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  1. Katsunorifuji

    Corona and sumo

    Admittedly I haven’t been as in the loop as much as I’de to have been over the last few weeks, but how confident are we that we’ll see a basho in the coming weeks now? It seems like the likelihood is high based on what I see but what’s the consensus here?
  2. Katsunorifuji

    Just the thing to ask at a place dedicated to sumo

    I was going to vote yes because a few years ago I remember doing one. But just for fun I tried one at home. The gravity in Michigan must be stronger than where I used to live because I could not pull myself up at all! So I voted no.
  3. Katsunorifuji

    When Is A Rikishi’s Prime?

    Injury seems to be the big wildcard. It’s like every rikishi has some tape on them somewhere and whether it’s minor or major its gotta be slowing them down. If we could eliminate injuries if seems late 20’s would be prime in my opinion, though there would definitely be some variation.
  4. Katsunorifuji

    Sumo monuments and statues

    That looks pretty cool. But it’s also pretty far off from where most tourists would go so I doubt we’ll get many photos of it. Still something I’d like to see.
  5. Katsunorifuji

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    If I limit it to Yokozuna I’ve actually seen and who’ve been active while I followed sumo (since 2005) I’d say Kisenosato. I wasn’t a huge fan but I appreciate that he helped rebuild sumo’s popularity inside Japan. And I wish he could have hung around longer and challenged Hakuho’s dominance. Second choice is Asashoryu. A controversial guy which is probably why he wasn’t my number 1, but he was fun to watch.
  6. Katsunorifuji

    Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    Great question! I’m not very good at sports predictions (I’ll keep predicting Takakeisho for the yusho every basho until he wins again!) but I feel pretty comfortable predicting Hakuho retires with 47. I think he will win July and either September or November this year. But I think he only gets one more next year before the Asanoyamas and Mitakeumis of the next generation assert themselves. I’ll give myself a cushion of +/- 1 and say I could see him ending at 46 or 48 but he’s gotta win at least two more with as good as he still is.
  7. Katsunorifuji

    Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    Depending on your definition of dominance you could make the case that Hakuho never got back to “dominance” even after Harumafuji retired. He’s still the man to beat, but he isn’t winning as constantly as before. We still expect him to win but we aren’t as surprised when he doesn’t. And if he won the July, September, and November bashos this year I think we’d all be more surprised than if he only won one of them. Looking at the last few years Hakuho’s biggest issue has been injury as he either has a great basho or he exits early. He’s won 2 out of the last 3 but was out early in the other one. Age seems to be catching him faster than his competitors, but give credit it’s due, he’s still outpacing both. Do I think he gets to 50? Probably not, as he’d really need to have a resurgence reminiscent of the earlier 2010’s and there are a few rising stars who seem poised to stop that from happening. But one comment I will make, with Hakuho no longer the sure fire champion every basho I like him a lot more and appreciate his accomplishments better than in the past. When he was winning everything it took away some of the fun of sumo, much like the Yankees or Lakers dominating their sports did. But now I can appreciate and even cheer for him when in the past I usually wanted to see someone else the winner.
  8. Katsunorifuji

    Yokozuna historic timeline

    Very cool, thanks for sharing. Kaio has a career spanning three decades and was Ozeki for an entire decade! I knew he was good but this gives a whole new appreciation.
  9. Katsunorifuji

    Where Are All Of The Hawaiian Rikishi?

    How much of this is due to the foreigner quota system for each heya? Mongolia seems to be the country of choice for those with an opening these days.
  10. Katsunorifuji

    What other sports do you watch?

    Wow a lot of diverse sports tastes here including some I had never heard of before. I’m pretty boring in this regard. I like American football and will generally watch it on Sunday and Monday evenings when the day is winding down or when my team is playing. Otherwise I’m not as into all sports as I used to be. I will still watch baseball and NHL if my favorite teams are on but not as much as before. But if I’m bored and in front of a TV I will watch just about anything. Seasonally speaking soccer during the World Cup and all sports during the Olympics especially get watched.
  11. Katsunorifuji

    Hello From Seattle

    Welcome to the forum from a fellow newcomer and American. I hear you on the lack of sumo appreciation from others, America is like the sumo desert and it’s hard to find anyone to discuss it with. I appreciate the thought provoking posts you’ve made on the forum especially since we won’t have sumo discussion posts til July.
  12. Katsunorifuji

    Corona and sumo

    At this point I’d say I’m pretty confident we will see a July basho but without spectators. Japan has closed up but I can’t see the state of emergency lasting through the July basho dates especially if it has been pushed back two weeks. Another month and I think more and more Japanese people will be getting restless and wanting to open the economy back up again. Elected officials will feel pressure so that’s what we will move towards. So we’ll see the state of emergency extended once more through June 15 and then things gradually open back up again.
  13. Katsunorifuji

    Corona and sumo

    This makes sense to me too. Once they cancel they can’t go back. But unlike other sports where hotels and flights need to be booked well in advance the NSK could wait until the last moment to decide and not have much to worry about. Outside of ticket sales that is, and it’s fairly safe to say we’ll see either an empty arena or no basho at all at this point. Looking at everything and everyone involved there really isn’t any benefit for NSK to make a decision to cancel now even if everything looks like it points to that necessity.
  14. Katsunorifuji

    Whenever, Wherever Basho 202*

    I am betting on both Asanoyama and Takakeisho going KK next basho. I’m more confident on Asanoyama but feel like both will post good 10+ win records.
  15. Katsunorifuji

    Corona and sumo

    If the state of emergency gets extended it makes their lives a bit easier since they don’t have to make the hard decision of whether to move on or not with the basho. Safest bet is obviously to cancel it, but I wonder how long they can carry on without the income the basho (even with an empty arena) generate.