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  1. Asojima

    Shikona Megathread: Translations and Trivia

    Go Find Em: The Sekitori (Updated) The Notes The Heya (Effective Haru 2023) Ajigawa Arashio Asahiyama Asakayama Dewanoumi Fujishima Futagoyama Hakkaku Hanaregoma Ikazuchi Isegahama Isenoumi Kasugano Kataonami Kise Kokonoe Michinoku Minato Miyagino Musashigawa Naruto Nishiiwa Nishikido Nishonoseki Oitekaze Onoe Onomatsu Oshima Oshiogawa Otake Sadagotake Sakaigawa Shibatayama Shikihide Shikoroyama Taganoura Takadagawa Takasago Takekuma Tamanoi Tatsunami Tokitsukaze Tokiwayama Yamahibiki The Marus The Yobidashi
  2. Asojima

    Game 21 for KyuShu Basho 2022

    I am alive and well. I have essentially lost interest.
  3. Now would be a good time to either kill this thread or change its headline.
  4. Asojima

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    An excellent reference about Haiku with 1-2 hundred examples. There are several other sources for the book.
  5. Asojima

    Nagoya Basho 2022

    There was a news leak. This basho, the macaron will have the gay pride rainbow.
  6. Asojima

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Or breaking open a keg of sake.
  7. According to my grandson, a stopped clock goes dark.
  8. Asojima

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Most of them have distinctly impressive looking mothers.
  9. Asojima

    Preparations of the masses- July 2022

    I seldom hear of juryo visitors for deigeko. Do they participate or is it essentially a makuuchi only activity?
  10. Asojima

    Strength of Yūshō

    Retirement is a good starting point for all those projects that have been sitting on the back burner. Those projects lead to new ones.
  11. Asojima


    Podcast in general.
  12. From a career standpoint, these all make a difference. The specific basho when the rank is acquired is meh!! The rikishi may have already been there or will be there shortly. It is seldom a one-shot occurrence. The question of whether to add a bonus sanyaku rank is usually a matter of the banzuke committee having its mawashi in a bind rather than a specific rikishi's qualification.
  13. 90% of the number of sanyaku questions only has significance in GTB. In real life, it doesn't really matter much. The joi-jin has 16 slots. Once you get below Ozeki, the ranks become a vertical line. It doesn't really matter what you call the members of the line.
  14. Asojima

    New Juryo for Nagoya 2022

    Jokoryu's cheeks have the better definition. The difference in the mawashi coloration creates an illusion which favors the appearance of Chiyosakae's cheeks.
  15. Asojima

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    There is another option.