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  1. Andreas21

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    The yardstick is Goeido's run of 12-3J / 8-7 / 12-3J . Are there any reasons they are going harder on him? Not really, I believe. It is debatable that Goeido was slightly older at the time and they honoured career achievements - which hasn't been much really. With respect to Sumo quality and Hikaku - there is not really a difference between the two. So, Mitakeumi's run is realistically over. I say so because of his body language. He appears not to believe it anymore. Psychologically, he could easily lose the rest of the matches. But officially, no. There is not even complete guarantee that they do not promote 9-6 / 13-2Y / 9-6. For the next basho, 13-2Y / 8-7 / 12-3 should be sufficient. As was said before - beating all the Yokozuna doesn't count.
  2. Andreas21

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Incidentally, Nishikigi begins to show really solid Sumo. This is good, as the only noteworthy thing before was the questionable honour of a remarkable collection of some of the worst Makuuchi results NOT leading to demotion: M11w:5-10, M13e:6-9, M15e:7-8, and the otherworldly M14w:5-10.
  3. Andreas21

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Yeah, strange. Some of them were not close at all. I found the Torinaoshi decision kind of weird in the Mitakeumi bout. I wonder what kind of reasoning was behind. Two-way Shinitai? I guess there had been some talk behind the curtain. Let's talk it over - gives the audience the impression that they care.
  4. Andreas21

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Both, for sure. The bout somehow reminded me on Mitakeumi-Yutakayama Day 15 last basho.
  5. Andreas21

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I liked his Sumo from the beginning, very beautiful style. Nothing crazy, just carefully executed moves in both offence and defence. A bit like Endo but he has the power and the size as well. However, he keeps losing to any of the upper Meagashira - just not good enough yet to be a threat to the top Rikishi. Still has some miles to go and remain healthy.
  6. Andreas21

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I don't think losing to Hiramaku is what supports his case of promotion - which is inevitable when he wins against Ozeki/Yokozuna at 10 wins. Losing to a Yokozuna/Ozeki in a close fight with a good effort is doing the least damage. My take is: 11 does it unless it is done with ugly Sumo and too much luck. 9 wins will not do it regardless, and 10 might do it if the Sumo is at least as convincing as last basho. There is no guideline as such. All that we have are the last cases of promotion vs. non-promotion. There have been promotions with 32 wins, there are promotions which didn't start in Sanyaku as the first-of-three, and so on. It is obvious that promotion to Ozeki is decided on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Andreas21

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    What could have been discussed in Mono-ii is that his left foot had been out right in the moment when Utchari started. If it was out, Yoshi had lost, no way Chiyoshoma was Shinitai already then. First, I had the impression that Yoshi retracted his foot when he felt the ground. But it could be that he was aware that he was close and retracted right before. Anyway, the Gyoji was not able to see that from his angle, and the head Shimpan neither, only the Shimpan on the right side had the prefect view - better than ours. Probably they trusted that this Shimpan would have intervened if he saw the foot out. Of course, later on Yoshikazes foot was out first but Chiyoshoma was Shinitai - there is no question about that. And I feel that these clear cases of Shinitai are decided rather consistently. Great Utchari regardless!
  8. Andreas21

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Exactly. And not even this alone, he was reportedly put under pressure to act immediately. Could he have said: "I call a temporary pause of the no women rule" ? No, not realistically as a minor 20-year old Gyoji. It would have been great by the Kyokai to excuse the Gyoji and take the full responsibility itself.
  9. Andreas21

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    As the Kyokai denies it, the religion thing is basically a hoax, right? Invented by the media? Really? The whole "step on"-issue is on very thin legs, then. Big step is to allow female SPECTATORS at all, when men do brutal things to men. So the Dohyo is supposed to be reserved to the fighters. Why not. Gyoji makes sense. Oyataka during Mono-ii, why exactly? But what is the basis to allow a male mayor to give the prize and female not? Why male officials are allowed to give speeches then, and female not? A mean, these males are involved in those fights with same chance as their female counterparts - which is nil. The argumentation is just embarassing. And to give the young Gyoji the blame is really so ... poor.
  10. Andreas21

    Should-have-been Y/O

    In my opinion, the last decade is void of any should-have-been Yokozuna and Ozeki. All the borderline case had been promoted stretching any pro-forma rules. But clearly, Kaio should have been promoted to Yokozuna with his 5 Yusho, 11 Jun-Yusho, 879 Makuuchi wins, 36 double-digit basho in Makuuchi Jo-i, 15 special prices. As a Rikishi he is among the greatest in history, there can be no question about that. The greatest should be awarded the Yokozuna title, no matter what. I acknowledge, he has never been that dominant, and was not as consistent at his peak. That said, I consider the de-facto rules as highly inadequate. Yokozuna title should really be a honory title, and as such, even more flexible than it is now. Especially basing it on ONLY TWO consecutive basho is really nonsense. In know, in the YDC discussion on Kisenosato it has slightly been mitigated as previous performances have been mentioned - but still the basic standard is: two great basho is enough. Two lucky Yusho in the absence of the best opposition gets you the nod, while a consistent string of alternating Yusho and third-place does not - it is ridiculous! Even more so, as even the lower Ozeki title considers 3 basho. IMO it would be much more adequate to consider the results of the last six basho. And not by strict rules on numbers: taking the situation into account, absences, unlucky decisions, circumstances. An put more emphasis on quality of Sumo, Hinkaku, general demeanor, ability to represent Ozumo. I mean, this is what the YDC is there for! In that scenario, probably about the same Riskishi would have been promoted, but definitely Kaio.
  11. Andreas21

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    This could be Mitakeumi's basho. He is on fire, and not hampered by any major injury. I predict he will start the Ozeki run this basho. He's on a 7-basho Kachikoshi streak in Jo-i. The scores have not been good enough to start a run, but the quality of his Sumo is IMHO. He just has to avoid some of the silly losses. In those 7 bashos he gathered the experience to turn the closer matches to his favor.
  12. Andreas21

    Takanohana-devil's advocate

    I quoted what is probably the factual essence of the request. Wow! Now Taka goes for the final blow. That his main intention is the struggle for power is now clear to anybody. Maybe the request is declined, but it is likely that the public interest status is put on hold, an investigation committee is formed, which will finally will produce a list of measures for the status to be retained. One of these measures might be that the current management retires, in which case Takanohana could take over. My basic instinct as a father tells me, the action in response to snitching should not be to the immediate benefit of the snitch. We shall see. I desperately hope that the committee recommends to the Kyokai to get rid of the troublemaker.
  13. Andreas21

    Takanohana-devil's advocate

    First, let me thank everybody for the civilized discussion in a highly controversial and emotional subject. I greatly appreciate that! I'm sorry I can't provide any additional facts. I depend on second hand information, I just can offer some thoughts. My personal opinion on the subject of violence off the Dohyo in Sumo is simple - I don't like it. It may be an integral part of the education to form fighting spirit - in this respect I'm ambivalent. This said, I would be glad if there would be an ambassador for respectful non-violent treatment of Rikishi in Ozumo. But I struggle to see in Takanohana this ambassador. Many of his actions are simply not compatible with this ideal. One notable exception is reporting Harumafuji's assault to the police. This would have been a great opportunity to stand up for an ideal. If only it would have been backed up by offensively proclaiming "now is the time" and further actions. There is sort of a consensus among some forum members that he follows these ideals but the implementation is clumsy. Although I see it as a valid hypothesis, there is also a simple alternate hypothesis: Takanohana has the aim to gain power, for instance finally becoming Rijicho, and does not have much of an ideal. Anything utilizing this aim is good enough. This time, the role as violence whistleblower is good enough. From this perspective, his actions make more sense. Obviously, only a fraction of actual events is known. Behind-the-door conversation, in-heya events are hidden but for insiders. Some of the published track of events may be wrong, public statements may be lies, and so on. But a fraction of it is open and agreed upon by most of the involved parties - this is what I trust. That the assault has taken place, that Takanoiwa took part in Jungyo but soon thereafter was mostly hidden, inconsistent health certificates, inconclusive hospitalization of Takanoiwa, Takanohana refused to cooperate, presented certificates at unusual dates, Takas TV interview, the statements of Kyokai officials and Rikishi. From this information alone, Taka's dedication to the ideal of non-violent Rikishi "education" is already highly questionable. The relevant question is: qui bono? What is actually reached is: Harumafuji is sacked, Takanoiwas carreer highly questioned, Isegehama, Hakuho and Kakuryo weakened in salary and position, Hakkaku politically weakened, other board members mocked upon, more negativity in the public opinion on Ozumo - and also Takanohana himself weakened, more isolated among oyataka but strengthened in public opinion. From the side of the unknown, two suspicions are still alive and well: 1. a rather healthy Takanoiwa is kept intentionally under arrest for political impact, and 2. Takanoiwa beaten up to blow up the Harumafuji assault.
  14. Andreas21

    Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Although the evidence is rather thin, it is a valid speculation that a major injury of Takanoiwa was inflicted after the incident with Harumafuji. In fact, it is quite possible. I also found Mike's point of view on the Kasugano incident 2014, issued in "Day 14 comments", interesting: "I'm pretty sure that Takanohana was the one who leaked the news to the press because the only other oyakata who was briefed on the situation was Kitanoumi" The similarity to the recent events is, in both cases Takanohana utilizes outside powers (media, police) for ... so for what? Either, to put forward his ideals to a Sumo with less violence off the Dohyo, or to gain power. The latter seems to be much more consistent with his actions afterwards.
  15. Andreas21

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    In the Onosho-Harumafuji bout I would give the credit to Onosho - nice effort and great timing of the slap down. I wouldn't call Harumafuji out yet.