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  1. yorikiried by fate

    Day 15 pics overview Hatsu 2020

  2. yorikiried by fate

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Unrelenting in life...
  3. yorikiried by fate

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    It is very exceptional this basho, that a low ranker on the leaderboard had the opportunity to continue winning against other low rankers for so many days. Traditionally, an M10+ who stands at 8-1 will be fed to the meatgrinder guys starting from days 10 or 11 at the latest. Tokushoryu's highest ranking opponent was mighty Aoiyama (M8!) on day 11. I wonder if they didn't trust anyone further up to play show stopper, or -- behold! -- if it was a pure suspense keeping marketing decision.
  4. yorikiried by fate

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Abi vs. Enho threatens to be a one sided affair for the forseeable future. Enho -> too low a target, while Abi -> too long legs
  5. yorikiried by fate

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Watershed: After years of waiting, I was able to witness the rank finally be freed of the last remaining Fauxzeki infestation, that made watching sumo so difficult at times. Watershed is also a great album.
  6. yorikiried by fate

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Diagnosis? Severe cold, two weeks to heal? No seriously. Kaio, my man: get well. (But don't break anyone's elbow.)
  7. yorikiried by fate

    Terunofuji Watch

    Just make the title more zeitgeisty. That always works: Terunofuji - A comprehensive example of the resocialization of pro sport invalds in the age of sustainable global inclusivity and climate change.
  8. yorikiried by fate

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    You need two for backscratching.
  9. yorikiried by fate

    Terunofuji Watch

    You cannot be making a case out of the few times a Juryo zensho actually happened. Baruto was promoted from J11 to M11, so Terunofuji's rank should be well in range based on the five item dataset.
  10. yorikiried by fate

    New recruits for Hatsu 2020

  11. yorikiried by fate

    The Graph

    Firstly, you're welcome. The bottom part usually fills up with delay, as entries back in the timeline are added with any new Ozeki promotion. So assuming, whatever, Asanoyama will reach the rank, there will be a couple of entries added further left (i.e. his debut, his sektitori and Makuuchi debuts, plus his most recent Komusubi and pending future Sekiwake debut).
  12. yorikiried by fate

    The Graph

    Another trivia thing that I just now happened to have simply counted out with the help of the visual timeline is Ozeki yusho droughts (spells of consecutive basho without Ozeki yusho). Turns out we are in the midst of the second biggest one just now. Ozeki yusho droughts (10+ basho) since 1958 [in very pedestrian format as no-one bothered to answer my how-to-make-tables-these-days question that I posted a few months ago...]: 1. VII/77 - V/81 -> 24* 2. III/17 - ? -> 17+ 3. III/70 - IX/72 -> 16 4. III/65 - I/67 -> 12 5. VII/09 - V/11 -> 11** 6. XI/61 - V/63 -> 10 6. III/88 - IX/89 -> 10 6. VII/99 - I/01 -> 10 6. V/14 - XI/15 -> 10 * These were insane four years of Yokozuna dominance (initially Kitanoumi & Wajima, then Wakanohana II & Mienoumi on the way; both of the latter pair were promoted without a yusho win in their Yokruns). The sole non-Yokozuna yusho in the spell came in basho 22 by the hands of Sekiwake Chiyonofuji who finally broke the drought three basho later as Ozeki. ** 10 if you discount the hon-basho-hood of V/11, the infamous Technical Examination Tournament. For which one can surely argue, as Kaio for instance certainly chose not to end his career there (picking up a totally epic and absolutely non-orchestrated final Yokozuna bout win instead [in his final Tokyo bout, in the last bout of the basho]).
  13. yorikiried by fate

    The Graph

    So, proper correction for my point about many Ozeki demotions within a short period of time: In 2019, we had 3 demotions but 4 demotion constituting events (Takayasu's second consecutive MK at Kyushu which will lead to his demotion for I/2020). So going back to 2017, we saw/will see 6 demotion triggers between I/2017 and XI/2019 or 6 demotions between III/2017 and I/2020. This is a span of 18 basho or three years (-> 0.33). The previously most dense phase was 3 demotions between I/2000 and IX/2000, though the year had only two trigger events as Takanonami had his second consecutive MK at Kyushu 1999. But with events in 2001 we reach 5 demotions between I/2000 and IX/2001 (the triggers being between XI/1999 and VII/2001). So the span back then is 12 basho (-> 0.42).
  14. yorikiried by fate

    The Graph

    Caught. Well done.
  15. yorikiried by fate

    The Graph

    Another year in the books. All those moments will be lost in time like grains of salt on a dohyo. (Or grains of rice in Akiseyama.) The new wallpaper. As per tradition (which I started last year), a couple of notes about the past year in regards to trivia that is easily accessible through The Graph: The main graph line, which represents Makuuchi yusho wins on the banzuke, has reached an alltime high with Kyushu at 57. This means we had the experienciestest banzuke of all time. Or it means Hakuho is still there. Pick one. (If this trend continues I am going to run into layout problems pretty soon, so time to start some anti-Hakuho petitions/propaganda; is Giuliani available?) September saw the first Sekiwake-only playoff in human history (i.e. post-58) Takakeisho's promotion to Ozeki has the unique pattern of "result basho #1 > #2 > #3". This has not happened before. Takakeisho started his Ozrun with a yusho from sanyaku ranks. The last time this happened was in March 1993, courtesy of Wakahanada (soon-to-be Wakanohana). Note that Tochinoshin's Ozrun in 2018 also started with a yusho. He was ranked M3w, though. Takakeisho's absence in July was the first absence of a kadoban Ozeki since V/2004 (Tochiazuma). The year saw 4 Ozeki demotions*, which is a new record (previously 3 in 2000); if you expand the period to three years (back to 2017) we stand at 6 demotions, which is decent. It doesn't beat the two year period of 2000/01, though, which featured 5. Takakeisho's repromotion was the best try ever at 12-3D (previous holder was Tochiazuma in I/2005 at 11-4). Tochinoshin's repromotion was the first one since Tochiazuma's in January 2005. Seeing 2 repromotions in 3 basho is unprecedented. Kyushu also brought us 4 Komusubi, the first time this happened since XI/2006. Coincidentally, this is exactly the same gap as between the two most recent Tool releases, so is it a coincidence after all?! Anyhow, 2006 is also the year Hakuho started to win yushos, so that is that. Foreigners I: The bleed-out seems to slowly stabilize. The last three basho saw 31 foreigners on the whole banzuke, which is the lowest number since January 2001 (30). Between XI/2000 and III/2001 there was a big influx of foreigners, constituting the second Mongolian wave (including Ama, Hakuho, Mokonami, Shotenro). Foreigners II: The 7 foreigners listed in Makuuchi for Kyushu was the lowest number since V/2004 (6). It might be (but that is tough to really access through the graph without developing a squint) that Takakeisho is the first and only guy ever to have seen the exact same Yokozunae on the banzuke at the time of his Ozeki promotion as at the time of his banzuke debut. The link will work for two months, so go for it! *Or rather "demotion trigger events", as Takayasu fulfilled the requirements for a demotion for the January banzuke at Kyushu. That is the actual meaning of the stat and record I quoted. If demotion as in "new Banzuke" is meant, I will have to look for that once more...** **See my post further down.