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  1. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Aki 2020

    Hiya, now that Paper Oyakata Game has put up its banzuke online, I can proudly present the newest and latest edition of the Superbanzuke Ranking for Aki 2020. The links on the Superbanzuke entry page have also been updated. Happy gaming to you!
  2. Randomitsuki

    Happy Birthday, Pandaazuma!

    Happy birthday, Simon! Enjoy the next decade, and all the best for the games. Btw, I have finally ordered the trophy for 2019 and it will soon be on its way to Japan.
  3. Randomitsuki

    Invitation Makushita Game Aki 2020

    Hullo! Please consider playing Makushita Game for Aki Basho 2020. Some say it is as easy as pie, but then again what's so easy about pie? Try and find out! On Saturday, lower division absences are announced. You can enter your picks until midnight from Saturday to Sunday JST.
  4. Randomitsuki

    GTB Aki 2020- 121 entries - and RESULTS!!

    You would have, but as you wrote "spellling" with three L's your wish cannot be granted.
  5. Randomitsuki

    21-21: Rule or No Rule?

    There is only one rule in sumo: Never say never again
  6. Randomitsuki

    Do you eat eggs for breakfast?

    There was a 1990s documentary about rural life in Bavaria which carried the unforgettable title „The egg is a sh*tted godsend“ (the German title was highly alliterative and sounded much better - Das Ei ist eine geschissene Gottesgabe. That nicely wraps my adoration for eggs. Though I don‘t eat breakfast, eggs (whether boiled, scrambled, or fried) belong to the small category of things that consistently can make me very happy.
  7. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke July 2020 Masters Series - Results

    Thanks Oshirokita for pointing this out. I have never really looked at the code for the Nation‘s Table, and there appear to be numerous errors. Just for starters, the macro still assigns a yusho in Fantasy Sumo... I will look into it somewhat soon-ish.
  8. Hi there, I have just finalized the July 2020 Masters Series as well as the standings for the 2020 Sumo Gaming World Championship. After almost five years, Andoreasu finally managed to win his seventh career Green Mawashi. The two-time World Champion did not win any yusho in July Basho, but managed a second place in Hoshitori Game, a third place in Ozumo Bingo Game, and some smaller change in eight other games to finish with a score well above 50 Masters points.Unkonoyama received his third career shukun-sho, not only for finishing second overall, but also for having the highest number of top scores (a yusho in Odd Sumo as well as two jun-yusho in twin games Paper Oyakata and OBG).Flohru gets his fourth career gino-sho for being strong in daily games (e.g., 3rd place in Odd Sumo) and pre-basho games (e.g., more than 10 points in the Japanese twin games).Flohru also receives the kanto-sho for scoring in the Top 10 in eight different games. It's already his twelfth Fighting Spirit Prize, improving his own record of most sansho in a single category!Congratulations to all the winners!
  9. Randomitsuki

    Potential New Game

    Actually, there was also GISP on the Superbanzuke, before it was discontinued. You picked 1 Yokozuna, 1 Ozeki, 1 Sekiwake, 1 Komusubi, and 5 Maegashira. And just like your concept, points were simply added without any extra rules. I surely liked the simplicity of GISP and Fantasy Sumo. And I remember an analysis I did many years ago that GISP had a very high correlation between its standings and the Superbanzuke ranks (in other words, it was one of the best games in predicting general sumo gaming abilities). There is one thing I would consider, though. If you stick with six groups of 7 rikishi, most players are likely to pick identical rikishi in the first two groups. That would mostly be a Yokozuna in group 1, and mostly a Sekiwake in group 2 (when a Sekiwake is eligible). That would narrow the options.
  10. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game Nagoya 2020

    After six days of action, the field of players is still relatively packed. At the moment, Oortael leads in front of five players (among them this basho's lone Ozeki Flohru). To compute your current W/L estimates, you have to add two points to your WP entry column and round down the half-points (which shows that Oortael as the leader is currently on course for a meager 9-6 record). I also observed an interesting trajectory for Denho who was tied for first on shonichi and is now tied for last :(
  11. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking Nagoya 2020

    Hot off the press: the Nagoya (July) Superbanzuke. Enjoy!
  12. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game Nagoya 2020

  13. Randomitsuki

    Rock bands...

    These guys were still teens when they recorded that. I wonder how they will sound in 10 years.
  14. Randomitsuki

    Games Bugs

    This is Exil's territory, and I don't know how to change the info there. Alternatively, you can access many games via the Superbanzuke Website. http://99998271.com/sb/
  15. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Site - HELP!!!!

    Thanks for the reply. I found a workaround solution (Simon once gave me the admin login details), and with the admin password I could access the site! I am still baffled though why Simon's normal user password isn't working anymore. He hasn't changed it, and neither have I.