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  1. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    First, let me thank everybody for the civilized discussion in a highly controversial and emotional subject. I greatly appreciate that! I'm sorry I can't provide any additional facts. I depend on second hand information, I just can offer some thoughts. My personal opinion on the subject of violence off the Dohyo in Sumo is simple - I don't like it. It may be an integral part of the education to form fighting spirit - in this respect I'm ambivalent. This said, I would be glad if there would be an ambassador for respectful non-violent treatment of Rikishi in Ozumo. But I struggle to see in Takanohana this ambassador. Many of his actions are simply not compatible with this ideal. One notable exception is reporting Harumafuji's assault to the police. This would have been a great opportunity to stand up for an ideal. If only it would have been backed up by offensively proclaiming "now is the time" and further actions. There is sort of a consensus among some forum members that he follows these ideals but the implementation is clumsy. Although I see it as a valid hypothesis, there is also a simple alternate hypothesis: Takanohana has the aim to gain power, for instance finally becoming Rijicho, and does not have much of an ideal. Anything utilizing this aim is good enough. This time, the role as violence whistleblower is good enough. From this perspective, his actions make more sense. Obviously, only a fraction of actual events is known. Behind-the-door conversation, in-heya events are hidden but for insiders. Some of the published track of events may be wrong, public statements may be lies, and so on. But a fraction of it is open and agreed upon by most of the involved parties - this is what I trust. That the assault has taken place, that Takanoiwa took part in Jungyo but soon thereafter was mostly hidden, inconsistent health certificates, inconclusive hospitalization of Takanoiwa, Takanohana refused to cooperate, presented certificates at unusual dates, Takas TV interview, the statements of Kyokai officials and Rikishi. From this information alone, Taka's dedication to the ideal of non-violent Rikishi "education" is already highly questionable. The relevant question is: qui bono? What is actually reached is: Harumafuji is sacked, Takanoiwas carreer highly questioned, Isegehama, Hakuho and Kakuryo weakened in salary and position, Hakkaku politically weakened, other board members mocked upon, more negativity in the public opinion on Ozumo - and also Takanohana himself weakened, more isolated among oyataka but strengthened in public opinion. From the side of the unknown, two suspicions are still alive and well: 1. a rather healthy Takanoiwa is kept intentionally under arrest for political impact, and 2. Takanoiwa beaten up to blow up the Harumafuji assault.
  2. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Although the evidence is rather thin, it is a valid speculation that a major injury of Takanoiwa was inflicted after the incident with Harumafuji. In fact, it is quite possible. I also found Mike's point of view on the Kasugano incident 2014, issued in "Day 14 comments", interesting: "I'm pretty sure that Takanohana was the one who leaked the news to the press because the only other oyakata who was briefed on the situation was Kitanoumi" The similarity to the recent events is, in both cases Takanohana utilizes outside powers (media, police) for ... so for what? Either, to put forward his ideals to a Sumo with less violence off the Dohyo, or to gain power. The latter seems to be much more consistent with his actions afterwards.
  3. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    In the Onosho-Harumafuji bout I would give the credit to Onosho - nice effort and great timing of the slap down. I wouldn't call Harumafuji out yet.
  4. Harumafuji Intai Speculation

    You're right of course. The Kyokai believed he committed it, that was the reason he was expelled, and falls in a different category than requesting Intai for an underperforming Yokozuna.
  5. Harumafuji Intai Speculation

    In my opinion, Harumafuji is the Yokozuna least likely to intai in the near future. True, he is the oldest but that is about the only argument against him. Sure, the ankles and elbows are hurting but not to such an extend that he is not able to compete. He seems to have adjusted to that in a great fashion! Developed a style, where often it is not necessary to put too much force to it. In this way, he could continue as Kaio did and Aminishiki does. He is also not burdened by the Dai-Yokozuna status - meaning 10-5 or even 9-6 depending on circumstances may be perfectly fine. Kakuryu seems to have the most difficut injuries of the four. It all depends if he can sufficiently heal. If that is the case, he may return strong. But he didn't for nearly two years. The typical path could then be: he returns in sufficiently good condition to compete, and upon next injury, he calls it quits. For Kisenosato, heavy injuries and successive Kyujo are a completely new experience. It seems that he gives it the time it needs, and chances are good that he will be the longest surviving Yokozuna of the four if that heals sufficiently. Hakuho is reasonably healthy, although he has the same kind of nagging injuries as Harumafuji in the elbows. As opposed to him, he carries the burden of the Dai-Yokozuna status (in a positive way) which means he would not continue if he can't Yusho every other Basho. Right now he is perfectly able to do this, but give him two 8-7 in a row and he will be heading for a sudden change in his career, possible becoming a great Oyataka. I do not believe that the outside voices have too much effect in reality. "Force him to retire" - I do not believe that this is really a possibility if the Yokozuna is willing to compete. With Asashoryu that was a completely different story, the Kyokai forced him to retire because he was convicted of a crime - that does not count. Normally, YDC may urge a Yokozuna to retire but in these cases I assume the Yokozuna is already heavily thinking about retirement himself - as it surely the case for Kakuryo.
  6. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Sheeesh, that was brutal ... makes me shiver ...
  7. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I have to confess, I had Mitakeumi on my list for the Yusho when I found out that only one Yokozuna competes. No doubt, Mitakeumi had it the most among the newcomers, scoring big 9-6 from Sekiwake. As he doesn't seem to be injured, chances are good it hit him mentally as you say!
  8. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Sure, in this bout. I was talking from a wider perspective, all the gyojis decisions on that matter put together. I think, Harumafuji's main fault was the attempt to force the gyoji towards a decision. This is not wise - in any sports.
  9. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Thanks for the discussion on the Kotoshogiku-Harumafuji bout. I think all the technical aspects have been mentioned and, in the flow of events, either decision (matta or the win) would have made sense. I just would like to add an additional perspective, of the spectator. My initial reaction was to mutter simply "bullshit". I mean, we despise henka as it robs us seeing a real fight. Makes perfectly sense. But this is far worse. Just nuisance, nothing else, a reflection of ambiguous rules and failure to enforce them in a consistent way. This is the goyis fault, finally the Kyokai's. I'd rather like to see 20 henkas, 20 uninspired leaning contests by Tenkaiho, Sadanofuji and the like. I mean henka is a very short fight - but a fight at least.
  10. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    He also mentioned in his video - only two Makuuchi standing at the end of the basho ... OH NO!
  11. Ura - Yokozuna Bandwagon

    Phew, that is a rugged assertion! I actually think, he had and needed a lot of both. As the heaviest and nearly tallest he mostly had a speed disadvantage. With a high center of gravity and bad knees, opponents mostly get the superior grip position. But what he accomplished had been decent. He had the power, and was clever enough to put it in position.
  12. Ura - Yokozuna Bandwagon

    Probably, Hakuho is the second tallest Yokozuna ever. (I'm failed in the research as I don't know the field name for size in Sumo-DB. I think it is a fair bet as they used to be smaller in the old days.)
  13. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    "utterly" I'd like to add!
  14. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    In Hakuho-Takakeishi I thought they'd switched from Sumo to Bökh! This "standing-up" is what happens frequently there. And then it was like Hakuho is saying "my father was Darkhan Avarga - and if you want to have this you can have it!"
  15. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    A lot of really enjoyable Sumo today! Loved to see that Kagayaki had a great game plan today (vs. Ura). Is that the way, Ura will be handled from now on? That was one of the bright moments of Goeido, focused, determined. Too good for Mitakeumi this time. Great game plan also by Hokutofuji ... wait for the pull, and it came. Tamawashi-Yoshikaze ... whao. Felt like in the end it was to fast for Tamawashi. He had all the chances when Yoshikaze lost balance for an instant. Probably he thought, I had him but I couldn't take it, and then he lost focus.