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  1. Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-9

    I can't help it, but to me ex-Terao increasingly looks like he's living in a volcano base and plotting for world domination.
  2. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    My sources (I'm "socially acquainted" with the odd okamisan) say: "Give me your cigarette, you absolute animal!" 11.
  3. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    In my view the Association is pretty much trapped here. What I think they could do with everyone keeping face is to simply ban ALL people who are not members (i.e. everyone who is not a wrestler, oyakata, coach, gyoji or yobidashi) from entering the mount. That would mean that they have to change the award winner's and a couple of other ceremonies, but problem solved. Naive, I agree.
  4. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    And a gazillion Likes more.
  5. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    We have the thing in German news: http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/sumo-in-japan-ersthelferinnen-wegen-ihres-geschlechts-aus-dem-ring-geworfen-a-1201307.html That's a pretty rare interest by one of the major portals. This kind of attention is usually reserved for the biggest scandals (Asashoryu, yaocho). Can it have something to do with the current gender issues charge of the world zeitgeist? Translation [not meant to be a professional attempt]: Women wanted to give first aid --- and were thrown out of the sumo ring At the Japanese sumo fight women may only watch. Even when several women were giving first aid after an emergency they were turned away. --- For that the sport faces criticism. Scandals of violence, illegal betting and drug abuse --- and now this: At the traditional Japanese sumo sport several first aid helpers were banned from the ring because of their gender. They had rushed in and given first aid after the major of the city Maizuru hade suffered a stroke during a speech given in the fighting ring. Video images show how they seem to apply cardiac massage to the unconscious Ryozo Tatami inside a gym near Kyoto --- before they are asked to leave the ring repeatedly by a referee through the PA system. The incident led to heavy criticism by TV commentators and protests on social media. According to tradition and shinto customs, the dohyo --- the sandy fighting ring worshipped as holy --- must not be befouled. Before every bout the wrestlers perform rituals of purification: they clean their mouths with water and sprinkle salt onto the ring. Association apologizes for "inappropriate response" [...] At this point, I realized that the whole thing is a rip-off of the guardian article (which I hadn't read beforehand). This due to the circumstance that the guardian's text of "inappropriate response" turned up in German as "unangemessene Antwort". This would be a very bad use of "Antwort" in German (you would use "Reaktion" instead), and everything suddenly screamed "Bad translation from English by intern with Google translate". Disappointing. Quo vadis, journalism...
  6. Should-have-been Y/O

    The day I will use emojies to pro-actively prevent people from feeling potentially hurt will most likely not come. At least not if I manage to stay sane. Oldfashioned, I know.
  7. Should-have-been Y/O

    Relax, please. In this particular case it only indicates that someone reads other people's posts thoroughly. As happens with my posts at times, which incidentally lead someone to point out a stupid factual error in my posts very recently. As with this case, nothing more than "wrong" was needed, as it was applied to a yes-or-no factoid. My quotes didn't relate to any significant part of your Kisenosato-Konishiki case, so I didn't feel obliged to add much to that. The triple "wrong" in the second quote was actually meant to be funny (which at least three people got), as it reflects my opinon that nothing related to Kisenosato in the last five years was either "obvious" or "deserved". Relax, please.
  8. Should-have-been Y/O

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Still wrong.
  9. Pre-match/bout routines of certain sumo wrestlers

    Does he still do his morse code blinking? H-E-L-P--S-T-O-P--G-E-T-M-E-O-U-T-O-F-H-E-R-E--S-T-O-P--I-C-A-N-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-T-A-N-Y-M-O-R-E--S-T-O-P
  10. Pre-match/bout routines of certain sumo wrestlers

    Unbeknownst to anyone but a select few, Hokutoriki contacted Emperor Porcupine (orwhatshisface?) before every bout. Inside the venues, though, the Dark Force signal only amounted to one or maximum two stripes on the display and that is that. The result is not unbeknownst. [Now I can tick off an item on my wish list of lifetime achievements: Starting and ending a post with "unbeknownst".] [In which I have failed now, due to my comments...] Unbeknownst.
  11. Immediate after basho news

    No. Them I call The Drag Pack.
  12. Immediate after basho news

    That was edited already and commented, as I had a severe memory loss it seems. Race condition with our posts, I guess. I do mind my language all the time, otherwise I would write stuff like "Blabbeldibidobbelidu". So what could you possibly mean, pray?
  13. Immediate after basho news

    You are right of course. I'll try to fit into my line of reasoning. Not at all. I mean the Awesome Nihon Triumvirate Goeidogikusato.
  14. Immediate after basho news

    While one might dismiss the hardcore conspiracy theories like you guys do here in a pretty informed, well-thought-through and sober ways (no irony here whatsoever), the forces struggling within the NSK nevertheless produce outcomes that at least hint at certain angles, needs and policies. Without any inside knowledge I could still come to the (timeline-like) conclusions that: Futahaguro led to the strengthening of voices leaning toward a strict two-yusho-view. Two-yusho view seems to work fine: Seven promotions in a bit more than a decade after Futahaguro's exit. No need to change anything. Konishiki would be a candidate (but foreigner!), but hey! we prefer two consecutive yusho [Interlude: Akebono's acceptance (based on consecutive yusho; damn!) opened the door for the furries] Let's not change it, otherwise even more foreign Yoks will emerge Two-yusho-view still strong while Takanohana (as last Japanese Yok; Musashimaru doesn't count) still around -> Kaio fucked None of the Japanese Ozeki get even close anymore. Japanese Ozeki (and public interest) decline (for a long time with the help of a lot of friends). Banzuke void of Japanese Yokozuna AND Ozeki! Miraculous emergence of the BIG FUCKING THREE! None of them does anything much apart from being dragged to two yusho. Follow ups disappointing and nowhere near a consectutive yusho. Kakuryu strolls along and delivers the textbook yusho-equivalent performance. Heads are being scratched. The majority now leans to Let's break the practice of the last two and a half decades, because a) it makes sense with the current case and b) no-one of our boys will otherwise get anything. Finally, Kisenosato bumbles to the poisoned rank. From this point (aka now), the immediate future handling of these topics seems a bit blurred, IMHO. I'm not sure if I make any sense here. My thesis is only that even if the NSK can do what it wants, it is nevertheless slave to its own established practices that are evolving slowly over time and in reaction to general developments. That includes intermediary outcomes that might be deemed unwanted by the individuals that make up the sum of the voices. Which is not surprising from a communication theory point of view, as that is the way of all social systems.
  15. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    Hilarious! He surely owns a lot of cell phones...