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About Me

Hello guys,

my name is Egri Bálint, age 29, from Budapest, Hungary. As a kid I always watched sumo on Eurosport with my father (he had a very odd attraction to this sport, I was just enjoying fat guys beating each other :)) I remember Musashimaru, Takanohana and Akebono, and I witnessed the upcoming of a young and skinny guy called Asashoryu from low maegashira to yokozuna. Then my life took an other direction, TV doesn't play a role in my life any more. I almost forget about this magnificent sport.

But last July (that's 2015), somehow sumo came to my mind, and I started to get myself back on track. Turned out that Eurosport stopped broadcasting the bashos, but I found Kintamayama's channel on Youtube, and this is when I said: Oh, thank you Kintamayama! :))

From that point, I started to watch earlier bashos, and of course subscribed the channel, so I wouldn't miss any bout.

I was able to share my enthusiasm with my girlfriend, who is now almost as big a fan as me. :)

At the end of each Kintamayama-video, I felt rather unsatisfied, hungry for more, so I started to search the internet. That's when I found sumoforum.net. I started to read you guys, and I liked it a lot. I'm pretty impressed with your knowledge, and your japanase language skills. When you write about a rumor or some inside information, and there is a link to a japanese site, I feel so jealous. Google translate is a gift almost every time, but not with sumo-themed articles.... :D And when I feel jealous of a community, I try to join ;)

I'm looking forward to learn from you guys, and also to share my point of view with you. I don't feel quite relaxed yet (first time to join a web forum), but I hope I will feel at home in no time!


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the sole hungarian rikishi called Masutoo (wSd19).


sorry for my english, hope we will understand each other! :)