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  1. Katsunorifuji

    Yumitori-shiki Closing Ceremony

    Thanks, I missed this during my search. Interesting stuff, it’s an easy to overlook part of the basho but good to know some of the background so I can appreciate it more.
  2. Katsunorifuji

    Closing Ceremony

    Thank you, this was great information. Doing a little extra reading I was surprised to see that Kasugaryu has been hanging around sandanmae for quite a few years and has been in sumo since 2001!
  3. Katsunorifuji

    Yumitori-shiki Closing Ceremony

    Every day after the final match there is a closing ceremony in which a rikishi using a bow performs a ritual in the dohyo. The yumitori-shiki. Its something that I admit I never paid too much attention to, but usually would catch part of while watching the days bouts recap. One thing I have noticed is that it appears that there was a recent change in who performs the ceremony. For quite some time (several years?)it appeared the same rikishi would do this so I always assumed it was done by someone as their primary sumo job. But after reading an article and an older post (links below) it seems that this is a rotating job. What struck me as odd is that it seems the person who normally does this is from makushita. Odd because given that I thought we would see more turnover in the position. Does anyone know the name of the person who did the ceremony prior the current person? https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/03/20/sumo/bow-twirling-ceremony/#.Xo0QfhZq2Ec
  4. Katsunorifuji

    Corona and sumo

    There is a fine line in all of this between overreacting and under reacting, and in the end we will probably all agree that no one got it right. If governments shut down the economy and people and businesses go bankrupt people will wonder if it really helped or if the financial pain was all worth it. If they do too little then we question why more sacrifices couldn’t have been made. NSK is in the same boat. Cancel the tournaments and play it safe and they lose income while still carrying a ton of expenses and risk going out of existence. Carry on and they risk PR disaster which they may also struggle to recover from. The March tourney was their effort to split the difference and I’d say it probably worked out as well as it could have. But who knows how lucky they will be going forward. I haven’t followed the Tokyo coronavirus news closely but from what I do hear it sounds like the government will shut down any chance of a May basho in the coming days or weeks. And since the efforts are to flatten the curve, which reduces the peak by expanding the time, I don’t see how this resolves in time for a July or possibly even a September tournament. At this point in time I am unsure we are any sumo in 2020 as it’ll be a slow return to normal without a mass produced vaccine. Of course I hope I am wrong and we all laugh about my 1-basho-only-in-2020 prediction as that’s a long time to go without sumo.
  5. Katsunorifuji

    How Baseball Became the National Sport

    Thanks for posting this, it was a good read. Even as baseball loses popularity in the US it’s interesting to see the culture Japan has built around it. Football (American) and basketball have really pulled fans away over the years and I wonder if we’ll see soccer and other faster paced sports do the same in Japan.
  6. Katsunorifuji

    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    Kotonowaka will be fun to watch. Young and lots of potential to grow while he moves up the ranks. It’ll be interesting to see how high up he moves into the ranks before hitting a roadblock and slowing down. But even then he has lots of time to find his groove and make runs at the top ranks.
  7. Katsunorifuji

    Basho attendance

    Excellent point. Sumo probably has a pretty steady ceiling of viewers and having more kids and younger people at home probably dilutes that from a percentage point. I admit I don’t know particularly how to read the tv ratings, but I’d be interested to see how absolute numbers for January and March compared. My instinct tells me percentage and ranking drop but we should still see total viewership increase with more people stuck at home. Having said that, since there was no scandal or major retirement since January it’s hard to see why ratings would drop materially other than people were focused on things other than sport in general.
  8. Katsunorifuji

    Enho - predictions?

    My thoughts are similar, but maybe a bit more optimistic. He had his first real struggles this basho, but he still held his own for the most part. I can see him moving into sekiwake territory if everything goes right, and maybe even hanging out there for a consecutive basho or two, but it’s hard to see an Ozeki run and much more logical to see him in the mid ranks while occasionally having a hot streak. My biggest concern with Enho is injury though. The bigger guys can tape themselves up and rely on their strength and size without being at too much of a disadvantage. For Enho speed and surprise are key to his wins. Even a slight muscle injury to his legs could slow him down enough that he wouldn’t be able to match larger and stronger opponents. But he is a man of surprise and who knows what we’ll see from him over the next 3 months or 3 years. That’s one of the things I love about sumo and what makes for great discussions and debate.
  9. Katsunorifuji

    Haru 2020

    Interestingly none of us got the result for Takakeisho right.
  10. Katsunorifuji

    Sumo games summary

    Thanks Athenayama! This is super helpful too! I hope the May basho isn’t canceled as there are a lot of games I am looking forward to now.
  11. Katsunorifuji

    New ozeki Asanoyama

    Outside of his rank changing and the psychological burden of that, his opponents won’t change for the most part. And he clearly had shown that he can more than hold his own at this level and have double digit win totals. While I won’t crown him the next Yokozuna just yet, he is young and consistent enough to hang around Ozeki world for a while.
  12. Katsunorifuji

    Sumo games summary

    Thanks all for the links, they are super helpful. The SB links in particular are essentially what I was hoping existed. It doesn’t look like they cover all the games here, but I see a few in there that I was hoping to give a try in May. If anyone wants to advertise any of the games not covered in SB or wants to expand on any of the ones listed in the pinned post (the post just has entry dates and is light on details) I’d love to hear more.
  13. Katsunorifuji

    Sumo games summary

    Apologies if this is already a topic somewhere but I didn’t see any recent posts. I’ve only been active here since February but the sumo games were really fun in the lead up to and during the Haru basho. The one area of difficulty was navigating which games were active, how to join, deadlines, and which required daily activity vs. which you set up once and were done. Rather than sort through each game thread in the forum individually I thought it might be nice to have a central area where each game could be advertised with the highlights of what it requires to participate. Perhaps we can use this thread to post information about each game and how to join in for those of us who are interested but newer to the forum. Or if this type of resource already exists please point me towards it and let this thread slowly slide away from everyone’s attention.
  14. Katsunorifuji

    Sanyaku promotion

    Thanks for asking this, I’ve been wondering the same this since I joined back in February. +1 post closer to Sandanme!
  15. Katsunorifuji

    Retirees after Haru 2020

    I’ll admit that I haven’t always followed post basho news that closely, especially regards to timing, but when do most retirements get announced? Is what we have now all we should expect or should we expect another wave closer to the May tournament?