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  1. Hi there, here are the Final Results of the most recent edition of the Superbanzuke Masters Series: Reigning World Champion Joaoiyama won his third career Green Mawashi with relative ease. He scored more than 60 points in Nagoya. Among his highlight performances are a yusho in Tippspiel, a shared jun-yusho in ISP, and a third place in Hoshitori Game.It's hard to believe, but actually true that veteran Master Gamer Konosato was awarded his first career shukun-sho (he has six kanto-sho already, but - unbelievably - also still no gino-sho). He grabbed two yusho (RotoSumo and Salarycap Sumo), and he also finished 2nd overall with a little more than 50 points.Both the gino-sho and the kanto-sho go to relative newcomer Kajiyanosho. He excelled in both pre-basho games (e.g. a jun-yusho in UDH) and daily games (yusho in Sekitori-Toto). Among eligible players, he also had the most Top 10 records (eight).Congratulations to all the winners! See the full results at Super Banzuke Masters Series (99998271.com) I have also updated the standings of the World Championship. Oskanohana has a leading margin of roughly 20 points (sizable, but not really much) over the rest of the players. Even more excitingly, there are plenty of strong competitors. We already have a total of eleven players in triple digits! See how you stand at SB SUMO GAMES WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP (99998271.com)
  2. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Nagoya 2022

    After this mess is kinda sorted out (depending on potential complaints about my erratic decisions), here are the results for Nagoya Basho: Yokozuna Andoreasu won the Nagoya edition of Makushita Game with relative ease. Andrasoyama, Oskanohana, and Beeftank settle for the jun-yusho. Here is how to find out about your win-loss record: If you've been M4 or higher, take your final win points, subtract half a point and round up where necessary. If you've been M5 or lower, take your final win points, add 1.5 points and round down where necessary. That being said, the KK/MK line in the upper echelons runs between Torafujii (8-7) and Shatsume (7-8). In the lower group, the line runs between Holleshoryu (8-7) and Zannah (6-9). Here are the sansho: The shukun-sho goes to Kitanoyama. Like two other eligible players, he had Yoshii (7-0) and Kinbozan (6-1) in his squad, and cuts the deal with his pick of Hokutenkai in 8th bracket. The kanto-sho goes to Andrasoyama and Oskanohana with 62 wins. The gino-sho goes to Holleshoryu with 20.11 points. His main point getters were Oyamatoumi (4.00), Tomiyutaka (4.00), and Tochikamiyama (3.00).
  3. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Nagoya 2022

    Oh, my goodness... Couldn't you have just got a plain MK? I hate it to break my own rules. With the old system, you would have managed re-promotion with a 10-5. With the new system, your score is only good for a 9-6 in upper Makuuchi. And yet, it feels totally odd to prevent re-promotion after a jun-yusho... Here is my salomonic decree (after all, this is not real sumo, and I can decide unusual things on the spot): You will be re-promoted as Ozeki, but with a virtual "kadoban" status. In other words, if you manage to get a KK (after the new rules) in upper Makuuchi next time, you'll be safe. If you fail to achieve that, it's down to Sekiwake again. I guess that my solution will cause some raised eyebrows, but it's always difficult to change something mid-system. So I hope for your understanding.
  4. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Nagoya 2022

    Hiya, I am very short on time today, so here is just the link to the current edition of the Superbanzuke: SUPERBANZUKE (99998271.com) Enjoy!
  5. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Nagoya 2022

    After conferring with Asashosakari I made the following decisions: The new scoring rules are for the time being. Generally, I would prefer the old system, so it might be that I'll switch back when it allows me to keep the sanyaku at the maximum of 12 players. For the standings, including the yusho decision, the old system will be kept. The new scoring will ONLY be applied for banzuke making purposes. I will post final W/L records after the basho. The cutoff between joi and lower Maegashira will be made after M4. The new W/L computation will also be applied to W/L-relevant decisions (like Ozeki promotion or re-promotion). That could be tough luck for Oskanohana who was demoted from Ozeki after Natsu Basho, and needs 10 wins for re-promotion. Sorry, Oscar! As compensation, I will keep my fingers crossed that you'll get the 10 wins with the new system! :)
  6. Randomitsuki

    Norizo Cup 2022.7

    Dear Susanoo, I cannot find the Nagoya Banzuke for Norizo Cup (I would need it for the Superbanzuke). Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello players, I hope that many of you will consider playing Makushita Game (again, or for a first time). Unfortunately, I am very busy these days so I finished the Nagoya Banzuke only minutes ago, hoping that Doitsuyama will have the time to upload it in time. By the way, with 39 players it is the largest banzuke in MsGame history! Four more, and we are going to have a tiny Juryo division! On another note, MsGame has always been quite lopsided with some players consistently scoring KK and some players quite consistently scoring MK. As a consequence, the top ranks get more and more crowded. This time I was unable to keep the sanyaku at my preferred maximum number of 12 players. Therefore I have decided to install a new scoring routine that follows Asashosakari's approach (for Sekitori-Oracle, I believe): different scoring systems for the upper and the lower part of the banzuke. I am not sure yet how many players I will count towards the upper half, but maybe I can get some advise from Asashosakari on that.
  8. Dear players and playeristas, before coming to the much-awaited results for Natsu Basho I want to share my delight at seeing some very old and very familiar names in various game standings. For instance, the inventor of Salarycap Sumo, the venerable Gusoyama returned in a couple of games. Welcome back! I also noticed another name from ages past, Mysko, being listed in one of the games. But now from the past to the present: the Masters Series have been computed and published. This is what the report says: The Natsu Basho 2022 Masters Series were decided by Kaito who wins his first Green Mawashi. With a yusho in Norizo Cup, jun-yusho in Sekitori Oracle and UDH along with some (not so) minor scores he amassed 58.92 points, easily keeping reigning World Champion Joaiyama (41.50) at bay.The shukun-sho goes to Unkonoyama. He seems to specialize on this prize, as it's already his fourth Outstanding Performance Prize (no other sansho so far). This time he won for a yusho in Sekitori-Toto and a jun-yusho in Tipspiel.The gino-sho goes to Choshu-yuki (her first Technique Prize). She excelled in daily games (Odd Sumo jun-yusho) and pre-basho games (3rd place in Hoshitori Game).Andoreasu rounds out the sansho by winning his fifth career kanto-sho. He scored among the Top 10 in seven different games.Congratulations to all the winners! See how you fared at the usual place. I have also updated the half-time standings of the 2022 World Championship. In contrast to recent years, we have no player who leads the standings light years ahead. Oskanohana (122.27) grabbed first place from Susanoo (109.81), but Andoreasu and Kaito are also already in triple digits. I think that every player with 60+ points still has a chance of winning the title. Among them are previous World Champions Norizo (7th), Joaoiyama (8th), Flohru (14th), and Pandaazuma (16th).
  9. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Natsu 2022

    An extremely high-scoring edition of Makushita Game came to an end. Ozeki Flohru kept his lead over Yokozunae Kobashi and Andoreasu. Congrats to Flohru! I was briefly considering to promote him to Yokozuna right away, but as he finished "only" third in March, I decided against it, but will look very favorably on his prospects next time. Scores were so incredibly high (Flohru managed to get 15 wins points!) that you have to subtract 1.5 points from your win score and round up half-points, still giving Flohru a 14-1 finish in front of Kobashi (13-2) and Andoreasu (11-4). Three of the four kadoban-Ozeki found themselves in the green (Asapedroryu and Asashosakari at 9-6, Ganzohnesushi at 8-7); only Oskanohana (7-8 finish) did not make it and needs double digits in his next appearance to regain the rank. Shin-deshi Itachiyama was the only eligible player to pick yusho winner Oshoma, thus winning the shukun-sho. The kanto-sho goes to Itachi with 67 winners. And Itachiyama also gets the gino-sho with 11.78 points. His best point-getter was Inoue (4 points), followed by Oshoma (1.75 points). Thanks for playing! I am delighted that so many took part, and I hope for many returns in Nagoya!
  10. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Natsu 2022

    Indeed, 33 is the highest number at least since Kyushu 2015 (I haven't looked into earlier bashos). After three rounds of Makushita action, Ozeki Flohru sports a 1 point lead over Chartorenji. For now, it looks as if all four kadoban-Ozeki will be in the clear come Nagoya.
  11. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Natsu 2022

    All shin-deshi and returning players are now listed in the standings!
  12. Randomitsuki

    Natsu Superbanzuke online

    Good [insert proper time], after the usual 3-day grace period I decided to finalize an incomplete Superbanzuke again. Ironically, the game that already could have had the Natsu rankings ready in early March (Guess the Banzuke) still lacks the corresponding data, and Doitsuyama did not respond to my request for upload. Today I realized that Doitsuyama also hasn't uploaded the Juryo Game banzuke (but I have the data from Nantonoyama). That being said, the Natsu Superbanzuke will be based on the Natsu rankings of all SB games except for GTB for which the Haru rankings minus the usual 20% demerit apply. See how you stand at the usual place. http://99998271.com/sb/current.html
  13. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Natsu 2022

    I have informed Doitsuyama. Maybe he would just have to assign you a rank on the banzuke to be listed in the standings. Hope this will get sorted out soon...
  14. Hiya! Everything is set for another round of the Makushita Game, we even have the banzuke ready in time. So please consider taking part. There might be even some interesting talking points during the basho, what with four out of five Ozeki being kadoban... Rules, registrations, rankings, and results can be obtained via http://makushita.sumogames.de/
  15. Randomitsuki

    Birthday Surfing Natsu 2022 (54th Wave)

    Thank you, gentlemen! @Jakusotsu: the title for this thread is pure genius. Caused the widest smile of the day.