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  1. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Very nice win from Ikioi against Endo today, too! This looks like a promising basho - scandal aside. I also hope Onosho can catch a break, I really enjoy his spirit.
  2. Kyushu 2017 "Poster" (leaflet)

    I also think it's Harumafuji...
  3. Featured Rikishi - Ura

    Our favourite Mr. Dichne has some news about the pink monster!
  4. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I have a question for you guys... Can you tell me what is the lowest win record to win a yusho? Post WW2. 10-5? 9-6? Anybody? (still haven't figured out sumodb queries yet...)
  5. Rikishi Status Aki 2017 - Day 15 no changes

    Yes, I'm his fellow countryman, and I'm pretty sad about this bit of news... The worst thing is that I don't have any more knowledge about the reason of him going kyujo... After his first win of the basho... And on top of that, I couldn't watch any of his bouts as he was demoted to Sandanme... :( Does anybody have any news on him? Edit: Actually according to sumodb he didn't appear on his Day 7 bout against Obamaumi (how fun name - can you imagine Trumpamayama?). Why is the difference?
  6. Binya here

    Welcome, Binya! Hope you'll enjoy the wits and guts of this community! (Waiting for high resolution pics from the jungyo you will join to watch )
  7. Banzuke day pics Aki 2017

    Wow... I couldn't brake that code... Thanks!
  8. Aki Basho weigh-in

    Thanks, Kinta! Do you have a detailed list with all rikishi's new data? (If I remember well, somebody shared all the numbers in May)
  9. Banzuke day pics Aki 2017

    Yoshikaze does "8" with his fingers. Why is that?
  10. Kamusta (What's up?!) from Manila, Philippines!

    Welcome to the Forum, yutarotanaka! Here - I assure you - all your questions will be answered! :) Have fun!
  11. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    It was late, and I was mistaken. Hope you laughed well.... :( Do you know by any chance who's sitting behind Abdelrahman Alaa Eldin Mohamed Ahmed Shalan? I mean behind Osunaarashi?
  12. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    I can't recognise the guy behind Brody... Can anyone help, please? :)
  13. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Does anybody have any information about Kakuryu? I can't remember any posts about his well-being... Everything must be so silent around him. Is it?
  14. Kensho Nagoya 2017

    Yeah... poor, poor Hakuho... :D
  15. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Correct! It was pretty risky, but the yokozuna knew that he wanted the little guy's mawashi, so he got it.