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Asanoyama on the 12th did torikumi with nursery school kids home in Toyama-city http://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/toyama/20190213/CK2019021302000236.html


On the 28th at a kindergarten in Tokyo's Nerima-ward, Hikarigaoka, Soranoumi, Hikarugenji and Gochozan from Minezaki-beya mingled with about 110 kids http://www.sankei.com/sports/news/190128/spo1901280037-n1.html





at the dokkoi festival end of last month, rikishi from Shibatayama-beya were at primary schools in Kanagawa


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1st grade Isamu Fujita was preparing for the Hakuho cup and took part in asageiko at Isegahama-beya early this month - in 6 parts - from the channel covering his amazumo career https://www.youtube.com/user/Isamu430/videos






training with Terutsuyoshi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YidxOME-ikM

but apparently he lost in the first round

Ex-Takakaze still prefers to do ude-zumo with the kids, on the 18th he was at a middle school in Noshiro, Akita, where he also showed the basics and answered the questions of the kids http://www.sakigake.jp/news/article/20190220AK0008/


local NHK vid: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/akita/20190218/6010003099.html


Heya mate Tomokaze on the 15th was at 2 nursery schools home in Kawasaki, while on PR tour there for the jungyo in April. He has injured his right pinky and couldn't show the kids his piano skills, but could produce tegata together with the kids - he had a talk-show as well http://www.kanaloco.jp/article/388755



On the 9th, rikishi from Tomozuna-beya were at the Shimoizumi-chiku kids center in Yokohama,:sumo exercises, also mochi pounding etc. http://www.townnews.co.jp/0107/2019/02/14/469108.html


On the same day Michinoku-beya rikishi were in Ise at an event at a care facility for mentally handicapped persons - chanko, mochi pounding etc. http://www.shimotsuke.co.jp/articles/-/133507 (I won't create an extra thread for these events)




More from Asanoyama on the 12th at a nursery school home in Toyama-city http://webun.jp/item/7539796


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Furiwake with Sugarufuji and Mitozakura yesterday were at a kindergarten in Otsu for "Let's play with osumo-san" - Azumazeki-oyakata wanted to cooperate for a congratulation event celebrating 30 years since opening.

20190223-OYTNI50054-1.jpg?type=mediumo AS20190223002030_commL.jpgo AS20190223002025_commL.jpgo AS20190223002038_commL.jpgo


Kataonami-beya had the regular Osaka fureai (get in touch) event at a local primary school - plenty of videos from a channel just with this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCP2Ov01W5_Ayu0oB1UBLHg/videos

Keiko display for the kids by Tamawashi with 2 low rankers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXtcfbFjAUM

Chon-mage making display with Tamawashi as the model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZzbK_GFu70

sumo with the kids - mainly girls

1st year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-IcXi3hGEo

3rd year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1bhqibeDJQ

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Tagonoura-beya rikishi & oyakata apart from being at the horse races also were at a primary school in Amagasaki, on the 28th, to give the kids a sumo experience

d_12105491.jpgoAS20190228003777_commL.jpgo AS20190228003775_commL.jpgo AS20190228003770_commL.jpgo 


On the 26th, Tatsunami-beya invited kindergarten pupils to their Osaka lodgings at the Sumiyoshi taisha for a sumo experience


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After keiko at the heya on the 3rd, a visiting primary school kid from Ehime pref. desired a bout with Takayasu

20190303-OHT1I50130-L.jpgo o


60 local kindergarten school kids came to watch asageiko at Tagonoura-beya on the 6th o


Asakayama-beya is also  far away in Nara (they were on Shibu5ji as well), at the Kurondo-so tourist facility. On the 3rd they had a kids sumo experience event at the keiko ground. o


On the 7th, Mitoryu and Gokushindo from Nishikido- and as usual Kaonishiki from Azumazeki-beya were at a nursery school in Settsu - every year rikishi from the 2 heya come there before the Haru basho o


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Kagayaki was home in Ishikawa pref. On the 28th he was at a nursery school in Nomi city and mingled with the kids - at question time rikishi usually get asked about their meals.

local NHK vid http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kanazawa/20190329/3020001368.html



he also made a visit to the Fujitsuka shrine in Hakusan city - popular with rikishi because the kanji in the name is written without the soil part / 土 tsuchi-hen - in other words it's tsuchi-tsukazu, unsoiled, which means in sumo: no losses yet - not having touched the ground



Kakuryu on the 26th had an event for about 300 kids from a local nursery school with parents at the Kyoto-shinkoetsu-mura rest area in Nantan city - mochi pounding, handshakes and talk show http://www.kyoto-np.co.jp/sightseeing/article/20190327000084


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Shikoroyama-beya on the 11th had an event in Fujisawa, where the jungyo is on the 13th. Terao, Aoi and Irodori with the oyakata were at the Shonan gakuen primary school. The 3rd time they had this event. http://shonan.keizai.biz/headline/2594/



1555031582.jpgo 1555031661.jpgo 1555031484.jpgo 1555031438.jpgo

Ryuseio and Hamadayama (pic) from Shibatayama-beya were at the Japan education sumo project Ozumo Atsugi peach orchard basho on the 30th - an event to have kids learn the traditional culture and contribute to healthy mental and physical upbringing http://www.townnews.co.jp/0404/2019/04/12/477631.html


Also amateurs help transmit the traditional sumo culture to the kids kids: shiko stamping in  a rice paddy in Kaneda on the 3rd to pray for a rich harvest - an event of the Everyone's Fujisan Earth Festival WA 2019 , the 6th of this kind, the first was in 2014.


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Toyonoshima on the 30th had an autograph session in Kochi, with hold-the-baby service and a chorus and portrait presents by kids from a local kindergarten

Local NHK vid vanishes soon: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kochi/20190530/8010005198.html

4.jpg o


Miyagino-beya's Hokaho and Chura (behind) on the 1st were at a kindergarten kids tournament in Yokosuga - the reason for the event is that the 9th shisho of Miyagino-beya graduated from a middle school adjacent to one of the participating kindergartens


Local Kaorufuji (Kasugano) and same pref. Shoketsu (Shibatayama) helped to make the babies cry: naki-zumo at a temple in Numazu on the 2nd


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Kokonoe-oyakata and 10 rikishi during their training camp in Gero (struck by torrential rain last year)  on the 6th were at a local primary school to give the kids a sumo experience and cheer them up

Local NHK vid: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/gifu/20190606/3080001819.html

AS20190606002691_commL.jpgo AS20190606002687_commL.jpgo


Takasago-beya on the 8th had started a training camp in Shimotsuma, Ibaraki, till they switch to Toyama on the 12th - Asanoyama mingled with the kids 



Tokitsukaze-beya's Shodai, Yutakayama - (not in the pic), HamayutakaToyoshimizu, Hakuomaru and Yoshoyama for the start of the heya's Miyakojima training camp on the 8th (till the 15th) were at the local Harimizu-gakuen welfare facility



Presently Sadogatake affiliated Hamakaze-oyakata (Gojoro) has opened a new kids tournament in his hometown Sendai on the 9th - Sadogatake-oyakata was also there http://www3.nhk.or.jp/tohoku-news/20190609/0005819.html

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On the 10th, Dewanoumi-beya was at the kids tournament of the Tonosho Sasagawa elementary school, Chiba pref., with  esp. Mitakeumi, with Takasaki-oyakata, yobidashi Yohei, Dewanojo and Kairyu



more pics: https://ameblo.jp/dewanoumi/entry-12477713653.html


On the 16th was the 4th yearly sumo class event in Ishihara,Chiba, with Sakaigawa-beya o


Musashigawa-beya's Wagurayama on the 18th was at the kids tournament of a primary school in his hometown Ninohe, Iwate, organized by the city's sumo association - it was the first time that a rikishi from ozumo was at this event. http://www.iwate-np.co.jp/article/2019/6/19/57720


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Nice video, but the English title lets the man appear with a not very nice shikona: Kotoyukill (though these | are no the letters L):

Sumo wrestler VS wanpaku kids | playing time with kotoyuki|| Japanvlog


no place or date given


Ichinojo with Ouka and Akitoba on the 19th made the traditional Minato-beya visit to a nursery school in Seki city, Gifu - the 32nd, it started when Minato-oyakata was still active. http://www.gifu-np.co.jp/news/20190620/20190620-148922.html


Ichinojo admitted to weigh 230kg - but pretended that he likes vegetables the most - "And if you all eat vegetables, you get as big as I am." - local video saved by Inhashi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q5KTlbkg7M


On the 21st, Kamito, Kitadaichi and Minami from Tatsunami-beya were at 2 kindergarten in Gifu-city. The new Tatsunami-beya Gifu koenkai initiated the event. http://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/gifu/20190622/CK2019062202000028.html





On the 24th, makushita Masuto and Taichiyama from Chiganoura-beya were at a primary school in Sayo town, Hyogo.The event was organized by the head of a local PTA, connected to the heya. http://www.kobe-np.co.jp/news/seiban/201906/0012457244.shtml 


Edit: seems like the pic only shows here after opening it at the site, so:


On the 25th, Fujinokaze and Sorakaze from Oguruma-beya were at a kindergarten in Toyohashi. This event takes place each year since 1991. http://www.higashiaichi.co.jp/news/detail/4865





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Tomozuna-beya posted some clips of playing with the kids at the nursery school in the temple where the heya is staying for Nagoya

DChhA9uE1ZxvfDIQ.jpg:thumbvid aGiZm5eAU_C5MDey.jpg:thumbvid


On 02/07/2018 at 15:51, Akinomaki said:

5 Shikoroyama-beya rikishi (here Abi and Seiro) on the 27th did sumo with primary and middle school kids at the Toyohashi Budokan. This event happened for the 14th year: the deputy head of the Toyohashi sumo association Kuma had his debut the same year as the oyakata (Terao), who was there as well. 

Abi, the oyakata and 3 other rikishi from Shikoroyama-beya on the 25th had the traditional visit to the Toyohashi Budokan sumo dojo

PK2019062702100004_size0.jpgo main1561546421.JPG&w=200o

Shibatayama-oyakata with 3 rikishi was at a primary school in the heya Nagoya location Obu city and told the kids about his sumo life. Shoketsu (42) did the sumo with the kids


Akou and Matsuminato from Onomatsu-beya on the 26th were at nursery schools in the heya Nagoya location Owariasahi city


Musashigawa-beya on the 29th invited 100 primary school kids for chanko



Miyagino-beya at the end of the Nagahama training camp was at a local primary school - pics: http://kamiteru-es.nagahama.ed.jp/wordpress/2019/06/17/大相撲「宮城野部屋」のみなさんに訪問していた

A local BBC video (Biwako Broadcasting Corporation): Mitakeumi and 2 other Dewanoumi-beya rikishi were guests at a primary school kids tournament in HigashiOmi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhDNJU3K7cU

Chiganoura-oyakata with Takakento and Taichiyama as guests at this year's HidaTakakayama baby naki-zumo tournament https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOKdhDF-TDU&t=2m46s

again for hold-the-baby photo shoot and interview at 6:25

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On 09/03/2019 at 12:20, Akinomaki said:



Just catching up to the topic now -- looks like Takayasu is really getting beaten by literally everyone these days...

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The NSK opened sumo-beya for summer to primary and middle school kids, from July 29th till Aug. 4th, to prepare for the national tournaments for these age groups: the NSK sponsored wamapaku championships topic/39170-35th-wanpaku-national-championships-2019-08-04/ (the sumo federation sponsors the primary school championships of the same age groups ) and the middle school championships on Aug. 17th/18th

at Nakagawa-beya

EA84skoUYAEWYwl.jpg:thumbo EA84sknUcAE3_Jw.jpg:thumbo

at Oguruma-beya, ex-Takekaze coaches


Takasago, Tokitsukaze, Kasugano

EA85KnCU4AA83Ok.jpg:thumbo EA84-idUcAE6j9U.jpg:thumboEA85eFEVAAATrnq.jpg:thumbo

Izutsu - Isenoumi's Kabutoyama coaches

EA85WoeUcAAq0Wx.jpg:thumbo EA85WofUYAE6mGe.jpg:thumbo


EA85jvUU0AA5nlP.jpg:thumbo EA85jvVU0AEjSmw.jpg:thumbo


Kagayaki home in Nanao on the 24th was at a local nursery school - the NHK vid is gone by now - from Inhashi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qeMCk1d4JI



this NHK vid of Okinoumi will be gone soon http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/matsue/20190726/4030003228.html

At the training camp on Okinoshima, the heya held a sumo class on the 26th



Hanakaze, Roman and Kokuryunami from Tatsunami-beya were at a nursery school in Gifu on the 23rd


Tamakongo trains with the kids while Kataonami-oyakata comments - on the 28th at a summer festival in Ikata town, Ehime (oyakata home pref.) o


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On 30/10/2018 at 17:30, Akinomaki said:

The 1st Naruto cup kids sumo tournament was held on the 28th in Karatsu, Saga, where the heya in its 2nd year has again the Kyushu basho lodgings.

Osh apart from declaring a closer cooperation with Karatsu, especially to support sumo for kids,

On 13/08/2019 at 19:58, Akinomaki said:

Naruto-beya entered into a closer cooperation with Karatsu-city


is also active in kids sumo elsewhere - on the 15th in Hahinohe, Aomori http://www.daily-tohoku.news/archives/21258



Aomori pref. local Kiyomigata-oyakata (Bushuyama) taught, Fukuyama and Hitachigo (all 3 Fujishima-beya) helped at the sumo class in Shunan city on the 10th http://www.minato-yamaguchi.co.jp/yama/news/digest/2019/0811/5p.html





_UMVGr5OyGegjn6T.jpg:thumb vid


Onoe-beya's Harimanada and Fukamiyama helped to make babies cry wholeheartedly at the Nayoro shrine isshin naki-zumo 一心泣き相撲 baby sumo tournament on the 5th http://www.hokkaido-nl.jp/article/12928



Hoshoryu and other rikishi did sumo with young kids on the Oshino village (Yamanashi) kokutai memorial dohyo and at a local kindergarten on the 28th - also chanko and mage making: http://www.sannichi.co.jp/article/2019/08/03/80227171




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3 Shikoroyama-beya rikishi today helped the (crying) babies with the dohyo-iri at the Iimori shine in Fukuoka


local TV news




The get-in-touch event at the 26th Takasago-beya Hiratsuka training camp was on the 24th




Asahigaoka high held a kids sumo class on the 22nd and invited Isegahama-beya rikishi for that - Sakurafuji graduated from Asahigaoka high 2 years ago. Terutsuyoshi, Takarafuji and the oyakata were also there that day. Students from the school took part in the heya summer training camp this year.



It was the beach cleaning season again - rikishi (and oyakata) did it together with kids, and afterwards gave them a sumo experience. This year 4 heya took part: Otake, Shikoroyama, Onomatsu and Chiganoura.

20190824-OYTNI50055-1.jpg?type=mediumo a000895577_01-thumb-329xauto-590458..jpgo

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Sadogatake-beya's Kotonoumi and Kotonoshima on the 13th helped with rolling babies around on the dohyo  -  赤子ころがし akago korogashi - at the Shimohatakai shrine ceremonial sumo in Kobe. Of course the goal is the usual,  to make the baby cry in the end, for a healthy upbringing.



Koshinishiki with Kamito (both wrongly called -zeki, which is only for sekitori) from Tatsunami-beya on the 6th were at a sumo tournament in Samegawa village, Fukushima.



On the 5th a sumo class was held at a primary school in Karatsu, Saga. Onoe-beya's Hidenoyama-oyakata (Tenkaiho) was there with Harimanada and Banshunada.

  img_369284175c1c09cad3610ba4014a8213759403.jpgo img_05b15d4a78ae2079aed666a199976b14734471.jpgo



Ryuseio and Hamadayama performed this year from Shibatayama-beya for the dokkoi festival ozumo Tomei basho at the Tomei middle school in Atsugi on the 24th



On the 29th, Asanojo, Asadaimon and Asanoshima with yobidashi Rikinojo, led by Takasago-beya manager Matsuda (Ichinoya) were at a primary school in Chigasaki. http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190928-00000003-kana-l14

Rikinojo showed a taiko performance, Ichinoya explained about sumo history and here plays gyoji


An event for New Year - sumo challenge on the viewing deck of the Tokyo Skytree. o

from before, Hidenoumi in the back:



Not ozumo, but 3 so called professional sumo athletes gave the kids a sumo experience at the 2019 Japantown Sumo Wrestling Champions Expo in San Francisco on the 29th o



The first listed event was in 2012 https://japancentersf.com/events/sumo-wrestling-demonstration/

last year athletes were named https://japancentersf.com/events/sumo-champions-exhibition/


The matches will feature the following wrestlers:

Yama, 6’4″, 600 lbs: 2-time World Sumo Champion & Heaviest Japanese human being in history

Byamba, 6’1″, 370 lbs, Mongolian, three-time World Sumo Champion, just astounding, off-the-charts charisma and Sumo athleticism.

Ramy, 6’3″, 500 lbs: Egyptian Sumo Champion & US Sumo Open gold medallist

Takeshi, 5’7″, 260 lbs: 5-time Japanese National University Champion

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Kotoshogiku on the 3rd was home in Yanagawa and did sumo with the kids at the tournament to honor local yokozuna Unryu. Kotoshogiku had won it in his 5th and 6th year primary school and then decided to become rikishi



Mitakeumi and Oginosho on the 3rd were in Ogi, accompanied by Dewanoumi-oyakata and his brother (Oginohana and Oginishiki) - their father Oginohana I was from a town in Ogi, The local Dewanoumi-beya koenkai each year for Kyushu organizes the event.

img_e52db524939f49ddb6f5440e75c5abf1699196.jpgo img_98b7d5fe7512ce60109a68c4e7f50c74661344.jpgoimg_d54dd98c9172a8fd014a0f94a4b8ae84765948.jpgo


Otake-beya's Naya and Toho on the 3rd were in Kanzaki. Ex-Daitengo has a chanko restaurant in the city, and by that connection the heya each year has such an event.



Chiganoura-beya as usual in the Taka-past was in Tagawa at the coal mine festival on the 3rd with kids sumo tournament



Hakuho on the 3rd had a dohyo-iri at the renge-in tanjo temple oku-no-in in Tamana city, special with Hokutofuji and Okinoumi, and they did sumo with kids afterwards

201911030000928-w200_2.jpgo20191104s00005000120000p_thum.jpgo 4.jpgo

vdGSATdFtpglX9_W.jpg:thumbvid C0G0_jjz67dhni-m.jpg:thumbvid lmbW7LxrhGXhELYz.jpg:thumbvid


The new indoor dohyo in Karatsu-city was opened on the 27th - Naruto was there. The heya has a close cooperation with the city - on the 29th the heya training camp there started and they use the new dohyo, which else is for the kids

img_5ee0b2535528b0866dbc187c0a2bc41c754370.jpgo img_969ac8a72064b0d535045898d7fda63f780950.jpgo

On the 20th Tamanoi-beya held the 15th Tamanoi-cup at the heya in Adachi ward, for about 250 kids - in the past now Kotonowaka II and Kotoshoho took part there. A Winner for the 5th year in a row was Tsukasa Yokoyama

20191020s00005000330000p_thum.jpgo 20191021s00005000148000p_thum.jpgo


Araiso as special guest taught at a sumo class in Ise on the 26th and 27th


e1ptNYlDbKf8DGz7.jpg:thumbvid vHoEJOHpo2szcqNb.jpg:thumbvid EH26ZPDVAAEcc8q.jpg:thumbo EH26ZxYVUAE-9Qf.jpg:thumbo rcjay2YQLBIfqBxt.jpg:thumbvid EH2QUd-UEAA4sSL.jpg:thumbo EH2OIWGU8AAdhsb.jpg:thumbo EH89VgSUwAAp2CT.jpg:thumbo


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