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    Started watching Sumo when Konishiki won his first Yusho (he was my favorite rikishi at the time) ...
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  1. Dapeng

    Recent NHK Hakuho retirement documentary

  2. Dapeng

    Recent NHK Hakuho retirement documentary

    I got the same problem when playing it on my laptop, but no problem when playing it on my Android cellphone.
  3. Dapeng

    Hakuho retires

    From now on, the NSK should make every new oyakata to sign the same document, otherwise it's outrageous discrimination and disrespect to the GOAT of sumo.
  4. Dapeng

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    With the current banzuke, Hakuho can easily win 14 or zensho. Both Haku and Teru have knee problems and Teru's won't last longer than Haku. If Haku determines to fight until his master's retirement, Teru may not be able to reach yusho number 10.
  5. Dapeng

    Miyagino beya out of Aki

    Hakuho has double insurances thus most unlikely to be infected.
  6. Dapeng

    Preparations of the Y/O- Aki 2021

    Sure. I have the similar feeling that he is not quite confident with himself. We don't know how severe was his neck injury but it's a dangerous one. Believe he had MRI. Hope his decision to enter the basho was based on his doctor's advice, not on his own or his master's.
  7. Dapeng

    Miyagino beya out of Aki

    For Hakuho It's not too bad to rest and heal for two more months, probably also for Enho. For that big juryo boy, it's a setback. Anyway, since all the NSK have been completely vaccinated, they don't need to be as nervous as before they were vaccinated.
  8. Dapeng

    Miyagino beya out of Aki

    He should be allowed to enter the basho. He had been infected and vaccinated, thus most unlikely to be infected again.
  9. Dapeng

    Corona and sumo

    We'll see if anyone else of Miyagino heya get infected. If more than one comes out infected, I'll seriously doubt the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing infection. Good news is that the Ichinojo is all by himself in his heya.
  10. Dapeng

    Corona and sumo

    Didn't find the data for Tokyo, but for the entire Japan, more than 112 million doses were injected, for 120 million entire Japan population.
  11. Dapeng

    Corona and sumo

    For a period of 1 month, 0.3% is still quite high. Since the recent infections are mostly by Delta that is more infectious, it's clear that the vaccine is less effective in preventing infection than against the old strain.
  12. Dapeng

    Corona and sumo

    For Tokyo, the total numbers of infection until now is about 347,000, out of total Tokyo population of 13.9 million. 2.48%
  13. Dapeng

    Corona and sumo

    Until today, there are 1.5 million got infected, about 1.25% of total Japan population.
  14. Dapeng

    Corona and sumo

    It's about 1 month since they completed vaccinations. If 2.8% are infected within a period of one month, it's no better than placeab in preventing infection. (Maybe effective in preventing severe cases and death)
  15. Dapeng

    Corona and sumo

    All rikishies are supposed to have completed their vaccinations, haven't they? Now two out of the 70 sekitories got the virus. What kind of vaccine they took? Not very effective.