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  1. Octofuji

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    If he loses out to Kotoeko then he might still get that eight consecutive maegashira makekoshi record... Or is he already doomed to juryo even with 5 wins? Edit: just read the promotion thread, it seems he does have a chance even if it's slim!
  2. This thread suggests he wasn't particularly, at least while an active rikishi.
  3. Sumo Kaboom's latest podcast is an interview with Colton Runyan. I especially enjoyed his description of training at Nichidai University and how he learned not through instruction, but rather by repeatedly losing to the same opponent until he found a way to win. He also talks about his research on Heian period sumo as genuine competition rather than simply ritual.
  4. Just watched it and seen Terunofuji jarring his knees moving off the dohyo. If he was going to throw the match wouldn't he have found a less painful way to do it? Meisei came closer than anyone to beating Hakuho in Nagoya, to my mind he's as capable as anyone of defeating the current Yokozuna.
  5. Octofuji

    Kyokai joint keiko - October 25th-28th 2021

    Or Takayasu recently. Don't know about Goeido but having Takayasu's stamina is bound to make you shine in sessions like this compared to an actual basho. Those are some impressive numbers from Meisei, I would like to see him continue his run in san'yaku.
  6. Octofuji

    Kyokai joint keiko - October 25th-28th 2021

    Wow I did not recognise Kagayaki
  7. Octofuji

    Rikishi and oyakata as police chiefs

    Takasago-oyakata, Ryuden, Asanoyama, Abi... forget police chiefs this thread has become a rogue's gallery
  8. Octofuji

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    I had a skim through but only found the Takarafuji segment starting at 93.50 on the last (7th) video. It's rather charming and quite funny. He visits his home town in Aomori and chats to some ladies at a community centre ("what you're losing your hair and you still haven't won a yusho?"), eats some noshi-ika (dried squid) with a view to climb (noshi agaru) up the banzuke, interviews a local bamboo leaf producer, and then finally meets the members of the sumo club where his father was a coach. Mitakeumi (who was with him on the show) enjoyed seeing Takarafuji getting some good-natured ribbing from the locals.
  9. Octofuji

    Grand Sumo Breakdown - John Gunning Interview

    I agree a lot of it is probably down to age. I do listen to a few podcasts but they are fairly serious discussions between people who really know their stuff. I don't really understand the appeal of listening to all the banter between people who I don't even know. It feels a bit like going to the pub on your own and listening to someone else's conversation. Similarly with product reviews on YouTube I just wish they would get on with it! Jason's videos on YouTube hit the sweet spot for me and if I wanted to consume sure light-hearted sumo media I would probably go there rather than a podcast.
  10. Octofuji

    Aki Yusho Predictions?

    Takayasu yusho, Hoshoryu jun-yusho. Would be nice to see both Yokozuna last til the end but I don't see it.
  11. Octofuji

    Hattorizakura (Shounanzakura)-intai

    I think we're moving into a new era where no single rikishi will be dominant. I for one welcome the increase in competition.
  12. Octofuji

    Aki joint keiko sessions

    I was surprised to see Takayasu resort to a kotenage on Shodai, especially as he was winning almost every bout against him. In general it seems rikishi try to avoid injury in these keiko (not much resisting at the edge etc...). Maybe just instinct kicking in.
  13. Octofuji

    We're gonna sing!

    You'll enjoy this thread I think!
  14. Octofuji

    Sumo and the Olympics

    He looks more like he's been modelled on fan-favourite Akiseyama to me
  15. Octofuji

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    The photo is on Herouth's Twitter. You can see the corner peeking out of his yukata if you look closely. And the strap round his neck. https://mobile.twitter.com/SumoFollower/status/1422159655480987656/photo/1