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  1. I see him winning 2 back to back yushos and getting yokozuna by 2022, but not the one in January. 10 wins streak, no jun-yusho.
  2. Bombur

    Kakuryu Citizenship

    I suppose extra Makuuchi bashos do count as Juryo bashos too? Like, someone with 31 makuuchi bashos and 1 juryo would qualify?
  3. Bombur

    Kakuryu Citizenship

    Really happy for him! I think he'll retire after January no matter what happens, but he'll at least try to make one last good showing.
  4. Bombur

    Hakuho - 17th annual poll!

    Two yushos. No zensho. 31-32 wins. 13 wins streak. Retires in August.
  5. Bombur

    Hatsu Basho 2021 Yusho Winner

    Same for me.
  6. Bombur

    YDC convenes after November 2020

    Your reasoning appears a bit skewed to me. Yes, if you take precisely the last 3 years, they are pretty even, but that seems like cherry picking when if you take less (the last two or one year(s)), then Hakuho is clearly dominant, and if we take the opposite path and go back further, we have then again utter Hakuho dominance. It basically comes down to Hakuho having a "bad" year in 2018 when Kakuryu had a better one, but that's neither the norm nor the way they have looked lastly.
  7. Thanks a lot ! I don't know why it seems so seldomly shared, I could find Shodai's quite easily. Also, Takanosho is so precious !
  8. No, definitely not mathematically impossible, I just find it a VERY bold prediction .
  9. Btw, was there no fish picture for Takakeisho this time? I can't find it anywhere .
  10. That seems a bit many new yokozunas for just one year (especially knowing Terunofuji still has to make ozeki and Hakuho is still out there) .
  11. I'll put a wild card on ozeki Takayasu. I believe in you, big bear !
  12. Well, I wasn't approaching it on a financial/pragmatic angle, I was rather considering the pure sport/legacy side; you might very well be right on that aspect.
  13. Yeah, it's true that you could make a Tochinoshin/Terunofuji and plunge deep into the rankings before climbing back up to the top, but that's not so common, or the two aforementioned men's stories wouldn't have been such a bing things. Which means that an injured ozeki Takakeisho could maybe do that, but if he mismanages his recovery like Kise, he could just as well plunge and never climb back, we can't know for sure. I think I'd still see it as a good thing if he gets the rope. A comparison to the Giku road is a different thing. It doesn't seem very pertinent to me as the man never took an entire tournament off, nor did he ever went partial kyujo for two consecutive bashos until he retired, it just seems like age progressively grinded him down, which happens to everyone, yokozuna or not. But hey, let's say he won a few more yushos, got the rope and then retired when he lost ozeki in our timeline, maybe we could say that's when the YDC would have recommended he retires because he no longer delivered. That would mean we would have had a more glorious Kotoshogiku with a few great years at the cost of being deprived from his later less succesful years, which actually seems like a great deal to me (though yeah, you're right and it indeed shortens his career).
  14. Bombur

    Takakeisho fan club

    Can I join this?
  15. I don't get that. Why would making yokozuna shorten the career of injury prone rikishis when that allow you to take tournaments off without the risk of losing your rank? Sure, you can't abuse it, but that's still better than the ozeki privileges.