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  1. Forum Update Feedback, version 4.2

    i second that maybe we can get an option to change the look
  2. First sumo run in Japan

    don't agree.....osumou-san is more like sumo-man (men) for me than just sumos ...sumos for osumou-san would be footballs for football-player in english..... between-basho-talk
  3. First sumo run in Japan

    noone in japan will call them "sumos"
  4. Turn The Tide - Banzuke Nagoya 2017

    you might have been verrutscht in one basho banzuke is for nagoya
  5. You think i am going intai, because i was folling from #1 in frustration? are you serious? to make it clear: i am leaving this game because i cannot stand your big, bold coloured postings anymore......and that is no joke, but the real reason to quit this game btw: i think i posted the same message 9 hours ago in this thread
  6. This will be my last pick in this game for the time being.... Call me intai from tomorrow
  7. Games Talk Nagoya 2017 - spoilers gotta spoil -

    non serious answer silkitose
  8. Banzuke Surfing Nagoya 2017 (11th Wave)

    congratulations to my surfboard for getting the early kk
  9. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    i really hate everything ura does in ozumo the non-tachiai the diving the arm-pulling the backpaddling i was hoping since makushita the real sumotori get a key to stop this clown him from winning......and unfortunatelly i am still waiting
  10. Internet/TV coverage in North America?

    that's because the most famous brazilian is in sumo
  11. Kakuryu Out, Endo Too

    any chance using one of the threads with spoiler-potential?.......first thing i saw opening the site was "kakuryu out"
  12. Help needed setting up game. / Hosting offered

    A bat to beat the babes back would have been a gift for my wife
  13. Help needed setting up game. / Hosting offered

    Got my third babemagnet shirt yesterday.... My wife is urging me to throw the first one into the bin because of some tiny stains and being washed out... It is too obvious why she wants me to get rid of it.... Those shirts are working perfectly..... Thank you, gaijingai

    Pls grant me kosho