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  1. Fujisan

    Hello from Austin, Texas

    Welcome on board Conrad.. Chuck in your salt and join the fray......
  2. Fujisan


    Where I come from we call that being 'pedantic' Normally I wouldn't make an issue of it but for your ageist comment about a singer 2 years younger than me...
  3. Fujisan

    greeting from vietnam!

    Welcome aboard Henry! Chuck in your salt and join the fray.. Hanoi Vietnam? Wow this truly is a worldwide forum.... Stupid question but are you a native born or just a visitor?(Long or short term)
  4. Fujisan


    Just seen music band Wheezer playing "Hashpipe" on one of the music channels...... The video seems to be set in a Sumo Dohjo and features two wrestlers fighting while others are watching..... I don't think they are real rikishi as two of them have a full beard and moustache..... Anybody know the story behind the video?
  5. Fujisan

    Bench Sumo news

    You better believe it.... Its long overdue aswell.....
  6. Fujisan

    More injury news........

    Okay I get it now. I forgot about the Greyhound buses.........
  7. Fujisan

    More injury news........

    Sorry? I don't understand what you mean frost brother...............
  8. I might play this next time..... What are the rules?
  9. Fujisan

    Sumo fan from Wales

    No,you didn't do that anyway so no worries.......
  10. Fujisan

    More injury news........

    I was on my way to catch a bus but as I saw a bus turn the corner I really thought I was gonna miss it so I ran to the bus stop..... When I got to the busstop I suddenly thought to myself,,,,,,,,,,"Wait a minute,what happened to the limp I had? Previously running made the limp more pronounced but now its barely noticable...... Now I am thinking about doing some running which I used to enjoy but I thought those days where finished after my accident..... I know some here will think I'm crazy but not even a broken hip can stop me...
  11. Fujisan

    More stange names....

    I see Yago is makunouchi bound...... Yay go Yago!
  12. Fujisan

    Metasumo 2018

    I think I would be doing better at this if I stopped picking that idiot Fujisan----Oh no,no that's me isn't it Sorry Prof....... Better next year.......
  13. Fujisan

    Sumo fan from Wales

    No it wasn't a joke,I don't have a car........... I dont know anyone who has one either.......(Many of my customers have them but I cant really ask them) My friends who did have cars found they couldn't afford to keep them...... As for immediate family theres just one brother and one sister now and neither of them drive either(My sister is disabled and my brother is like me too near the poverty line to pay for lessons let alone buy a car......... I'm sure I could get someone to drive me if it was absolutely necessary but not for sightseeing... Public transport is quite costly here.....
  14. Fujisan

    Sumo fan from Wales

    Welcome to the forum..... Chuck in your salt and join the frey..... Wales? I have never been there myself but I guess it is worth a visit if I had the time and money.......Which I don't have now.......
  15. Fujisan

    New to the forum

    Welcome on board Oush, Chuck in your salt and join the fray......... I will have to pass on the offer of a bout against you,for two reasons....... 1 I live on the other side of the world from you... And 2 I stand 5;2 and weigh 9 stone...I regularily get beaten up by grannies and schoolkids...