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    Started watching Sumo when Konishiki won his first Yusho (he was my favorite rikishi at the time) ...
    Studied and obtained academic degree in Japan ...
    Reading and speaking three languages ...
    Regular table tennis player ...

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“北冥有鱼,其名曰鲲,鲲之大,不知其几千里也;化而为鸟,其名为鹏,鹏之背,不知其几千里也,怒而飞,其翼若垂天之云。” --- 庄子《逍遥游》

The giant fish living in the Northern Sea called "Kun" measures thousands miles in size; when he transforms into a bird he is called "Peng" and his back measures thousands miles wide; when he is enraged to fly his wings resemble sky-covering cloud.