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  1. Last Movie Seen: Mommy (4/10)

  2. For years, I expected it to happen, and now it happened. I made a very stupid copying error: Sokokurai was 5-10 in Natsu, but I jotted down 10-5 and compiled my guess accordingly. So my banzuke was more messed up than usual from M3 to M13. Maybe I should have used Tsuchinoninjin's form...
  3. Last Movie Seen: Amy (6/10)

  4. Last Movie Seen: Train to Busan (6/10)

  5. The most noteable exception that I could think of might have been Fred Perry who was World Champion in table tennis, but also won eight Grand Slam titles in tennis (among them three consecutive Wimbledon titles).
  6. Last Movie Seen: Victoria (9/10)

  7. Last Movie Seen: Don't Breathe (8/10)

  8. Last Movie Seen: The Magnificent Seven [2016] (6/10)

  9. Last Movie Seen: Green Room (6/10)

  10. Last Movie Seen: Now You See Me 2 (6/10)

  11. Last Movie Seen: The Conjuring 2 (6/10)

  12. The Metasumo standings were updated. Mmikasazuma continues to lead, with Jakusotsu not too far behind.
  13. The Natsu Masters results are available. Oops, he did it again. At the moment, Pandaazuma appears to be unstoppable, winning back-to-back Green Mawashi with ease. With eight Masters titles, he now tied Norizo on the all-time winner list. The Panda won in Sekitori Oracle and Sumo Game, and he would also have swept all sansho categories if he were eligible. The only question is whether he will be the first player to three-peat with Masters titles. Choshu-yuki was the highest-ranked eligible player with two yusho (Norizo Cup and Sekitori-Toto). This will give her the third career shukun-sho. Taka won the other two sansho. His second career gino-sho is awarded for good daily gaming (e.g. ISP yusho) and pre-basho gaming (e.g. 3rd place in Salarycap Sumo). Moreover, he finished among the top 10 in 11 different games, getting his second career kanto-sho in the process. Congratulations to all the winners! News from the yusho trenches: Quite a number of first-time yusho winners: Shimanoumi (GTB), fujitsubo (Paper Oyakata), suwihito (Salarycap Sumo), and akinoumi (Ozumo Bingo). Choshu-yuki won her fourth yusho in Norizo Cup, and now ties the record of hubby Norizo. And Fujisan won his seventh yusho in RotoSumo, extending his own record! Some of these yusho were awarded at a time when only Makuuchi players in RotoSumo were eligible, but still that's impressive. In fact, no player ever has won eight yusho in a single game. The only other player to have seven yusho in a single game is Ekigozan in GTB. I have also updated the World Championship standings. The unstoppable Panda has taken the lead as well, and somehow I have little doubt that he could get 300+ points for the year (which he called his target). Only a couple of months, I called him arrogant for making such a bold prediction, but there is no arrogance if someone delivers like that. Really impressive! 400 points next year, then?
  14. At last... The Natsu Superbanzuke is online. Some banzuke news: Susanoo defends the coveted Y1e spot. He is joined by Gurowake who moves up from Ozeki (while Konosato moves down). Flohru gains the top Ozeki spot. Norizo jumps back to the Ozeki ranks after 13 basho in lower Sanyaku and below. Randomitsuki drops to the lower Sanyaku for the first time since Haru 2009. Forgetting to make a Norizo Cup entry doesn't bode well for him... Not much to report among the Maegashira: andonishiki improves his career high rank from M4 to M2 (interestingly, after losing more than 200 points!). DeRosa achieves a new career high at M4 (but no points record). Haidouzo improves from a career-high M8 to a career-higher M6 (crossing 2500 points for the first time ever). Nantonoyama repeats on a career-high M15 and slightly improves his points record. Finally, we have two new entries! First, there's Unkonoyama. He made his first SB appearance in Kyushu 2015. Only two bashos ago, he managed Juryo promotion, and now made a nice jump up to M12. The other shin-Makuuchi is long-time player Chisaiyama. His first Superbanzuke appearance was in March 2010. He spent a couple of years toiling in the lower divisions or off-banzuke. From Kyushu 2011, he became a permanent SB member, turning shin-sekitori in May 2014. In March 2017 he tripled his points score and received a rare direct promotion out of Makushita. Juryo news: New career highs for Holleshoryu (J5), Survivor (J10), and Wamahada (J12). Finally, we have new shin-Juryo: nacchabo (J9) and Andrasoyamawaka (J13)
  15. The good news is that I will get a win in Toto tomorrow. The bad news however will be served on senshuraku... http://imgur.com/a/PYtQu