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  1. YDC convenes

    You mean Harumafuji? No one blamed Harumafuji for Kisenosato's injury. However, it was the first of a catastrophic series of events that shocked the sumo world.
  2. YDC convenes

    The bad luck of Kisenosato is not that he got injured at his very first yokozuna basho. It is that he lives in the era of Hakuho the GOAT.
  3. YDC convenes

    Sure sure, aiming for yusho is not at all beyond his ability ...
  4. YDC convenes

    The dilemma is that they do not want him to retire ......
  5. YDC convenes

    which he is way beyond his ability
  6. YDC convenes

    Actually, what he meant was that Kise should not attend a basho as long as no one demand him to.
  7. YDC convenes

    The YDC does not want to push Kise into a bash and retire. If so, people will hold them responsible for Kise's premature retirement.
  8. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Heavy rikishies have huge advantage, which motivate them to eat as much as possible to get heavier and heavier, leading to various irreversible health problems. There must be a mechanism to make too heavy rikishies (eg. >130 kg) in disadvantage, or lighter rikishies in advantage. Otherwise the problem will never get solved.
  9. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Apparently overweight is the culprit. Sumo should has a mechanism to discourage rikishies from increasing their body weight too much, instead rikishies should be encouraged to increase speed and agility. Otherwise this body weight problem will never be solved.
  10. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    As long as the body weight is a critical factor in winning a sumo bout, sumo will never become a healthy sport. Maybe by making the dohyo larger, the speed and agility will become more important in winning a bout. Then the body weight will not be as important and the rikishies will no longer be as heavy as these days.
  11. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2018

    Ichinojo 8 wins, will he still be demoted to SW to make space for Mitake who will be challenging ozeki promotion?
  12. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    a few miliseconds earlier ...
  13. Kunroku Ōzeki

    So the average number of real ozeki (those never promoted to yokozuna) is only 9.1 wins per basho. If 9 wins is the minimum requirement for ozeki, more than half ozekies are at and below this minimum requirement thus can be called "mediocre ozeki" or "kunroku ozeki".
  14. Kunroku Ōzeki

    The minimum requirement for ozeki is 9 wins. That's why the famous saying "kunroku ozeki". Many ozeki barely maintain average 9 wins per basho, especially during their last 1-2 years' ozeki tenure. That's why I suggested 10 wins for clearing kadoban. Those that cannot consistently win 9 wins should be demoted.
  15. Kunroku Ōzeki

    Sure. However, below Ozeki a rikishi's banzuke is completely depending on his performance. But for ozeki and yokozuna, not necessarily. That's why we see so many mediocre ozeki and yokozuna. In addition, the current system makes the life of ozeki and yokozuna easy, but hard for those rank-and-files.