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  1. Genjurooo

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    If he wins tomorrow will Takagenji still fall out of Juryo? I don't see the top Makushita dudes doing so well.
  2. Genjurooo

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    About that "documentary" >Hakuho >modesty ahahahaha I'd say that if those high behavioral standards were still taken into such high consideration in modern times before promoting to yokozuna, few would have been promoted past 1800-something. They still are taken into some consideration, but only when there is something serious. Asashoryu was always a punk, yet he became yokozuna. He never would have been if the "exemplary character" was observed before decision to promote. The fact is that sumo needs yokozuna to keep up the interest of the audience. Imagine if you had years or even decades without a single yokozuna. Or if you had very good wrestlers that no matter how many consecutive yusho they had they wouldn't have been promoted because of flawed character. I like that NSK still does some attempts (meek in my opinion) to weed out garbage throughout the ranks so that not any scumbag gets on top. Many say "nooo, the evil tyrannical NSK stands in the way of excellence". I say it doesn't do enough. Sumo still has rules and if exemplary character is one of those rules, then it should be observed. Some people would want to get rid of it entirely. "If some yokozuna behaves like a scumbag, let him, he is yokozuna afterall, he earned it", they'd say. At this point why call the title "Yokozuna" and not "Scumbag" instead? Also why do all these martial arts "documentaries" feel the need to impress and always try to exaggerate or romanticize things making the whole feel disingenuous? I'd given them both a loss if I was absolute ruler of Sumo. And that for bad sumo. Mitakeumi tries a half-assed pull, Takakeisho falls. Lame. But since Mitakeumi was already out of the ring completely (even if still in the air) by the time Takakeisho touched with his arm, I'd say the ruling wasn't really bad. Still a torinaoshi would have been much better and I bet Mitakeumi would have won instead.
  3. Genjurooo

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Yeah and probably Asanoyama knew that. That's why I believe the pull was decided way before the match. I think he thought that since Mita fights mostly like him, a pull might spare him a lot of physical strain. Otherwise if Asanoyama decided on the moment for the pull, it would diminish my respect for him... I remember seeing other heavier guys doing that posture in lower divisions. It indeed has bad aesthetics. And some time ago was considered Takakeisho's rival.
  4. Genjurooo

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    It would be interesting if Onosho finishes 0-15. I don't hate the poor guy, just that I didn't see a 0-15 since forever. I know Mitakeumi as I was cheering for him for a long time, but there Asanoyama killed himself by trying to pull him down. Mitakeumi wasn't special this one like the time when he wrecked everything, got injured, came back same basho and wrecked 2 yokozuna too. And that wasn't the only one where he was awesome. Now he is just his usual. Not bad, not top shape either.
  5. Genjurooo

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Not an Enho fan, still that was torinaoshi right there.
  6. Genjurooo

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    To me the only one that looks in better shape seems to be Asanoyama. Mitakeumi looks like his usual self, just his opponents look in worse shape. Takakeisho looks weaker. Shodai looks strong too, but he makes a lot of mistakes. My Hokutofuji is his usual reckless self and he'll never make ozeki in this fashion.
  7. Genjurooo

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    The hell? Ichinojo was infecteeeed??? I didn't know... Or was Hakuyozan?
  8. Genjurooo

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Yeah, but does he get tested or not? Cause if not and really has it and comes back, he might infect everyone, if didn't already.
  9. Genjurooo

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    That loose mawashi on Meisei. How can it stand? No rules against that? Probably was Asanoyama's fault too cause he didn't grip on all the strands. Still...
  10. Genjurooo

    Lower-division Torikumi Aki Basho 2019

    Chiyonokuni is finally back? Nice. I hope he does well.
  11. Genjurooo

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    Yes, for me too. It was disgusting. Maybe it was just an intentional exaggeration.
  12. Genjurooo

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    I didn't feel much excitement this whole tournament as I feel now in anticipation for the final day. What if, what if Hakuho wins? It would be a great feat.
  13. Genjurooo

    Enhou injured

    Too bad. If he's not in top shape, I think he'll drop. What can he do in less than a week?
  14. Genjurooo

    Sumo for kids

    OT, but not good.
  15. Genjurooo

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    Wrong, like FiFA shapes football so does JSA shapes sumo. And you know what? I enjoy watching sumo and I rather trust in the ones who made it and ruled it until this day to keep my interest than in any other people. No. It's not like they didn't know of the requirements before taking up sumo.