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  1. yorikiried by fate

    The History of the Best Rikishi of All Times (Video)

    If Randomitsuki is no data expert, then I am a cave man. That being said, the pretty obvious inflation might be possible to normalize, might it not? Take the top wrestlers with their respective peaks (or even groups of top wrestlers of a certain time with their group average peaks). Such data points should more or less group around a linear score progression over time. If, say, top Ozeki (or all Ozeki) of a certain time are analyzed accordingly, one might generate a second kind of linear increase, which is not neccesarily parallel to the top one. With such estimated increases and their difference in increase factor, one might calculate dynamic corrective factors to apply to to all data points at any given time. This application might not make sense for the actual calculations that generate the Elo, but maybe for tweaking the numbers before the actual data output into a visual timeline, like you did. Do I make any sense? Amazing work! I like the visuals. Add a koto sound "ping" to every moment one line crosses another one, with the sound's pitch based on how high up we are in the graph.
  2. yorikiried by fate

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    Asashoryu. By a couple of parsec.
  3. yorikiried by fate

    Corona and sumo

    I mean there simply must be something like www.dohyo-over-night.com, it's the internet after all!
  4. yorikiried by fate

    Toyonoshima intai

    Sure. Sope your imagination!
  5. yorikiried by fate

    Toyonoshima intai

    Funny, just today I thought I saw a mini-Toyonoshima lying in my living room, but then it turned out to be just one of my children's balls.
  6. yorikiried by fate

    Corona and sumo

    Just for the record: I was not feeling offended. Mildly irritated, yes.
  7. yorikiried by fate

    Corona and sumo

    Wowowow. A virus sprawl among rikishi shouldn't really trigger speculation on who would benefit. Sure, most of them are young athletes and as such maybe not in the primary risk group. At the same time, though, there are not only a few diabetics, guys with f*cked up livers etc. Not to mention that they tend to be fat, which *is* a risk factor. If it comes to the worst, we will see rikishi die, so Tochinoshin's knees shouldn't really be the focus IMHO.
  8. yorikiried by fate

    Name it - The Day After...

    BTW, Rando's "Durststrecke" is probably the German word in the dictionary that fits best. But - as we surely all know - the true power (aka dread) of the language is the possibility of composing composite nouns to the moon. So let's be poetic and call it "Dickmenschenkollisionsebbe".
  9. yorikiried by fate

    Name it - The Day After...

    I call it Graph Update Day.
  10. yorikiried by fate

    Does anybody know where they are?

    No, no. I would never be able to achieve anything in such a stressful game. I'm too slow to play FIFA against drunk potheads. Or at least used to. Now I am additionally old(er). For me it was just a new chapter in watching weird but genuinly captivating activity of others. If you want, a variation of why I started watching sumo at another time. The only weird sport that I enjoyed watching and playing myself was snooker.
  11. yorikiried by fate

    Corona and sumo

    They should just skip the actual wrestling, film the temperature measuring and award the yusho after day 15 to the coolest guy.
  12. yorikiried by fate

    General Corona Banter

    I want rikishi in fully transparent hazmat gear with the mawashi worn on top! I want the Yokozuna have biohazard signs dangling from their ceremonial ropes! I want them to throw ash instead of salt! GIVE ME VISUAL THRILLS!! (Sorry, I was vacationing without serious internet for a week. Not in Italy, before you might ask)
  13. yorikiried by fate

    Baruto activities

  14. yorikiried by fate

    Akinomaki's Kuukido

    Is it OK to answer in this thread? First of all, total respect for your project and motives. Something like this is in a certain way quite brave. I have read through the initial posts without resting much on detail. Where I immediately checked out is the beginning of the story (?), though. The format used (constrained by the forum) is just too cumbersome to read. I suggest to either spend some quality time doing some formatting work, or to connect this whole thing to some semi-private blog, that could be setup elsewhere. There, the readability should naturally improve. What's your goal concerning feedback, input etc.?
  15. yorikiried by fate

    Does anybody know where they are?

    You know what: You are right. I apologize. Everything that's been said and the way it has been said in this thread is super normal.