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  1. Akinomaki

    PR for Nagoya 2019

    6min. report from local TV http://www.tokai-tv.com/tokainews/article.php?i=87732&date=20190618 The shop makes sumo-nobori for over 70 years Rules for nobori: no black for rikishi names, to avoid the image of a kuro-boshi - ok for heya of tate-gyoji names no red for the names of the nobori sponsor below, to avoid the image of going into the red no (mizu/water-)blue or (cha/tea-)brown at the strips hanging from the gyoji gumbai part: nothing must hinder (mizu o sasu) or disrupt (cha-cha-ire) the bout Nobori are meant as a lucky charm and are renewed every basho.
  2. Akinomaki

    Former rikishi activities

    Ex-Enatsukasa (featured prominently in the yaocho scandal forums/search/?&q=Enatsukasa) has his own Ena acupuncture and moxibustion orthopedic clinic now, in Nagoya http://www.ena8955.com/profile.html Graduation from the Chuwa training college of medical care in 2015 - 4 qualifications in 4 years: also anma massage shiatsu and judo therapist then 4 years work experience in a similar clinic and in February he opened his own PR video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s4qLkFa2zw
  3. Akinomaki

    PR for Nagoya 2019

    About 70 sumo nobori for Nagoya are produced at a traditional shop (all done by manual labor) for dyed goods and flags in Gifu city, established 147 years ago. A nobori is 5.4m high and 90cm wide and colorful. http://hicbc.com/news/detail.asp?id=0004AC34 http://www.gifu-np.co.jp/news/20190618/20190618-148124.html ------------------------ PR by Ryuden and Aoiyama vid vid Shibatayama interview for Aichi Sports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1dvXAfkI5Y
  4. Akinomaki

    Asanoyama yusho celebrations

    7000 were along the route at the Kindai parade - this time with the shisho, Kindai sempai Takasago-oyakata Again plenty of videos, but the useless Tube search won't make it easy to find them starting with the 46kg tuna presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIcOhSmNauY ending with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0aanOcuvnI all about the fish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbUkfgHG_sE&t=40s local NHK https://www3.nhk.or.jp/kansai-news/20190618/0016739.html https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/toyama/20190618/3060002107.html oo oo o o oo o oo o o o o o ooo oo
  5. Akinomaki

    Day 14 pics overview Natsu 2019

    S1w Tochinoshin (10-4) hatakikomi Y1w Kakuryu (10-4) M8w Asanoyama (12-2) yorikiri O1e Goeido (9-5) oo oo o o M3w Tamawashi (10-4) yorikiri M15w Kotoeko (8-6) J2e Takagenji (13-1) yorikiri J8w Daishomaru (7-7)
  6. Akinomaki

    Day 13 pics overview Natsu 2019

    M8w Asanoyama (11-2) yorikiri S1w Tochinoshin (9-4) oo o oo ooo M12e Shimanoumi (8-5) yorikiri M15w Kotoeko (8-5) Ms2w Takanofuji (7-0) uwatenage Ms35e Chiyoarashi (6-1) o o o Ms22e Naya (6-1) tsukidashi Ms15w Bushozan (5-2) Jk16e Kitanowaka (6-1) oshidashi Jk6e Chiyooume (4-3) o --- parking lot closed --- o
  7. Akinomaki

    Day 12 pics overview Natsu 2019

    Y1w Kakuryu (10-2) yorikiri M5w Ryuden (7-5) o O1e Goeido (8-4) yoritaoshi M6e Takarafuji (7-5) o M4w Abi (8-4) hikiotoshi O1w Takayasu (7-5) oo M7w Meisei (8-4) yorikiri S1w Tochinoshin (9-3) o o o o o o K1w Mitakeumi (7-5) oshidashi M2w Daieisho (5-7) o oo M3w Tamawashi (8-4) oshidashi M8w Asanoyama (10-2) o oo o M4e Okinoumi (4-8) yoritaoshi M15w Kotoeko (8-4) M10w Onosho (6-6) yoritaoshi M14w Enho (7-5) Ms2e Kotokamatani (4-3) oshidashi J14e Churanoumi (4-8) oo o oo
  8. Akinomaki

    Day 11 pics overview Natsu 2019

    M5e Myogiryu (4-7) oshidashi Y1w Kakuryu (9-2) o o ooo o K1e Aoiyama (5-6) oshidashi O1w Takayasu (7-4) o o o M5w Ryuden (7-4) uwatedashinage O1e Goeido (7-4) oo M4w Abi (7-4) hatakikomi S1w Tochinoshin (9-2) o o oo M2e Endo (4-7) yorikiri K1w Mitakeumi (6-5) o o M8w Asanoyama (10-1) yorikiri M13w Sadanoumi (5-6) o o o M9w Tomokaze (5-6) tsukitaoshi M14w Enho (7-4) M13e Chiyomaru (5-6) hikiotoshi M15w Kotoeko (8-3)
  9. Akinomaki

    Asanoyama yusho celebrations

    Plenty more coverage from the 1st parade, before the 2nd starts tomorrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMXjql7ZOvQ 2nd part of this video: the visit to the welfare facility the day before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-fjWqwxKpk o o o o o o o o oo oo o oooo ooo ooo o o 600 at the party afterwards o more pics: http://webun.jp/photo/theme/612
  10. Akinomaki

    Rikishi or heya support events

    Today was the party to celebrate the juryo promotion of Ichiyamamoto, at a hotel in Toyko, with about 200 supporters with okamisan and oyakata - first time in haori hakama formal kimono o o o oo o o about 400 attended the local pep rally for Shimanoumi on the 15th http://tokai-tv.com/tokainews/article.php?i=87593&date=20190617
  11. Akinomaki

    Rikishi or heya support events

    Shimanoumi yesterday had a pep rally by his koenkai home in Shima - plenty of things to celebrate: 2 juryo yusho, makuuchi promotion and a kanto-sho. a letter of gratitude by the mayor and a bale of rice by the local JA o o Kise-oyakata was there o with kids from the local sumo dojo, built by the coach of the sumo club of Mie high school: the 6 years there from 4th grade till middle school graduation were the foundation for Shimanoumi's career o
  12. Akinomaki

    New kesho mawashi (pics)

    Like the one for Kise, it is a hand woven tsuzure-ori keshō-mawashi for about 3 million yen, only allowed for ozeki and above. o o o o
  13. Akinomaki

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    Today the party to celebrate Takakeisho's ozeki promotion - with about 2000 guests (not Asanoyama, who had to entertain 25 000) - Kise at his yokozuna promotion party had 1500 guests o o o oo o oo ovid vid
  14. Akinomaki

    Asanoyama yusho celebrations

    Today the first parade for Asanoyama, in Toyama-city - with 25 000 watching along the course - so we'll get plenty of videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBp_yVc35Lk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFTaUsEzItk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEV9pqdbZeg&t=2m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsFbM1zCIzQ&t=1m10s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xY59rmD8LM&t=2m45s local NHK vid http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/toyama/20190616/3060002094.html o o o o o o o o o o o then from the prefecture the sports special honor award (and from the city a special public recognition) oo
  15. Akinomaki

    Former rikishi activities

    Ex-Maenokatsu, the son of the present Shikimori Inosuke, on the 1st and 2nd had an exhibition of "animal paintings dedicated to the shisho" (ex-Akinoshima). During keiko March 2011 he collapsed with subarachnoid hemorrhage and retired (after several basho banzuke-gai). Since Sep. 2017 he's involved with an NPO that helps disabled people get independent through artistic activities. o dad on the left o Ex-Kachimori, the son of Wakanoumi, runs the chanko bowl specialty restaurant "Kachimori-ya" in Kawasaki, close to JR Kawasaki station. He was home in Hanamaki on the 1st and distributed his chanko to the locals, at the facility of the temple where also the grave of his father lies. http://www.iwanichi.co.jp/2019/06/02/329026/ a bit on the family of former rikishi the late former Taniarashi Oct.2005 trains his son Shun Yamaguchi, now pitcher for the Giants o The Miyane-ya wide show on the 10th had a piece on now full fledged real-hit female rakugo story teller Sanyutei Aiba 三遊亭 藍馬 https://www.geikyo.com/profile/profile_detail.php?id=19 https://ameblo.jp/tachibanano-futaba/ She is married to ex-Kiozan - Oguruma-oyakata was at her shinuchi 真打ち promotion party