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  1. MidnightAgent

    Sandanme Game Hatsu 2023

    Would you consider setting up a SurveyMonkey entry form to make it easier to enter this? I have people who have been interested, but when I tell them it's all manual they back off. I myself want to enter, but it takes me about an hour to manually search up the names and enter them. I just don't have the time before the tournament, sadly. Good luck to the entrants!
  2. MidnightAgent

    Sandanme Game Kyushu 2022

    I didn't have time to pick a team this time around, sorry. I'm far too busy with stream prep come basho time. Sorry about that!
  3. MidnightAgent

    Class Dismissed Kyushu 2022

    Sorry if my submission is too late. I work like 2 days straight leading up to the basho for my Twitch channel, so I don't have time to do anything else. Just put an asterisk next to my name, so I can follow for fun.
  4. MidnightAgent

    Pick The Yusho Winners Aki 2022

    Ooh, I won! Damn, Onosho really let you down Itachi. GG everyone! I look forward to defending my title next time!
  5. MidnightAgent

    Class Dismissed Aki 2022

    What were the results? Were they posted somewhere else?
  6. MidnightAgent

    Sandanme Game Aki 2022

    That's rough. Went from 2nd place if I picked Kototebakari to 7th place because I picked Tennozan. I trusted in the vet, and he let me down. GG everyone!
  7. MidnightAgent

    Class Dismissed Aki 2022

    Is Kawazoe not eligible this time? He's making his debut at MS15 TD.
  8. MidnightAgent

    Class Dismissed Nagoya 2022

    My internet was down for 36 hours, country wide outtage. Missed out on every sumo game. :(
  9. MidnightAgent

    Retirements after Natsu 2022

    I'm really going to miss Oazuma. He was the first lower division rikishi I gravitated toward when I started watching the full days matches. I thought something was up, as he looked like he'd been cutting weight for a while and playing it much safer. He did have a bad knee, as well. Hopefully @Yubinhaad can unearth some photos of a danpatsu-shiki if he had one. I wish him the best of luck!
  10. MidnightAgent

    Pick The Yusho Winners Natsu 2022

    Darn, I did well outside of Mitakeumi. Congrats @Flohru.
  11. MidnightAgent

    Sandanme Game Natsu 2022 - important change!

    Akinoyama was the MVP. He was a slam dunk pick for me at that rank. I'm surprised (and happy) that no-one else was in on him.
  12. MidnightAgent

    Pick The Yusho Winners Natsu 2022

    Mitakeumi Kotonowaka Ryuden Hokuseiho Kanzaki Hatsuyama (unless Kayo is available) Daiseizan Kazekeno
  13. MidnightAgent

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Count me in as well. I use it almost every day for work and it's worse than ever. I keep a back up loaded up in the WayBack Machine, because it's 50/50 that it's ever available. Surely there's a better place/way to host it, that we can donate towards if need be.
  14. MidnightAgent

    Hello from MidnightAgent aka MidnightSumo

    Hey there. Welcome! Yeah, this forum has helped immensely when it comes to finding info about lower division favourites. Where else can I find out that Dewanojo has a fondness for cream-filled pastries, or find multiple pictures of Baraki standing on his tip toes to pass the height requirement? Nowhere!
  15. MidnightAgent

    Hello from MidnightAgent aka MidnightSumo

    Happy to be here! I don't know how active I'll be, but it won't be the last time I post.