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  1. Hi there, I have a question about proper etiquette when handing out gifts to business partners in Japan. Here is the scenario. We are three people from Germany (all from the same institute), and we will meet up with three Japanese colleagues (all from different institutions). My boss suggested that the three of us Germans could hand out „shared“ gifts (one shared gift per Japanese colleague). I was wondering whether this would be in line with proper etiquette, or whether it is expected that each of us individually hands out three gifts. Any info would be most welcome!
  2. Makushita Game... This is something to tell your children. And your children's children - that once you were so nerdy that you predicted how 3rd-class sumo wrestlers will fare, and that you've been one of the best 25 players in the world in doing so. With three intai, we are down to 21 players right now. So consider checking out/returning! In any case, you are invited to partake in the exciting Kyushu Basho 2018! http://makushita.sumogames.de/
  3. Randomitsuki

    SB Masters Aki and World Championship Standings

    So yeah, the mono-ii was resolved, and there's a sashi-chigae with regard to the winner. I have updated the pages (hit refresh if you still see old data). The new basho report now reads: In a high-scoring basho, six players were getting 40 points or more. In a thrilling duel for the top spot (and after a dramatic mono-ii due to a wrongly scored game), Norizo won this Masters edition with a one point distance over Flohru. Norizo is now the first player to win ten Green Mawashi! In five games he ended up in double digits (including a co-yusho in Fantasy Sumo). The shukun-sho goes to Jejima (his first Masters sansho ever). He won in both Japanese twin games, and had a co-yusho in Fantasy Sumo. The gino-sho goes to Flohru (his third) with great scores in daily games (e.g., a Bench Sumo yusho) and pre-basho games (e.g., a jun-yusho in Ozumo Bingo Game). Flohru also nets the kanto-sho (back-to-back). It's his tenth Fighting Spirit Prize which makes him the first player in history to win ten sansho of a kind. Congratulations to all the winners!
  4. Randomitsuki

    SB Masters Aki and World Championship Standings

    And here are some not so nice news... I know that many of you are looking forward to seeing daily updates of the World Championship during Kyushu Basho. But unfortunately, it is impossible for me to do it this time. I have a talk on November 5, have to organize an international workshop on November 15-16, and during the entire second week of the basho I will be on a business trip (to Japan, of all countries...). There is absolutely zero time for me to do anything sumo-related during the basho. That will not only affect my beloved daily Championship updates, but also MCP Standings for Bench Sumo. If someone is willing to take over during my absence, drop me a note via PM. I can send you some files and/or instructions.
  5. Hi there, results of the Aki 2018 Masters series can be found here. It was a high-scoring basho, what with seven players getting 40 points or more. In a thrilling duel for the top spot, Flohru emerged victorious. It is his fourth career Green Mawashi, and his first in almost nine years! The one-time World Champion won in Bench Sumo and Salarycap Sumo, had double digits in the Japanese twin games, and had some small change in six further games for a great score of almost 75 points. Norizo was runner-up with about 9 points distance. The shukun-sho goes to Jejima (his first Masters sansho ever). He won in both Japanese twin games, and had a co-yusho in Fantasy Sumo. The gino-sho goes to Norizo. He got a co-yusho (Fantasy Sumo) and double digits (UDH) in pre-basho games, but also excelled on the daily scene (double digits in Odd Sumo, Sekitori-Quadrumvirate, and Sekitori-Toto). It's his eighth Technique Prize, setting a new record in this category. With eight records in the Top 10, Susanoo receives the kanto-sho. Interestingly, after six Green Mawashi and 10 other sansho it's his first Fighting Spirit Prize! Congratulations to all the winners! Also updated: the World Championship Standings. We already have 15 players in triple digits! That's impressive. Pandaazuma continues to lead, but Norizo and Susanoo have outside chances of winning the World Championship 2018.
  6. Randomitsuki

    Happy Birthday, Asashosakari!

    All said and set, he owns spectacularly accomplished knowledge about rikishi interaction. Happy birthday!
  7. Randomitsuki

    Makushita Game Aki 2018

    Here is how senshuraku unfolded in Makushita Game: 1) Aozora defeated Ichiki which gave a serious, but non-mortal blow to the yusho hopes of Ayagawa, kuroimori, Torafujii, and Holleshoryu 2) Hokaho defeated Chiyonokatsu. Asashosakari moved up to 10.25 points, and Andoreasu took second place. Game over for chishafuwaku as he could at best reach (and lose) a kettei-sen against Asashosakari. 3) Nishikifuji defeated Hamayutaka. Another one for Andoreasu who defends second place. Ayagawa moved up into sole third place. 4) Bushozan defeated Kiseoka. As Asashosakari had Bushozan, lots of contenders dropped out of the yusho race, with only Asashosakari (10.5; two open slots) and Ayagawa (9.5; two open slots) remaining. 5) Kotodaigo defeated Satoyama. And another one for Asashosakari who was unbeatable at this point. In the end, Aki Basho was one for the MsGame bigwigs. Congrats to kadoban-Ozeki Asashosakari for the yusho! Sole runner-up was kadoban-Ozeki Andoreasu. Third place was tied between Yokozuna kuroimori and chishafuwaku. The final records of all players are indicated in the WP column of the final table. Round up in case of half-points. This means a last-minute kachi-koshi for shimodahito. All Ozeki are in the clear. The sansho: Shukun-sho: Ayagawa (for picking Toyonoshima and Tsushimanada) Kanto-sho: Ayagawa, Pepoetse (61 wins) Gino-sho: Holleshoryu (17.19 points; e.g. 3 points for Takakento and Okinofuji). Thanks for playing, and I hope to see you next time! Final Standings
  8. Randomitsuki

    Makushita Game Aki 2018

    Day 14: Ozeki Asashosakari still sports a half-point lead over the rest of the field, most notably over Ayagawa and Yokozuna kuroimori. The top 7 players (also Torafujii, chishafuwaku, Andoreasu, and Holleshoryu) all have mathematical chances for the yusho. Therefore, the final results will rest on eight crucial bouts tomorrow. 1) Aozora vs. Ichiki (Ayagawa, kuroimori, Torafujii, Holleshoryu) 2) Hokaho (Asashosakari, Andoreasu) vs. Chiyonokatsu 3) Nishikifuji (Ayagawa, chishafuwaku, Andoreasu) vs. Hamayutaka 4) Kiseoka (Holleshoryu) vs. Bushozan (Asashosakari) 5) Kotodaigo (Asashosakari) vs. Satoyama 6) Akinohana (Holleshoryu) vs. Wakamotoharu (Asashosakari, kuroimori, Andoreasu) 7) Tomisakae vs. Kotokamatani (Ayagawa, Torafujii, Holleshoryu) 8) Sokokurai (Ayagawa, Torafujii, Holleshoryu) vs. Sagatsukasa Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Ayagawa (for picking Toyonoshima and Tsushimanada). The prize might go to Andrasoyamawaka if he managed to straddle the KK line. Kanto-sho: Ayagawa, Torafujii (60 wins) Gino-sho: Holleshoryu (17.19 points; e.g. 3 points for picking Takakento and Okinofuji).
  9. Randomitsuki

    Makushita Game Aki 2018

    Day 10: Jinx completed. Ozeki Asashosakari has now lost his lead, but is still tied points-wise with new leader Chishafuwaku. Torafujii and Ayagawa trail by only half a point, so everything is open for grabs. Meanwhile, kadoban Ozeki Andoreasu had by far the strongest showing among all players in the last two days, and all of a sudden he finds himself deep in KK territory. Current sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Andrasoyamawaka (for picking Gokushindo) Kanto-sho: Torafujii, Ayagawa, and Andrasoyamawaka (46 wins) Gino-sho: Holleshoryu (11.05 points; e.g. 2 points apiece for Akinohana and Okinofuji)
  10. Randomitsuki

    Makushita Game Aki 2018

    Standings after Day 8: Ozeki Asashosakari looks to be in great shape and is at the top the standings with quite some leading margin (a full point to second place, 1.5 win points to third place). Best way to counter kadoban status. Speaking of kadoban, Ozeki Andoreasu has still some work to do as he currently is below the KK line again. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Ayagawa (for picking Toyonoshima and Tsushimanada) Kanto-sho: Andrasoyamawaka (40 wins) Gino-sho: shimodahito (10.96 points; mostly fueled by being the only player to pick 4-0 Nogami for 4.00 full points).
  11. Randomitsuki

    Pandaazuma Happy Birthday

    Two score and eight years ago, the Abraham Lincoln of sumo gaming materialized on this planet. Congrats to that, and may your lodgings always be big enough to store all those World Championship Trophys of past, present, and future!
  12. Randomitsuki

    Aki 2018 Superbanzuke Ranking

    Fresh off the press: the Aki Superbanzuke Ranking! Pandaazuma stays safely on top while Flohru moved to Y1w, his first appearance in the top rank since Hatsu 2017. Konosato returns to Ozeki (and even to O1e) after toiling three basho in lower sanyaku. Susanoo, Taka, and ScreechingOwl round out the Ozeki ranks. Ganzohnesushi, Gurowake, Norizo, and Kitakachiyama assemble the lower sanyaku. Andonishiki has developed into a really formidable sumo gamer over the last two years. Following up on a career-high M2 in Nagoya, he advances to M1 for the first time ever. He also improved his points record by almost 500 points, crossing 3500 with ease. Metzinowaka continues his 16-year quest for reaching the upper echelons. After achieving a career-high M3 in Nagoya he moved up to M2 this time, eclipsing 3500 points in the process. Bill moves up into a career-high M3, a rank he held twice before (Haru 2016, and Aki 2017). Achiyama had an excellent showing in Nagoya, and this shows on the Superbanzuke. He improved his highest career rank from M9 to M6. After straddling 2000 points in Nagoya, he now mastered 2500 points. Sebunshu improved his highest career rank from M12 to M10, jumping over 2000 points for the first time ever. Tenshinhan and Torafujii returned to Makuuchi, while Oshirokita and Kotononami dropped to Juryo. Speaking of Juryo, we had new career highs for Gawasukotto (J3), Andrasoyamawaka (J5), and Sengyoumi (J8).
  13. Randomitsuki

    Makushita Game Aki 2018

    Hi there, why shouldn't you ponder taking part in the wonderful and exciting Makushita Game? Endless joy is awaiting you! I have even compiled a banzuke for this game and just sent it to Doitsuyama who has automated the game. Ozeki Flohru had such a string of great results throughout 2018 that I am contemplating to promote him to Yokozuna with another excellent score. Ozeki Andoreasu and Asashosakari should better achieve a kachi-koshi as they are kadoban after the harsh scoring regime of Nagoya Basho. And for the first time in ages, we have a relatively neat sanyaku with 1 Yokozuna, 3 Ozeki, 2 Sekiwake, and 2 Komusubi. What are you waiting for? Join the fun immediately! Please.
  14. Last Movie Seen: Wolf Children (6/10)

  15. Last Movie Seen: The Lobster (7/10)