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  1. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Nice to see some good news about Harumafuji. I liked his sumo a lot and was so sad that his career ended the way it did. All the best for his future plans. :)
  2. Sumo Art

    So many fun & great pictures in jungyo-thread... so, I wanted warm up my old hobby. A bit rusty amateur style, first try...
  3. Natsu jungyo 2018

    Oh. So it's not automated by reaching some certain amount of posts or anything...? Good to know (and not give up hope too soon )... Thanks.
  4. Natsu jungyo 2018

    All this jungyo stuff is new to me, so very interesting to read. Thank you everyone who contributes these pics & links here. ...I just wish I knew how to get rid of that inactive status to be able to give likes & thanks to posts...
  5. Greetings from Oregon!

    Welcome from other long-time lurker, who also became member not too long ago.
  6. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Yay Mita! Such a ride, so happy that he kept his calm and won. Twitter is already filled with celebration pics...
  7. Hei from Finland

    ...don't let me even get started about other disturbed entertainments... Like drinking.
  8. Hei from Finland

    I surely do. Only month in a year, when I can watch bouts live from stream, in other months work disturbs my entertainment too much...
  9. Chaingang Gangbang

    Eventho I lost today, at least it was going along the majority... I am already looking forward go next basho, such fun.
  10. Hei from Finland

    Ja ja, no point denying that...
  11. Hei from Finland

    After watching 10 bashos, I thought I approximately understand all the main terms and can join here to learn more. So, hello to all...