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  1. Kaminariyuki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    He has the advantage of a fairly impressive mentor. Ishiura's nothing to scoff at. Strong, fast, tough and an enormous heart. I truly have no idea, but I assume that being in a beya with Hakuho is like having two oyakatas. I think I must visit a beya on my next Japan trip. Somehow I'm guessing it's impossible to get into Myagino, but I'd gladly bring a special treat for the entire beya...
  2. Kaminariyuki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Well, I remember that thread... As much of a fan of Enho as I am, I truly thought KK was out of hope's reach at M-6, but here we are on Day 5, still early, but the kid's not only got a KK in his sights, but is currently tied with a pile of other rikishi for the lead in the yusho hunt. Enho ganbatte kudasai! I am not a squealing sujo, but I won't be able to wait to go home this evening and watch NHK highlights. It's definitely video from Kintamayama at my desk over lunch today. I'll have to go back and check, but I think he's only had one MK in makouchi, not bad, regardless of one's size. Enho banzai!!!
  3. Kaminariyuki

    Day 3 pics overview Kyushu 2019

    As usual, outstanding photography.
  4. Kaminariyuki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Enho yusho?!?! Thought I'd best get that in while I could. Seriously wondering if he might actually cough up a KK, which would be beyond impressive at M-6. He's started strong in most of his makouchi bashos, so it's still early. Tomorrow, Aoiyama! That will be a bout not to be missed. I somehow suspect that the very large Bulgarian is going down. We shall see. (Aoiyama - 199 kg and 191 cm, Enho - 98 kg and 168 cm.) What I really want to know is the story behind Enho's NHK photo. Is that lipstick he's wearing? And my wife thinks he may also have blush on his cheeks, not in the dohyo, just the photo NHK is using.
  5. Kaminariyuki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    It did not seem that way to me. More of a distraction slap, then Hakuho went immediately for a lower grip with the right hand. I know he's been chastised for this move, as a Yokozuna, but in the past we've seen him almost knock the opposing wrestler out with his awesome harite, so maybe I'm underestimating its effect. Didn't look like Asanoyama even flinched much, but when Hakuho went under both his arms, he got Asanoyama off balance and had the quick sukuinage.
  6. Kaminariyuki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Me too, although I'm glad I found it five years ago. Beats the stew out of the NFL, IMO. I still don't understand why I like it, but I do. I see why Rocks and a coupe of other folks questioned the Ryuden-Enho match on Day 2. That was bizarre. Can't wait to see today's bouts, and glad that Tochinoshin finally got a win. I assume he has to KK to keep the Sekiwake position?
  7. Kaminariyuki

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Losing? Actually, I've not watched it yet, but I couldn't help myself here. Ryuden has been pretty solid over the past year or so. Looking forward to watchingDay 2 this evening. If Enho can go KK this basho, even I will be surprised.That would possibly bump the sub-100 kg rikishi up into sanyaku.
  8. Kaminariyuki

    Abi and Wakamotoharu - SNS banned

    If we don't watch or accept that the world is changing, maybe it will stop? Unlikely. I'm not too keen on Twitter, but social networking isn't the future, it's the present for most people. The NSK may be slow, but surely someone over there must understand the implications. After all, they did remove the pillars that obstructed the view of the dohyo back in the days of that new fangled invention, the television.
  9. Kaminariyuki

    Women in sumo? Around the world and in Japan

    Little Miss Sumo - a new film is out on Netflix Maybe the shinto crew should throw back a few nihonshu and just go wild and try to embrace a modern perspective? One can accept change without completely giving up on tradition. Women are human beings. They should probably have the same rights as men, IMO. Regardless of the dissenters among us, I still think it's cowardly to do anything else.
  10. I got a spyware/malware infiltration message on my Mac when I clicked on this link. Not complaining, as it may be unrelated to the web site, but I thought I'd let folks know.
  11. Thanks, I'll watch this for sure. I started a thread on women in sumo, even professional sumo, just for fun and because I'm generally a proponent of equal treatment for all human beings. It got a few folks so upset, I was very sorry I'd started it and actually backed out of the discussion myself. I was trolling, though, so I had no room to whine. Nonetheless, I was surprised at how defensive some folks are on the subject.
  12. Kaminariyuki

    Preparations of the masses- Kyushu 2019

    Link to the NHK preview in America at least. Nothing profound n here, but many here will enjoy watching Hiro Morita-san, Murray Johnson and John Gunning doing shiko. Really, they could just say, "We haven't got a clue." Which is, of course, where the rest of us are, as well. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/program/video/sumo_preview/?type=tvEpisode&
  13. Kaminariyuki

    Pre-Kyushu predictions?

    Ha, surprisingly, there's a mechanism for editing the title as a user, at least for the person who starts the thread. I'm enough of a nuisance for the administrators already. For those catching this thread late, I accidentally labeled the thread "Pre-Haru Predictions," but have managed to correct it. But, in addition to posting your predictions for Kyushu, feel free to jump in on Haru. I'll stick with Hakuho for Kyushu but maybe I'll go with Tochinoshin (miraculously healed) for Haru. We'll get to the January basho by and by...Honestly, I've not opened that bottle of shochu yet. I'm saving it for Sunday afternoon. Really I am.
  14. Kaminariyuki

    Pre-Kyushu predictions?

    Particularly egregious error on my part, since Ive actually been to the Kyushu Basho a couple of years ago. Y'all knew what I meant.
  15. Kaminariyuki

    Pre-Kyushu predictions?

    Err, yes, I meant Kyushu, of course. I usually try to save errors for the body of a message, rather than the title...