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  1. Should-have-been Y/O

    Their records are surprisingly similar. But if Kise was also an ozeki, he could have done better than Teru and remained in makuuchi. Kise's ruptured pec muscle had healed only that the muscle's strength did not return back to pre-injury level. Teru's knee injury never healed. Kise may never regain his pre-injury strength, but if he can manage 9-10 wins every basho, he will be allowed to continue.
  2. Should-have-been Y/O

    In modern era, "two consecutive yusho" was never achieved by anyone below ozeki (Futabayama's first yusho at sekiwake, second at ozeki). Thus the de-facto rule of "two consecutive yusho" is a sufficient condition for promotion, but not a necessary condition. If an ozeki achieved two consecutive yusho, it means he has the strength of yokozuna (this ozeki is promotable). On the other hand, if a rikishi has yokozuna strength (he is also promotable), it does not mean that he had achieved two consecutive yusho.
  3. Should-have-been Y/O

    Better numbers than Kisenosato's pre-promotion 4-basho numbers (12-3, 10-5, 12-3, 14-1Y wins), however, you simply can't ask him to be as good as Hakuho to get promotion to yokozuna. Kise only won 27.1% of his bouts with Hakuho (16 wins out of 59) and 39.3% of bouts with Harumafuji (24 wins out of 61), but 63.3% of bouts with Kakuryu (31 wins out of 49). If not for the injury, he could make a better yokozuna than Kakuryu.
  4. Ex-Jūryō Oyakata

    The point is, had they trained any outstanding rikishi?
  5. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    If a rikishi can attend a basho and performs better than average, then he is supposed to be able to attend an exhibition? Isn't it common sense? If he really has some join problem, is it a sound reason for not attending an exhibition? Why they have to add the "PTSD" ?
  6. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    You are right. However, if he hadn't attended the March basho, or performed badly or couldn't finish the basho, I could believe that he had PTSD.
  7. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    In the last "Harumafuji scandal" thread that mysteriously disappeared, I half-joked that Takanohana could use "PTSD" as an excuse for Takanoiwa's kyujo from exhibition. I'm amused that he eventually used it My point is, Takanoiwa looked OK and performed better than average juryo in the March basho, although after a long kyujo because of an alleged injury. Now suddenly he is PTSD-ed. I don't think many people will buy it.
  8. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    He attended a basho and got a kachikoshi. I don't believe anyone with PTSD can possibly handle the stress of such a stressful combat sport as sumo. If he had something right now, it would be "PBSD" - post-basho stress disorder.
  9. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Takanoiwa got a kachikoshi in the March basho. Maybe he has some join problem, but the so called "PTSD" is apparently a wuso. Takanohana got demoted 5 rank for playing the Takanoiwa card, but now he is still playing it ......
  10. Rijikai elections results on hold

    I almost forget that today is April 1
  11. Should-have-been Y/O

    People may say that Kaio could have made an yokozuna, but if you check his career record, he never made two consecutive bashos with one yusho and another 13 wins or better. His best was a 13 wins yusho followed by a 12 wins. That is, he was near but never reached the "two consecutive yushos or equivalent" for yokozuna promotion. The golden standard for yokozuna promotion, i.e., two consecutive yushos, was never achieved by someone below ozeki, except Futabayama (maybe that's why only ozeki is eligible for promotion to yokozuna). As to the yusho equivalent, I think 14 wins can be considered as yusho equivalent but 13 wins , if not in playoff, can't be considered as yusho equivalent. As someone pointed out, more than 90% of 14-wins were yusho, but only ~50% of 13-wins were yusho.
  12. Takayoshitoshi scandal

    He is banned for May basho only, and will be able to attend the July basho.
  13. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    I know riji and fuku-riji are not permanent, if a riji is not reelected, he will not be appointed a corresponding job, and it's a demotion for sure (nothing to do with discipline). As to Takanohana's demotion, based on your explanation, it seems that the kyokai does not consider yakuin taigu iin as a rank but only a job-dependent taigu or benefit. Since Takanohana is not appointed a corresponding job, he automatically loses the yakuin taigu and is a plain iin (if not further demoted today by the riji-kai).
  14. Retirees-after Haru 2018

    Well, I was in middle school in China and didn't know where America was, but I did know "sumo 相撲 " : the same two kanji that means "wrestling" in ancient China.
  15. Takanohana pics overview March 2018

    The day is getting warm and warm so he does not need the scarf anymore.