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  1. Gernobono

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    maybe you are already in this group
  2. Gernobono

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Everything is possible in a mono-ii. Watching a while I have seen quite some torinaoshi when a tate-gyoji was involved. This barrier has been broken. But in other situations torinaoshi also was called, when EVERYBODY but the 5 shimpan on the dohyo saw who "really" won.
  3. Gernobono

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    How many sashi chigae con this tate-gyoji survive? hope, they will never make him kimura
  4. Gernobono

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    on a sidenote i was wondering how often he lost with kimedashi and looked it up in the database the guy he lost with this kimarite the last time was....... Nishikigi
  5. Gernobono

    Corona and sumo

    players championship in golf stopped after first round and all tournaments until masters cancelled the masters in within trump's flight ban on europe.....guess will also be cancelled
  6. Gernobono

    Games Talk Haru 2020

  7. Gernobono

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    For german tipspiel the rules are Basho is cancelled - > Tipspiel is cancelled No matter which day
  8. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2020 (11th Wave)

    *PAH* M7w Tamawashi
  9. Gernobono

    Enho - predictions?

    No, we did not.
  10. Gernobono

    Tokushoryu yusho celebrations

    Read "Takatoriki"
  11. Gernobono

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I think, they were Can't see any bright future ahead for tokushoryu
  12. Gernobono

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    tokushoryu will not take the yusho, i guess in fact i would not even have considered him a contender for a yusho in juryo (with/without terunofuji)
  13. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2020 (11th Wave)

    congratulations to my surfboard ryuden and the early kk (even 9-4 now)
  14. Gernobono

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2020

    I am sory please accept my apologies for this childish beheaviour