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  1. Sokkenaiyama

    What we do in our off-time

    Kafka has nothing on you. He never had.
  2. Sokkenaiyama

    Happy Birthday Sokkenaiyama

    Thank you, gentlemen. It’s nice to be remembered.
  3. Sokkenaiyama

    Videos and promo-Haru 2018 - Days 1-15

    Is there any way to see Naya's bouts from Jonokuchi? I confess I haven't done any extensive searching, but the usual places don't seem to have anything available.
  4. Sokkenaiyama

    Takanohana-devil's advocate

    I guess your mind is made up, then. No point in continuing to argue logically. Yes, of course there are some people who believe he is out to destroy the universe (yourself included), and of course his lawyer would have to reply to those accusations with a firm "No" when asked about it, but that doesn't prove a damn thing.
  5. Sokkenaiyama

    Takanohana-devil's advocate

    His camp stated the opposite. Since you're so good at reading his mind, could you tell me exactly what he would have to gain from state support vanishing?
  6. Sokkenaiyama

    Games Bugs

    It seems Simon is taking over the sumo gaming world in its entirety, not just the rankings. Well played, old man.
  7. Sokkenaiyama

    Takanohana-devil's advocate

    Please, indicate the paragraph where Takanohana says the NSK doesn't deserve state sponsorship. Again, you don't seem to even try to put any objectivity into your analysis. I read the "whole thing" from and there's still no trace of putting the legitimacy of the state-sponsored corporation status under question - the only things Takanohana is asking for is a re-evaluation of the impartiality of his demotion and an investigation into the quality of the management of the NSK. If you were to speculate on Takanohana's endgame, taking over as manager instead of the current bunch is much more in line with his actions so far. Destroying the NSK's state support is definitely something nobody in the sumo world would benefit from. And I personally don't think there's any conceivable way the status could be revoked just based on the recent scandals. As for the "may result in a revocation" conclusion, that's just a vaguely worded catchphrase of a two-paragraph article to increase clickability - the revocation is mentioned at the bottom as a worst-case scenario (which there is little reason to believe will ever even come into consideration). Still, that didn't stop you from presenting it as Takanohana's clearly-stated ultimate goal.
  8. Sokkenaiyama

    Takanohana-devil's advocate

    Seconded. My Japanese is still limited, but from what I can decipher, he's asking for a re-examination of the fairness of his demotion and corrective action for the NSK's poor management as a state-sponsored corporation. That's nowhere near anything like demanding the revocation of the NSK's status (which would be ludicrous, even by Takanohana's lofty standards of outlandishness). @Akinomaki, I understand you don't like the guy, but at least try to maintain an appearance of objectivity.
  9. Sokkenaiyama

    Banzuke for Haru 2018

    Being present in the two paragraphs above the third. /mustbefunatparties
  10. Sokkenaiyama

    Desperately needing a name change.....

    Pleasure's mine. It was especially ironic and satisfying to see Fujesus at the time try to be as funny as you were, but fall flat on his face. Also, I saw what you did there with Satani.
  11. Sokkenaiyama

    Desperately needing a name change..... I did it for you, Fujesus (results and comments are public - you don't even have to login). Be sure to check the whole basho to see how it's done. Also, shouldn't this be in the Off topic section by now?
  12. Sokkenaiyama

    Takanohana-devil's advocate

    It's simple, like Takanohana for his results as a rikishi and for his idea(l)s as an oyakata and a member of the NSK - not for the way he implements them.
  13. Sokkenaiyama

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2018

    Don't know if it was on purpose, but it's funny as hell.
  14. Sokkenaiyama

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2018

    It would seem so, wouldn't it. Well, I guess it makes things less complicated.
  15. Sokkenaiyama

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2018

    And now that Aqua lost, Tochihiryu can stay in Juryo with a 6-9 from J12w. He's seventh (!) in line for demotion. I wonder whom he gets to face on day 15. What's more interesting for me is how they treat Takanoiwa's 0-0-15 from J3, given, 1) the already biblical proportions of the demotion-worthy record flood, and 2) the Harumafuji scandal. I had a casual look at how they treat 0-15's from J3 in recent times, and the most recent case of one staying in Juryo (excluding kosho) is from 1970. We may well end up with eight demotions, in which case it would be interesting to see who it is they bring up from makushita.