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  1. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Masters November 2020 and World Championship

    That is correct. But you won in January and had decent scores in March, July, and September.
  2. Randomitsuki

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The SumoDB is not a commercial site. Nobody pays for this valuable information, and it is maintained for many years by a devoted sumo fan at zero personal benefit. Against this background, I find it somewhat irritating if people demand that this person should do this or that. As for the photos: these were all personally taken by another incredibly dedicated sumo fan who unfortunately doesn‘t provide this service any longer. And unless Doitsuyama doesn‘t want to run into copyright issues by using photos from existing Websites, no easy solution is at hand.
  3. Hi there, The Superbanzuke pages have been updated. You can find the results of the Superbanzuke Masters Series November 2020 here. And you can find the Final Results of the 2020 Sumo Games World Championship here.
  4. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    I just noticed that my manual Final Standings in Hoshitori Game were slightly off. There are no huge implications for any of the reported standings above, except for one thing: as Andoreasu had a better result in Hoshitori Game than I manually calculated, he overtook Jejima in the yearly standings, thus becoming Hoshitori Game World Champion of 2020. I hope to start with the dreaded Final Standings Web page this weeked...
  5. Randomitsuki

    Games Bugs

    The glitch in Hoshitori Standings was taken care of by Doitsuyama, so the results are now final.
  6. Randomitsuki

    Games Bugs

    That's an interesting point - the yusho bonus points appear on the individual page sheets, but aren't integrated in the Final Standings. I will inform Doitsuyama about it.
  7. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Senshuraku: In Bench Sumo Makuuchi, we had an exciting finale with Pitinosato and chishafuwaku both at 12-2 and going mano a mano (hats off to the torikumi maker). It was a lop-sided match, with chishafuwaku having the upper hand. There was another bout with important implications: with his convincing final win, toonoryu finished 11-4 and overtook Sakura in Bench Masters points, thus becoming the Bench Sumo World Champion 2020! Chaingang was decided a few days ago after a protracted battle between Andoreasu and Choshu-yuki which the former won. The Chaingang World Championship is tied between Gonzaburow and RaeucherLax. Coming into senshuraku, we had a couple tied for the Tippspiel lead (Gernobono and Tsunamiko). In the end, Gernobono had the upper hand. All this could not change the fact that Terarno is our Tippspiel World Champion 2020. GTB was won by Pandaazuma, setting the stage for a thrilling World Championship finale that was not meant to be. Seki Haruaki is World Champion here. I hope that my manual Hoshitori Game computations are correct. If they are, Kakushoyama managed to overtake Nantonoyama and Asashosakari on senshuraku, thus winning the yusho (with Asashosakari in 2nd and Oyama in 3rd). The World Championship goes to Jejima. In ISP, we had an exciting finale between Chankoyama and Mmikasazuma, with the Japanese lady having the upper hand over the Hungarian lady over most of the basho. However, on senshuraku Mmikasazuma turned the tables and scored an incredible 14-1 yusho! The ISP World Championship goes to Tafano. In Juryo Game, we had a trio up for the lead after Day 14. However, neither Golynohana, nor chishafuwaku, nor Nantonoyama emerged victorious as Chelseayama grabbed the come-from-behind yusho (okuri-yusho?) on senshuraku! Susanoo won the Juryo Game World Championship 2020 with ease. The Norizo Cup yusho went to Anjoboshi who clearly led the field over the last days. However, lots of weird things happened lower in the points on senshuraku. The World Championship goes to Hironoumi. As I said yesterday, Odd Sumo is the game where nothing happens, but anything can happen. And indeed, on senshuraku two players bested the score of long-time leader Oshirokita. Oskanohana overtook him, but Gernobono was even better, winning his second yusho this basho and suddenly looking like a candidate for the Green Mawashi (he wasn't even in my detailed candidates list yesterday). More than just a small consolation: Oskanohana easily became Odd Sumo World Champion. The Ozumo Bingo Game yusho goes to a player called hero. The long-time leader fuurinkazan could barely hold him- or herself in the Top 10. And the World Champion for this game is Unkonoyama. In Paper Oyakata, Andoreasu stayed atop the standings. With his fourth yusho in 2020 gaming, he also secures the yearly shukun-sho, much to the dismay of Kitakachiyama. As it seems, we have two World Champions here, as Andoreasu and Jejima have identical scores. RotoSumo saw the yusho from Kyoju which already was on the horizon for longer stretches of the basho. Although she dropped out the Top 10 on senshuraku, Choshu-yuki is the RotoSumo World Champion of 2020. I don't know if it is ok to potentially spoil the SCS yusho, and it could also be that my computations weren't correct. But anyway, the yusho likely goes to Achiyama here. Susanoo is the new SCS World Champion. Sekitori-Oracle was the expected madness. In the end, Andrasoyamawaka won the yusho while yesterday's co-leaders Kaito and Oortael dropped to 3rd and 8th, respectively. Nonetheless, Kaito is the new Oracle World Champion here. In Sekitori-Quadrumvirate, most of the top players lost on senshuraku, so Jakusotsu kept the upper hand over Kashunowaka (both at impressive 12-3 scores). Flohru finished 3rd in November, but even without that he would probably have been World Champion in this game. Chankoyama, Choshu-yuki, and Metzinowaka were the leading trio in Sekitori-Toto after Day 14 (11-3). But while Chankoyama and Metzinowaka got only 13 correct predictions on senshuraku, Choshu-yuki had 18 correct predictions for a win that also gave her the yusho. Her husband Norizo easily won the World Championship in this game. In the Makuuchi section of Sumo Game, we had a relatively low-scoring trio at the top. But while the points leader of this trio (Natsunoyama) lost against co-leader Yumezukuri and the third contestant won, we only have two players at the top: Yumezukuri and Bolo. To top that off, both had the same overall points score (99). So if I am not mistaken, the yusho was decided by their head-to-head bout which Bolo won on Day 9! Thus, the yusho was decided both on senshuraku and six days ago! Take that, logicians! The World Championship by Kibooyama was not endangered by these shenanigans. TTT also had an exciting finish. The three leaders (Kashunowaka, andonishiki, Chelseayama) all lost on senshuraku, and one of the pursuers did not only win on the last day, but took the yusho to boot. Hats off to Joaoiyama for achieving this feat. In an extremely low-scoring race for the World Championship, Flohru's tie for 5th place in November gave him the title for the year. Finally, Obana easily won UDH where he was leading through large parts of the basho. And the UDH World Champion is: Sakura. How does all this add up for the November Masters? Choshu-yuki had a mixed bag on senshuraku, lost a little, but remained in 5th place with 34.85 points. Kyoju had an excellent senshuraku, gaining more than 5 points. Alas, 39.33 total points only moved him from 8th to 4th in Final Standings. As already mentioned, Gernobono grabbed one and a half surprise yusho on senshuraku (and crucially won in Toto). With flat 40 points he ended up 3rd overall (up from 15th yesterday). Andoreasu had a strong senshuraku and improved by another five points. And yet, his 45.47 Masters score was not enough to get the Green Mawashi. The reason for this is that one player really outdid himself on senshuraku. Not only did he get a decisive win in Bench, he also made a giant leap in Oracle, and entered the Top 10 in Norizo Cup and SCS (and we are not talking about small change here). So, in the end it looks as if we have a very clear winner with a very decent 56.00 Masters points - congratulations to chishafuwaku. I haven't updated my files in a while, but I believe it to be his second Green Mawashi! And here are the sansho winners for November: Shukun-sho: Andoreasu (for finishing second overall, and winning two yusho). Kanto-sho: Andoreasu (8 games in the points). Gino-sho: Andoreasu (a yusho in the daily Chaingang and the pre-basho game Paper Oyakat did the trick). Now that's what I call a sweep. From the November sansho let's move over to the 2020 sansho winners. As mentioned above, Andoreasu also gets the yearly shukun-sho with four yushos. Tough luck for Kitakachiyama (also 4 yushos, but lower in the standings). Pandaazuma dropped out of the Top 10 in one game on senshuraku, but his closest pursuer Norizo also dropped out the of the Top 10 in one game. So the kanto-sho goes to the Panda (28 Top 10 scores). The gino-sho easily goes to Norizo who had almost equal scores in Daily Games and Prebasho-Games. Which leads me to the category Championships for 2020: I already mentioned that Flohru is the Daily Games World Champion, and he finishes with 100+ points in this category. However, we had a whopper of a surprise in Pre-Basho Games. Norizo completely dropped out of the Top 10 in Norizo Cup and lost some points in UDH to finish with only 92.83 points. That should have been easy going for Jejima, then. Except that it wasn't! One player added almost 20 points on senshuraku to his pre-basho tally - about 6 points apiece in Juryo Game, SCS, and Oracle, and also 2.5 points in Norizo Cup. So, in the end the pre-basho gaming World Champion of 2020 is Kitakachiyama who beat Jejima by only 1.10 Masters points! Onto the Final Standings: Golynohana had a miserable senshuraku and barely managed to survive on the chart, albeit in 14th place only. Choshu-yuki was a top contender for the Green Mawashi but slowly faltered over the last 4 days, ending up in 13th place for the year. Unkonoyama had an altogether forgettable basho (3.43 points) which leads to 12th place. Kaito lost some serious points on senshuraku, so he is the unlucky first whose avatar will NOT be displayed on the Final Standings Web page. Maybe next year, the Oracle WC title looks promising already! On senshuraku, we had a very late entry - not only onto the chart, but directly into the Top 10. Of course, this is no other than November Masters winner chishafuwaku! Ninth place goes to Kyoju who had a very nice upward trajectory over the last few days. Susanoo finished 8th, and he had the most volatile course through the basho. At times looking like being capable of winning the Championship, he collapsed on the home stretch and lost more than 15 points and four places on senshuraku... I said that Flohru will finish in 7th place, and he did (though it went different from what I thought - he overtook plummeting Susanoo but was overtaken himself), by... Kitakachiyama whose marvelous finish on senshuraku heaved him into 6th place overall. The battle for 4th place wasn't really a battle - if you look at the November scores of the two contestants. With 0.07 Masters points, Kishikaisei finished 4th in front of Jejima (0.00 this basho). Pandaazuma will lick his wounds in 3rd place, but even the best player on the planet cannot always win. I hope to see him attack again next year! Andoreasu will finish 2nd for the year, and must take some consolation in the fact that he was the only player who at one time during the basho was a scare for our World Champion: Norizo. His November performance was terrible (2.50), but his performance in the preceding bashos was terrific. Though in the end he clearly missed out on the 200 points mark, he is the well-deserved Sumo Gaming World Champion of 2020! Congratulations! Some of the aforementioned results might be provisional, as they are based on potentially erroneous computations on my end. I will also await for Final Standings before I will even begin to create the 2020 Web page (a notorious pain in the a** for me). Good gaming in 2021, and enjoy the rest of the year!
  8. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Excellent points you make there. I missed that Terunofuji has the jun-yusho already secured. Furthermore, I realized that I copied the win-loss records from SumoDB shortly after musubi-no-ichiban, and found out that the scores I pulled did not match with the actual scores. That being said, both my SCS and my Oracle projections were off. The corrected current Top 10 in SCS are: Achiyama (1941), Oortael (1824), Kitakachiyama (1764), Frinkanohana & Shatsume (1722), chishafuwaku (1702), Kaito (1688), Kajiyanosho (1674), Yamiumi (1641), and andonishiki (1626). As for Oracle, my projections simply assume that all active rikishi will win exactly 50% of their remaining bouts. This gives a better impression than the official standings already in the early stages of the basho. Of course, with such close points scores, the game is volatile until the very end. That being said, the corrected Oracle Top 10 projection now confirm your stats, Kaito: Kaito & Oortael (536.5), chishafuwaku (535.5), pandaazuma, Kishikaisei, Choshu-yuki, Andrasoyamawaka & Bill (533.5), Kashunowaka & Kitakachiyama (532.5). As for those being in the Masters race: Andoreasu, Golynohana, and Frinkanohana trail by 2, Susanoo trails by 3.
  9. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Day 14: November Masters: Oh boy, this must be one of the tightest races ever for the Green Mawashi. Going into senshuraku, there are at least 13 players who have a good shot at the Green Mawashi! Here's the breakdown. Andoreasu currently leads at 40.46 points. He has 6 games in the points, with 2 more games in points range. Crucial for him could be wins in Bench and TTT to solidify his situation. Oracle will also be important (currently 10th in my projection). He might enter the UDH Top 10, and isn't too far behind from the Top 10 in Odd (but usually plays too risk-averse for this to happen). Frinkanohana gained some steam and sits at 39.46 points, less than a point behind Andoreasu. He has 5 games in the points, but six more in waiting! That of course means a lot of potential for improvement. If I only looked at official standings, Frinkanohana would even lead the race right now as he is listed 1st in SCS. However, I already applied a jun-yusho bonus for Takakeisho which moves Frinkanohana to 3rd place in that game. Many of his current points look solid, and no other contender has six games within points range. That makes him a very strong candidate for the Green Mawashi, but he needs an excellent senshuraku. 3rd place currently goes to chishafuwaku with 38.08 points. He has four games in the points, and four more with potential. Tomorrow will be a real rollercoaster. He is in extremely exciting yusho races in Bench (with Pitinosato) and Juryo Game (currently in the tied lead, but with lots of competitors behind him). Having four more games with points potential might not be as reassuring as it sound, as many of them are borderline cases (24 points deficit in Hoshitori, 30 points in Norizo Cup, about 14 points in Odd Sumo, 54 points in SCS). Currently in 4th we have Susanoo (36.61). He has a record 7 games in the points, and three more with potential. Seven games in the points could mean a lot of upward (or downward) potential on senshuraku. Most will depend on the daily games for him. Wins in Bench, Toto, Sumo Game, and TTT could lead to massive increase in points (though losses could just have the opposite effect). In 5th place I have yesterday's leader, Choshu-yuki (36.25). She has 5 games with revenue, and looking for three more. Maybe winning the Toto yusho (currently tied with two others at 11-3) could be decisive in her favor, as well as entering the Top 10 in Hoshitori Game and UDH. In 6th place there is Chankoyama (34.67). Like Choshu-yuki, her performance should be lauded as she plays only a few games. In terms of winning the Green Mawashi, this could be her undoing. She leads in ISP and Toto, so she would only have points to lose there. However, a win in Sumo Game could improve her points score considerably. Playing only 8 Superbanzuke games, Chankoyama only has one more game left from which to score. That would be in TTT, but could only happen when she wins tomorrow while most others would lose. Kashunowaka currently sits in 7th place with 34.25 points. He has 3 games in the points: TTT at peak performance, a tie for the lead in Quad (behind Jakusotsu) and a 2 points deficit to win Oracle (in my projection). However, apart from that he only has one ace up his sleeve, and like for most others, it's Odd Sumo (the game where nothing happens, but always anything could happen...). He trails the Top 10 there by 7 points. 8th place has Kyoju at 33.98 points. He has six open games in the points (only Susanoo has more at seven). This means high volatility (upward or downward). Winning ISP, Quad, Toto, and TTT could pay off big time tomorrow for him. I have Anjoboshi in 9th place (33.75 points; four games in the points, three more in waiting). Getting a win in Toto, and minor improvements in the Japanese twin games could be quite favorable for him. Golynohana is in 10th place right now (31.43), with five games in the points, and potential for three more. A good Tippspiel score as well as improving in the super-volatile Oracle standings (currently tied for 7th) could make much difference. However, for him to have a chance it would be paramount to stay atop in Juryo Game (which is far from decided yet). Nantonoyama sneaked into 11th place today, thanks to a massive improvement in Hoshitori Game (from 11th to 2nd). At 30.93 points, he is less than 10 points away from the lead. Nantonoyama has only three games in the points and one game on the line. In order to add those 10 missing points, he would need a successful Odd gamble, and a magnificent senshuraku in Tippspiel (he trails the Top 10 by a single point there). Pandaazuma has dropped to 12th place in the standings, but at 29.58 points, he only has 12 points to overcome. The Panda has only two open games in the points (Bench at 9-5 and Oracle in 3rd place). Winning in the first and yushoing in the second might not be enough. However, there are (in principle) five more games in the shadows - he trails Tippspiel by a point, Norizo Cup by 30 points, SCS by 18 points, and there are very outside chances in Odd and TTT). I have only covered the Top 13 - they are in 15 points distance to the current leader - so my final entry is for Asashosakari (26.71 points). He has four games in the points, and four other games with chances of getting into the points. Wins in Quad and TTT would be the minimum to clear the difference, and overtaking Andoreasu for a Paper Oyakata yusho would also be most welcome. As this might not be enough, he might also need to enter the Top 10 in more games (Juryo Game might be the most promising opportunity here). If the basho were over now, Andoreasu would get the Green Mawashi, chishafuwaku would get the shukun-sho, Susanoo would receive the kanto-sho and gino-sho. Whew, that's going to be a nail-biter! I am really excited about how all this plays out! Now, after this lengthy report, see someone from outside of the Top 13 get the Green Mawashi! World Championship: No player on the chart lost more today than Norizo, so he will need another attempt to clear the 200 points mark. Andoreasu and Pandaazuma will fight for 2nd place overall. The 3-way race between Susanoo, Kishikaisei, and Jejima for 4th place is still as hot as yesterday. Flohru remains in 7th place, and while it's unlikely that he will drop, he might even have an outside chance to move up. Kaito had the best daily performance on the chart, so he suddenly moved up from 13th to 8th place! Great performance, but Kyoju, Unkonoyama, Kitakachiyama, Golynohana, and Choshu-yuki are in hot pursuit. With Norizo's lost points in Norizo Cup and UDH today, Jejima re-gained the lead in pre-basho gaming (107.50 vs. 103.33 points). In contrast, I believe that Flohru has now secured the highly prestigious World Championship for daily gaming. It would be interesting if the World Champion did win in neither of the two gaming categories, a thing that didn't happen since Fujisan's title in 2009. In the yearly shukun-sho standings, Andoreasu has taken the lead from Kitakachiyama, but this will only hold if Andoreasu manages to stay atop in Paper Oyakata (where he is leading by only a single point). The kanto-sho is also in contention between Pandaazuma (29 Top 10 scores), Norizo (28), Susanoo (27), and Andoreasu (26). The only yearly sansho which is safe is the gino-sho for Norizo.
  10. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Day 13: November Masters: Frinkanohana's meltdown continued on this day - with less velocity (loss of 6.5 points today), but larger consequences (dropping from 1st to 5th in the November standings). In fact, right now it looks like we might get one of the lowest Masters scores in history, as no player really was consistently good across the games. The flip side of this development is that a large group of players might win the Green Mawashi. Momentarily, Choshu-yuki (42.83) has a 5 points lead over the rest of the field. But look at how close the rest of the field is: chishafuwaku has 37.58 points, Anjoboshi 37.50, Kyoju 35.66, Frinkanohana 35.61, Andoreasu 35.19, Asashosakari 34.75, Susanoo 33.58, Chankoyama 31.88. Current sansho leaders are Kyoju for the shukun-sho (leading in Tippspiel and RotoSumo), and Susanoo for the kanto-sho (seven games in the points) and gino-sho. World Championship: Norizo straddled the 200 points line as he moved into jun-yusho positions in both Norizo Cup and UDH. Andoreasu (148.17) and Pandaazuma (148.13) are virtually tied for 2nd place. Susanoo recuperated from his slump and joins the battle for 4th place (with Kishikaisei and Jejima). Flohru had an upward trend and is sitting firmly in 7th place. Kitakachiyama overtook Unkonoyama to grab 8th place. The Top 10 are rounded out by Kyoju, but Choshu-yuki, Golynahana and Kaito are on his heels. There were no notable changes in the yearly sansho standings. But we saw some interesting movements in the yearly standings for the two basic gaming categories. In pre-basho games, Jejima had a steep drop in Juryo Game (losing 6.6 points) while Norizo added 4 points to his tally in UDH. As a consequence, the new World Champion has taken the lead over Jejima (113.33 vs. 107.50). In daily games, Flohru had a very decisive win in Quad today (an increase of almost 5 points) and now has a decisive lead over Norizo (100.27 vs. 89.42 points).
  11. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Day 12: First of all, I must admit that I feel slightly embarrassed by yesterday's obvious, but successful attempt at fishing for compliments. In any case, thanks for the kind words of encouragement that were sent to me via PM or in this thread. It felt good, and invigorated me enough to lead you through the last four days of the basho. :) Let's start with the November Masters: That was a serious case of "Jinx the Frink" yesterday. Poor Frinkanohana lost more than 22 points today, and his solid lead in the basho melted like snow in the desert. Alas, at 43.14 Masters points he still has a small leading margin over the rest of the field. All of a sudden, we have a basho without standout performances. On the plus side, this means that many players can still nourish some hopes of winning the Green Mawashi. Obvious contenders besides Frinkanohana are Choshu-yuki (41.50) and Andoreasu (39.13). But there are plenty of other players in 30+ territory, and some of them are really firing on all cylinders. Watch out for Asashosakari (34.14), the inevitable, but conspicuously silent Pandaazuma (34.00), Anjoboshi (33.10), Susanoo (31.54), chishafuwaku (31.50), and Chankoyama (30.13), just to name those with 30+ points at the moment. Right now, sansho would go to Asashosakari (shukun-sho for 2 yusho), Pandaazuma (for having the most Top 10 performance, a record-setting low 6 scores), and Choshu-yuki (gino-sho). In the World Championship, newly and/or nearly crowned champion Norizo might still have a good chance at breaking the 200 points line. An ever-improving Pandaazuma overtook Andoreasu for second place, but the battle is still undecided. Even closer is the fight for fourth place between Jejima and Kishikaisei (who suddenly popped up near the top in my Oracle projections), with the British player having a tiny edge over the Portuguese. Susanoo, Flohru, Unkonoyama, Kitakachiyama, and Choshu-yuki currently comprise the lower half of the final leaderboard. However, Kaito, Golynohana, Kyoju, and new arrival Oshirokita also have a decent opportunity to see their beautiful noggins on the Winner's page. What about the minor trophies? The 2020 shukun-sho would currently go to Kitakachiyama with 4 yushos. But Andoreasu could still overtake him. The kanto-sho looks like heading into Pandaazuma's direction (unless his current streak breaks). In contrast, the gino-sho seems all but decided in Norizo's favor. Then, we have very contested races for the pre-basho games and daily games. In pre-basho games, Jejima still leads (114.10), but an improving Norizo (109.33) could catch up. In daily games, Flohru (94.88) still has the upper hand over Norizo (89.42). I also took a peek into individual gaming World Championships. Much to my surprise, hardly any game had really dominating players over the year, and most of the "small" World Championships are very very wide open. Exceptions are Chaingang (already won by both Gonzaburow and RaeucherLax), GTB (won by Seki Haruaki), and Toto (dominated by Norizo). On a final note: as Sakura said that she is never mentioned in these reports: you are currently leading the yearly standings in both Bench Sumo and UDH! There you go. :)
  12. Randomitsuki

    Superbanzuke Ranking for November 2020

    Thanks to an attentive reader, I was made aware that I completely forgot to finalize the compilation and upload of the Superbanzuke Ranking for November 2020. Sorry for the delay! The current world ranking of best sumo gamers can be found at http://99998271.com/sb/current.html (Hit F5 if your display still shows the Aki Superbanzuke).
  13. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Oops... thanks for the heads-up! With all the daily preparations I completely forgot about the Superbanzuke. I have most of the data already at hand, but still have to include the two Hoshitori Games whose banzuke only came in on shonichi. I will update the site ASAP.
  14. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Day 11: The gaming fog seems to have cleared over the last two days. And as I do not seem to notice that much interest in this thread, I can keep the report quite brief. In the November Masters, Frinkanohana has made some decisive steps toward winning his third Green Mawashi (and his first in more than 16 years!). The Frink now has amassed 65.50 Masters points, cutting out a 20+ points leading margin over Choshu-yuki (45.00). Andoreasu (40.13) is the only other player in 40+ points territory. In the World Championship, the graph tells it all. The contestants for the title all lost some points, but the most promising competitors (Andoreasu and Susanoo) lost way more than Norizo. In fact, Andoreasu lost 7.5 points while Susanoo really tanked (almost 20 points deficit today, falling back to 6th place in the standings). That should make it clear that Norizo will win his fourth World Championship (and his first in 10 years). Omedetou!!
  15. Randomitsuki

    World Championship Projections

    Day 10: The race for the Green Mawashi is much more exciting than the race for the World Championship. We still have five players vying for the Masters title, and they are packed closer than ever. Frinkanohana (54.43) still sports a small leading margin over Andoreasu (47.70), Susanoo (45.41), Choshu-yuki (45.00), and Asashosakari (40.00). Current sansho leaders are Choshu-yuki (shukun-sho), Susanoo (kanto-sho), and Andoreasu (gino-sho). And the World Championship? Yesterday, I taxed Norizo's winning chances at 75%, but I go out on a limb by saying that this has improved to more than 95% today. While Norizo dipped a little bit in UDH, he also gained a little in Oracle. However, today he had a very strong day in pre-basho games. While in most of these games, he is way out of contention, this mini-surge brought him into the Norizo Cup Top 10, and into 4th place no less. This shoves his points total close to the 200 points mark. Among his remaining competitors, Andoreasu saw some improvement today (most notably into a guaranteed 12 points for Chaingang). If (and that's a huge if) Norizo were to fall back to his previous low basho scores, Andoreasu would still have to gain 20-25 points in addition to his already impressive score. But where should these 20-25 points come from? It is not entirely impossible with extremely strong scores in daily games (Tippspiel, Odd, Quad, Toto, and Sumo Game) as well as in his two remaining pre-basho games (SCS and Oracle). In contrast, Susanoo lost almost 10 points today, meaning that he would have to gain 30-35 extra points this basho. Again, this could work in purely mathematical terms, but would also involve almost winning out in daily games (Bench, Odd, Toto, Sumo Game, TTT) and improving in pre-basho games (Hoshitori, Juryo Game, Norizo Cup, Ozumo Bingo, Paper Oyakata, RotoSumo, UDH). However, as all this seems rather unlikely, it is more probably that Andoreasu and Susanoo will fight with Pandaazuma for second place in the World Championship. Jejima and Kishikaisei continue to battle for 5th place, while Unkonoyama, Flohru, Kitakachiyama, and Choshu-yuki fight for the remaining places among the Top 10 right now. And yet, there is some suspense with regard to the Final Standings, albeit for the less prestigious titles. In pre-basho gaming, Jejima (117.50) continues to lead, but Norizo (105.33) and particularly Susanoo (104.16) might catch up. For daily gaming, the race is even more contested. At the moment, Flohru (90.43) leads in front of Norizo (89.42) and Andoreasu (86.18). Finally, it will be interesting to see who will get the 2020 kanto-sho for most Top 10 performances. At the moment, Pandaazuma and Susanoo (30 apiece) lead in front of Norizo (29).