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  1. Invitation to play Makushita Game

    Going into senshuraku, it looks like a done deal for Ozeki Andoreasu. He leads the pursuers by a full point. But this is by-the-numbers. A look into the details reveals that he still has five open slots (Asabenkei, Tamaki, Shiba, Nishikifuji, Ikeru). In other words, if worse comes to worst, he might end up with 9.0 points. Therefore, a total of 10 players still has a mathematical yusho chance. Top contenders might be Suwihito (9.25, five open slots), Kumojin (9.25, five open slots), and Ayagawa (9.0, eight open slots). In Ozeki news, kadoban-Ozeki Asashosakari is ever so slightly below the current KK line, so he needs some extra oomph on the final day. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: only Flohru picked yusho winner Higonojo, but the Ozeki is not eligible for sansho. Current leader is Ketsukai for picking Hakuyozan. If Ketsukai remains above the KK line, the shukun-sho is his. Kanto-sho: This is wide open, with Suwihito, Kumojin, Itachi, and Senkoho tied for the lead (57 wins). Gino-sho: This looks like locked for Suwihito (26.86 points). His biggest hauls are Fujiazuma with 5.00, Tochihiryu (4.00), and Sagatsukasa (4.00).
  2. Invitation to play Makushita Game

    Ozeki reloaded Anodreasu has a one point lead going into the home stretch. A quartet of players is currently in pursuit, among them Ozeki Flohru. kadoban-Ozeki Asashosakari is running danger of demotion at the moment. Shukun-sho lead: Ketsukai (for picking Hakuyozan) Kanto-sho lead: Senkoho, Kumojin (45 wins) Gino-sho lead: Suwihito (20.13 points with his "old school" team; e.g. 4 points for Fujiazuma; 3 points for Tochihiryu; 2 points for Jokoryu and Sagatsukasa)
  3. Last Movie Seen: Song of the Sea (8/10)

  4. Last Movie Seen: The Handmaiden (8/10)

  5. Last Movie Seen: Moonlight (5/10)

  6. Last Movie Seen: The Founder (6/10)

  7. Invitation to play Makushita Game

    After day 6, Ayagawa has a small leading margin over a quartet of other players (which include kadoban Ozeki Asashosakari and "moto-shin" Ozeki Andoreasu). Ayagawa leads for the shukun-sho (for picking Chiyonoumi) and the kanto-sho (with 29 wins). Holleshoryu leads for the gino-sho (9.87 points; e.g. 1.5 points for Tochinobori; 1 point apiece for Kaito, Aomihama, Ichiki, and Kotonoshu).
  8. New Superbanzuke Site

    Some suggested changes were made. I have also decided to include links to each game's Registration page on the SB starting page. Should make it slightly easier for new players to find around.
  9. New Superbanzuke Site

    The pages currently displayed under "SB Masters" and "Sumo Games World Championship" are completely provisional for the time being. As soon as the Masters and WC results for Haru are online, I will take care of older pages.
  10. New Superbanzuke Site

    The intro page is just a one-stop thing for new players. Adding all the links only for Bench Sumo would be odd with regard to other games, and adding all the links for all the games would be odd (that‘s the purpose of the home page). However, I will add the BSML link both on the home page and on the intro page.
  11. New Superbanzuke Site

    It never occurred to me that this would require an extra description (as the real banzuke also is pre-basho thing). But I will try to clarify this in a revised version.
  12. New Superbanzuke Site

    I forgot to mention that the Web space was allotted by Pandaazuma (for those who didn't know it already). I still haven't worked on older files, but made some changes to the site. 1) I have found logos for all games 2) I have found links to rules for all games and have updated all the rule links (many of those were wrong)! Thanks to the Wayback machine; I even found the long-lost Bench Sumo rules page. 3) To attract new players, I made a completely new page which provides a short description of all 20 Superbanzuke games. Link to new intro page 4) The navigation bar at the top has been reduced to four entries: 1) an intro page (for new players), 2) the classical Superbanzuke (now renamed as SB Ranking), 3) the SB Masters, 4) The World Championship page. As soon as the site has more data, it would be a great recruiting signal if the most popular sumo outlets (e.g., Kintamayama's channel) were providing a link to the SB site.
  13. Haru 2018 Superbanzuke

    Banzuke topics: Pandaazuma solidifies his status as a living legend. He straddles 7000 points for the first time ever. The last time a Yokozuna had more than 7000 points was in Natsu 2012, but there were many more points to be distributed back then. Gurowake remains in the Yokozuna West position, trailing the Panda by 1370 points. Susanoo leads the Ozeki bunch, missing out on a Yokozuna spot by only 9 points. ScreechingOwl gets his first ever Ozeki promotion, and he eclipses 5000 points for the first time in his career. Taka and Flohru represent the second Ozeki tier. Konosato and Kitakachiyama are Sekiwake. Asahosakari is actually demoted from Sekiwake to Komusubi in spite of getting a new points record. Norizo returns to the sanyaku after one basho in Maegashira ranks. Gonzaburow repeats on a career-high M1 (third time in a row now). andonishiki equalizes his previous career-high of M2. Kaiomitsuki moves up to his previous career-high (M2), but missing out on a new points record). Chankoyama continues his/her stellar rise. The food mountain now sits at M8, eclipsing 2000 points. Achiyama improves his career-high from M11 (from Haru 2016) to M9. Senkoho also achieves a new career high at M11 (including a new points record). Terarno returns to Makuuchi after three basho in Juryo, advancing to his former career-high of M12 (but missing on a points record by only 5 points). Tsuchinoninjin improves his career high from M16 to M14 (including a new points record). And Yassier improves his career-high from M16 to M14 (crossing 1500 points). Among Juryo, we have new career highs for Sakura (J1), Korinokoishi (J2), Suwihito (J4), and Wamahada (J9)
  14. Haru 2018 Superbanzuke

    Hi there, here is the link to the newest latest edition of the Superbanzuke: http://99998271.com/sb/current.html Enjoy!
  15. Games Bugs

    The site is gone for good, unfortunately. I will slowly restore old data on http://99998271.com/sb