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1 hour ago, Jakusotsu said:

Ichinoya turning 65? So that's the reason for Kintamayama's new avatar pic...

kanreki is 60

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2 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

kanreki is 60

Thanks for clarifying. I tried to check first but the sumodb had its own kanreki.

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On 23/06/2020 at 17:32, Akinomaki said:

Ever heard of JACSHA? 日本相撲聞芸術作曲家協議会 - Japan Association of Composers for Sumo Hearing Arts http://jacsha.com/ - pronounced jakusha, which as an ordinary word means weak and vulnerable persons 弱者

I noticed them today when they posted a video on their YT channel, shiko 四股1000. Shiko Ichinoya style, who taught them - on the right with the 3 members:

He, the heya manager, and Takasago-beya yobidashi Kunio took part singing and drumming in the JACSHA dohyo matsuri 3 years ago

Ex-Ichinoya and Kunio appear on Aug. 20th in the Miyazaki pref. arts centre and on the 21st in Miyakonojo, in "Let's Wa no oto - Japanese trad. music and sumo" wanooto_sumou-1.pdf, Ichinoya sings jinku, Kunio does yobiage, ki clapping and taiko. https://miyazaki-ac.jp/event/2022/7891/


message by Ichinoya youtube.com/watch?v=GerSMc-w6xs - by Kunio youtube.com/watch?v=JL2ovKQ2yy4

On 09/08/2020 at 15:22, Akinomaki said:

Ichinoya talks about the first Takasago Uragoro (Takamiyama), who created the present Takasago-beya and reorganized the sumo organization close to the present form. 

Nomura talked about the creation of a new sumo-mono 30min. shamisen folk-ballad about the 1st Takasago - the performance of the work by the Hokusai band will be posted later on YT.

Afterwards a new part of the folk ballad about the 1st Takasago is performed for the first time, Ichinoya is involved in creating the work. First he and the composer talk about it. A similar talk from Dec. 2020

Then the older ballad is performed, the promised video of the performance by the Hokusai band never appeared, from Dec. 2020 this one by Takezawa Etsuko, who also performs this time.

25 pages from the 2020 JACSHA forum about the opera Futabayama http://jacsha.com/jacshaforum2020.pdf

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ATARASHII GAKKO! (Atarashii Gakko no Leaders in Japan) is a girl group formed in 2015.  Their philosophy is to challenge the norms of Japanese society: "we strive to defy a narrow-minded society by embracing individuality and freedom." (Wikipedia)

They are managed by Victor Entertainment, a subsidiary of JVCKenwood.


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