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  1. SB Masters Natsu 2018 and World Championship Update

    Due to the very late mono-ii, the Natsu Masters results and the World Championship numbers were slightly off. The biggest change in terms of news is that Ganzohnesushi lost the Masters kanto-sho. The Fighting Spirit Prize now goes to Taka (his 3rd overall).
  2. Last Movie Seen: American Made (5/10)

  3. Last Movie Seen: Beasts of No Nation (7/10)

  4. SB Masters Natsu 2018 and World Championship Update

    Thanks for notifying me. As this part of the Web page is generated automatically, I won't notice these details. Should be corrected now.
  5. Ladies and gentleplayers, the Natsu 2018 SB Masters Series results are online. The Natsu 2018 Masters Series ended with the fourth career Green Mawashi of ScreechingOwl. The gaming gentleman won the yusho in Ozumo Bingo, got the sole jun-yusho in RotoSumo, as well as shared jun-yusho in Fantasy Sumo, Bench Sumo, and Sumo Game for a strong 59.43 points finish.Pandaazuma got the shukun-sho for yushoing in Juryo Game and Sekitori Oracle. It's his seventh Outstanding Performance prize already, setting a new record number.Gaming veteran Gaijingai gets his first career gino-sho for exhibiting prowess in daily games (double digits in ISP, shared jun-yusho in Bench Sumo) as well as in pre-basho games (RotoSumo yusho plus 5 points in Juryo Game).The kanto-sho goes to Ganzohnesushi (his third Fighting Spirit Prize). He managed (mostly low) scores in no less than eight different games. That's even more than ScreechingOwl had!Congratulations to all the winners! Also updated were the standings of the Sumo Gaming World Championship 2018. To the surprise of no one, Pandaazuma further extended his incredible leading margin over the mere mortals behind him. At half-time for the year, Susanoo already has a magnificent triple-digit score, but he already trails the Panda by a solid Green Mawashi score distance. All bow to His Pandness whose sumo-related prowess makes Hakuho look like a choirboy.
  6. Makushita Game Natsu 2018

    Erm. Sorry for my lack of recruting, reporting, and whatnot. Still, we had a Makushita Game basho which came to an end today. And the winner is: Ozeki Flohru! Congratulations to that, and good luck for the impending tsunatori! Unfortunately, I did not look at the standings, final opponents, and stuff, but from the points distribution on the results page it must have been a really cool come-from-behind yusho! Well, probably not so cool for Ozeki Andoreasu, for Pepoetse, and for Kitanoyama who lost points on senshuraku and receive the jun-yusho honors. Yokozuna kuroimori followed up on his March make-koshi with a 9-6 record. So he is definitely in the clear again. All Ozeki finished with KK, and will have a stress-free July. There must have been some big surprises in Makushita, as the scoring average (5.58 points) was quite terrible. To find out your win-loss record, add two wins to your WP score and round down in case you end up with a non-integer number. The sansho: Wow, we got a sweep here! Pepoetse gets all three sansho. He is awarded with the shukun-sho for picking Kiribarayama (like three other eligible players did) and Gokushindo. He had the most wins among eligible players (56) and achieved a KK with the most "outlandish" picks for 18.31 points. His main point getters were Gokushindo, Takakento (3.00 points each), and Kotokamatani (2.00 points). Congrats, and thank you for playing! I hope you'll return in July!
  7. Last Movie Seen: The Prince of Egypt (4/10)

  8. Last Movie Seen: The Big Sick (4/10)

  9. Last Movie Seen: Wonder Woman (5/10)

  10. Last Movie Seen: The Wind That Shakes the Barley (6/10)

  11. Last Movie Seen: Irreversible (8/10)

  12. Last Movie Seen: Alien: Covenant (6/10)

  13. Last Movie Seen: A Monster Calls (6/10)

  14. Natsu 2018 Superbanzuke Ranking

    The site has been updated. Many of the news items above still hold. Some do not (Jejima did not make it past 3000; hagekoh missed out on a sekitori promotion). And there's at least one new item (Jakusotsu returning to a career high M4). @andonishiki: Your points record was 3458 already (Hatsu 2017).
  15. Natsu 2018 Superbanzuke Ranking

    I was just notified that Susanoo published the Norizo Cup banzuke in an earlier Forum thread. Drats! I will update the rankings as soon as possible I feel inclined to do it...