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  1. Andreas21

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    I'm not convinced. Is there any reason to advertise the next day's matches? That would imply that there might potentially be a fan which says "Oh, Takakeisho is paired with Abi - that is exciting. Oh, he's paired with Okinoumi instead - I'm not coming!" Too far-fetched in my opinion. I would rather say it's the other way round. They show it in broadcast because it is available. I've read here in the forum that the original reason was the time required for the calligraphy of the Torikumi. I do not know if that is correct either. Since when the Torikumi is decided before the bouts of the previous day? I don't know for sure but browsing through old results from 1930-1955, each inter-basho Kjuyo seems to be preceded by a Fusen loss. This seems to indicate it had started very long ago. Before TV had been invented at all. I still think it is tradition - or habit if you will. Anyway, it is simply my opinion that it would be better to drop this habit for better pairings and less fusen. If the committee convenes right after the bouts, they can come to a conclusion in maybe an hour (with the help of computers) then it can then be published on the NSK website as soon as it is finished and the Riskishi (and undecided fans!) have enough time to prepare.
  2. Andreas21

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Can anybody explain why the bout Takakeisho-Abi has been skipped? It is very unusual to skip a Sekiwake-Komusubi bout when both participate all days. It appears to me as a major blunder of the Torikumi-hyo committee. Not pairing the No.7 and No.8 on the Banzuke! From day 8 it was clear that they were in fact No.4 and No.5 of the remaining Banzuke. Abi had less wins but still was on his way to a solid Kachi-koshi throughout. Not sure when it happened. I can understand that Okinoumi should get a opponent on the final day, which is also in the Yusho race. Probably the trouble started on day 12 when Takakeisho was paired with Myogiryu. Myogiryu ended up with a relatively high number of Sanyaku bouts for a M6w. They should have found a more adequate solution. A minor blunder was not paring M3e Daiesho with M3w Tomokaze, which is also peculiar as they had a similar score throughout the basho. I would like to add that the job of the Torikumi-hyo committee is made unnecessarily hard by the outdated tradition that they have to make the pairings two days in advance. If they convened just after the final bout of the day it would be so much easier, and there would be less Fusen wins as well. I also would like to add that the Torikumi making in Sumo is one of the very interesting aspects in Sumo. It has two, partly contradicting, aims - the establishment of ranking and an entertaining Yusho race. Most of the time the committee is really doing a great job at it.
  3. Andreas21

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Thank you for the attempted translation. I also wondered if it was a Shinitai decision but apparently it wasn't. So it's clear as crystal: the Oyataka have seen something before Azumaryu's knee touched the ground. I trust that they did not overlook Azumaryu's knee at all. My guess is that it was Enho's foot. It was in a twisted position and arguably did not touch the ground with only the sole at some point. Maybe the heel of the left foot just before it was raised skywards.
  4. Andreas21

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    I'm joining officially the Asanoyama bandwagon now! Asa for Yokozuna! When I noticed him first, he was struggling in lower Meagashira but I loved his style of Sumo which I consider extremely smart. Even when he lost. He lost a lot of bouts back then even when he shouldn't. When he wins, he does so in a calm, superior style. When he loses, he does so because the opponent is better, but still he defends carefully till the end. I haven't seen a clumsy, silly move yet. Now he seems to have added another page of his skills, to defend a defenseless position, and turn the tables. To win, when he shouldn't. Abi is of course not the top yardstick, but on the other hand dangerous to anybody and not known to easily dump bouts from a better position. I do not overstate the Hiramaku Yusho, but it should also not be understated. I consider him still a level below Takayasu, Takakeisho, Mitakeumi which are the top challengers of the old guard. But I see a big deal of potential for him. I don't see it so much in the other three which appear to me to have more or less fully realized their potential (just my opinion).
  5. Andreas21

    Videos Aki Basho.... 2002

    Thanks! What a great way to fill the time in between bashos. What is peculiar is the complete lack of any ... say, bullshit Sumo even in lower Meagashira. Is it just me?
  6. Andreas21

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Takayasu. For simply being there when Hakuho and Kakuryo retire. It seems we all pretty much agree that no one currently appears to be in prospect to actually win consecutive Yushos while Hakuho and Kakuryo shuffle Yushos by just appearing in reasonably healthy shape.
  7. I believe, Rikishi are as sensitive about their private parts as Johnny English in "Johnny English Reborn" (after the training, that is). I have a different theory. I mean, each opponent has the option to put a stranglehold round Enhos neck. Some of them really did. Why don't they go the full way an let it ... erm ... know what I mean. My theory is that each Riskishi finally has a small Mother in the ear which tells them: "No, don't hurt your little brother!". It helps to not actually see the fierce man which Enho actually is but only to feel something sweaty below. Stirs out archaic instincts which makes them permissive. Just a moment is enough - and it's over.
  8. Andreas21

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    Exactly my thoughts. The extra Sekiwake spot is forced by Takakeisho, not Abi. Extra lower Sanyaku spots are rarely created for scores less than 11 but regularly for demoted Ozeki. Disclaimer: the Banzuke committee may and will decide as they please!
  9. Andreas21

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Mitakeumi S1E, Abi for S1W, Takakeisho for S2E! Then Endo, Hokutofuji for Komusubi!
  10. Andreas21

    Kimura Konosuke

    Kimura Konosuke is my friend as I'm in favor of the rule "put both hands down before Tachi-ai". In fact Sumo would be a tad better if the Rikishi sticked to the rule and wouldn't look for the cheap advantage of the earlier start by not putting the hands down while the opponent does. Not putting the hands down gets out of hand step by step if the Gyojis are not consequential about the rule, and it gets to the point where neither Rikishi even attempts to appear to make an effort the get the hands down. Here, Kimura Konosuke seems to be the last standing man for "clean Sumo" which I like!
  11. Andreas21

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Yes, agreed! When I first saw the twins in Makushita, I considered them as extremely talented but lacking consistency, discipline, patience. Later I learned about their arrogant ways. Sometimes, success comes with humbleness. There, the young "wild" Roger Federer comes into my mind, the one that broke rackets, not records!
  12. Seen the actual events on video, I really like what Hakuho did. Graceful, dignified, well-balanced. A beautiful gesture to celebrate the change of era, finally to the Tenno, by the main ambassador of the "strong men". Somehow I wish the YDC would be reprimanded for making a fuss of it by the Tenno himself. I know, whishful thinking. But it would be nice.
  13. Andreas21

    Heisei strongest yokozuna ranking

    The problem is that the perception whether the competition is strong is also highly dependent on the rest of the competition faced, including the Yokozuna himself. Vicious circle that is! So they are two approaches left. One very technical: count yushos, wins, win-loss-ratios and so on. The other one essentially subjective: quality of Sumo, appearance, charisma, personification of a certain style. So there is nothing really wrong with polling Naganoyama's granny and other Sumo experts as it captures the second approach perfectly.
  14. Andreas21

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Indeed! I would have never thought they wouldn't. The closest peer is obviously Terunofujis promotion, and the numbers are pretty much the same: 33 wins, a Yushu and a Jun-Yusho in Sanyaku, first basho no double digit from Meagashira. You could say that Taka had the luck of more Kyuju of top rankers - but that has never been a big topic in the past explanations of Kyokai and YDC, I doubt it has been a factor. My conclusion is that they were not happy with the hasty promotion of Teru and they simply elevated the standard. I just hope that Taka does not let this little unfairness into his mind too much.
  15. Andreas21

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I suggest this could have something to do with perspective. Sure, if you look for somebody like Asashoryu and Takamisakari you won't find one. But I suggest to have a closer look, and you may find Hakuho and Kotoyuki as reasonable replacements. Hakuho has developed over time and does a great deal of dirty tactics to intimidate the opponent (which compensates for the lack of power and the effect of injuries) before and after the bout. Try to come close and I will bite you! False Matta to show you how it feels to be off-balance. Kotoyuki has even been reprimanded several times for his pre-bout behaviour which Takamisakari has not achieved as far as I'm aware. So quite a character in this department as well. For "characters" I think for instance of Takakeisho. Has there ever been such a promising Rikishi so short and heavy at such a young age? What about Abi - such unconventional style of fighting - and so consistent in its application. Or lets take Ura - hilarious what he does - and he does (did) it good. Or isn't Hokutofuji quite a character? The perspective may change and in a few years we might think, oh ........., that was quite a character - we don't have something like this nowadays.