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  1. Hakuryuho

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    It felt like no one really wanted to win the Cup. Peculiar basho.
  2. Hakuryuho

    Game 21 for the Natsu 2022 Basho

    Awesome, my second Game 21 Yusho! Many thanks to Tameiki and Profomisakari, you are doing an outstanding job. See you all in July!
  3. Hakuryuho

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    *Mitakeumi but I completely agree
  4. Hakuryuho

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    He probably does, must be so annoying for Hoshoryu; getting your KK twice at Komusubi and not attaining promotion to the next tier
  5. Hakuryuho

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Kotonowaka casually winning against all three Ozeki in the first three days. Is it too early to already address him as Kotozakura?
  6. Hakuryuho

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Well this aged like milk
  7. Hakuryuho

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2022

    1. Mitakeumi 11-4 2. Abi 8-7 3. Kamito KK 4. Ryuo MK 5. Kitanowaka KK 6. Kiryuko MK 7. Nobehara KK 8. Miyagi KK 9. Wakatakakage 10-5 10. Wakamotoharu KK 11. Kotoshoho KK 12. Nishikigi MK 13. Shimazuumi MK TB 14
  8. Hakuryuho

    New recruits Natsu 2022

    Why does the right dude look like he remembered that he left the stove on?
  9. Even longer than that, Kotooshu retired after Haru 2014, Kisenosato retired in January of 2019. Very interesting indeed!
  10. Hakuryuho

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    This has been the fifth time in Takayasu's career that he went 12-3. All JY. Not a single yusho to show for it. Yikes
  11. Hakuryuho

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    Kotonowaka punching the air rn lmao, he could have been in that playoff
  12. Hakuryuho

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    As a shin-san'yaku to get a kachikoshi is quite phenomenal! The guy is getting stronger and stronger, the weight increase certainly helped. Let's see if he will be rewarded with a new highest rank (depending on what Abi does later on).
  13. Hakuryuho

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    Sub-par in makunouchi. Not ozumo in general... It's a fact that M10 is not an above average rank in makunouchi and if you go 7-8 that's not an above average score. What are you arguing for here? I really don't get it.
  14. Hakuryuho

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    A Maegashira 10 is a sub-par rikishi in makunouchi. 26 rikishi are ranked above M10, whereas only 14 are lower in rank, making M10 rikishi by definition sub-par. Also: There is a possibility they end up with a 7-8 record, which (again) is by definition sub-par. Quite easy to comprehend.
  15. Hakuryuho

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    The "7-7 Sekiwake who's finished 24-6 the last 2 basho" is 1-5 in his last 6 bouts, Wakatakakage faces an Ozeki who is 7-1 in his last 8 bouts. Do you really think Shodai will phone it in when he's fighting the musubi no ichiban on senshuraku, especially when there's usually a yokozuna around for that bout? I really don't think it's realistic to assume he's not going to try to get the copious amounts of envelopes the last match on the final day usually provides. Also Takayasu didn't face "really poor" opponents because they were pretty much all ranked in the middle of the banzuke, a place notorious for having even scores on average. Besides Sadanoumi with a 4-10 at M8w he faced Okinoumi who is 5-9 at M7w, , Chiyoshoma 5-9 at M8e. Takarafuji 5-9 at M5e. Shimanoumi 7-7 at M10 (!), same as Aoiyama. Meaning half of his wins have been against subpar opponents with mostly subpar records or close to it. When it came to san'yaku opponents, Takayasu is 3-2 thus far, Wakatakakage is 3-1.