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  1. Fujisan

    Lucky me.....

    After my accident Pandazuma said I had no luck...... Well the facts disagree with that....... In the last 5 years I have found £140 all over Grimsby and cleethorphes where I live... I have found 4 x £10, 4x£20 and 4x £5.......... Everytime I thought my luck had run out-Another would turn up..... still on the subject of money I also had something strange encounters while at work... When I was at work a man came to and said "Your a hard worker here have this" and gave me £5 No idea who he was but I saw him again in asdas and he said "here this is yours." and gave me £10....... That's just ridiculous......
  2. Fujisan

    Belated happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Thank you guys..... I am 52 but feel 18 inside me...I am a big kid in a little kids body..... The accident took its toll but it hasn't stopped me...... "Growing old is mandatory bot growing up isn't" (Author unknown)
  3. Fujisan

    Belated happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Thank you very much.... I am sorry for my sumo game results as you are the only one who picked me in metasumo-I will do better next time for you......
  4. Fujisan

    Bench Sumo news

    Thanks Jezz.... I made the trip to Makunouchi after all.... I am very pleased.....
  5. Fujisan

    Games Talk Aki 2018

    I had a good basho but day 15 was downer for me...... I lost the rotosumo yusho after leading for the last few days of the basho.... I was one day away from claiming my 8th yusho and the lead in the most yusho's in a single game.... All I needed was either Kisenosato or Takayasu to win on senshuraku to take the yusho...... Surprise,surprise they both lost.... What a pair of *******s...... One yusho lost tainted the whole basho for me............
  6. Fujisan

    FAWL Aki 2018 Invitation

    Thanks anyway......
  7. Fujisan

    A nice surprise..

    Thank you for the info Aki...... Still have no sound but I do know why I have no sound.on the channels I have...... All the sites have one thing in common- They are all HD and I don't have an hd tv....
  8. Fujisan

    Happy Birthday, Ganzohnesushi!

    A late happy birthday Ganzo I hope you got everything you want or at least a box to keep it in... Did you have a good basho in the games?
  9. Fujisan

    JWS Aki 2018

    Day 15 Azumuryu
  10. Fujisan


    Day 15 Aumuryu Takekaze Kotoeko Kyokushuo Meisei Takagenji Yago Hakuhozan
  11. Fujisan


    Just in case..... Day 14 Chiyono Daiamami Wakatakakage Meisei Kotoeko Yago Mitoryu Enho Tobizaru Someone forgot the rules and now too late to change....... Sorry about that......
  12. Fujisan


    Day 14 Chiyono Wakatakakage Daiamami Azumaryu Gagamaru Kotoeko Meisei Yago Mitoryu
  13. Fujisan

    JWS Aki 2018

    Day 14 Chiyono
  14. Fujisan

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2018

    Clearly I am doing something wrong in this game..... I will try to figure it out for the next basho......
  15. Fujisan


    Day 13 Daishoho Tokushoru Kyokushuho Akiseyama Enho Arawashi Daiamami Meisei Hakuhozan