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  1. yeah, go takayasu! I wonder when he'll zensho...
  2. this sounds so generic and simple
  3. Yeah I'm ready to watch A 40 year old Ikioi zensho when he's the oldest man in the top division... really, I am.
  4. i'm gonna go off on a limb an say around 2034 he'll be a first Also @Morty Said: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I hope in ten years we are talking about the great rivalry between the two Yokozunae Shodai and Mitakeumi... | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It'll be the guy above...
  5. I'm aware of how much hate I will get for this, but I WANT Kotoshogiku to retire, not because I don't like him (He's My favorite) but it's because I think this is getting to hard for him. I'm pretty sure by those knee tape that something bad has happened, but in my opinon, he's 5-8, and a former ozeki, and just won a yusho last year, he's had a fast decline from a sudden late bloom, and it's time for him to end retire.
  6. Height
  7. That would be AWESOME!!
  8. No, I like making predictions that nobody thinks will happen, Remember last basho?
  9. Yusho Prediction: By Day 12: 11-1: Hakuho 10-2: Harumafuji, Terunofuji, Takayasu, Ura By Day 13: 11-2: Hakuho, Terunofuji, Takayasu, Ura By Day 14: 12-2: Terunofuji, Ura 11-3: Takayasu, Hakuho By Day 15: 13-2: Terunofuji, Ura 12-3: Takayasu, Hakuho
  10. Yay I've been referenced
  11. So apparently I was in a half-coma, So I have no idea of what's happened since Friday, so here's my thoughts: I see an Ura yusho... (12-3) Jun-Yusho: Takayasu, Terunofuji, Hakuho (12-3) Kanto-Sho: Ura, Takayasu Shukun-Sho: Ura Gino Sho: Ura? Or no-one...
  12. Why would you think that? i'm Erikuni. EDIT: Nevermind, I see, I said Shiawasekun was my rival because I had to fight him tomorrow, but I don't think he has a sumo forum account, so i'll take the day 7 guy, and if he doesn't , day 8, and so on...
  13. Then if we fight ever you're my sumo game rival And for now Whoever Shiawasekun is. (And if he won't come forth then it's the next guy I have to fight.)
  14. Getting 10 wins or more At Komusubi Debut, from a 10 wins or more at a maegashira rank?