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  1. Christopher

    How to watch Sumo live from box seats?

    These are the reasons why it's difficult - if not to say impossible - for someone who is not japanese or at least lives in Japan to buy tickets at sumo.pia. I guess I will have to buy my tickets (like before) at "buysumotickets". That firm really works pretty well, but the seats they offer are restricted to the ones which are easier to get (talking about "fight against time when sales start").
  2. Christopher

    How to watch Sumo live from box seats?

    Hi Akinomaki, I have tried your links, but on the (Google-translated) pages of sumo.pia I can't find a "masu seat box". Unfortunatelly I don't speak japanese, so the japanese pages of sumo.pia are a ridle for me, and the Google-translated versions of these pages don't make really sense. But thanks anyway for your response!
  3. Hi, I have been in Japan three times to watch sumo live (2 x Osaka, 1 x Tokio). Since I travelled as a single person, I needed only one seat in the venue. As you may know, there are two different types of seats; "box seats" and "arena seats". Box seats normaly are located closer to the doyho, so in this aspect they are the better seats. The "problem" is, that you have to buy a complete box (with seats/seat cushions for three or four people); they don't sell single tickets for box seats. Now my question is: Does anybody know if there's a platform/place in the internet where I can find/meet other people who are willing to buy/share a complete box? I'm thinking about visiting the november-basho in Fukuoka....