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  1. Asojima

    Shikona Megathread: Translations and Trivia

    Shikona : Shi-Ko-Na 四股名 Four Thighs Name (The shiko leg exercise) Shiko-Na 醜名 Shameful Name (Pseudonym?) Go Find Em: The Sekitori (Updated) The Notes The Heya (Effective Haru 2024) Ajigawa Arashio Asahiyama Asakayama Dewanoumi Fujishima Futagoyama Hakkaku Hanaregoma Ikazuchi Isegahama Isenoumi Kasugano Kataonami Kise Kokonoe Michinoku Minato Miyagino Musashigawa Naruto Nishiiwa Nishikido Nishonoseki Oitekaze Onoe Onomatsu Oshima Oshiogawa Otake Otowayama Sadagotake Sakaigawa Shibatayama Shikihide Shikoroyama Taganoura Takadagawa Takasago Takekuma Tamanoi Tatsunami Tokitsukaze Tokiwayama Yamahibiki Legend (魁) - Heya Flag kanji from Shisho/Heya Name 新^- Kanji from Real/Given Name 馬* - Kanji from a placename (Translation) - Meaning of one of the above Kanji. Often omitted for Heya flags and real names. The Marus The Yobidashi
  2. Strange. The NSK DB is listing the heya as "otowayama". It is the only heya which is not capitalized. It appears that way in several places.
  3. Asojima

    Merry Birthday, Profomisakari!!!

    Today, the Professor completes his 85th solar orbit. He is REALLY old!!
  4. Asojima

    Happy Birthday Asojima in San Diego!

    I will accept good stuff for the next 5 years.
  5. Asojima

    Ichinoya activities

    A lot of you.
  6. Asojima

    Shikona Megathread: Translations and Trivia

    The origins of most of the kabu (and gyoji) names are buried deep in antiquity. I suspect that a lot of them are derived from all or part of the family names of the original holders. I read somewhere that Kise came from parts of the family names of the two gyoji who founded the heya. It is likely that research into most of these names would require access to some very old and very obscure sumo documentation.
  7. Asojima

    Trivia bits

    The Chinese character for "death" has the same pronunciation as the character for "four". Edit: "44 dead stone lions" would be "Si shi si si shi shi zi"
  8. Asojima

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Pre-injury Tochinoshin did a lot of bouncing at M3w.
  9. Asojima

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Takarafuji is 36 yoa. His goal is to remain an uninjured sekitori until his kabu becomes available. He is on cruise control.
  10. Asojima

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    That has never happened with a Japanese shisho???
  11. Asojima

    Winning and losing streaks

    In 10.5 years, his highest rank has been Jonidan 57. In the last 15 basho before his BG period, he managed to grab a total of 14 wins. He is not one of the stellar performers.
  12. Asojima

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    His father (shisho and mentor) made a good living by slowing down his matches and waiting for a good opening. It's hereditary.
  13. Asojima

    21 July 20, The Results

    Nagoya 20 was known as July 20. I still have my copy of the spreadsheet. I have tried sending it to my archived version of the Professor's Email address.
  14. Asojima

    What makes a great ozeki?

    The kadoban factor screws up the statistics. An ozeki who is no longer in the yusho race has no incentive to risk injury by acquiring more than 8 wins. A "good" ozeki plays the game well. A "great" ozeki is one that is consistently in the late day yusho race. These guys tend to become yokozunas. Most ozekis are playing the 8 and out scenario. In the late days of the basho, two 8 win ozekis are often matched. This forces one of them to acquire a 9th win. The yusho race and the late day matchups add warts to the expected win stats