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  1. Randomitsuki

    Hatsu 2023 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    Hiya! I have just uploaded the accumulated gaming results for Hatsu Basho in the newest latest edition of the Masters Series. It was close but successful. Although she misses out on many Superbanzuke games, Sakura won her first Green Mawashi, even after dropping out of the Top 10 in several games on senshuraku. A yusho in Chaingang as well as jun-yusho in ISP and RotoSumo did the trick for her.For Kaito it was close, but no cigar. With a second-place finish and two jun-yusho (Norizo Cup and Sekitori-Quad), he wins his third career shukun-sho. Moreover, the two jun-yusho were in different gaming categories, thus also netting him his first career gino-sho.As for the kanto-sho, several players were tied with six top 10 finishes. After some deliberation, the Fighting Spirit Prize goes to the best player who was not Kaito - and that was Oshirokita. As a Canadian, the veteran gamer seems to have a knack for the winter basho in January. Last year, he won the Green Mawashi, and this January it's his first ever sansho!Congratulations to all the winners! Lookee here!
  2. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Hatsu 2023

    Final Standings: In the end, Yokozuna Andoreasu could keep the pursuers at bay, winning the yusho with 12 win points (with high scoring all around this counts only as a 10-5). Jun-yusho honors go to Yokozuna Kobashi and Sekiwake Oortael who impressively builds up an Ozeki campaign. For players down to M4, you can compute your win/loss records by subtracting 2 full points from your win point column and rounding up half-points. Ozeki Ganzohnesushi had a heck of a senshuraku and crossed into KK territory, being the last above the line. In other words, Ozeki Asashosakari is the first below the line, going kadoban. For players below M4, the win/loss records can be measured by adding 0.5 points to your win point column and rounding up half-points. Best player in the lower half was Suwihito whose score is transformed into an 11-4. The KK/MK line runs between Yarimotsu and Pepoetse. The sansho: The shukun-sho goes to Itachiyama for picking 6-1 Hayatefuji and 6-1 Hatsuyama. The kanto-sho goes to Oortael with 68 wins. And the gino-sho goes to Tokoryu with 14.47 points. Again, being the only player to pick 5-2 Dainichido mostly did the trick for him. Thank you for playing, and I hope to see you back in March!
  3. Randomitsuki

    Happy Birthday Sakura

    Happy Birthday Sakura, I cannot make any promises yet, but you have a fairly good shot at winning the Green Mawashi on your birthday! With three games missing, you lead the standings for the Masters Series. And in the three missing games, you've been in the Top 10 at the latest update. So it looks quite bright, I'd say...
  4. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Hatsu 2023

    Standings before senshuraku: Yokozuna Andoreasu has a solid 0.75 win points lead over a pack of five pursuers. All pursuers except for co-Yokozuna Kobashi could still at least win a kettei-sen against Andoreasu, so there's some suspense left for senshuraku. For players down to M4, you have to subtract 1.5 points from your win point column and round up half-points to see your win/loss estimation. The line of fate currently lies between Itchynotoe and Golynohana, potentially sending Ganzohnesushi and Asashosakari into kadoban status tomorrow. For players below M4, you have to add 1 point from your win point column and round up half-points. KK/MK line is between WAKATAKE and Pepoetse. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Itchynotoe (for picking 6-1 Kazekeno and 5-1 Tokihayate) Kanto-sho: Oortael (63 wins) Gino-sho: Tokoryu (14.17 points; 5 points from Dainichido) Good luck on senshuraku!
  5. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Hatsu 2023

    Standings after Day 12: Ozeki Flohru and Yokozuna Andoreasu are now tied for the lead. Itachi and maybe Itchynotoe and Kobashi are also in the yusho race. For players down to M4, subtract a full point from your win column and round up half-points. The line of doom is between Oortael and Asapedroryu. The Ozeki duo of Asashosakari and Ganzohnesushi are in dire kadoban straits. For players below M4, add a full point to your win column and round down half-points. The KK/MK line currently lies between Yarimotsu and Neko. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Itchynotoe (for picking 6-0 Kazekeno and 5-1 Tokihayate) Kanto-sho: Itachi (58 wins) Gino-sho: Tokoryu (12.86 points; with the brunt of full 5 points! coming from being the only player to pick 5-1 Dainichido)
  6. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Hatsu 2023

    Standings after Day 10: What a pleasant surprise! Due to Doitsuyama's absence there were no shin-deshi listed in the standings. However, we have six new and returning players, arriving at a record number of 38 active participants this basho. After fighting with Yokozuna Kobashi over the last few days, Ozeki Flohru now took a relatively solid lead in the standings. Kobashi is a full point behind, together with his Yokozuna colleague Andoreasu and Komusubi Itachi. For players down to M4, the current win/loss projection is identical to the projection listed on the Makushita Game standings web page. This means that the KK/MK line runs between Athenayama and Ozeki Ganzohnesushi. Asapedroyu had three abysmal days in a row and his re-promotion to Ozeki is hardly possible anymore. For players below M4, you can add 1.5 points to your win point column and round up half-points. This means that the KK/MK line runs between Tokoryu and WAKATAKE. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Koorifuu, for picking 5-0 Hayatefuji and 5-0 Kazekeno. Kanto-sho: Itachi and Itchynotoe (48 wins) Gino-sho: Itachiyama (11.19 points; e.g. 3 points for picking Chiyonoumi, 2 poinst for picking Tsurubayashi)
  7. Randomitsuki

    Games Bugs

    With regard to Hoshitori Game, you both are partially correct. You need 34 wins over three basho. Plus the last basho must be 11-4 or better. Kitakachiyama‘s 35 wins run ended 8-7, and the current 34 wins run ended (so far) with 10-5. The good news: 11-4 this basho will lead to promotion. At the moment, Kitakachiyama is aiming for a 10-5 finish, thus needing slight improvements.
  8. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Hatsu 2023

    Standings after Day 6: The year is 2023 AD. The upper echelons of the Makushita Game standings are entirely occupied by top-ranked players. Well, not entirely... One small player of the indomitable German gamer tribe still holds out against the bigwigs... (I hope that some of you will recognize the source of inspiration for this little intro). In fact, M6 Profomisakari has a small lead over a quintet of sanyaku-level players (1 Yokozuna, 2 Ozeki, 1 Sekiwake, 1 Komusubi). For players down to M4, the KK line runs between Andrasoyama and Chishafuwaku, meaning that all Ozeki are safe for the moment. Demoted Sekiwake Asapedroryu is in KK territory, but would currently vie for a 9-6 record, not quite enough for re-promotion. Some extra oomph is needed. For the players below M4, Profomisakari is the sole leader (in fact, the only player currently vying for double digits). The KK/MK line runs between Koorifuu and Neko. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Kaiowaka (for picking 3-0 Tamashoho) Kanto-sho: Profomisakari (33 wins) Gino-sho: Yarimotsu (4.82 points, with 2 points coming from picking Dewataikai)
  9. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Hatsu 2023

    Hi there, after a grace period of three days I've decided to update the Superbanzuke. Some games have a banzuke available (but unpublished): ISP and Sekitori Toto. However, Hoshitori Game is absent (same goes for the daily standings in that game), and so I've decided to use the Kyushu ranking of that game (minus the usual 20% demerit). See how, where, and why you stand at http://99998271.com/sb/current.html or for the fixed link: http://99998271.com/sb/sb202301.html
  10. I cordially invite you to take part in Makushita Game. Other than in November when the World Championship reports kept me busy, I might even have the time and inclination to provide semi-regular updates on the proceedings. Entry form Hatsu Banzuke
  11. Hi there, I have updated the Superbanzuke pages. Here you can see the final standings for the Kyushu Masters Series. In what was probably the lowest Masters score ever, Japanese gaming veteran Seki Haruaki won his first Green Mawashi with 37.00 points. He won the Paper Oyakata yusho, and finished third in the Ozumo Bingo Game. His pre-basho mastery was completed with a jun-yusho in Hoshitori Game.The shukun-sho goes to ScreechingOwl (his second Outstanding Performance Prize) for finishing runner-up (in fact, he was even leading for the basho until the Norizo Cup standings were amended after senshuraku). His basho highlight was the yusho in Sekitori Oracle.Veteran gamer Mariohana (World Champion of 2005) won his fifth career gino-sho (his first since 2010) for balanced performances in pre-basho games (Juryo Game, RotoSumo) as well as daily games (Quad and Turn the Tide).The kanto-sho goes to Kaito (first Fighting Spirit Prize) for scoring among the Top 10 in seven different games.Congratulations to all the winners! I have also finalized the standings for the 2022 Sumo Gaming World Championship. Look at how you finished the gaming year. You can also see who won the sansho for the year, who is daily gaming World Champion and pre-basho gaming World Champion, and who is World Champion in individual Superbanzuke games. Enjoy!
  12. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship Daily Scoring

    I committed an act of ultra-nerddom today. I literally spent the last 13 hours actually scoring the games in which our two contestants featured on a bout-per-bout basis. I also computed the final results from Hoshitori Game (which are not yet available as of writing). Oskanohana was off to a great start into the day. He even took the tied lead in Oracle after the first Juryo bout. Meanwhile, Susanoo was off to a bad start. He picked the wrong winners for Toto in the first three Juryo bout and went down from 11 projected points to only 5.75 points in Toto. Oskanohana improved in Juryo game with almost every bout, and after the win by Kitanowaka he had an 11 points lead over Susanoo. But the trend turned with the Kotokuzan win. Now Susanoo was moving into win territory in Toto while Oskanohana had a downward trend in Oracle. After the Daishoho win, Oscar wasn't in the Oracle lead anymore, and two bouts later his leading margin over Susanoo was only 0.54 points. After the win by Enho, we had the closest standings, with Oskanohana in a 0.09 points lead. In the last Juryo bout, Susanoo took over the lead for the first time today. This was due to a minor points loss for Oskanohana in Juryo Game. Susanoo held his tiny leading margin until the Myogiryu bout. But after the Chiyoshoma bout, Oskanohana took the lead again. The reason for this was that Susanoo lost his lead in Tipspiel and dropped to a tie for second place, losing 4 points in the process. Susanoo could have gained some points for the Nishikigi bout, but - oh horror! - he entered the shikona Nishikifuji (instead of Nishikigi) in his Tipspiel prediction! With the Midorifuji and Ichinojo wins, both contestants lost points, but Oskanohana kept his lead of about 4 points. And then came Kotonowaka. Susanoo had him as 5-pointer in Tipspiel, and this gave him a nice 6-points boost (from a tied 3rd place back into solo lead). This gave Susanoo a tiny 0.66 points lead. This lead held up until after the Tamawashi win. But with Nishikifuji, the tides turned again! This was due to Toto where Oskanohana for the first time was in the upper half of the leaderboard and on the way to a win. His 0.54 lead also survived the Hoshoryu bout. And then came Hokutofuji. For a long time, Oskanohana was at 3 points in Hoshitori Game, but with the ginboshi from Hokutofuji, two players overtook Oscar, dropping him to 10th place and a single point. Susanoo now had a 1.46 points lead. The last regular bout then did Oskanohana in. He was even moved out of the Hoshitori Game Top 10, and lost half a point in Oracle for a 4.5 points finish. Now Susanoo's lead was almost 3 points. With the Abi yusho, Oskanohana re-entered the Hoshitori Game Top 10 (in 10th place), but it was too little too late. And all this amounts to the fact that after finishing second for the year three times already, Susanoo finally wins his first World Championship title! Congratulations to the Storm God, and consolations to poor Oskanohana.
  13. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship Daily Scoring

    Senshuraku: In what is probably the lowest scoring winner's record, the Green Mawashi for the Kyushu Masters 2022 goes to ScreechingOwl (37.25 points). Seki Haruaki (37.00) came in second, followed by Golynohana (33.15), Ketsukai (33.00), Susanoo (32.75) and TochiYESshin (30.12). It was indeed the most stunning finale for the World Championship ever. Actually, the decision is so close that I will not list our two protagonists on the graph below and give them an extra post with analyses forthcoming. Golynohana finished 3rd this year. Defending champion Joaoiyama managed to jump into 4th place (from 7th) on senshuraku. In a very close affair, Kaito improved to 5th, leading by a hair's breadth over Unkonoyama (6th) and Kitakachiyama (7th). Pandaazuma finishes in 8th place. Konosato returns into the Top 10 on senshuraku and ends up in 9th place. 10th place goes to ScreechingOwl. That's tough luck for Ganzohnesushi who falls to 12th place.
  14. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship Daily Scoring

    Day 14: A little later than usual, sorry... Culmination Part I: The Kyushu Masters become more contested by the day. And currently (I believe) we are for an all-time low, points-wise, with no player above 40 points. Going into senshuraku, Japanese veteran gamer Seki Haruaki (39.00) suddenly finds himself at the top of the Masters standings. ScreechingOwl (38.00) is only one point behind, and Susanoo (36.00) trails by only 3 points. Of course, Unkonoyama (32.93), Andonishiki (32.45), Ketsukai (32.00), Golynohana (30.58) and TochiYESshin (30.08) might also give it a shot. Culmination Part II. We are now officially and decidedly at the closest decision ever for the World Championship. Earlier this day I only looked for Susanoo's score, and saw that it moved upward (except for UDH where he left the Top 10). With Tipspiel leader Heisikuomi collapsing today, Susanoo even managed to jump into first place in the German game. He also won in Quad and in Toto, thus hitting almost exactly 200 points. No chance for Oskanohana, that's what I thought. But Oskanohana again jumped into the jun-yusho share for Oracle; and he also entered the Top 10 in Hoshitori Game, giving him his best score for the Kyushu basho so far. As a consequence of all that, the two leaders are currently separated by 0.96 points!!! This will be the ultimate showdown tomorrow!!! It also became clear that it will be decided among these two. Kaito had his shot at better things, but today he lost wherever it counted (and actually dropped from 3rd to 6th in the standings). The fight for Polish domination continues between Golynohana (now 3rd) and Kitakachiyama (now 4th). Unkonoyama in 5th isn't too far behind, as are Kaito in 6th and Joaoiyama in 7th. In other words, the fight for the bronze medal will be held between five contestants separated by less than 10 points. Pandaazuma (8th) is back in what looks like no-man's land. ScreechingOwl improved again and now moves from 10th to 9th. And just in time, Ganzohnesushi sprang back to life, moving from 12th into the Top 10. All this came at the cost of poor Konosato who was ousted from the Top 10. Kishikaisei's demise continues and he even drops the chart. Good luck for senshuraku, everybody!
  15. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Gaming World Championship Daily Scoring

    Surprise #8: Access to the Superbanzuke site is back. And here is the graph for Day 13!