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  1. Asterix

    TORCHBEARER 2022: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Asanoyama J11E
  2. Asterix

    GTB Aki Basho 2019 - 98 entries , and RESULTS!!

    I think I got 70. Very happy with that.
  3. Asterix

    Preparations of the masses Haru 2019

    Ichinojou with lots of cupping marks there. Haru will probably be yet another basho with his back troubling him.
  4. 48 here. Myogiryu at M2w and ahead of Tochiozan really surprised me.
  5. Asterix

    Araiso-oyakata plans NFL training methods

    More sophisticated and a wider array of training methods are often what makes the difference, especially at the very top. I'm quite excited to see how he's going to employ what he learns.
  6. Asterix

    Hakuho cup 2019

    The live stream will start in less than 30 minutes. Edit: live right now
  7. Asterix

    Setsubun 2019 Edition

    One more of Kise
  8. Asterix

    New recruits for Haru 2019

    Looks like Chiyotairyu on the right to me.
  9. Asterix

    Kisenosato dampatsushiki

    I see. Is there a way to get hold of spare tickets (if there are any) as someone not living in japan?
  10. Asterix

    Kisenosato dampatsushiki

    Hi! my first post here. Any info on how/where to get tickets for it?