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  1. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 11: Top 10 Oracle Projection: 1. Sakura 557 2. Mmikasazuma 555 2. pandaazuma 555 4. Frinkanohana 554 4. Ganzohnesushi 554 4. Hakase 554 7. Choshu-yuki 553 8. Asashosakari 552 8. chishafuwaku 552 8. Gansekiiwa 552 Kyushu Masters: Pandaazuma lost more than 12 points today, and is no longer in the driver's seat for Kyushu Basho. There are currently five players poised for a 50+ points basho . 1. Ganzohnesushi 70.18 (leads in Norizo Cup; co-leads in Bench Sumo) 2. Pandaazuma 65.10 (2nd in Juryo Game; tied for 2nd in Oracle; 3rd in Odd Sumo and UDH) 3. Konosato 56.00 (leads in Hoshitori Game, Sumo Game, and UDH) 4. chishafuwaku 52.77 (leads in Odd Sumo; jun-yusho in GTB; 3rd in Juryo Game) 5. ScreechingOwl 51.30 (leads in Toto; 2nd in Tippspiel) 6. Taka 44.75 (leads in RotoSumo; 2nd in ISP; shared jun-yusho in Chaingang) 7. Norizo 43.33 (leads in Quad; 2nd in Hoshitori Game and RotoSumo) 8. Kotononami 39.41 (2nd in Norizo Cup; 3rd in SCS) 9. DeRosa 37.83 (leads in Paper Oyakata; 2nd in Ozumo Bingo) 10. Ketsukai 35.77 (leads in Ozumo Bingo; shared jun-yusho in Chaingang) World Championship: Last year, Pandaazuma missed the 300 points mark in the waning days of the gaming year. This year, the same thing could happen again, albeit with the 400 points mark. After Day 11, he dipped below that magical mark (397.38), but he has bounced back from similar predicaments before. Haidouzo (214.87) calmly cruises into 2nd place, as it seems. Current Kyushu Masters leader Ganzohnesushi (196.10) closes in on the 200 points mark again. Norizo (184.94) remains fourth in front of chishafuwaku (179.21). The second tier is now led by Gonzaburow (159.96) with a narrow leading margin over Andoreasu (157.63) and Kotononami (156.93). Yesterday's power player DeRosa suffered a painful loss of almost 18 points to drop from sixth to ninth (150.91), closely followed by Taka in tenth (149.22) and Golynohana in 11th (148.92). Konosato (143.81) and ScreechingOwl (143.05) are still in contention (in fact, Konosato only moved into contention today by suddenly taking the lead in three games). Short info: tomorrow I will have no time in the evening, so I will only report abridged (and probably incomplete) info about Day 12 in the (European) afternoon. From Friday onwards, business should be back to usual.
  2. Randomitsuki

    Invitation. Makushita Game. Kyushu. Please.

    Standings after Day 10: This looks like a battle between brand-new Yokozuna Andoreasu and Ozeki Flohru who are now tied for the lead. Itachi and former Yokozuna kuroimori are dark horses in the yusho race, trailing by a full point. All other players are very unlikely to feature in the yusho decision. The KK currently runs between Asapedroryu and Kitanoyama, hence Ozeki Asashosakari needs a strong finish to avoid kadoban. Sansho standings (currently swept by kuroimori): Shukun-sho: kuroimori (for picking Terunofuji, Tsushimanada, Asabenkei, and Ryusei) Kanto-sho: kuroimori (48 wins) Gino-sho: kuroimori (12.80 points; e.g. 4 points for Ryusei, 3 points for Chiyootori, and 2 points for Bushozan)
  3. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 10: Salarycap Sumo Top 10: 1. Asapedroryu 954 2. GONZABUROW 924 2. Haidouzo 924 2. Tsuchinoninjin 924 5. Kotononami 909 6. Golynohana 906 6. ScreechingOwl 906 8. Gansekiiwa 900 9. Kitakachiyama 894 10. DeRosa 882 Oracle Top 10 Projection: 1. pandaazuma 562 1. Sakura 562 3. Choshu-yuki 561 3. Ganzohnesushi 561 5. chishafuwaku 559 5. Gansekiiwa 559 7. Asashosakari 558 7. Kishikaisei 558 9. DeRosa 557 9. Frinkanohana 557 9. Golynohana 557 9. Mmikasazuma 557 9. Tsuchinoninjin 557 Kyushu Masters: 1. Pandaazuma 77.45 (leads in Juryo Game and UDH; co-leads in Oracle; tied for 2nd in Toto; 3rd in Odd Sumo) 2. Ganzohnesushi 65.96 (co-leads in Bench Sumo; 3rd in Paper Oyakata) 3. DeRosa 55.60 (leads in Paper Oyakata, Norizo Cup, and OBG) 4. chishafuwaku 53.56 (leads in Odd Sumo; jun-yusho in GTB) 5. ScreechingOwl 51.70 (leads in Quad and Toto; 2nd in Tippspiel) 6. Konosato 46.00 (leads in Hoshitori Game; 2nd in UDH; tied for 2nd in TTT) 7. Norizo 41.63 (leads in RotoSumo; 2nd in Hoshitori Game and Quad) 8. Taka 37.11 (2nd in RotoSumo; jun-yusho tie in Chaingang; tied for 2nd in ISP) 9. Susanoo 37.04 (2nd in OBG) 10. Kotononami 33.08 (tied for 2nd in Toto) World Championship: This was a slow news day, in a way. Only one Top 10 contestant had a change of more than 10 points today, and that was DeRosa (in the upward direction) after grabbing the lead in all three Japanese games. Pandaazuma (409.73) was staying stable. Haidouzo's slow 4-day upward trend was bucked today, but at 212.98 he is still the main contender for 2nd place in the World Championship. Ganzohnesushi (191.88) dipped a bit, but remains in 3rd place. Norizo (183.24) improved in sufficient fashion to overtake chishafuwaku (180.00) for 4th place. The second half of the Top 10 are currently led by DeRosa (168.68) in front of Gonzaburow (163.96). Not far behind, Andoreasu (157.91) stole eighth place from Golynohana (154.20) who finally ended his streak of synchronized gaming with Gonzaburow. The Top 10 are rounded out by Kotononami (150.60). ScreechingOwl (143.45) and Taka (141.58) may still have a shot at the Top 10.
  4. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 9: Top 10 Oracle: 1. pandaazuma 569 2. Sakura 567 3. Choshu-yuki 565 4. Gansekiiwa 564 5. Golynohana 563 5. Tsuchinoninjin 563 7. Asashosakari 562 7. chishafuwaku 562 7. Frinkanohana 562 7. Ganzohnesushi 562 7. Ryoshishokunin 562 Kyushu Masters: All sumo gamers know that feeling. The basho starts splendidly, but at some time during the tournament things slowly begin to fall apart. Somehow one starts to suck in daily gaming, and while the pre-basho games had such a wonderful start, there is a slow, but steady decline. Over the last two days, things must have felt that way for Pandaazuma - he didn't know how to respond to all that unpredictable stuff in the daily scene, and while he dominated pre-basho gaming, he slowly moved down in all of them. Yay, mid-basho blues... So how can you turn around these things? More effort in daily games? Well, the Panda invented a new strategy, and that is simply improving one's standings in pre-basho games. You might retort that there is no way to deliberately improve your standings in pre-basho games during the basho - but for whatever reasons Pandaazuma can do this with a snip of his fingers. Early on, he was leading in Juryo Game and Oracle, for example. But a couple of shoddy days, and he found himself dropping to a four-way tie for 3rd in Juryo Game, and he even slipped down that slippery road of Oracle mediocrity down to 5th place. And his response? Simply getting back into the lead in both games! It's as simple as defying gravity! And so, the hope for mortal players to capitalize on the Panda's mini slump lasted for an entire day... 1. Pandaazuma 76.86 (leads in Juryo Game, Oracle, and UDH; 3rd in Odd Sumo) 2. Ganzohnesushi 72.12 (co-leads in Bench Sumo; 3rd in RotoSumo) 3. chishafuwaku 56.88 (leads in Odd Sumo; jun-yusho in GTB; tied for 2nd in Juryo Game) 4. ScreechingOwl 44.58 (leads in Quad and Toto; 2nd in Tippspiel) 5. DeRosa 44.50 (leads in Norizo Cup and Sumo Game) 6. Susanoo 44.32 (leads in OBG; 3rd in Hoshitori Game) 7. Taka 41.88 (2nd in RotoSumo; tied jun-yusho in Chaingang) 8. Konosato 38.25 (2nd in Hoshitori Game; tied for 2nd in TTT; 3rd in UDH) 9. Norizo 36.38 (leads in RotoSumo; 2nd in Quad) 10. Tsuchinoninjin 35.50 (leads in Hoshitori Game; 2nd in SCS) World Championship Standings: The Panda (309.14) added another 25 points to his tally as if this were nothing, and continues to astound an awestruck audience. Haidouzo (218.95) is improving his score ever so slightly. Ganzohnesushi (198.04) dipped below the 200 mark, but remains in 3rd place. chishafuwaku (183.32) continued to dance the 200 points limbo: ever since Day 3, he was above 200 on even days, and below on odd days. However, today he took quite a dive (-18 points) and has to stretch in order to stay in pattern for tomorrow. Norizo (177.99) stays firmly in fifth place. The GoGo duet of Gonzaburow (163.46) and Golynohana (162.55) continue to march in perfect synchrony - ever since day 4 they were separated by less than five points. DeRosa (157.58) defends eighth place in front of Andoreasu (154.16). Taka (146.35) added about seven points today, thus overtaking Kotononami (143.13) who lost about eight points today for the final spot among the Top 10. Currently uncharted Susanoo (142.77) and ScreechingOwl (136.33) are absolutely in contention for the Top 10 as well.
  5. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 8: Oracle Top 10: 1. chishafuwaku 572 2. Sakura 570 3. Gansekiiwa 569 3. Ganzohnesushi 569 5. pandaazuma 568 6. Choshu-yuki 567 6. Golynohana 567 6. Tsuchinoninjin 567 9. Kishikaisei 565 10. Frinkanohana 564 10. Gurowake 564 Kyushu Masters: Pandaazuma has lost his mojo, at least for now. In contrast, Ganzohnesushi rebounded extremely well today, taking over the lead in the race for the Green Mawashi. 1. Ganzohnesushi 81.50 (co-leads in POG and Bench; tied for 2nd in Norizo Cup and OBG) 2. chishafuwaku 75.55 (leads in Juryo Game, Oracle, and Odd Sumo; jun-yusho in GTB) 3. Pandaazuma 51.85 (leads in UDH; 3rd in Odd Sumo) 4. DeRosa 43.00 (leads in Sumo Game; tied for 2nd in Norizo Cup) 5. ScreechingOwl 40.64 (leads in Toto; tied for 2nd in Tippspiel and Quad) 6. Kobashi 39.28 (leads in Quad; finished 3rd in GTB) 7. Susanoo 37.80 (co-leads in Bench; tied for 2nd in OBG; 3rd in Hoshitori Game) 8. Taka 35.05 (leads in RotoSumo; tied for 2nd in Chaingang) 9. Gansekiiwa 35.00 (leads in TTT; tied for 2nd in SCS) 10. Ketsukai 34.50 (leads in OBG; tied for 2nd in Chaingang) World Championship Standings: The Panda (384.13) is in a slump, and it will be interesting to see if and how he gets out of it. 400 points are still within reach for someone of his caliber, of course. Haidouzo in 2nd (216.91) has been quite stable over the last few days. Ganzohnesushi's sudden surge has led him to 207.42 and into 3rd place. chishafuwaku also recovered and straddled the 200 points line, but dropped to 4th place for now (201.99). Norizo (173.11) remains safely in 5th place though his score has steadily declined over the last few days. From there on, it stays murky. Golynohana (160.07) has a tiny leading margin over Gonzaburow (159.96), and DeRosa (156.08) and Andoreasu (155.22) are very close behind. Kotononami (151.70) has recovered quite nicely and sits in 10th place.
  6. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 7: I have decided to post the (interim) graph though UDH results for Day 7 aren't in. But hey, it's weekend, and we sumo game retirees (like Tamanaogijma) deserve some rest, if we so desire. As these standings are not entirely accurate, I will refrain from lengthy comments. Oracle Top 10: 1. pandaazuma 584 2. Gansekiiwa 583 3. Golynohana 582 4. Choshu-yuki 580 4. Kishikaisei 580 4. Sakura 580 7. chishafuwaku 579 7. Frinkanohana 579 9. ScreechingOwl 578 10. Gurowake 577 10. Ryoshishokunin 577 10. Wamahada 577 Kyushu Masters: 1. Pandaazuma 76.86 (leads in Oracle , Toto, and UDH; 3rd in Odd Sumo) 2. chishafuwaku 66.86 (leads in Juryo Game and Odd Sumo; jun-yusho in GTB and 2nd in UDH) 3. ScreechingOwl 43.31 (tied for 2nd in Tippspiel and Toto) 4. Gansekiiwa 40.00 (leads in TTT; 2nd in Oracle; 3rd in Salarycap Sumo) 5. Ganzohnesushi 39.61 6. Ketsukai 38.29 (leads in Chaingang and OBG) 7. Taka 37.67 (tied for 2nd in RotoSumo) 8. Susanoo 37.08 (2nd in OBG) 9. Norizo 32.21 (leads in Quad) 10. Golynohana 31.45 (3rd in Oracle) World Championship Standings: Notable gains today by Golynohana (close to 15 points), Ganzohnesushi (more than 13 points), and DeRosa (almost 20 points). Tough days for chishafuwaku (more than 10 points) and Kobashi (more than 25 points!)
  7. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 6: Salarycap Sumo Top 10: 1. Haidouzo 591 2. Asapedroryu 549 2. ScreechingOwl 549 4. Tsuchinoninjin 540 5. Chelseayama 534 6. Kotononami 531 7. Gansekiiwa 528 8. Kishikaisei 525 9. Golynohana 522 9. GONZABUROW 522 Oracle Top 10: 1. Wamahada 579.5 2. pandaazuma 578.5 3. Frinkanohana 577.5 3. Sakura 577.5 5. Gansekiiwa 576.5 5. Golynohana 576.5 5. Ryoshishokunin 576.5 8. Choshu-yuki 575.5 9. chishafuwaku 574.5 9. Kishikaisei 574.5 Kyushu Masters: Wow, quite a race for the Green Mawashi right now! 1. Pandaazuma 79.11 (leads in Toto and UDH; 2nd in Oracle, 3rd in Hoshitori Game and Odd Sumo) 2. chishafuwaku 77.91 (leads in Juryo Game and Odd Sumo; co-lead in ISP; jun-yusho in GTB; 2nd in UDH) 3. Kobashi 54.69 (leads in Quad and co-leads in ISP; 2nd in Toto; 3rd place in GTB) 4. ScreechingOwl 50.61 (2nd in Tippspiel; tied for 2nd in Salarycap Sumo and Sumo Game) 5. Norizo 35.34 (2nd in RotoSumo) 6. Athenayama 32.00 (leads in Tippspiel) 7. Jakusotsu 31.89 (leads in Chaingang) 8. Taka 30.88 (3rd in RotoSumo) 9. Konosato 27.32 (leads in TTT) 10. Oskahanada 26.30 World Championship: Pandaazuma (411.39) lost some ground, but stays firmly above the 400 points mark. Haidouzo (207.37) in 2nd gets some heat from chishafuwaku (204.25) in third. Norizo (4th, 176.95) is in no-man's land. Five players are battling for the final spot in the first tier of the Top 10: Gonzaburow (155.46), Andoreasu (153.91), Ganzohnesushi (152.21, losing about 16 points today), Kobashi (152.13, winning about 16 points today), and Golynohana (150.95, losing about 12 points today). ScreechingOwl (142.36) rounds out the Top 10. Very tough day for Kotononami who lost more than 30 points...
  8. Randomitsuki

    Invitation. Makushita Game. Kyushu. Please.

    Standings after Day 6: shin-Yokozuna Andoreasu is off to a brilliant start and leads since Day 1. At the moment, he has only three notable pursuers: Ozeki Flohru, as well as Itachi and kuroimori. The KK line currently runs between Athenayama and Asapedroryu. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Ketsukai (for picking Shiba) Kanto-sho: kuroimori, Ganzohnesushi (30 wins) Gino-sho: Ketsukai (with a lowly 7.66 points; again, mostly due to being the only player to pick Shiba for 3.00 points)
  9. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 5: Salarycap Sumo Top 10: 1. Kotononami 495 2. Tsuchinoninjin 489 3. Golynohana 480 4. Gansekiiwa 474 4. Haidouzo 474 4. ScreechingOwl 474 7. GONZABUROW 471 8. Athenayama 465 9. Kishikaisei 459 10. Asapedroryu 456 Oracle Top 10: 1. Wamahada 588 2. pandaazuma 583 3. Choshu-yuki 581 4. Frinkanohana 580 4. Gansekiiwa 580 6. Golynohana 579 6. Kishikaisei 579 6. Sakura 579 6. Tsuchinoninjin 579 10. chishafuwaku 578 10. Ryoshishokunin 578 Kyushu Masters Top 10: 1. Pandaazuma 94.19 (leads in Toto and UDH; 2nd in Juryo Game, Oracle, and - tied - in Hoshitori Game) 2. chishafuwaku 67.80 (leads in Juryo Game; jun-yusho in GTB; 2nd in Odd Sumo; 3rd in UDH) 3. Kotononami 52.08 (leads in Salarycap Sumo; 3rd in Odd Sumo) 4. Norizo 42.90 (leads in RotoSumo; tied for 2nd in Hoshitori Game) 5. Ganzohnesushi 42.16 (co-leads in Bench Sumo) 6. reeeen 42.00 (leads in Paper Oyakata and Odd Sumo; 2nd in Norizo Cup) 7. Kobashi 38.72 (tied for 2nd in Toto; finished 3rd in GTB) 8. Tsuchinoninjin 34.50 (leads in Hoshitori Game; 2nd in Salarycap Sumo) 9. Taka 33.23 (2nd in RotoSumo) 10. ScreechingOwl 32.93 (leads in Quad) World Championship Standings: Yesterday, I asked whether the Panda (426.47) will ultimately have twice as many points as his closest pursuer. Of course, the question turned out to be purely rhetorical. There is a concept of regression to the middle, but for whatever reason this doesn't seem to apply to him anymore. It's simply incredible! Regression to the middle applied to many other top dogs today, however. Haidouzo (202.45) managed to stay above the 200 points mark while chishafuwaku in 3rd dropped below that mark (194.24). Norizo (184.51) remains in fourth while an ever-improving Kotononami (169.60) overtook Ganzohnesushi (168.08) to take fifth place. Golynohana (162.92) battles with Gonzaburow (158.02) for seventh place while Andoreasu in 9th (148.39) enjoys both some upward and downward margin. 10th place is hotly contested among Taka (137.70), Kobashi (136.16), and DeRosa (135.40). Gansekiiwa and Asashosakari were close to the coveted places yesterday, but experienced quite some downturns today and need some extra boost to get back into contention.
  10. Randomitsuki

    Games Talk Kyushu 2019

    I also include kyujo rikishi as they are a very decisive factor in the outcome of the game. However, only today I realized that I had missed the one kyujo in Juryo from Day 2, so this might be the reason why our standings weren't always identical.
  11. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 4: Salarycap Sumo Top 10: 1. Athenayama 414 1. Tsuchinoninjin 414 3. Haidouzo 408 4. Golynohana 405 4. Kotononami 405 4. ScreechingOwl 405 7. Gansekiiwa 396 7. Kitakachiyama 396 9. Hakase 387 10. GONZABUROW 384 Oracle Top 10 Projection: 1. pandaazuma 598 2. Gansekiiwa 596 3. Frinkanohana 595 3. Wamahada 595 5. Golynohana 594 6. Sakura 593 7. Bill 592 7. Choshu-.yuki 592 7. Kishikaisei 592 10. Gurowake 591 10. Ryoshishokunin 591 Kyushu Masters: 1. Pandaazuma 90.15 (leads in Oracle, Toto, and UDH; 2nd in Juryo Game) 2. chishafuwaku 78.99 (leads in Hoshitori Game, Juryo Game, and Odd Sumo; jun-yusho in GTB) 3. Ganzohnesushi 51.11 (co-lead in Bench Sumo) 4. Kotononami 43.58 (leads in Norizo Cup; 2nd in Hoshitori Game; 3rd in Odd Sumo) 5. Norizo 42.24 (leads in RotoSumo) 6. Gansekiiwa 38.62 (leads in TTT; 2nd in Oracle) 7. Athenayama 37.20 (co-leads in Salarycap Sumo) 8. reeeen 36.12 (leads in Paper Oyakata; 2nd in Odd Sumo) 9. Kobashi 35.39 (finished 3rd in GTB) 10. Asashosakari 33.35 (2nd in UDH) World Championship Race: Pandaazuma (422.43) continues his total domination. Will he finish with twice as many points as the runner-up in the World Championship? Haidouzo (214.04) still sits quite firmly in 2nd place. But with a monumental surge today, chishafuwaku almost added 50 points to his tally on a single day, also crossing the 200 points mark (205.43, to be precise). Incredible stuff! Norizo (183.85) improved a bit, but dropped down to 4th place. Even worse, for him, another giant leap today was taken by Ganzohneushi (177.03) who catapulted himself into the first tier of SB Web page mugshots. Currently, there is a battle for 6th place, involving Golynohana (162.53, more than 15+ for today), Kotononami (161.10, gaining more than 20 points), and Gonzaburow (160.49). The Top 10 are rounded out by Andoreasu (149.23) and Asashosakari (136.77). Other players with a shot at a final position among the Top 10 are Kobashi (132.83), Gansekiiwa (132.75), DeRosa (132.20), Taka (130.37), and Nantonoyama (128.11).
  12. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 3: SCS results are on display on Golynohana's site, so no need to rehash them here. Oracle Projections: 1. Frinkanohana 612 2. pandaazuma 611 3. Ryoshishokunin 610 3. Wamahada 610 5. Gansekiiwa 608 6. Sakura 607 7. Choshu-yuki 605 7. Haidouzo 605 7. Kishikaisei 605 10. Bill 604 Kyushu Masters: 1. Pandaazuma 80.92 (leads in Toto and UDH; 2nd in Oracle; 3rd in OBG) 2. Athenayama 59.65 (2nd in Hoshitori and Salarycap Sumo; tied for second in Tippspiel and RotoSumo) 3. reeeen 46.50 (leads in Odd Sumo and Quad; tied for 2nd in Norizo Cup) 4. Asashosakari 42.97 (tied for 2nd in Tippspiel) 5. Frinkanohana 40.50 (leads in Oracle and OBG) 6. Norizo 40.48 (leads in RotoSumo; tied for 2nd in Norizo Cup) 7. Gansekiiwa 35.27 (3rd in Odd Sumo) 8. ScreechingOwl 32.08 (leads in TTT) 9. chishafuwaku 31.74 (2nd in GTB) 10. Taka 31.31 (2nd in UDH; tied for 2nd in RotoSumo). World Championship Standings: Nice upward movements for many top players, but not for Pandaazuma (413.20, who dropped some leads, but achieved some new leads to stay safely above 400 points). Haidouzo (214.45) straddled the 200 points mark again, solidifying his lead over Norizo (182.09) and Gonzaburow (171.54). chishafuwaku (158.18) kept his pursuers at bay in 5th. The second tier of player mugshots on the results page is currently led by Ganzohnesushi (149.68) in 6th. Golynohana (7th, 147.37), Asashosakari (8th, 146.39), Andoreasu (9th, 143.09), and Kotononami (10th, 139.95) aren't that far behind. The rest of the top 100 points club consists of Taka (11th, 135.78), Gansekiiwa (12th, 129.40), Nantonoyama (13th, 128.15), DeRosa (14th, 127.21), Kobashi (15th, 124.22), ScreechingOwl (16th, 123.83), Frinkanohana (17th, 106.46), Susanoo (18th, 105.78), Gurowake (19th, 103.78), and Athenayama (20th, 102.44).
  13. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    The projection is based on the simple (not perfectly correct, but relatively correct) assumption that all rikishi will win 50% of their remaining bouts. According to this projections, your final score would be 585 points (which converts to 37th in my standings).
  14. Randomitsuki

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    Day 2: SCS Standings: 1. Tsuchinoninjin 204 2. ScreechingOwl 195 3. Athenayama 186 4. Kishikaisei 183 5. Kotononami 180 6. Kitakachiyama 174 7. Haidouzo 168 7. Holleshoryu 168 9. Hakase 165 10. DeRosa 162 10. Gansekiiwa 162 Oracle Projections: 1. Sakura 621 2. Gansekiiwa 619 2. pandaazuma 619 2. Wamahada 619 5. Frinkanohana 618 5. Kishikaisei 618 5. Ryoshishokunin 618 8. Golynohana 615 9. Tsuchinoninjin 614 10. Choshu-yuki 613 10. Haidouzo 613 10. Mmikasazuma 613 The Kyushu Masters have taken their usual turn. But see for yourself... 1. Pandaazuma 90.83(!) (leads in OBG and UDH, co-lead in Paper Oyakata, tied for 2nd in Oracle) 2. ScreechingOwl 48.80 (lead in Tippspiel, 2nd in Salarycap Sumo) 3. reeeen 41.89 (lead in Odd Sumo, co-leads in Paper Oyakata and Quad) 4. Gansekiiwa 41.36 (co-lead in TTT, tied for 2nd in Oracle, 3rd in Odd Sumo) 5. Tsuchinoninjin 38.46 (lead in Salarycap Sumo, 2nd in Hoshitori) 6. Kobashi 37.58 (co-lead in Quad, 3rd in GTB) 7. Athenayama 36.58 (tied for 2nd in RotoSumo, 3rd in Salarycap Sumo) 8. Asashosakari 34.23 (leads in Juryo Game) 9. Chelseayama 34.17 (leads in RotoSumo, 3rd in UDH) 10. Norizo 29.76 Of course, no graph is big enough to capture that Panda from Outer Space. I had to set the limit of the graph to 350 points (which, do not forget, actually means 450 points for the Panda)... Pandaazuma (423.11) has eclipsed his ambitious goal of reaching 400 points with frightening ease. Next year he will probably aim for 500 points. Haidouzo (199.25) dipped below the 200 points mark. Norizo (171.37) in 3rd and Gonzaburow (159.88) in 4th have stabilized a bit. chishafuwaku (148.99) again defends 5th place with a nice upward movement. Apart from the Peerless Panda, Kotononami (147.17) was one of today's winners, jumping into 6th place. 7th to 12th place are separated by 4.5 points, and feature Andoreasu (7th, 142.15), ScreechingOwl (8th, 140.55), DeRosa (9th, 140.11), Golynohana (10th, 139.64), Ganzohnesushi (11th, 139.19), and Asashosakari (12th, 137.65).
  15. Hi there, one of my favorite silly pet projects is to visualize how sumo gamers fare in Kyushu Basho, originally with the intent to show how fickle and hard-contested the fight for the Sumo Gaming World Championship can be. Of course, this all has changed with Pandaazuma. In recent years, he played in a league of his own, but this is no longer the case, as in 2019 he is playing in an entirely different dimension, thus making the question of who will become Sumo Game World Champion moot. In fact, I have already ordered trophies for Pandaazuma for the years 2019 through 2025 (which, of course, is a lie; but I have a feeling that I could order them right here and right now). In any case, this will not detract me from visualizing how the other best sumo gamers in the world fared, and to put this into a visualization that will be updated each day. Unfortunately, any visualization that pictures Pandaazuma will make comparisons of the scores of other players an exercise in having great eyesight, as their internal differences must be captured within a few pixels. In order to be able to discern the trajectories of the mere mortals among players, the visualization below will represent Pandaazuma's score minus 100 points! Of course, even then he would lead by a mile. It's beyond laughable, but what can you do... Anyway, here are the standings for Day 1 (Day 2 will come in much later today, if not tomorrow). For each day, I will compute the standings in the various games and add them to the overall Sumo Gaming World Championship tally (which can be seen here). On each day of the basho (hopefully), I will provide you with the estimated Top 10 Sekitori Oracle standings (as the standings on the Web page are relatively uninformative until the last few days of the basho), the Top 10 positions for the Kyushu Masters, and a visualization of the top players in total. So here we go with Day 1: Oracle Estimated Final Standings: 1. Sakura 644 2. Ryoshishokunin 639 2. Frinkanohana 639 2. Gansekiiwa 639 5. Kishikaisei 636 5. pandaazuma 636 7. Gurowake 635 8. Haidouzo 634 8. Tsuchinoninjin 634 8. Mmikasazuma 634 Standings for the Kyushu Masters: 1. Athenayama 60.98 (lead in OBG, co-lead in RotoSumo, 2nd in Hoshitori Game) 2. ScreechingOwl 49.63 (2nd in Salarycap Sumo) 3. Taka 39.56 (co-lead in RotoSumo) 4. Tsuchinoninjin 37.05 (lead in Odd Sumo and Salarycap Sumo) 5. Pandaazuma 34.80 (co-lead in Juryo Game) 6. Gansekiiwa 33.98 (2nd in Odd Sumo, tied for 2nd in Oracle) 7. Norizo 32.32 (lead in Hoshitori Game) 8. Hironoumi 28.58 (3rd in Hoshitori Game and RotoSumo) 9. Takanorappa 28.56 (lead in Toto) 10. Frinkanohana 28.28 (co-lead in TTT, tied for 2nd in Oracle) And here is da graph: The question of who becomes first or second seems settled. Norizo jumped into 3rd place, overtaking Gonzaburow. chishafuwaku defended 5th place for now, but Taka is off to a brilliant start, moving from 12th to 6th overall. 7th to 10th are covered by ScreechingOwl (who was even outside of the 100 points club featured here, but catapulted himself into the standings), Ganzohnesushi (OK'ish start), Andoreasu (meh start, dropping from 7th), and Golynohana (also lackluster, dropping from 8th place).