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  1. yorikiried by fate

    Your creative input required!

    Thanks to the first responders BTW. I will try to post some matrices of my own these days, to spark controversy and discussion.
  2. yorikiried by fate

    Your creative input required!

    If you did (which I hope you didn't) then I know at least one department, where you're in the lead: Pils. [what the beer barbarians call lager] Hey actually that's for the list: S2 G8-10 Czech lager; S2 G1-4 non-Czech lager!
  3. yorikiried by fate

    The Graph

    Arggh, no shit, I first typed Chiyonokuni and was proud to have found the typo...
  4. yorikiried by fate

    Your creative input required!

    To clarify, I don't expect anyone to give me WHOLE SETS. But if you could sepend five minutes to think of five qualifiers and put them into the grid that I outlined, I'd be very happy, since it adds up.
  5. yorikiried by fate

    The Graph

    Like a few of you, I have been waiting for this. Here's the updated Graph. The reason why I've been waiting is that I made a couple of non-insignificant visual additions directly after publishing the previous version. Thus my hands are all bloody for rubbing them for a full year. So the changelog: Visual helps have been added for determining year and month while scrolling around with large magnification. So no more whining about whichmonthwhatisthisshit. The circles showing absences of former champions now carry more information. First of all, you can now always see how many former champions were absent at a given basho. In case one or more former champion(s), was/were absent because of demotion to lower divisions, this is also indicated now. The left edge of the Graph has been visually updated to present the initial stage of affairs in I-1958 in a more pleasing way. As for trivia that were easily visually available and have relevance for stuff happening in 2021: Thankfully, Hakuho rode West, since his annoying success had been putting the vertical integrity of the Graph in danger for quite a while. In fact, we saw a new record of 62 active banzuke wins in III-21, just before Kakuryu retired. The record for most different yusho winners on the banzuke was tied at 11 in III-21 (previously also XI-20 and VII-00). After Hakuho's retirement the yusho-experience-level dropped to 15 for XI-21, which is the lowest since IX-93 [!], in the aftermath of the 4-Yok retirement phase (Chiyonofuji, Onokuni, Asahifuji & Hokutoumi) between V-91 and VII-92. Back then this event produced the lowest YEL at 6 in VII-92. Terunofuji's consecutive yusho in III-V-21 were the first consecutive yusho since Kakuryu's in III-V-18. (And the same-Yokozuna-consecutive-yusho-drought was only ended with Terunofuji's IX-XI-21 wins.) The previous point translates into 15 basho without consecutve wins. This is the second longest such phase in modern history. The longest one came at 20 basho between XI-74 and I-78, when Kitanoumi and Wajima played pingpong a lot. In terms of participation, 2021 saw only 4 Yokozuna attendances (2x Hakuho, 2x Terunofuji). This is the lowest number since 1994, when Akebono was the sole Yokozuna. The lowest number all-time is in 1992 with 2, which was of course the time of Nokozuna. We had 2 Yokozuna retirements this year, which most previously happened in 2003 with Takanohana II and Musashimaru. Additionally, the two retirements came within four basho (Takanohana II's and Musashimaru's were in I-03 and XI-03, respectively). You have to go back to 1992 to find the retirements of Asahifuji (I-92) and Hokutoumi (V-92), which were shorter apart and are complemented by 1991's retirements of Chiyonofuji and Onokuni, which came in consecutive basho (V-VII-91). New Yokozuna Terunofuji is the first Grand Champion to have won two yusho at Sekiwake. He is only the third Yokozuna to have won a yusho at Maegashira. The previous guys were Takanohana II and Sadanoyama. The latter had won his first Makuuchi yusho in V-61 at M13w in his THIRD Makuuchi basho (which is in the exceptional category together with Miyabiyama's speedrun to Ozeki). Suggestions and critique: Don't hesitate. If you enjoy this and want to give back, you could help me out with what I posted in another thread.
  6. yorikiried by fate

    Your creative input required!

    Fellow foristae: For a project of mine, I need third-party-input, aka your help. The task is to find single buzzwords/phrases that cover gradients of 1 to 10. Such words could be of all types and don't have to be restricted to adjectives. I need to populate four such sets with 10 words/compounds/mini-phrases each. Each set covers the spectrum of veryveryverybad to veryveryverygood, but each with slightly different flavour. Set 1 is easiness of task, something from near-death-experience to autotune. Set 2 is quality related, from nuclear waste to Michelangelo's frescos. Set 3 is value related, from total rip-off to cornucopia. Set 4 is core bad to good, from diabolical to godly (or the other way around if you are of the satanist persuasion). As I mentioned, all kinds of qualifications are fine. Also all registers. Also all levels of (sub)cultural load. So "repulsive" works for me as well as "turd". Or "milkrun" as well as "breeze". The project would prefer short stuff over whole sentences. I would kindly ask you to tap your immense brains and creativity to give me some material that I can use to complement my own. I would be happy, if you could name the set and grade together with your suggestion, i.e.: "mediocre S2, G5". Particularly grade is difficult for me to assess in English. As far as I can tell, the middle ground is the most difficult, as language tends to qualify extremes better. An die deutschsprachigen Forumsmitglieder: Ich benötige dasselbe auch auf Deutsch [I also need the whole construct in German]! Let me thank you in advance for any kind of input. TBH, I consider myself to be pretty creative, language-wise, nevertheless, this task shows me my limits, particularly in English. Disclaimer: This is not something that I need for some customer right now or something. It's rather for a project of my own that I hope might create profit for myself in the future, for which the task at hand is a pretty detail. If everything will turn out successful, expect nothing but full public recognition for your support!
  7. yorikiried by fate

    Mongolians in Sumo

    Because they come from a culture with a strong wrestling tradition of their own? (Like you have it also with Bulgarians, Georgians and Ossetians, who happened to turn up as well). Additionally, motivation? I wrote a small opinion section to that effect way back. Not that I was telling any news. [Fair warning to snowflake members: it's on ST]
  8. yorikiried by fate

    Hakuho retires

    On the part of NSK: Different management? Hakkaku's take-over at the end of 2015 must have been really liberating for the local boys of the time, what with them suddenly starting to be yusho-competitive and such. I guess that "compliance" was a topic pretty high on the new rijicho's agenda.
  9. yorikiried by fate

    New Juryo for Kyushu 2021

    I noticed ex-mod Manekineko, who was obviously not aroound since the end of 2018. I probably missed something and I hope it's no tragedy.
  10. yorikiried by fate

    Hakuho retires

    I guess they will hide him. Guard the museum basement or some such.
  11. yorikiried by fate

    Hakuho retires

    Don't do anything rash. You are always welcome in my corner of sumo enthusiasts who find pleasure from disgust.
  12. yorikiried by fate

    Hakuho retires

    You are right of course. The wrong part of the double name popped up in my mind for some reason.
  13. yorikiried by fate

    Hakuho retires

    Sure. Nothing to see here. Thus I totally qualified my last post. But, when the greatest rikishi of all time retires, it would have been a proper half sentence at Wikipedia that would have mentioned that he did so from the very top and not the quasi very top. It was definitely a memorable thing with e.g. Justine Henin (before ill conceived comebacks).
  14. yorikiried by fate

    Hakuho retires

    So that again means by listing him once more, even though he declared his intai, his last ranking won't be at the topmost rank. Which doesn't have to be another deliberate jab [no COVID pun intended], but is at least another collateral putdown [no euthanasia pun intended].
  15. yorikiried by fate

    Hakuho retires

    Which leads to the question, if he will be listed at Y1e, what with COVID and no rank disadvantage etc. Sorry if that was discussed before and/or elsewhere.