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I came in contact with sumo in the beginning of 1988 when preparing for a research stay in Japan, viewing old basho with Takamiyama and Chiyonofuji on German TV. In September when in Japan I watched sumo on TV live for the first time. I became a fan immediately. During my 7 years in Japan in between August 1988 and September 1996 I always followed sumo in Japanese on TV, the sports papers and the sumo periodicals. When preparing to return to Germany, I looked for info when the Japanese sources would become inaccessible.

I found the Sumo ML and became a fan of that.

During a visit to Japan in May 2002 I watched sumo for the first time live in the kokugikan.

I hesitated to become a sumo forum member for quite a while, but as may be guessed, now as a member I have turned to be a fan of it as well.