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  1. Shinobi Steve

    Tochinoshin intai

    Hope he enjoys his retirement.
  2. Shinobi Steve

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Reportedly, Shodai was very assertive during a recent practice and demanding some talking lower rankers to go outside. So, maybe Shodai plans to show his assertive sumo this basho. We can always imagine such things, only to have those daydreams crushed when the real Shodai inevitably shows up.
  3. Shinobi Steve

    Gaga Does Dallas!

    A few questions if you're able to ask. 1) How did his background in judo and sambo help with his transition into sumo? 2) What recommendations does he have to grow the sport in places like the U.S.? 3) What is his favorite Georgian food that he misses while he's in Japan? 4) What is his record for wine consumption while attending a supra?
  4. Shinobi Steve

    Corona and sumo

    Welcome to the club! I avoided it for two years and had it two weeks ago. I was actually instructed not to take a PCR test for 30 days because it would likely continue to show as positive. The rule where I live is to isolate for 5 days after you test positive, then mask up and go about your life for the next five days after that. From reading this post, seems like your six weeks in Japan will be a tad more strict than that.
  5. Shinobi Steve

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    If we are posting on this forum we're probably not the key target demo. However, if we're posting on this forum we're almost certainly going to watch it. We're fanatics who post on Sumo forums and watch everything available, even when it's in a language we do not understand at all. What else would we do with our free time?
  6. Shinobi Steve

    Sumo on Youtube

    Attempting to create a post to serve as a repository of links to various Sumo related channels on Youtube. I intentionally chose not to include links to channels that feature copyrighted material (everyone reading this forum knows where to go to watch sumo anyway). Please add posts with any additional Youtube channels to make this list more complete. The list is alphabetized rather than listed in any sort of rank order. English Chris Sumo - Daily uploads filmed on location at each basho; news recaps Inside the Dohyo - Sumo news digest Sumo Prime Time - Hiro Morita's official channel Sumo Stew - Documentary type videos on various topics of interest to the author World of Sumo - Sumo news digest Japanese Asakayama Beya - Official channel Gaga's Channel - ex-Gagamaru's channel Japan Sumo Association Official Channel - NSK's official channel featuring interviews, practices, and more; mostly Japanese but occasional English subtitles Japan Sumo Federation - Official channel for Japanese amateur sumo Konishiki's World - Mostly Japanese with some English; random assortment of videos covering sumo, cooking, entertainment, etc. Minato Beya - Official channel
  7. Shinobi Steve


    How can anyone get mad about font day? Enjoy those grapes and thank you all the effort over many years. My fandom was shaped by your videos since around 2014.
  8. Shinobi Steve

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    I watched the full segment on HBO’s Real Sports the weekend. Very well done and featured both John Gunning and Musashimaru. Negative issues like concussions and lack of life/job experience when rikishi retire were covered. There was a focus on how athletic rikishi actually are and how historical the sport is.
  9. Shinobi Steve

    Kimarite Statistics - 2022 Nagoya

    Sandanme is where the action is apparently. There was one ipponzeoi and one zubuneri, both in sandanme. Sadly, I missed them both.
  10. Shinobi Steve

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2022

    Will Kinbozan's hair be long enough for a top knot in September? @Katooshu's background info about Kinbozan's collegiate career is fascinating. No sumo background until he started college then mediocre performance for three years before going on a tear? It'll be really interesting to watch him move through Juryo as he continues to grow and refine his skills. I'm always interested in the stories of how non-Japanese end up in Ozumo. How does a guy from Kazakhstan make it to Japan? How did Shishi get there from Ukraine?
  11. Shinobi Steve

    Nagoya 2022

    Both with double digits and wins against the Yokozuna.
  12. Shinobi Steve

    Nagoya 2022

    Well, this didn’t age well. Congratulations to Ichinojo. Despite Covid trying to wreak havoc, this was a very fun tournament.
  13. Shinobi Steve

    Nagoya 2022

    The funniest part of that to me was how he stoically continued to knead the dough, face covered in flour, without missing a beat.
  14. Shinobi Steve

    Nagoya 2022

    Shodai shows his Ozekiwake pride.
  15. Shinobi Steve

    Nagoya 2022

    Where did this version of Shodai that actually moves forward suddenly come from? Finally something positive.