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  1. Kensho Hatsu 2018

    only kyujo can prevent Kakuryu now from finishing top. Takayasu got the usual boost after Kise withdrawals - and Ichinojo profited from it. Day 7 135: Kakuryu 79: Mitakeumi 78: Yoshikaze 56: Goeido 54: Hakuho 46: Kisenosato 42: Ichinojo 42: Endo 39: Takayasu 38: Onosho
  2. Spirited rikishi Hatsu 2018

    Day 7 Makuuchi 1. Mitakeumi 2. Kakuryu 3. Goeido 3. Endo Juryo 1. Myogiryu 1. Chiyonoo 3. Kotoeko
  3. Day 6 pics overview Hatsu 2018

    The updated bouts Y2e Kakuryu (6-0) yorikiri M2w Kotoshogiku (2-4) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o --- Kakuryu --- o o o o o o o o M3e Chiyotairyu (1-5) fusen Y1w Kisenosato (1-5) o o o o o o o --- Kisenosato --- o o o *Yoshikazeo *Yoshikazeo o o o o o K1w Onosho (3-3) hatakikomi O1w Takayasu (4-2) o o o o o o o o M2e Yoshikaze (3-3) hatakikomi O1e Goeido (4-2) o o o S1e Mitakeumi (6-0) oshidashi M1e Hokutofuji (1-5) o o o o o o o o o o o o M3w Tochinoshin (6-0) yorikiri K1e Takakeisho (2-4) o o o o o M4w Arawashi (3-3) sotogake M6w Ikioi (1-5) o M5e Okinoumi (2-4) yorikiri M7e Chiyoshoma (4-2) o M8w Kaisei (3-3) fusen M10w Aminishiki (1-5) o o --- Aminishiki --- o M14w Yutakayama (3-3) oshidashi M12w Kagayaki (3-3) o M16w Asanoyama (6-0) oshidashi M15e Ishiura (3-3) o o o o o o o o o o J8w Osunaarashi (1-5) uwatedashinage J5w Gagamaru (3-3) o o J6w Chiyonoo (6-0) oshidashi J7w Homarefuji (2-4) o maezumo - Hoshoryu got his 3rd win o o o o o o o o
  4. Sumo Art

    MyJetSetlife was at an exhibition of photos etc. by Philippe Marinig, KOKODE KAMIGAMA (here are the gods) http://nooe.tokyo/フィリップ・マリニグ写真展『-kokode-kamigami、ここで神々/ o o o o o o o o o o o o
  5. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I don't think I would have become a sumo fan with radio - NHK for the bout with Kaisei put in the radio broadcast, which still goes on each basho, now 60 years after the start of the TV broadcast.
  6. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Discussed in oblivion that Hakuho was reported as having been the spokesman of the rikishi which saw it at as impossible to take part in the jungyo with Taka as the head of it. This is no direct request, but to see it like this is permissible.
  7. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    We don't know what we get shown. I accept it as a real pic of Takanoiwas's head, possibly after the staples had been removed, and they were added later digitally to show how it would have looked shortly after the treatment - and the injury itself gets blurred by them. It might be that also the injury part received some digital altering or even more parts of the head, but that are all unimportant changes, because enough people from the outside got to see the real thing and nobody ever mentioned that it actually looked different. I see it is as a proper illustration, rather than a photo of evidence
  8. Hakuhou injured.

    You looked in the right place - I tried as well, but didn't find anything on the net - I got it from a long TV interview with Kyokutenho as the oldest in makuuchi - might be still on YT, but it would take hours to find it
  9. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    can't be much different from this The cut on Takanoiwa's head looks like he got hit with the edge and not the corner - that could surely cause a more devastating damage. If there had been more head trauma than the first 2 certificates mention, then the probability that it would have been detected in the 5 days in hospital is still overwhelming compared to that of a fit rikishi suddenly deteriorating much later without extra cause. The fact can't be changed that Taka has no proof for his story of the one month after the hospital, but that there is medical evidence that contradicts it. And if there had been anything, it had been the duty of Taka to have Takanoiwa see proper medical doctors - and they would have given him the certificate for the jungyo demanded by the NSK rules, if there had been anything.
  10. Trivia bits

    If you believe what the papers write and his mother says, it's a fact - but only he himself knows
  11. As of course we could have guessed (but it was too obvious for a good joke), the tabloids know that a Takanohana-ichimon gyoji heard of it and reported it to the NSK. The young gyoji is said to be 16, having entered not yet 6 months ago. http://www.zakzak.co.jp/spo/news/180119/spo1801190023-n2.html ZakZak is presently printing a lot of stories about the gyoji: basic salary is 14 000 Yen a month, plus the costs for costumes, plus an allowance of 126 000 Yen for a starting gyoji. The allowance rises due to the tasks the gyoji is performing and the rating of his work, the basic salary also is according to rank: makushita 100 000, tategyoji 400-500 000. A juryo gyoji has over 6 million yen a year, a tategyoji is said to have 13 to 15 million. http://www.zakzak.co.jp/spo/news/180118/spo1801180017-n1.html
  12. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    It is not the keeping away of Takanoiwa from the public that makes it suspicious: it is keeping him away from doctors for about a month after he left hospital, while claiming that his head was split open and that he was in a very bad condition - though he at that point was seen by the doctors as able to move and to do sumo, already 2 weeks after the thing that is blamed for all of this. If we were to assume that this is not exaggerated by Taka, we have to believe that it is Taka who is to blame for the aggravation (and the tabloids slowly start begin to gossip into that direction) - and that he had to hide Takanoiwa from doctors who give medical certificates, because they could have seen that the state Takanoiwa was in, could not have been from what was mainly a deep cut inflicted by a light object. And the thing is only suspicious, because Taka has provided more than enough evidence that he can't be trusted - with any other oyakata, there would be no serious doubts about the present situation. It's hardly meaningful to compare Takanoiwa to elderly patients who have not trained their heads to take much bigger hits on a daily basis than a simple remote control can cause. The doctors of the first 2 certificates saw a fit top division rikishi - so they didn't consider mentioning that general health warning of the 3rd certificate. "Hospitals" in Japan can be all kinds of facilities, who knows in what Takanoiwa was presented to the crisis committee. Taka is out-overdoing himself now - if he not starts to act reasonable soon, this may lead to his own downfall.
  13. Trivia bits

    Because he loves sumo. Imagine you are a big sumo fan and actually have the chance to be part of it.
  14. Day 6 pics overview Hatsu 2018

    from now on the pics flood should ebb away o the back of the cards you can get with the new digital frame service - the one Mitakeumi produced o o not many people watch now at the public screens in Kise's hometown o color in the daily torikumi sheets o o In English version up (but maybe only the design, not the meager contents) o day 1 unveiled already for HF o o yokozuna kyujo in a row o yokozuna bento o o o PR by Chiyomaru o
  15. Kensho Hatsu 2018

    Day 6 97: Kakuryu 78: Yoshikaze 68: Mitakeumi 54: Hakuho 46: Kisenosato 39: Takayasu 38: Onosho 36: Goeido 36: Takakeisho 31: Tochinoshin 31: Endo