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  1. Wakaebala

    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    Good positive thinking! I had liked Shodai - but I've realized: he can't accept losing with dignity. He often loses muscular tone...
  2. Wakaebala

    Abema TV all sumo live

    From Hungary, using chrome and Hola, it's working fine (disconnects after 30 min, but refresh solves it)
  3. Wakaebala

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Abi once again was too eager to win. He should be more careful near the tawara. His opponents have learned this flaw of him.
  4. Wakaebala

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Gjoyi hesitated for a bit, but Kaisei got his 7th win on day 7. This is his second best start - the first one happened at his Makuuchi debut basho in 2011 Natsu, that time he started with 9 consecutive wins, and then finished the tournament with 10-5, and a Kanto-sho.
  5. Wakaebala

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I think Aoiyama just got robbed.
  6. Wakaebala

    Finally Posting on the Forum

    Welcome! Having the same problem in Hungary... :)
  7. Wakaebala

    Your "hearts banzuke"?

    Wow, this is an interesting thread. Before I share my list, I'd like to write about a personal conversation on this forum between @Tenshinhan and myself. This was about one and a half years ago. I asked my dear sumo-friend Tenshinhan about who is his favourite rikishi, and in his answer he told me about a very fine way of enjoying sumo. He told me (and I hope he won't be offended by me sharing a piece of his words from our previous personal correspondance): "I can tell you that some bashos ago, I was always very angry if (in my eyes) the wrong rikishi had won the bout (...) Then I recognized that I couldn't really enjoy the bouts anymore if I am too focused on who I picked for a win in a sumo game. That was when I decided to become more relaxed in this topic. I want to have fun while watching sumo and these games give you a headache if you think about them most of the time. And they are very much based on luck anyway..." This train of thought changed my way of watching sumo. I've become more curious about the happenings of the sumo world than my own fantasy list of my favourite rikishi. But then again: I cannot be judged for liking one rikishi more than another. So, of course, I have my preferences, but I don't - after these wise thoughts from our great Tenshinhan - feel the urge to be sad or angry if my favourite had just lost. I am too 'became more relaxed'! :) (Exception: Ura has been a gamechanger, I feel somewhat angry about his injury, and hoping for his full recovery soon!) But of course I have a heart, so I decided to make a list of my favourite rikishi. Remember: this list is totally subjective, it goes without any rational cause, but I think that's the aim of the whole thread, and that's why I think it's rather interesting. Ura Y1 Yoshikaze Tochinoshin Y2 Osunaarashi Hakuho O1 Sokokurai Kaisei O2 Onosho Mitakeumi S Hokutofuji Takakeisho K Takayasu Kisenosato M1 Shodai Shohozan M2 Aminishiki Okinoumi M3 Ikioi Tochiozan M4 Terunofuji Ishiura M5 Chiyoshoma Arawashi M6 Chiyonokuni This is my fantasy list. Ps. I wrote Ura is a gamechanger. But he is not the only one. I feel that 'changing the guards' also means changing the game. Onosho, Takakeisho, Mitakeumi - they are also changing the game of sumo. They all prefer oshi-sumo, and this had became very clear this basho. They ARE changing the game on their own ways. I think sumo has became totally fascinating last year. I feel like I'm part of history while watching these bouts!
  8. Wakaebala

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Very nice win from Ikioi against Endo today, too! This looks like a promising basho - scandal aside. I also hope Onosho can catch a break, I really enjoy his spirit.
  9. Wakaebala

    Kyushu 2017 "Poster" (leaflet)

    I also think it's Harumafuji...
  10. Wakaebala

    Featured Rikishi - Ura

    Our favourite Mr. Dichne has some news about the pink monster!
  11. Wakaebala

    Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I have a question for you guys... Can you tell me what is the lowest win record to win a yusho? Post WW2. 10-5? 9-6? Anybody? (still haven't figured out sumodb queries yet...)
  12. Wakaebala

    Rikishi Status Aki 2017 - Day 15 no changes

    Yes, I'm his fellow countryman, and I'm pretty sad about this bit of news... The worst thing is that I don't have any more knowledge about the reason of him going kyujo... After his first win of the basho... And on top of that, I couldn't watch any of his bouts as he was demoted to Sandanme... :( Does anybody have any news on him? Edit: Actually according to sumodb he didn't appear on his Day 7 bout against Obamaumi (how fun name - can you imagine Trumpamayama?). Why is the difference?
  13. Wakaebala

    Binya here

    Welcome, Binya! Hope you'll enjoy the wits and guts of this community! (Waiting for high resolution pics from the jungyo you will join to watch )
  14. Wakaebala

    Banzuke day pics Aki 2017

    Wow... I couldn't brake that code... Thanks!
  15. Wakaebala

    Aki Basho weigh-in

    Thanks, Kinta! Do you have a detailed list with all rikishi's new data? (If I remember well, somebody shared all the numbers in May)