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  1. Trivia bits

    I distinguished between east and west side as different ranks. Also, J14 wasn't really an option for Kyokutenho unless you take his punitive one-time-demotion into account.
  2. New recruits for Natsu 2018

    I always suspect Tatsunami to look like this if he'd ever give a full smile:
  3. Trivia bits

    I see only Tamakasuga with no holes in his Maegashira career card. The best I can find in Juryo is Kobo who only missed J2w, J8e, J11e, J13w. (The best in the 28-Juryo-era is Satoyama .)
  4. Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Fusae Ohta might want to disagree.
  5. Shimpan news and schedules

    That's the difference between "getting old" and "being old".
  6. Shimpan news and schedules

    You know you're getting old when you remember 73.9% of the shimpan when they were still active...
  7. New recruits for Haru 2017

    Old sumo world issues used to have his results. Otherwise I would not have known who he was. Probably featured in the "Behind The Curtain" column.
  8. Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    The only prize Hattorizakura could ever hope to achieve apart from the Morikawa-Memorial-Award - if only he hadn't missed one day already.
  9. Haru jungyo 2018

    Think I'm going to skip work today because of an acute raised-eyebrow fatigue.
  10. Rock bands...

    Lucky chance just let me verify that Mr. White is indeed the true heir of Jimmy Page:
  11. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    An angel's advocate would make you wonder if these penalties aren't issued for the act itself but for making it public.
  12. Can we save the 2nd League?

    And what *exactly* do you need to think about when you're not able to help?
  13. SB Masters Haru 2018 and World Championship

    Gah - those final three days in S4 really hurt!
  14. Should-have-been Y/O

    He's the first one to come to mind without thinking hard. Kaio will always be the Yokozuna of Hearts. (for me anyway - I know Mr. Gunning will probably disagree)
  15. Pre-match/bout routines of certain sumo wrestlers

    Anybody remember Mitoizumi?