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  1. yorikiried by fate

    How to code a sumo game? I have an idea...

    As a non-coder for most of my life, I entered a phase a couple of years ago, where I tried to learn it through video courses. The aim was to get enough understanding to be able to employ some pro without getting ripped off. I really grew into it and also started some decent projects. Nevertheless, I have to warn you that even with a clear idea, everything will take ages if you are beginner or even aspiring amateur. At least that was my impression. What I learned (a bit) was Java, which I liked very much. It's cross-platform, has zillions of open libraries, excellent documentation (very important for me, as I didn't bring the pedigree). On the downside, it's Java, i.e. you need to have the runtime environment installed, which everyone hates, because it's supposedly very unsafe and open to external threats. Good luck with the project, though.
  2. yorikiried by fate

    YDC comments Aki 2019

    OK, it's a translation, but that is one of the weirdest things I have read in a while. Uuuaaagh...
  3. yorikiried by fate

    Next Yokozuna??????

    It always is. Then again, Hoshoryu already sports Uncle Asa's Death Ray Stare. Which speaks for his fortitude and ambition. I wouldn't be surprised seeing him explode result-wise in the 15-bout schedule and make it to a threatening sanyaku within the next 18 months.
  4. yorikiried by fate

    Forum Update Feedback, version 4.3

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but how are actual tables done in the forum these days? I wanted to update some posts of mine that lay dormant since 2015, but fiddling with the Thing They Called Editor left me clueless after about 10 seconds as I ran out of actual editing options. Lists/tables that have been created before the 4.0 apocalypse seem to be lost for reusage, at least within the context of my limited skillset. Help?
  5. yorikiried by fate

    Aminishiki injured/ Intai

    Aaah, the home crowd farewell tour. The basho equivalent of an onion in the hanky...
  6. yorikiried by fate

    Tokoyama news

    That is very simple to answer: The barber's heir!
  7. yorikiried by fate

    Aminishiki injured/ Intai

    Exceptional technical gift. Needed to beef up to compete with the big boys, which he did. Then his knees blew up. And he still somehow managed to stay so long on the top floor. Big career. With a little bit more physical stability, he would have been a candidate for higher merits.
  8. yorikiried by fate

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Count me in on the match. Let's hope that Endo has finally overcome the suffocation he endured during the Next-Japanese-Hope-V14 hype. He is a very skilled guy, if he has the head free. Recently, he seems more clever and even hard-boiled. If he can keep this up, I wish him a long sanyaku stay.
  9. yorikiried by fate

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    First of all, he's probably cute, as in not-just -another-random-fat-blob-with-a-rash. Secondly, his style can be seen as appealing. Everyone knows whats coming, nevertheless not many find the counter. That he is successful is even more surprising for the length of his legs. His shape is a bit like Miyabiyama after a hunger crisis. I didn't like the henka either, mainly because Kotoshogiku had earned his wins and even lost a couple of 50/50s. On the other hand, I appreciate Abi's KK, because he has visibly hardened and improved, which was not necessarily to be expected.
  10. yorikiried by fate

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    Agreed. This is where I disagree as I see no real evidence for that. Hey, good discussion, though.
  11. yorikiried by fate

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    How do you know it was a close call? Show me the KK K1e that wasn't promoted in an Ozdem scenario, where without the demotion a Sekiwake spot would have been available.
  12. yorikiried by fate

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    I honestly don't understand what this means. In which way do one-time extra slots cost lots of money in the long run? Where does a one-time rank achievement play into long-term reimbursement?
  13. yorikiried by fate

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    But Wakanosato could be and was moved from Kw to Ke.
  14. yorikiried by fate

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    I disagree. The main question is whether the demotion of an Ozeki is considered to be somewhat subordinate to the regular banzuke movements. Meaning: Is there a free slot AFTER doing the "normal" movements?* Then: either S2 or not. Ozeki demotions are rare, therefore you cannot find a constellation like ours here in the last 20 years (with the key ingredient that a K1e had KK, thus virtually competing with a Demozeki for one free slot). There were tough underpromotions in the past in Demozeki circumstances, but there was always an available slot to promote to in between. Anyhow, the whole "They don't do the extra slots anymore" notion is biased by the lack of exposure. It is and always was** a rare thing, at least if you stick to the last 40 years. There were clusters of basho with a few extra slots, but this was always in times of turmoil like combinations of Ozeki promotions/demotions and general change of guard at the top. Customer information: You can very easily assess the frequency and exceptional clusters with my graph and start to explore the details using the Doitsubase from there. *Which is not well put, on second thought. Should be rather some pingpong process: "If we demote him to S1, can we still squeeze the other suckers UP somewhere?" **While I would admit that during the 90s they seemed to at least show some signs of "opening up".
  15. yorikiried by fate

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    I don't get this whole Sanyaku/extra slot discussion here. Takakeisho needs to be ranked Sekiwake next basho. One slot is taken by Mitakeumi, the other one claimed by a 8-7 Ke1 (Abi). Therefore, another Sekiwake spot will be created for Takakeisho. The two vacated Komusubi slots are for Endo and Hokutofuji. Doitsubase is down ATM, but I cannot remember any case where a potential Sekiwake promotee was denied because of an Ozeki demotee, just to avoid the extra slot. The question is rather if they (mildly) screw Ichinojo by putting Tomokaze on M1(w). Edit: With DB up, I quickly checked the relevant constellations of the last decade, which seem to confirm my claims. (I admit, though, that Tochiozan and Shohozan were underpromoted to K between 11/12 and 1/13, where Bart fell down from O. But that was a special case, as they would have had to create two extra Sekiwake slots along with a stupid gap in the M2ish region.)