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  1. Bombur

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Nowadays, officially, for the law, yes, but many people still retain and remember the date of the ceremony and party as their actual wedding, if they are to happen on different days.
  2. Bombur

    Takakeisho in 2022 - he was young once

    Damn, I missed the poll season this year :( .
  3. Bombur

    KONISHIKI activities

    Another interview by the channel Sumostew. There should be a second part coming soon.
  4. Bombur

    Takakeisho fan club

    Yes, I was worried in the start of this one, but he seems to have recovered his mojo on the way, and I'd say his later defeats can be attributed to easing up a bit once he got his KK and the title was most probably out of the picture. I hope he can do great things in November, November seems to be good on him.
  5. Bombur

    Hakuho retires

    Wow, this even made the national French-speaking TV news in Belgium the day it was announced (but the actual segment wasn't very good, still calling the wrestlers "sumos" and tipping Hakuho at 250 kg lol).
  6. Bombur

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    You're forgetting about Ichinojō.
  7. Bombur

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2021

    Does someone have the new Hakuho fish picture?
  8. Bombur

    Bright colored mawashi, Ura among them...

    Thanks. I'd definitely wear that color if I was a rikishi ! Now, if Kyokutaisei ditched the white for superstition reason, I think we can be pretty sure he'll get it right back next basho x) .
  9. Bombur

    Sumo ‘What ifs?’

    Well, he didn't, but Takakeisho would probably have gotten a 14-1 yusho in November had it not been for him, so he might have presented a stronger case for immediate yokozuna promotion after his September jun-yusho. That being said, I don't think he would have actually been promoted.
  10. Bombur

    Bright colored mawashi, Ura among them...

    I personally love Chiyomaru's bright green one (It's rather uncommon and makes him look like a big Granny Smith apple ) and Hoshoryu's new deep red one. I think it suits his skin tone really well as well as his physique. Ura is up there too, of course! I don't remember Endo's. Do you happen to have a picture? Never saw a mawashi of that color (which happens to be my favourite).
  11. Bombur

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    That, plus his fingers just slipped from the back of Endo's head and basically just got hooked in his mage for 2 seconds before Hakuho corrected that without ever closing his hand. Teru slipped too but, though I really don't think he did it maliciously, it still seemed to me like he went into some kind of reflex grip on Myogiryu's hair, plus he stayed that way a bit longer. I'm not saying the judges would have been absolutely wrong to disqualify Hakuho on that, but I do think it was a fair call.
  12. Bombur

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Damn, I was really hoping for Taka to take this one on a very good result so we could get a double yokozuna promotion . I think I'll root for Ichinojo, now. I already loved him, but he seems to be starting this basho in great form and I really liked his attitude in this bout.
  13. Bombur

    Chonmage after intai?

    I was wondering, would an ex-rikishi be allowed to keep/regrow a chonmage after his intai if he wishes to stay in the JSA? Or even simply longer hair? Because on one hand the hair-cutting ceremony seems like a reasonably important one, but on the other, chonmage didn't use to be a sumo-specific haircut and was just the traditional Japanese haircut for men (and especially samurai, although they often shaved their forehead), meaning that back in the days, most ex-wrestlers would probably have kept their haircut like everyone else. And if authorized, how do you think such a decision would be received? Would the Japanese (and especially the JSA officials) perceive it as vain and/or arrogant, or would it be more positively seen as someone going the extra mile to uphold sumo and Japanese traditions? PS: I limited my question to the rikishis wishing to stay in the JSA as I suppose the association doesn't hold any actual power on those that leave altogether. PPS: I know that most rikishi are happy to ditch the haircut (or at least, it seems to be the case from what I've read on the subject) as its maintenance is very demanding and time -consuming, but that doesn't prevent us from wondering about it, right :) ? Plus I suppose it puts the emphasis on the "extra-mile".
  14. Bombur

    Natsu basho 2021

    I think my absolute perfect scenario would be just that with a 13-2 Hakuho losing to both these guys. That would make for a great passing of the torch into a new era on a dignified performance for the GOAT along with the start of a most interesting rivalry. Especially when you notice that of the past 4 bashos, three were decided in a Teru-Taka match, of which 2 were playoffs and one wcould have been one. I think so, as iirc it was the case for Tamanoumi and Kitanofuji.
  15. Bombur

    Natsu basho 2021

    So ... What are your thoughts on the probability of a double yokozuna promotion if Takakeisho wins the yusho in July in a third playoff with Terunofuji with a 13-2 score? And with a 14-1?