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  1. rokudenashi

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2024

    Kirishima x1 in January then Tōhakuryū x5 (as M12, M2, Sekiwake, Ōzeki, Yokozuna in Kyushu 2024)
  2. rokudenashi

    Attending jungyo?

    There were tickets available on the door at the event I attended in October. Pia still has plenty of different seats available so you could just pick them up from a Loppi or something in advance
  3. rokudenashi

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    WMH has displayed a level of consistency in the jōi that many short-lived sekiwake from my recollection have been unable to. I think we’ll see him back at the rank soon. I don’t think he’ll go any higher, however.
  4. rokudenashi

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    They have all been watching Akira Taue matches
  5. rokudenashi

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Chiyoshōma with the most predictable henka I’ve seen since… whenever it was he last pulled one
  6. rokudenashi

    Guess Kotonowaka's Aite - November 2023 edition

    Day 4: Shodai
  7. rokudenashi

    The Life and Death of Ozeki Raiden

    Yeah. Posting these kinds of articles doesn’t add any value to the forum and they certainly don’t warrant having their own threads each time.
  8. rokudenashi

    Guess Kotonowaka's Aite - November 2023 edition

    1. Takayasu 2. Meisei
  9. rokudenashi

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    That’ll be the fifth straight tournament he’s missed now. Considering that his office simply said “because this is a personal matter, we cannot provide details”, it is a little concerning. I am wishing him well, whatever is going on.
  10. rokudenashi


    Not long now until we start getting rikishi named Kiku- this or -giku that…
  11. rokudenashi

    Ichinojo intai

    So he didn’t and still doesn’t have a plan for what to do post-Ōzumō. I suppose that the proceeds from his danpatsushiki will tide him over until he finds something to keep himself occupied. On that note, perhaps he could auction off the tomebasami role to raise some extra cash, seeing as Minato is persona non grata.
  12. rokudenashi

    Ichinojo intai

    Not exactly related, but I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a post get every type of reaction. A reflection of the enigma that is Ichinojō, perhaps. Edit: Ahem, almost every type of reaction, before @Katooshu politely saved me.
  13. rokudenashi

    Sekitori Sweepstake - November 2023

    On one hand, I should be relieved that WMH is on a 7-basho KK streak, but for the last couple of tournaments I've been thinking that surely it's got to end at some point... let's hope it's not this one...
  14. rokudenashi

    In search of 2 Ex-Yokozuna Onokuni books!

    I'm on now and seeing the following prices... Onokuni's Nationwide Sweets Tour New: 1540円 + 480円 domestic shipping = $13.52 total Used, very good condition: 1021円 + 300円 domestic shipping = $8.84 total Winning Even When You Lose New: 5104円, free domestic shipping = $34.17 Used, very good condition: 2200円, free domestic shipping = $14.73 You can then expect to pay about $30-40 to get it to the USA via Tenso's cheapest option.