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  1. Ohhhh,ummmm Well done but I will get you next time...... I nearly won that though. If I hadn't made such bad picks and you hadn't made such good ones I would have won....
  2. Just wanted to give my support to the injured and those who died in the manchester terrorist attacks.......... Real sad that so many injured and died..... Words fail me these things happen but I have said enough not much else to say.........
  3. Hi Rapidjohn

    I just noticed that we are from the same part of the world or even the same part of England.....What part of Lincolnshire are you from? I dont need to tell you where I am from its all there in my avatar box......

    Enjoy the basho and I will catch you later....


    1. RabidJohn


      Hi Paul,

      I come from the marchlands, on the banks of the vanished River Don, just on the right side of the border between the Saxons and the Vikings, between the archbishoprics of Canterbury and York, and between North Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire as they are now known! Crowle, a couple of miles east of the Trent and not far from the start of the Humber. I see you're at t'other end... Well, you can't help that - lol!

      I've been up that end of the A18 quite a few times when I used to go fishing a lot around North Somercotes, Aby, Authorpe, Legbourn... all over between the Wolds and the coast really. Coppers in Grimsby invariably pulled me over when I was driving back on a Sunday night, just cos I was young, and I always got a producer, even when it was the same copper as the previous week! Ah, fond memories...


      Paddy (aka RabidJohn)

  4. So good luck for tomorrow then........ There are no friends on the dohyo so I have to take you down but I will help you to collect the pieces(Of you) after the bout...........
  5. Achiyama-Good luck for our meeting in Bench sumo today........
  6. Are you sure? I dont want a repeat of the kotoyuki/Chiyotairyu debacle.......
  7. I got my lines crossed somewhere and thought he was missing on day 10..... I changed my entries in accord with that..... Most notably in Sumo game where his opponent (Chiyotairyu) was top pick for me..... Good job Chiyotairyu won the match anyway.....
  8. Now I'm on a roll(Making progress) 2 wins in two days...... After that abis/abmal,/abisma-BAD start.....
  9. My local football team are nicknamed "The Mariners" and trust me slaughtered would be an understatement if they ever played C.W.S at baseball or soccer/Football.....
  10. Achiyama- Do not take every comment personally,Rocks was obviously looking to make a funny comment not a complaint.............Best reply for a funny comment is another funny comment Too serious better reply is "Well thats not what Reijinguoshan was telling me..." If by chance it was a complaint the best reply is STILL a funny comment.....
  11. Looks like I'm going for a duck(0) at this rate.... I would prefer a rabbit though....;-)
  12. It was the 2nd round of the KCC right? Oh in that case....... "I'll get you next time,you where lucky but that cant last.. Well I was right about you beating me but thats all I got right,,,,,, Truth is I find the messages on yahoo hard to keep track of,messages never seem to be in order and some messages dont seem to be there and I dont mean those that dont get sent,I mean the messages that you know are there somewhere- .Like I was trying to find the day 5 juryo torikuni yesterday but I gave up in the end........... Anyway I will settle for the Fantasy sumo yusho instead that will be a bigger, better prize.. I have never won the FS before but I won the KCC 3 times...... Take it easy Simon......
  13. I have my eye on 3 yushos(Not sayting what the other 2 games are) Surprising when most of the games are hopeless this basho and obviously I chose the same core group in all the games....... Good luck with that anyway and good luck for the KCC because we are meeting in the 2nd round I haven't checked your score yet but I had a bad one in the 1st half So I think its gonna be tough 2nd half for me.....
  14. Hello "UM" welcome to the board....... Chuck in your salt and join the fray......... As for being wierd most of my town think I am weird and its not just the sumo....... Unfortualely I am a window cleaner which means I am always around the town in the public eye... As for being weird I think they are right.. Nothing wrong with being weird when you know they think that because you are different to them and most other people too...... I dont run with croud and people dont like that,especially the younger ones......
  15. Hey Simon...... Is there a problem with the Fantasy sumo results page because that cant be me in the top spot surely...There has to be something wrong I cant be leading In my worst game. Now I know there is a long way to go and likely it will turn sour before senshuraku but thats why I have a silly grin on my face now,you have to enjoy these moments because they dont last long........