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  1. NHK Charity ozumo 2018

    Please no! On my list of "People I would award with eternal (happy, unencumbered by syndroms of old age) life" you are ranking pretty high.
  2. PR for Haru 2018

    That's quite pro-active thinking, is it not?
  3. NHK Charity ozumo 2018

    She's big in Georgia since 2002. It's because people misinterpreted the song as criticism against the failing electricity infrastructure. Politically alert girls try to look like her because of that.
  4. 42nd Grand Sumo Tournament

    Don't we all, don't we all... [Both gambaraize and sum to that effect.]
  5. Diet members caucus demanding development in sumo

    You've beaten me to it. I had exactly the same thoughts while reading through the thread.
  6. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    He said becoming Yokozuna is the toughest to get achievement in sport. I disagreed. You misunderstood.
  7. Day After pics overview Hatsu 2018

    Ehm, no, they come and help you if there are intruders, hence the joke.
  8. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    What's that? Wait I know: the regular thing with an extra big marketing event in the summer, right?
  9. Day After pics overview Hatsu 2018

    Ah, here we go...
  10. New Juyro for Haru 2018

    Also, shin-Komusubi/Sekiwake might get an inofficial notification, but that is inofficial. (At that time, either Tochiozan and/or Homasho [I don't remember which] knew of their promotion early. At least that was reported here by people with their ears on the heya door.)
  11. New Juyro for Haru 2018

    The whole banzuke has been "figured out". They just don't publish it til the publish date, the bastards. The announcement of the new or returning Juryo is always done right after the banzuke has been written, as those guys need a bit of warning/preparation for their changed status.
  12. Day After pics overview Hatsu 2018

    It's made from steel and, as we are talking Japan, folded 36 times, obviously.
  13. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    I'll see your Yokzuna and raise you a tennis grand slam.
  14. Day After pics overview Hatsu 2018

    It's really killing me that a heya (i.e. a house full of sumo wrestlers) obviously employs a private security firm. You can see the stickers on the door. (Have to find the photoshop I once made to point that out some time in the past.)
  15. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    What speaks for Takayasu is the change in his demeanor, at least as I perceive it. He used to be upset by fuck-ups in the past, in a way that visibly influenced his feelings about his own abilities in follow-up bouts. Now, when he prepares for the bout, he looks like an Ozeki (or even proto-Yokozuna) should look like. This kind of thing projects to the opponents and reinforces his chances of success. That aside, let's not have Kisenosato's case be anything else than what it is: a historical freak thing, highly political, with numbers that look decent enough (although scraped together over way too many basho), but are also somewhat tainted if you want to interpret the odd bout in the tinfoil way. It's a pitty, really. If Kisenosato wouldn't have been grounded by his dumbass oyakata in his early career, he may even have learned what this tachi-ai thing is, simply by brawling with the other kids. Then subtract the elders' need to push the homeboys on some shaky pedestal and he might have ended as a very decent, very successful Ozeki with a proper shot at the ropes. And not this farcical persona that he clearly didn't feel comfortable to live up to. Past tense, btw, because he won't be back.