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  1. rokudenashi

    Michinoku beya likely to close

    I guess that’s including recently retired Yūki.
  2. rokudenashi

    Kotonowaka Ozeki Promotion

    Do you know why that is? I figured the traditional character is still fairly well known, and at least on my Japanese IMEs typing in さくら brings up both characters straight away. That akeni also looks rather old…
  3. rokudenashi

    Kotonowaka Ozeki Promotion

    For what it’s worth, the papers are all reporting the name 琴桜, i.e. using the simplified kanji for sakura, not the 櫻 used by his grandfather. As standard, he’ll keep using Kotonowaka for the upcoming jungyō; the change will formally take place upon the release of the Natsu banzuke
  4. rokudenashi

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    70kg of mass too…
  5. rokudenashi

    Takerufuji yusho events

    In my experience it’s common for Japanese articles to include “本名: <real name>” when writing about a rikishi. Usually as part of an addendum adding general information about the article’s subject. Example
  6. rokudenashi

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    The duality of man (‘s nipples)
  7. rokudenashi

    Sekitori Sweepstake - May 2024

  8. rokudenashi

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    Pure speculation so far from Nikkan on Takerufuji's kyūjō. I guess we'll hear shortly. In the meantime, here's Wakanohana's take on the situation. "The thing I'd like to stress to Takerufuji is this - you absolutely shouldn't mount the dohyō if you're clearly not in the condition to. Take my brother, or Kisenosato, as examples that trying to push through a catastrophic injury just to win a yūshō will have long-lasting impacts on the rest of your career. While a shin-nyūmaku yūshō would certainly be a monumental achievement, you are young and still have many years left [as a rikishi], so I don't want you to attempt the impossible just for the short-term acclaim. No matter what happens [if you win or or not], your efforts in this basho will not be ignored."
  9. Yes pretty much. They also report calling Kasugano directly, first asking whether the rumours of Tochimusashi's bullying are true, to which he sternly replied "I have nothing to say about the matter". Then upon asking if he did indeed force Tochikamiyama to hand in his retirement papers, he slammed the phone down. While it's not a good look, I assume this is the standard reception that tabloids get; naturally they've chosen to emphasise his response or rather lack thereof in order to further paint him in a negative light
  10. rokudenashi

    Guess Ura's Aite - March 2024 edition

    15. Midorifuji
  11. rokudenashi

    Guess Ura's Aite - March 2024 edition

    14. Ōnosato
  12. rokudenashi

    Guess Ura's Aite - March 2024 edition

    13. Takanoshō
  13. rokudenashi

    Guess Ura's Aite - March 2024 edition

    12. Meisei
  14. rokudenashi

    Guess Ura's Aite - March 2024 edition

    11. Meisei
  15. rokudenashi

    Guess Ura's Aite - March 2024 edition

    10. Nishikigi