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  1. Katsunorifuji

    Heya Watch November Basho 2020

    Kotooshu has to be a happy man right now. Best overall record and Oshoryu with a KK. Here’s hoping they carry that momentum into 2021.
  2. Katsunorifuji

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Hokutofuji off to a good start. Usually he starts slow and plays catch up but a good 4-0 start only slowed down by Terunofuji. Hopefully he doesn’t let that stop him and can get back in the yusho race. If I could pick someone to win because I want them to it’s be Chiyonokuni. But it’s looking like Terunofuji or Takakeisho at this point. But with the way the basho is going (or 2020 is going even) I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sitting in 2 losses pulls out the yusho.
  3. Katsunorifuji

    21 November 20, The Results

    1 A 2 B 3 B 4 B 5 B 6 B 7 A 8 A 9 B 10 A 11 B 12 X 13 A 14 A 15 B 16 B 17 A 18 A 19 A 20 A 21 B
  4. Katsunorifuji

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    Should this be interpreted that he’s not 100% and this basho will be a struggle?
  5. Katsunorifuji

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    Out of curiosity, can a Yokozuna be forced to retire if they keep missing basho? I know that the powers that be can reprimand or recommend retiring, but if Hakuho or Kakuryu want to sit out three or more basho, could they theoretically do that with out being forced out of sumo?
  6. Katsunorifuji

    Ex-Ozeki Corps November 2020 Version

    I don’t see any of the former Ozeki getting their rank back but the poll required an answer so I went with Terunofuji. I think he has the best chance of the 4 and I wouldn’t be surprised that much if he did. But at the same time I just don’t see any of these guys putting the required string of wins together from that high up in the banzuke. Voted Kotoshogiku to retire first and that will be a sad day. And see Terunofuji as the last to go since he still seems consistent enough to hang around for a while. Takayasu also looks to have gotten back into his form a bit so maybe he can outlast Terunofuji though. I would also love to see Tochinoshin hang around for a while longer as he definitely has the fight and desire left in him. But I don’t see him outlasting Terunofuji or Takayasu.
  7. Katsunorifuji

    Video games

    When I made my initial post about Mario Kart I was only thinking of console games and forgot about my true favorite: Civilization. I remember playing the first on the SNES before playing 2 through 5 on the pc. It’s been years since I last played and I think I heard 6 has been released since. Each had its ups and downs in terms of enjoyment from the simple but fun Civ 2 (which seemed so advanced at the time) to the complex and graphically advanced Civ 5. I’d say I prefer the later versions which were more multidimensional but to be honest they were all great.
  8. Katsunorifuji

    Hakuho income after intai

    I wasn’t aiming so much for an apples to apples comparison but chose the NFL because it was another sport where someone who is heavy and strong can make a name for themselves as an offensive lineman. With the big pay differential it surprises me a bit that we don’t see more people start in sumo and then try their hand at American football if their sumo careers don’t look to take off. I know the skill sets aren’t a 1 to 1 transfer but the foundations aren’t all that different. But my main question was more about how much extra someone like Hakuho, or anyone in the salaried ranks, can pull in with all the added awards and prize money. I know sumo loves it’s awards so that base salary is a lot like the CEO who $1million as a salary but then $20 million in stock bonuses. My curiosity was around how much the sumo “bonuses” increase their earning potential.
  9. Katsunorifuji

    Hakuho income after intai

    60 million yen equates to a bit $600,000 USD per year if my math is correct. That seems low for someone who’s considered the best of all times. A rookie in the NFL is guaranteed $480,000 according to a quick google search. Do the perks and extra bonuses for winning total up to a significant amount more, or are these guys really making amounts that would place them on the lower end of most profession sports (at least comparing to US leagues)?
  10. Katsunorifuji

    Favorite TV Series

    My favorite tv show in recent times has been Smallville. The later seasons weren’t the greatest but all in all the series did a great job of showing the life of Clark Kent from high school to becoming Superman. All time favorite honors would go to one of the Star Trek franchises. TNG and DS9 in particular I still enjoy watching from time to time. Other honorable mentions go to Stargate SG1, Highlander, and Shark Tank. Lately I’ve been watching NCIS LA and NO but we’ll see in a few years if they join my list of favorite shows or if they fade away.
  11. Katsunorifuji

    Video games

    Mario Kart gets my vote. It was fun to play alone or with others. The N64 version was my favorite game by far.
  12. Katsunorifuji

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    This echos my thoughts exactly. If you can’t compete at the top levels of sumo then sumo will shuffle you out as quickly as needed. You can’t really hang out in in the top ranks past your prime because because the way sumo is set up just won’t allow it. If Kotoshogiku wants to give it one last shot it’s hard to blame him. Once you retire your out and you don’t get to change your mind. Maybe he feels he can still make one last push into the maegashira ranks. Or maybe he just wants to enjoy one last basho. Either way it’s his choice and if he can’t compete at this level then and he keeps trying he’ll get pushed further and further down until it’s no longer with his time.
  13. Katsunorifuji

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    I may have missed something but what does it mean that he is “negative”? Pessimistic about his abilities? Always saying bad things about others? A generally unhappy guy? I have seen him described as negative many times but jot really why people think that.
  14. Katsunorifuji

    Heya Watch Aki Basho 2020

    I think he’d probably have traded enough to but Naruto heya at the bottom of this list. Oshoryu is so close to juryo but it feels like it’s a million miles/kilometers away. That one win might not have pushed him much higher up the banzuke but the MK this month has to feel pretty demoralizing.
  15. Katsunorifuji

    The Wall 2020

    What happened to Oshoryu? He was coming up fast but seems to be slowing down. His results aren’t particularly bad, but after starting 21-0 he is now 14-14 over the last 4 basho.