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  1. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    and Harumafuji and Kakuryu and Terunofuji? Aki could be a topless basho.
  2. Forum Update Feedback (v4)

    I am now losing my autologon on all of my browsers. I have to sign in every time that I restart the browsers.
  3. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Not much happened. A minor breakaway of the outside edge of the dohyo. It had no effect on the fighting surface. A cosmetic flaw the could be quickly repaired.
  4. Head To Head Win - Loss Record

    You own the topic. You can change the title yourself by editing the first post.
  5. Video Streaming - General Information

    Developments during the recently completed Nagoya 17 basho: Sherming9 (Vaughn TV) remains the most reliable live stream of the NHK audio and video coverage. Coverage is beginning at 3:10 PM JST in mid-Juryo. News events or political activity may preempt the start of sumo coverage. Something new is that adding a /old to the end of the URL for the sherming site brings up what seems to be an older version of the site software. This may be an alternative if the main link gets froggy. The Sherming site includes a live chat that is used by some of our forum members. qq remains a viable choice for live streaming of the NHK video coverage. Audio coverage remains a mixture of Japanese and some Chinese commentary. The daily start up time is unpredictable. Makuuchi is always covered (even if news or political activity preempts sumo coverage on NHK/Sherming9). Coverage may start anywhere from early Makushita (1:30 PM JST) to mid-to-late Juryo (3:30 PM JST). UBS has gone to a full subscription service which does not seem to be available outside Mongolian; however, there is now a UBS Stream service which provides login-free access to the UBS signal. Sumo coverage still starts at about 4:10 PM JST and is limited to Makuuchi only. It provides the NHK video signal with Mongolian audio commentary. The video signal seems to have a lower resolution than the Sherming and qq streams.
  6. Day 15 pics Nagoya 2017

    Confirms what I thought I saw during the match. Kotoshogiku got a right ankle gimme.
  7. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    The first one allows him to tell his grand kids that he was once a Komusubi. Other than that, Komusubi is a downer.
  8. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Career-wise, any Komusubi promotion after the first one is a non-event. The only difference between it and an M1-M3 slot is that you get a big red Day1/2 Yokozuna target painted on your back.
  9. Forum Update Feedback (v4)

    In the past, if you logged on a system with a different ISP, you lost your logon on the previously used system. I don't know if this still happens. Edit: On my systems, I do pretty aggressive cookie management. If I do a major cleanup, I usually lose my forum autologon on I.E., but the Firefox and Chrome logons remain unchanged.
  10. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    But the matches for days 13-15 start about 2 hours later to make up for the reduced number of matches.
  11. Forum Update Feedback (v4)

    It may be a cookie problem on one of the systems.
  12. Chiyo brothers

    Shotenro and Kyokutenho are another example. Brothers-in-law.
  13. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    With a pretty good record against him.
  14. Chiyo brothers

    1. Close relatives cannot fight each other (brothers, brothers-in-law, father/son, etc.). 2. Heya-mates cannot fight each other. Except when then are involved in a final day playoff for the yusho. Call it what you like, but never call a rikishi a sumo.
  15. 21 Nagoya 17, The Results

    The final results: Nagoya 17 A B X Day 1 Y1e Hakuho 22 Y1w Harumafuji 6 0 15 2 Y2w Kakuryu 5 Y2e Kisenosato 16 7 Kaku/Kise kyujo from Days 4/6 3 O1w Goeido 11 O1e Terunofuji 17 0 Terunofuji kyujo from Day 6 4 O2e Takayasu 21 Se Tamawashi 7 0 11 5 Kw Kotoshogiku 9 Sw Mitakeumi 19 0 9 6 M1e Shodai 14 Ke Yoshikaze 14 0 11 7 M2w Hokutofuji 10 M1w Takakeisho 16 2 12 8 M3e Ikioi 5 M2e Tochinoshin 22 1 8 9 M3w Endo 10 M4e Ura 18 0 1 10 M4w Kagayaki 9 M5w Tochiozan 19 0 6 11 M5e Chiyoshoma 13 M6e Ichinojo 15 0 6 12 M7w Daieisho 7 M6w Onosho 21 0 6 13 M7e Takanoiwa 22 M9e Tokushoryu 4 2 7 14 M8e Aoiyama 15 M8w Ishiura 13 0 3 15 M11e Chiyonokuni 11 M9w Okinoumi 16 1 3 16 M10e Chiyotairyu 9 M10w Shohozan 18 1 3 17 M11w Daishomaru 4 M13e Takarafuji 24 0 4 18 M12e Arawashi 15 M12w Takekaze 13 0 4 19 M15e Nishikigi 7 M13w Sokokurai 20 1 4 20 M15w Chiyomaru 16 M14e Sadanoumi 12 0 4 21 M16e Gagamaru 8 M14w Kotoyuki 20 0 4 No 21 matches scheduled for Days 2, 5, 10, 13 and 14.