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  1. tsunamiko

    FUSEN LUCKY 2018

    and who is the winner????
  2. tsunamiko

    FUSEN LUCKY 2018

  3. tsunamiko

    Bout Time Haru 15

    8 seconds
  4. tsunamiko

    Bout Time Haru 15

    default 9 seconds day 2 - 6 seconds
  5. tsunamiko

    Bout Time Haru 15

    day one 4 seconds
  6. gernobono and i got another sumostamp and would like to know which rikishis picture was used for the stamp.
  7. tsunamiko

    Why injured rikishi don't go for surgery

    well probably it's losing all the priviledges they have plus making no more money.... a married sekitory dropping below juryo would find it hard to make enough money to support his wife and children, not to mention that he would have to stay inside the heya and be a tsukebito again, instead of being with his family in his spare time and having a tsukebito...
  8. tsunamiko

    annual meeting, of german sumoforum

    this year the annual meeting of german sumoforum is scheduled for august, 21st - 22nd in leipzig any sumofan if member of the german sumoforum or not is very welcome.... it is not important to speak german as most of the participants also speak english.. if you want to take part in the 9th meeting, send gernobono or me a pm or email to get the details...
  9. tsunamiko

    ISP entry

    Kisenosato thanks
  10. tsunamiko


    7-8 1)yorikiri 2)no 3)15 4)kaio 5)chiyotaikai 6)no 7)juryo2west
  11. tsunamiko

    Banzuke German Sumo Tipspiel

    the banzuke for the german sumo tipspiel hatsu basho 2006 can be seen here/hier/ici
  12. tsunamiko


    its nice to know that austria isn't a developing country...i enjoyed the video... and i am really sorry for you that you live in a developing country ;-) ...maybe you should thing about immigrating to austria :-P
  13. tsunamiko

    TRIO Day 15

    i cant remember my guess on the info-sumo-forum.... b 2-1
  14. tsunamiko

    Banzuke German Tip Spiel

    i have heard from a reliable source that the tipspiel will take place....just as gernobono wrote...relax.... the admins of the german sumoforum are working on a solution....