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  1. UDH Kyushu Basho 2017

    Thanks for the confirmation, and most of all, thanks for sending me the files you are working with! The daily UDH updates in the World Championship thread were not listing UDH standings (where players with identical points will get different positions, due to tiebreakers), but standings for Masters points (where tiebreakers in games are generally ignored as long as they are not yusho deciders).
  2. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    And finally, other year-end prizes: World Champion: Pandaazuma (294.42) Pre-Basho World Champion: Pandaazuma (181.50) Daily Gaming World Champion: Jakusotsu (117.58); wow, I did not notice this until right now, assuming that Simon would have swept all categories with ease!!! Sansho: Shukun-sho: Asashosakari (6 yusho) Gino-sho: Pandaazuma (112.92 in his worse category) Kanto-sho: Pandaazuma (42 performances in the Top 10) World Champions 2017 in single games: Bench Sumo: Damimonay (45.75) Chaingang: Terarno (45.00) Tippspiel: Andoreasu (28.00) Fantasy Sumo: Ryukyuyama (27.00) GTB: Nantonoyama (30.43) Hoshitori Game: Pandaazuma (39.00) ISP: Mukanibaru (22.25) Juryo Game: Asanomeshi (33.00) Paper Oyakata: Ogawa (16.00); wow, it's almost impossible to get a lower winning score. Sekitori Oracle: Pandaazuma (60.00); I have no means to find out about this, but this might be the highest yearly score in any single game ever! Norizo Cup: Ogawa (30.00) Ozumo Bingo Game: sainogou (32.50) Odd Sumo: Jejima (30.00) Sekitori-Quad: Gaijingai (22.25) RotoSumo: Susanoo (31.00) Sumo Game: Pandaazuma (40.25) Sekitori-Toto: Susanoo and Choshu-yuki (27.00) UDH: Kitakachiyama (31.00), slightly provisional Salarycap Sumo: Andonishiki (27.00); this is still provisional... TTT: Chankoyama (33.20) It will take a while until I manage to create the corresponding Superbanzuke Web page, as I will be on a holiday very soon. Which reminds me, I have not even updated the final standings with all details from 2016... Until I find the time to update everything, you might consider sending me a photo for the Superbanzuke Web pages. If you are interested in seeing your face on those sites, contact me via PM, please. Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll continue gaming in 2018!
  3. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    World Championships: Few breaking news on senshuraku. Pandaazuma won this one with ease, becoming the first player ever to win back-to-back World Championship, and also tying the record three titles previously held by Norizo (2006. 2008, 2010). However, he missed on his goal of 300 Masters points. Still, a new historical points record for the Panda. Susanoo had a nice senshuraku and finished second with a super-impressive 238.92 points. Asashosakari's Kyushu Masters title moved him to third place in the yearly standings (189.52 points; he was still seventh after Aki Basho). On senshuraku, Gurowake (172.43) overtook Taka (170.35) for fourth place. Kitakachiyama (156.50) lost a lot of points on senshuraku, so he fell back behing Ganzohnesushi (160.62) for seventh and sixth, respectively. Chohu-yuki (142.92) remained in eighth place while Konosato (140.03) overtook Norizo (139.44) for ninth place. ScreechingOwl (134.34) missed out on a spectacular last-ditch entry. The Graph: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qYYS0CieiIOAAPtW0N4VmPE_BPAiz8K8/view?usp=sharing
  4. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 15: Consider these results as provisional, as the official results from UDH and Salarycap Sumo are not yet in. Oh, and on popular request I am willing to mention Fujisan at this place. Congrats to the jun-yusho in Toto (with a yusho-worthy record). Here are the Salarycap Sumo Top 10 according to my calculations (which might be wrong for several reasons): 1. Susanoo 2333 2. andonishiki 2172 3. Senkoho 2149 4. Frinkanohana 2100 5. pandaazuma 2052 6. Torafujii 1937 7. ayagawa 1935 8. Asashosakari 1922 9. DeRosa 1893 10. Konosato 1839 Here are the UDH Top 10, I believe: 1. Sakura 381 2. Asashosakari 380 3. Suwihito 378 4. ScreechingOwl 374 4. Pandaazuma 374 6. Kitakachiyama 371 7. Kitsunegari 369 8. Taka 366 9. Mariohana 361 10. Ayagawa 360 10. Gonzaburow 360 Masters: In a pretty close affair, Asashosakari got his second career Green Mawashi (50.41). He won in GTB and, as expected, in Oracle. In spite of having few kyujo rikishi in his UDH squad, he had a very strong senshuraku and finished second in that game. Medium scores in Tippspiel and SCS, as well as a fraction of a point in TTT rounded out his score. Pandaazuma was a close second (47.50). Two jun-yusho in Hoshitori Game and Sumo Game were the highlights. Understandably, he might be a little angry with the latter game, as he lost the yusho in the decisive bout against Konosato. Had the Panda won this single Sumo Game bout, it would have been enough for a ninth Green Mawashi. Konosato had a strong finish, but it was too little too late for the title (47.43). The Sumo Game yusho was his highlight, and he also enjoyed double digits in Tippspiel. Finally, Suwihito also missed-out on a first ever Green Mawashi (46.00). A yusho in Quad as well as double digits in RotoSumo and UDH were his strongest performances. Further down, we have the following players in the 30+ points territory: Torafujii (41.50), Susanoo (40.00), ScreechingOwl (38.79), Chankoyama (37.30), Andoreasu (36.31), Sakura (33.80; great finish, by the way!), and Andonishiki (33.61). The sansho will be as follows: Shukun-sho for Pandaazuma (tying the record number of six) for being runner-up. Gino-sho for Suwihito (23.00 points in pre-basho games, and 23.00 points in daily games was unbeatable). His first ever sansho! Kanto-sho: Andoreasu with 9 scores among the top 10 (his second kanto-sho).
  5. Makushita Game Kyushu 2017

    Hi, due to my other gaming duties I did not get a Makushita Game report (let alone an invitation) up and running. Hope this will be better next year. In any case, thanks to those 20 player who participated nonetheless. As the final standings indicate, we had a four-way kettei-sen for the title, with Pepoetse winning on first bracket against the other contestants (Andoreasu, Andrasoyamawaka, Gurowake). Congratulations! No Ozeki was kadoban, but after this basho Flohru and Torafujii will be, Shukun-sho: Andoreasu (for picking Tochihiryu) Kanto-sho: Andrasoyamawaka, Gurowake (64 wins) Gino-sho: Pepoetse (23.77 points; e.g. 4 points apiece for Takayoshitoshi and Tamaki; 2.5 points for Koba).
  6. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 14: Oracle Top 10: 1. Asashosakari 578.5 2. ScreechingOwl 572.5 2. Andoreasu 572.5 4. Kitakachiyama 571.5 4. Konosato 571.5 4. ayagawa 571.5 7. Taka 569.5 8. Andonishiki 568.5 8. suwihito 568.5 8. Frinkanohana 568.5 8. Sakura 568.5 This is Asashosakari's to lose. 6 points is a strong lead, but of course, on the home stretch it is always possible to have a strong majority of bouts go against one's team (Senkoho can attest to that, as he dropped from 2nd to 12th today). Salarycap Sumo Top 10: 1. andonishiki 1804 2. Frinkanohana 1753 3. Susanoo 1747 4. Sebunshu 1666 5. pandaazuma 1657 5. Senkoho 1657 7. Kaiomitsuki 1651 8. GONZABUROW 1633 9. Ruziklao 1624 10. ayagawa 1609 UDH Top 10: 1. Suwihito 357 2. Asashosakari 356 3. ScreechingOwl 352 3. Kitakachiyama 352 5. Pandaazuma 348 5. Kitsunegari 348 7. Sakura 347 7. Taka 347 9. Gonzaburow 340 10. Ayagawa 339 10. Kotononami 339 10. Andoreasu 339 Kyushu Masters: One of the really open questions of this basho will be the one about the eventual Masters winner: Pandaazuma (52.00) remains in the lead, but Suwihito (51.50) and Asashosakari (47.87) are not too far behind. An advantage of the Panda is that the other two play much less games. So let's have a look at what these three have in store. Pandaazuma appears to be locked for second in Hoshitori. He lost most points today by slowly sliding in Paper Oyakata and Ozumo Bingo, so remaining in the points in the Japanese games might be vital. His Ozumo Bingo team is in shambles, whereas the POG team looks rather strong to me. In Salarycap Sumo, Pandaazuma is 5th, but I think he would rather move up than down, as some of his rikishi are up for sansho. He also has a nice clash for the Sumo Game title against runner-up Konosato tomorrow. He is also 5th in UDH, where he might lose a bit, as his non-kyujo high pointers have relatively easy matchups tomorrow. And of course, there's always Odd Sumo. Suwihito is fourth in Odd Sumo, but he would need a helluva strong and winning bet to move further up. He is also second in RotoSumo where he has a highly similar team to leader Chankoyama (identical on the first six positions). I did not go into all murky details, but his seventh pick (Endo) may have a higher chance of winning tomorrow than Chankoyama's seventh pick (Okinoumi), so maybe this could be enough to even win the yusho. Suwihito is 8th in Oracle, but with the senshuraku volatility this could end up anywhere from 2nd to nada. Suwihito continues to lead in Quad, and even if he might be overtaken by the other two pursuers, he will end up in double digits there. Finally, he has grabbed the lead in UDH, and has a distinct advantage to win this game as well, as he has already 16 guaranteed points through his four kyujo picks (Terunofuji on 6, Kisenosato on 4, Takayasu on 4, and now even Myogiryu on 2). Finally, there's Asashosakari. GTB is won, and in Oracle a yusho is quite likely. He might have an outside chance on getting small amount of points in Bench, RotoSumo, or ISP. He lost the lead in UDH, and needs a strong senshuraku to stay near the top there. In contrast to Suwihito and Pandaazuma, Asashosakari has very few guaranteed UDH points tomorrow (16 for Suwihito, 10 for Pandaazuma, only 4 for Asashosakari). He will certainly need a loss of Daishomaru (one of his 5-pointers) against Nishikigi to stay in the race. But the most crucial issue for Asashosakari will be Quad (9th) and TTT (4th). Winning in these games could give a really nice points boost! I only checked for these three, so it would be ironic if someone else grabs the Green Mawashi: Indeed, Konosato (42.64) isn't too far behind. Out of nowhere, ScreechingOwl materialized on the standings as well (39.15). Also north of 30+ points we find Andoreasu (35.87), Andonishiki (35.15), Choshu-yuki (35.00), and Taka (31.42). World Championship: Many of the really big questions are resolved, but there's still some stuff to look forward to: Question number 1 is whether Pandaazuma will break the 300 points barrier. Today, he slipped just below it (298.92), so read about his chances for senshuraku further above. I have a good feeling, as he has lots of sansho-ish rikishi in his various teams, but one never knows. No Championship questions left for Susanoo (223.92) and most probably Asashosakari (186.98). Even if you would enlarge the graph tenfold, it might be impossible to find out who is currently in fourth place. In fact, Taka (172.94) leads over Gurowake (172.93) by 0.01 points!!! After one year of hard gaming! Or will Kitakachiyama (165.98) steal their show after improving by about 10 points in the last two days? Ganzohnesushi (160.62) would probably need a killer bet in Odd to get any Masters points after having an abysmal basho. Choshu-yuki (152.92) in eighth cooled down a bit. Finally, we have another incredibly close affair for ninth place, where Norizo (135.26) leads Konosato (135.24) by insane 0.02 points. But that's not all! In the last two days, we had a 20+ points gap between 10th and 11th, but this is no longer the case. As reported above, ScreechingOwl comes from uncharted territories in my chart and sits in 11th place right now (134.70), trailing the Top 10 by only about a half-point! Will he make his Top 10 entry on the very last day? Exciting stuff! The Graph: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t5zJ8BGA2XIgk5oxjLR0dKOAKZqLCfPN/view?usp=sharing
  7. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 13: Just managed to squeeze the report in before I'll be travelling today... However, it's standings only today. Oracle: 1. Asashosakari 583 2. Senkoho 578 3. ScreechingOwl 577 3. Andoreasu 577 5. Kotononami 576 SCS: 1. andonishiki 1314 2. Frinkanohana 1272 3. Susanoo 1266 4. pandaazuma 1188 5. Sebunshu 1173 UDH: 1. Asashosakari 337 2. Kitsunegari 331 3. Kitakachiyama 329 3. Suwihito 329 5. Taka 327 Masters: 1. Pandaazuma 61.00 2. Asashosakari 56.13 3. Suwihito 42.25 4. Choshu-yuki 40.00 5. Konosato 39.54 6. Andonishiki 37.73 7. Senkoho 34.23 8. Chankoyama 31.30 9. Andoreasu 30.88 Worlds: 1. Pandaazuma 307.92 2. Susanoo 224.09 3. Asashosakari 195.24 4. Gurowake 172.43 5. Taka 170.51 6. Kitakachiyama 161.25 7. Ganzohnesushi 160.62 8. Choshu-yuki 157.92 9. Norizo 143.09 10. Konosato 132.14 Graph: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19SESkYBEnll6ztvDO0JAAk4H9ilwKJ9H/view?usp=sharing
  8. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    I'm a little short on time today (and probably tomorrow, too), so I'll only send around the Top 5 and keep everything else short. Oracle: 1. Asashosakari 581.5 2. ayagawa 579.5 3. Konosato 578.5 4. ScreechingOwl 577.5 4. Senkoho 577.5 4. Andoreasu 577.5 SCS: 1. Frinkanohana 1191 2. andonishiki 1182 3. Susanoo 1176 4. pandaazuma 1092 5. Sebunshu 1080 UDH: 1. Kitsunegari 312 2. Asashosakari 309 3. Kotononami 304 4. Taka 303 4. Kitakachiyama 303 Masters: Pandaazuma (61.83) continues to lead, but lost some points today. Konosato (53.43) remains in second. Asashosakari (49.45) stays third. Choshu-yuki (41.00) moves up to fourth, overtaking Frinkanohana (38.77). Suwihito (36.50), Taka (34.81), Andonishiki (34.01), and Andoreasu (30.66) are next in line. Worlds: Pandaazuma (308.75) stays above the magical 300 points mark. Susanoo (219.25) and Asashosakari (188.56) remain in second and third, respectively. Taka (176.33) overtakes Gurowake (170.93) for fourth place. Ganzohnesushi is still petrified in sixth (160.62). Choshu-yuki (158.92) overtakes Kitakachiyama (155.05) for seventh place, causing Ganzohnesushi some trouble. Konosato (146.03) defends ninth place against Norizo (139.84). The Graph: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bZCec16CKV46ic8jTsHxZQrBrb4qcdAj/view?usp=sharing
  9. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 11: Oracle: 1. Asashosakari 590 2. chishafuwaku 588 3. Senkoho 587 3. ayagawa 587 5. Konosato 586 6. Torafujii 585 7. DeRosa 584 7. Andoreasu 584 9. Kotononami 583 10. Choshu-yuki 582 10. Frinkanohana 582 SCS: 1. Frinkanohana 1122 2. Susanoo 1083 3. andonishiki 1056 4. Kasamatsuri 1011 5. Konosato 993 6. Senkoho 990 7. pandaazuma 984 8. ayagawa 972 9. Sebunshu 969 10. Kumojin 966 UDH: 1. Kotononami 284 2. Asashosakari 284 2. Kitsunegari 284 4. Taka 280 5. Pandaazuma 275 6. Hironoumi 272 7. Kitakachiyama 271 7. Ayagawa 271 7. Andoreasu 271 10. Gonzaburow 270 Masters: I am so sorry. Really, Absolutely. Yesterday I commited a serious, heinous, absolutely abhorrent act of lèse majesté. Maybe even blasphemy!! Yesterday, I talked about a four-way race for the Kyushu Masters and the Green Mawashi. But I forgot to take into account the only Law of Nature concerning sumo gaming. Law of Nature Concerning Sumo Gaming: If there is a number of N players who participate in a sumo gaming event, and any one of these players bears(!) the name Pandaazuma, then this player will win. How could I forget that? This law of nature has driven me into intai, knowing that I would never have a chance of accomplishing anything in any sumo game! So, today Pandaazuma taught me and all you miserable creatures who toil on virtual dohyos a lesson we will never forget. He leaves any potential contestant in the dust and moves to 67.60 points to grab his 434th Green Mawashi. Of course, it borders on unacceptable that he leads in only one game (Paper Oyakata), but he has double digits in Hoshitori, Ozumo Bingo, and Sumo Game, so The Law decrees that he will grab more yusho than just one. But all sarcasm aside, this is phenomenal beyond compare. Absolutely astounding, and I still cannot fathom how a player who supposedly does not even use any computational help could make all these other sumo experts look like totally clueless and hapless dolts. Back in the day when we were all scratching our daily gaming picks on stone tablets, and Doitsuyama was the only player to know what a computer is, not even he was nearly as dominant. But enough of that. Yesterday's quartet has spilt into a solo artist and a trio of players, each of whom lost between 5 and 15 points. Konosato (51.90) is second, Asashosakari (47.42) is third, and Frinkanohana (44.73) drops to fourth. The club of 30+ players has grown quite considerably, featuring Choshu-yuki (37.50), Torafujii (35.60), Senkoho (35.25), Andoreasu (33.25), Andonishiki (31.62), Kotononami (31.33), and Suwihito (31.00). The Worlds: And another haha. I was seriously writing yesterday that I'll root for Pandaazuma to reach 300. Who was I to doubt that? With 314.52 he not only annihilates every gaming record in existence, he also nukes my lovely graph. Just in order to make the visual trajectories of other players somehow discernible, I have lifted the upper limit of the graph to 320 points only, but this does not mean that I couldn't imagine Pandaazuma to cross that line as well... I half-expect it! Susanoo (224.59) remains stable while Asahosakari (188.53) falls further behind. Gurowake (166.93) and Taka (166.69) are very close for fourth place while Ganzohnesushi (160.62) becomes the only top player to drop to the dreaded 0.00 for the basho. Kitakachiyama (155.70) and Choshu-yuki (155.42) are fighting for seventh right now. Konosato (144.50) and Norizo (143.43) fight for ninth. At the moment, we have a 20+ points gap between 10th and 11th. Graph: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14L9O8IM93UZruMdHzk7dV_W_FteN4w35/view?usp=sharing
  10. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 10: First things first: I checked earlier Salarycap Standings to find out whether fusensho by a Maegashira over an Ozeki/Yokozuna will give gin/kin-boshi or not. They will not. So I have amended the SCS standings. Oracle: 1. Asashosakari 588.5 2. chishafuwaku 584.5 2. ayagawa 584.5 4. Senkoho 583.5 5. Konosato 581.5 5. Frinkanohana 581.5 7. Andoreasu 580.5 8. ScreechingOwl 579.5 8. Mmikasazuma 579.5 8. Torafujii 579.5 Pandaazuma is 13th with 577.5; Susanoo is 21st with 575.5 Salarycap Sumo: 1. Frinkanohana 1047 2. Susanoo 1029 3. Konosato 939 4. andonishiki 936 5. Senkoho 927 6. Sebunshu 921 7. GONZABUROW 915 8. Nantonoyama 909 9. Kasamatsuri 903 10. Asashosakari 897 10. Gibuten 897 10. pandaazuma 897 10. Ruziklao 897 UDH: 1. Asashosakari 261 2. Kitsunegari 260 3. Kotononami 258 4. Taka 249 4. ayagawa 249 6. Saruyama 248 6. Pandaazuma 248 8. Hironoumi 247 8. Gonzaburow 247 10. Rhyen 244 Masters: That's going to be a very close race. Currently in first is Frinkanohana (59.93). He leads in a "stable" game (SCS), but also in two quite volatile games (Tippspiel, TTT), so he might continue his rollercoaster ride in the days to come. Very close behind the Frink we have Konosato (58.68), trailing by just 1.25 points. He does not lead any game right now, but is in double digits for Juryo Game (stable), SCS (stable) and Tippspiel (volatile). Yesterday's leader Asashosakari fell back to third (56.25), but with less than four points to the lead he's absolutely in the race. In terms of stability, he might have the best chances: the GTB yusho is already sealed, and he continues to lead in Oracle (stable) and UDH (stable). Finally, Pandaazuma is now running for Green Mawashi (would be his 434th..). The bamboo-biting behemoth has double digits in Hoshitori (stable), POG (stable), and Sumo Game (semi-stable) for a total of 52.25. Three more players hover in the 30+ area: Senkoho (36.50), Torafujii (32.25), and Kotononami (31.55). Worlds: Nnnnnnnggggggh... he almost made it. Pandaazuma sits at 299.17. I can hear your complaints from here that you would be sitting comfortably at 320+ right now if Aoiyama weren't inflicted by an injury. You greedy b...ipedal! Susanoo (223.67) settled in the 220s while Asashosakari falls below the Sumo Soundwall of Superstardom (195.36). Two more noggins will appear in the top line of the World Championship Standings, but three players are currently trying to get their noggin in. An ailing Gurowake (166.93) leads over an attacking Taka (165.77) while Ganzohnesushi's currently forgettable basho shifts him to second tier (162.12). Another trio is yorikiriing for seventh place, with Konosato (151.28) keeping Kitakachiyama (147.57) and Choshu-yuki (146.92) at bay. As to the final face on the Standings page, this is currently contested among Norizo (134.95) and Gonzaburow (134.53). Graph: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q4RoB7mopnMVelXdCE6ZttuFm9M-bm-E/view?usp=sharing
  11. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 9: Oracle Oracle: 1. Asashosakari 604 2. Frinkanohana 596 3. Senkoho 595 4. chishafuwaku 594 5. Kotononami 591 5. suwihito 591 5. ayagawa 591 8. Choshu-yuki 590 8. Andoreasu 590 8. Konosato 590 8. Jejima 590 Susanoo is 15th with 588; Pandaazuma is 17th with 587. Salary Summary: 1. Frinkanohana 1029 (or 981); another strong performance boost after Takarafuji paid off big time today. 2. Senkoho 927 (or 879) 3. Susanoo 894 4. Konosato 876 5. ayagawa 849 (or 795) 6. Gibuten 828 6. Kasamastsuri 828 6. Kotononami 828 9. andonishiki 822 10. Nantonoyama 816 Pandaazuma moves up to 14th with 801. Green Mawashenanigans: I didn't intend any jinxing, but my skeptical assessment of Konosato's nakabi Masters lead proved too true very soon. He lost his Toto bout, and therefore gave away about 10 points just in that game. Consequently, we have a change at the leaderboard. For the first time this basho, Asashosakari (62.53) takes the lead. A GTB yusho is already under his belt, and the prospects in Oracle and UDH look quite rosy (he leads both games relatively clearly). Nice scores also in Bench, Norizo Cup, and Quad. Frinkanohana has some rollercoaster ride here. Yesterday, he plummeted from the lead (52.36) to sixth (34.76), and today he jumped back to 55.38 for second place. Yesterday's leader Konosato (55.31) remains in striking distance. Kotononami (46.18) has a strong showing while Pandaazuma (45.50) makes it very clear why he is the Hakuho of sumo gaming (I was the Takamisakari of sumo gaming, by comparison...). Senkoho (40.86) remains in the top-heavy club of six (!) players with 40+ outings. Andonishiki's golden day (congrats for the Odd payday performance) moves him over 30 points (35.01); suwihito also had an excellent showing on Day 9, bringing him to 30.20 points. The Worldies: Bill Gates (that's the name I have given to my Excel program) has already proposed to re-format Da Graph to go up to 350 points - but I trimmed it for now as Pandaazuma has not quite mastered the unmasterable mark of 300 points. But with 292.42 he is getting closer. I will root for him to do the unthinkable. It's almost a pity that we have two other players with more than 200 points who almost go unnoticed among the headlines that the Panda creates. So, hats off to Susanoo (224.42) and Asashosakari (201.64) for giving us a performance that would have been worthy of a World Championship if there wouldn't be our Sumo Gaming otaku. Gurowake in fourth (170.43), Ganzohnesushi in fifth (165.82), Taka in sixth (158.52), and Kitakachiyama in seventh (152.50) are almost equidistant, separated by roundabout 5-7 points, respectively. Another about 5 points below we witness a close encounter of Konosato (147.91) and Choshu-yuki (147.42) for eighth and ninth place. Gonzaburow returns to the Top 10 (130.86), barely eking out compatriot Norizo (130.24). If you prefer graphical novels: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fxs6-5i-yQwg6F8COuBQNtFIU-xdfTJP/view?usp=sharing
  12. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 8: Projected Oracle Top 10: 1. Asashosakari 601 2. Senkoho 597 3. ayagawa 595 4. chishafuwaku 592 5. Konosato 590 5. Frinkanohana 590 7. Kotononami 589 7. suwihito 589 7. Mmikasazuma 589 10. Nantonoyama 588 10. Taka 588 Pandaazuma is 12th with 587; Susanoo is 25th with 581. Potential SCS Top 10 (I still don't know whether fusen-kinboshi give bonuses. Anyone?) 1. Senkoho 858 (could be 810 points if Tamawashi's fusen kinboshi does not count) 2. Frinkanohana 855 (could be 807 points; see above) 3. Susanoo 825 4. ayagawa 777 (could be 723 points; see above) 5. Gibuten 759 5. Kotononami 759 7. Nantonoyama 744 8. Kasamatsuri 732 8. Konosato 732 10. Asashosakari 726 Pandaazuma is 19th with 690. By request of Pandaazuma, here are the UDH Top 10 (provided that I knew how to handle Tamanaogijima's macros properly): 1. Asashosakari 217 2. Kotononami 212 2. Kitsunegari 212 4. Ayagawa 208 5. Hironoumi 204 5. Gonzaburow 204 7. Saruyama 202 8. Shatsume 201 9. Ruziklao 198 10. Rhyen 197 Pandaazuma is 11th with 196; Susanoo is 24th with 185; Konosato is 31st with 180; Frinkanohana is 39th with 172; Senkoho is 40th with 171 Masters Standings: The big winner of the day was Konosato. An also-ran yesterday, he now moves into the top of the Kyushu Masters Standings. He suddenly materialized in the Top 10 of Oracle, had a phenomenal day (from 2 to 10 points) in Tippspiel, and took the lead in Toto. However, that very lead in Toto (over four other players with identical record) puts a small question mark on whether he can stay numero uno for the basho. The Swiss Wizard stands at 60.30 Masters points. Surprisingly, his lead is far from dominating, as nakabi saw just another really big winner, and that's Asashosakari (who morphed from a very solid player to a World Class prediction machine over the last year). The Walking Sumopedia got crucial wins in Bench, Quad, and TTT today. A nice boost in Salarycap Sumo and taking the surprise lead in UDH (Kotononami had a commanding lead until yesterday) moved him up to 59.10 points. Kotononami (46.17) and Senkoho (44.20) were well in the race as of the yesterday, and though they could hold their ground today, the sudden surge by Raymond and Pierre leaves them in the dust for now. Three other players are currently above 30 points: Torafujii (35.00), Frinkanohana (34.76; terrible day for him), and Pandaazuma (32.20). World Championship Standings: Pandaazuma (279.12) leads Susanoo (216.85) in 11 out of 19 games (Susanoo leads in five games, with three ties), so the World Championship is settled, particularly as Susanoo has an awful basho in lots of games. This only leaves the question of whether the Panda can get to 300. He can probably write off Bench, Tippspiel, ISP, Norizo Cup, RotoSumo, and TTT. There are a couple of games where he might be in striking distance of the Top 10 (Fantasy Sumo, Juryo Game, Salarycap Sumo, Oracle, UDH), and he is only one win behind the Top 10 in Quad and Toto. It's very difficult to scratch another 20+ points from this scenario, but who else but Simon could do it? Asashosakari (198.21) suddenly finds himself in super solo third place, leading with almost 20 points in front of his closest pursuer. Gurowake (179.43) currently is in no man's land with a near-20 point gap upward and a near-20 point gap downward. Suddenly, we have a fierce battle about whose face will appear in the top line of the Final Standings Web Page, with an advancing Taka (162.62) overtaking Ganzohnesushi (162.29) for fifth. Further down, a fight for seventh place between Kitakachiyama (153.90) and Konosato (152.90) has ensued. Choshu-yuki (144.78; 9th) currenty dominates the husband-and-wife duel against Norizo (134.26; 10th). Sumo Stock Market Visualization (always buy Pandaazuma shares!): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OBWEOrsyICleFlaIampMVmLL2khVS-fw/view?usp=sharing
  13. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 7: Oracle Projection: 1. Asashosakari 612 2. Senkoho 609 3. chishafuwaku 606 4. ayagawa 603 5. Choshu-yuki 602 5. Frinkanohana 602 Salarycap Estimates: 1. Frinkanohana 762 2. Susanoo 738 3. Senkoho 723 4. ayagawa 678 5. Gibuten 669 5. Kotononami 669 Masters: Some of the more "stable" games were subject to some turmoil today. We still have a four-way race for the Green Mawashi right now, but the list of contestants has slightly changed. Frinkanohana (52.36) has regained the lead by overtaking Kotononami (49.50). Nantonoyama had a terrible day and drops from 3rd to 11th in the standings. He is replaced by an ever-increasing Asashosakari (48.74). Senkoho (47.00) is also up and running. Five other players are north of 30: Konosato (39.79), Choshu-yuki (39.00), Torafujii (35.25), Pandaazuma (32.50), and Gurowake (30.25). World Championships: 300 points might be a little bit too much to be asked for, but with Pandaazuma (279.42) you never really know. Susanoo (213.92) lost more ground. Asashosakari (187.85) stays in 3rd place, but Gurowake (183.93) is also on the rise. Ganzohnesushi (167.98) disengages from the battle for 3rd place right now. Three players are currently vying for sixth place, with Taka (159.72) having the upper hand while Choshu-yuki (156.92) overtook Kitakachiyama (156.50) for seventh place. Norizo (146.87) remains in 9th place while Konosato (132.39) grabs 10th place from Senkoho (128.02). The Squiggle: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gw1RGMlNpF-bngo7j999l3LNLGLDQB7H/view?usp=sharing
  14. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 6: What might happen in Oracle: 1. Asashosakari 607.5 2. Senkoho 606.5 3. chishafuwaku 601.5 4. Kotononami 600.5 4. suwihito 600.5 4. Mmikasazuma 600.5 4. Frinkanohana 600.5 Likely Standings in SCS: 1. Frinkanohana 693 2. Susanoo 654 3. Senkoho 651 4. Kotononami 606 5. Gibuten 585 Kyushu Masters: It's a tight race at the top, with four players currently having a good shot at the Green Mawashi. Kotononami (53.20) re-takes the lead he last held after Day 3. He continues to lead in relatively stable games, viz. Norizo Cup and UDH. He also features strongly in Oracle, Sumo Game, and Salarycap Sumo. Frinkanohana falls back to second place (51.08), leading in Salarycap Sumo and being second in Tippspiel. Nantonoyama (double digits in ISP, Norizo Cup, and RotoSumo for a total of 48.30) and Senkoho (double digits in Juryo Game, Oracle, Quad, and SCS for a total of 47.00) aren't too far behind. Further down the line, we have Asashosakari (40.75), Konosato (34.78), and Choshu-yuki (31.50). Championship Struggles: Pandaazuma (269.92) further improves his score. He is now at 23.00 points for the basho which would cause some rejoicing in mortal gamers, but I could imagine that he is appalled by such a "lousy" score. Susanoo (221.42) manages to close the gap to less than 50 points, but he is even behind the Panda in the Kyushu standings. In the lively battle for third place, Asashosakari remains in third (179.86), while Gurowake (171.93) overtakes Ganzohnesushi (170.56) after the latter lost his lead in Toto. The gap between Taka in sixth (156.52) and Kitakachiyama in seventh (155.17) has narrowed considerably. Choshu-yuki achieves a basho high, and with 149.42 she's not too far behind Taka and Kitakachiyama. At the moment, Norizo (138.86) populates no man's land. In contrast, tenth place is hotly contested right now: Senkoho (128.02) is currently in the spotlight, but Gonzaburow and Konosato are each trailing by less than a point. Some curves: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EnKCHTHC-hVPECatm2O4Eogmo4k3UClV/view?usp=sharing
  15. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Day 5: Oracled Top 5 in Oracle: 1. Asashosakari 619 2. Senkoho 618 3. chishafuwaku 613 4. suwihito 612 5. Frinkanohana 611 Potential Top 5 in Salarycap Sumo: 1. Frinkanohana 606 2. Senkoho 579 3. Kotononami 549 4. Gibuten 528 5. Susanoo 519 Kyushu Masters Race: For the first time this basho, we have the same leader. Though Frinkanohana (54.13) cooled off a bit, he remains up front. He still leads in Salarycap Sumo and shares the lead in Tippspiel, with other notable scores in Oracle, RotoSumo, and TTT. But two players aren't too far behind. One is former frontrunner Kotononami (51.00) who leads in Norizo Cup and UDH. The other is Nantonoyama (49.70) who wasn't even in the 30+ club as of yesterday. The rookie leads in RotoSumo, and is runner-up in ISP and Norizo Cup. Four more players are currently headed for the notable 30 points: Konosato (43.43), Asashosakari (42.62), Senkoho (37.50), and Torafujii (30.00). World Championship Update: All is well for Pandaazuma again (265.04). Not only did he register an upward trend - Susanoo's Day 4 surge was a tempest in a teapot (hey, clever word play) and the Japanese gaming legend fell back to 211.13, about 55 points behind the gaming behemoth. Third place has turned into a 3-way race again, with Asashosakari (181.73) and a clearly improved Ganzohnesushi (177.91) moving up one notch, while Gurowake (174.68) loses two places. Taka in sixth (157.06) has got some company from Kitakachiyama (152.38). Choshu-yuki had a strong day and moves into 8th place, not too far behind the Polish powerhouse (145.59). Konosato (136.03, down from 8th) and Norizo (133.97; down from 9th) round out the top 10. For the first time this basho, quite a gap between 10th and 11th place has materialized, more than 12 points. Da Graph: https://drive.google.com/file/d/116gcR9XUbUjdXuss4IzC4n_WTWjWXn3T/view?usp=sharing