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  1. Randomitsuki

    A Wrestling question for you

    Wikipedia says on this topic: Historians are unsure at what point wrestling changed from competitive catch wrestling into worked entertainment. However, documented accounts do exist: WWE Superstar Bret "Hitman" Hart recalls "a long and fascinating talk" he had in the summer of 1981 with the great Lou Thesz who told him that:
  2. Randomitsuki

    The History of the Best Rikishi of All Times (Video)

    I am no data scientist, and I must admit that I never heard of Trueskill or WHR before you mentioned it. I noticed that when Takanohana did not fight for almost a year in 2001/02, your graph showed a decline in ratings. But that makes perfect sense when your algorithm also takes the future into account. When I was hooked on Elo (until around 2017), I did it mainly to be good in sumo games, and there you have to work with the data of the past. But again, your perspective is super-interesting to me and I definitely appreciate the effort. The „problem“ with all these approaches is that they all have some face validity. In order to assess how accurately they depict reality, you would need them for predictive purposes. Did you check whether the variant you have chosen was superior to other approaches, e.g., using a different k factor?
  3. Randomitsuki

    The History of the Best Rikishi of All Times (Video)

    Wow, this is incredibly good stuff, especially on the visualization end! Some people on the forum have worked with Elo-type data for rikishi (Doitsuyama, Gurowake, and myself included). I will definitely have a look at my old data and will compare them to yours. It would be interesting to know more about your approach. In particular, I was curious about the machine learning part. If I had the skills for that, an ML approach would be something I would have tried for years. One thing I noticed is that the average ratings have gone up quite substantially over the last 100+ years. Of course, one could make the case that sumo wrestlers are much better now than before, but it could also be a statistical artifact of ratings inflation which plagues so many Elo-type approaches.
  4. Randomitsuki

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    I sure hope you'll have a nice one!
  5. Randomitsuki

    Search help: Ballet dancer's rikishi grandfather?

    Could be this guy for whom there is also a page on Japanese Wikipedia.
  6. Randomitsuki

    Corona and sumo

    It took a single moderator coming out of sumo hiatus, and two hours of time. I kicked out everything that I believe only to be of tangential relation to sumo. I might have made some questionable judgments, but with 800+ posts things like that can happen. There's now an off-topic thread for that, called "General Corona Banter". Please try to have your discussions about Covid numbers, other sports, and particularly about Sweden over there. Thank you.
  7. Randomitsuki

    GTB Natsu 2020- 106 entries and results!

    I found your name in the standings though unfortunately you‘ll have to scroll a little...
  8. Randomitsuki

    Haru 2020 Superbanzuke Masters Series Results

    This might be true. But tell this to the 300+ players this basho whose gino-sho score was even lousier...
  9. Randomitsuki

    Name it - The Day After...

    Many of you are probably aware of the concept mono no aware. It could be roughly described as being both sad and fond of how things change over time. As you brought up the notion of sadness yourself, I humbly (and in jest) sujest: Sumono no aware; or Mono-ii no aware
  10. Hiya! All SB game results are now in, so the results for our bimonthly Green Mawashi race are fresh off the press. The basho without audience was hotly contested in the sumo gaming scene with four players scoring north of 40 Masters points. In the end, Norizo (55.19) barely managed to hold the upper hand over closest pursuer Kishikaisei (53.50). That's the eleventh Green Mawashi for the Japanese gaming legend, one short of Pandaazuma's current mark. Norizo won Ozumo Bingo Game and finished among the Top 3 in Hoshitori Game.Kishikaisei receives his first ever Masters sansho, the shukun-sho for finishing second overall and being the strongest player with two yusho under his belt (in both the regular and the upside down Hoshitori Game).Ganzohnesushi gets his second career gino-sho for balanced scoring in daily games (e.g., a jun-yusho in Sumo Game) and pre-basho games (e.g., 7 points in Juryo Game).Finally, Flohru enlarged his increadible collection of kanto-sho for scoring in eight different games. It's already his eleventh(!) Fighting Spirit Prize, a new record for Masters sansho.Congratulations to all the winners! Full results Also updated were the standings for the World Championship. Norizo jumped into the top spot in front of Kishikaisei. Hatsu winner Jejima falls back to third place.
  11. Randomitsuki

    Name it - The Day After...

    You mean something along those lines of Zetigeist, Weltschmerz, and Schadenfreude which made it into international lingo? How about the nice (and rather unique, I believe) German word "Durststrecke" (the literal tranlsation would be something like a "passage of thirst").
  12. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game Haru 2020

    Final standings: The MsGame yusho was almost decided by Day 12 which would have set an all-time record. However, it took Asapedroryu one more day to seal the deal and achieve one of the most decisive yusho wins in the history of this game with a rare 14-1 record. Jun-yusho honors go to Ozeki Asashosakari with an 11-4 record. Speaking of records, with an average of 7.65 win points we were very close to the sweet spot, so no adjustments are necessary - just look at the rightmost column of the results page to see how you fared. The Sekiwake duet of Tenshinhan and Andrasoyamawaka both were up for Ozeki promotion. Tenshinhan cut the requirements with ease, having a triplet of 12-3, 11-4, and 9-6 (all as Sekiwake). Andrasoyamawaka missed out on the 31 win requirement over three basho, but should get the nod if the scores double digits in his next tournament. Yusho winner Asapedroryu also receives the shukun-sho (for picking 7-0 Nishikifuji and 6-1 Asabenkei) and the kanto-sho (71 wins). The gino-sho goes to Shatsume whose 26.02 gino-sho score outdid everybody else with ease (the tricky thing for Shatsume was to straddle the KK line which he did). He was the only player to pick 5-2 Okinofuji, the only player to pick 4-3 Kizenryu, and the only player to pick 4-3 Kotohayato. Omedetou! That's it for Haru Basho - I am happy for having so many players this time around, and of course I hope that you'll consider returning in May! Thanks for reading.
  13. Randomitsuki

    Coronavirus in China

    Not to tread into political waters, but for a general assessment of the quality of this Website,: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-duran/
  14. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game Haru 2020

    Standings after Day 10: Asapedroryu has been in command over the last few days, sporting a noticeable leading margin in front of Yokozuna Andoreasu. Other player near the top will need some extra oomph in their final two rounds of bouts. Standings are incredibly lop-sided with almost all players in the upper half on the banzuke aiming for kachi-koshi, and almost all players in the lower half aiming for make-koshi. (Almost) needless to say, the Yokozuna as well as all three Ozeki flock together near the very top of the standings. To see your current win/loss estimate, add 1.5 points to your win point column and round down half-points. That being said, that dreaded line currently runs between Ariakenoumi and Pepoetse. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Asapedroryu (for picking 5-0 Nishikifuji and 4-1 Asabenkei) Kanto-sho: Asapedroryu (49 wins) Gino-sho: Pandaazuma (11.89 points; 4 points coming from being the only player to pick 4-1 Kagamio)
  15. Randomitsuki

    Invitation for Makushita Game Haru 2020

    Standings after Day 6: First of all, thanks for the great player turnout - it's been a long while since we've had 30 players. A special welcome to our new players as well! After 6 days of Makushita action, average scores are pretty low in terms of points and pretty low in terms of variability. In other words, many things could change in the ensuing days. As of now, freshly minted Ozeki Kobashi leads, followed by returning player Oskanohana and Yokozuna Andoreasu. The top players look very much like having a top basho. Only 13 out of 30 players are in KK territory for now, but seven out of eight participating sanyaku players are above that magic line. Sansho standings: Shukun-sho: Asapedroryu (for picking 3-0 Asabenkei). Kanto-sho: Oskanohana I, Asapedroryu (30 wins) Gino-sho: Pandaazuma (7.65 points; mostly for being the only player to pick 3-0 veteran Kagamio)