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  1. Genjurooo

    Enhou injured

    Too bad. If he's not in top shape, I think he'll drop. What can he do in less than a week?
  2. Genjurooo

    Sumo for kids

    OT, but not good.
  3. Genjurooo

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    Wrong, like FiFA shapes football so does JSA shapes sumo. And you know what? I enjoy watching sumo and I rather trust in the ones who made it and ruled it until this day to keep my interest than in any other people. No. It's not like they didn't know of the requirements before taking up sumo.
  4. Genjurooo

    The new mongolian generation

    Yeh, Kakuryu is fine too as far as attitude goes. But I don't know, it isn't as exciting to watch him fight.
  5. Genjurooo

    The new mongolian generation

    Ichinojo is the single mongolian I've ever truly liked. Asashoryu was a punk. Hakuho isn't as bad, but still has an attitude. Ichinojo on the other hand seems always composed. I hope he gets his weight right and becomes yokozuna.
  6. Genjurooo

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    It isn't. "Let's change the sport because a competitor or because someone doesn't like sumo being sumo. " Better not.
  7. 1. Did he father any children? If yes: 2. Did any compete? 3. Did any descendants compete? 4. Any descendants today?