cats could have markings like that only wild cats and I dont think we have wildcats in my area........ Comments?

    Hatsu 2017,Two sansho prizes? I didn't know I had won any prizes.... A belated thank you Achiyama....
  3. SB Masters Haru 2018 and World Championship

    3 Brits in the top ten,unfortunately I'm not one of them but at least I am out of the starting blocks............ After last bashos debacle its a start and with my 2 best basho to come(Natsu+Aki) Who knows........
  4. Can we save the 2nd League?

    How many games i would have to play to make a good run in the 2nd league aswell as the super banzuke.... The competiter inside me,cannot resist the fresh challenge....
  5. Can we save the 2nd League?

    Thats a lot of games then....... I Need time to think about that then.....
  6. UDH Haru Basho 2018

    It seems a long time since I won anything in thiis game and its the only priize I have won this basho so my 3rd Ryo sho will do nicely..... Thanks Tamano........
  7. Can we save the 2nd League?

    I didn't even know there was a "second league..." I cant help with the running of the second league(Too thick ) but I would like to know more information-Which games are involved etc......
  8. Turn The Tide - Banzuke Natsu 2018

    I've finally got the hang of this game..... My first Kachi koshi before changes......
  9. Rock bands...

    Anothr great song from the death punch guys!
  10. Rock bands...

    Thanks again guys! I found the answer to my own question in the end.... I realised that it was the new basist in both videos and he didn't join untill after Jason Hook joined the band,so it has to be Jason Hook in both 'wash it all away' and 'the pride' videos.. I also saw another FFDP video where he was actually called Jason at the start.... 'Wash it all away' is now one of my favourite songs by any band......... Excellent song,excellent singer and a band thats entertaining just to watch...... I think the new basist looks like an OOD from Dr Who....
  11. Rock bands...

    Thanks guys..... 3 very different styles there.......
  12. UDH-Someyhing strange(I think)

    I have been in the same position in udh for 6 days now(7th) That does't happen very often surely.......... Or am I wrong?
  13. Rock bands...

    Being a new Five fingers fan I still have a lot to learn.... So can anyone answer this question- Jason Hook is the guitarist in 'the pride' video but who is it playing on 'Wash it all away?' I know Hook is the 3rd guitarist to join the band but is it one of his predecessors or has he had a haircut?
  14. Rock bands...

    The pride...... What a great front man and he doesn't look much taller than me.....(5:2) 1st round to "Five finger death punch" I think but thats my opinion.....
  15. Rock bands...

    Looks like a battle of the bands......