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  1. Why would he try to lose weight if he wants to gain it back?
  2. He's from the 1920's, I think.
  3. Good.
  4. I'm no doctor, but from what I have heard, a medically induced coma pretty much spells death.
  5. that's musashimaru.
  6. Well, happy birthday harumafuji!
  7. Just so you know, do not expect me there.
  8. Are you really 102?

  9. I know there's probably another poll for this already, but: EDIT: accidentally did not include 14-1 so if you think so choose 15-0 any say 14-1 in comments. (Or tell me how to edit poll)
  10. follow the leader!

  11. Bald asashoryu? Or did Kashiwado Risuke come back to life?
  12. EDIT: Also can I play bench sumo?
  13. Ok, that was dumb on my part. Back to discussion, It's a very mysterious mystery.
  14. And that has to do with? What?
  15. I said 2020 but I changed my mind, I'd say Kyushu 2017. EDIT: Now that you have changed the name of the thread, I now read it as, 'when will the hakuho intai?'