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  1. Kaminariyuki

    Hatsu Basho 2022

    Hey, are you certain? It looks to me like you and I had the same number of correct calls in both the Wall and Promotions.I was the only person to call Shodai kadoban. I might not understand how you are scoring, though, and it's not exactly a big deal. Either way, I'm curious what the color was of the giant macaron...
  2. Kaminariyuki

    Hatsu Basho 2022

    I wish I'd written down how I voted, LOL. Mitakeumi had a very good basho and he could find himself the only Ozeki in short order, although we hope not, of Cours.
  3. Kaminariyuki

    Hatsu 2022 - Day 11: Wardrobe malfunction?

    Blasted Christian missionaries, I tell you, the prime directive just never occurred to them, of course. Onsens used to be mixed gender, as well. OK, I'm waxing nostalgic. I'm glad to not rewind the Day 11 video, though. The warning is much appreciated.
  4. Kaminariyuki

    Kanji of the year

    Wow, they actually chose a kanji that I know! :)
  5. Kaminariyuki

    Wakanohana's Death Note - Hatsu 2022

    I haven't really kept up with his picks. I sort of recall him doing back and forth between favorites and semi-long shots. Terunofuji is the obvious choice for man to beat. The curse may break his streak of yushos. We shall see...
  6. Kaminariyuki

    Kiribayama on the block in 2022

    For me, Kiribayama and Wakatakakage have enlivened makuuchi. Well, and the return of Abi and Ura, of course. I wish him well, but I could see this going either way, but I'm giving him credit for a return to sanyaku, but not too high unless there are injuries and retirements above him this year.
  7. Kaminariyuki

    Hatsu Basho 2022

    If Mitakeumi gets the 12-13 wins he needs fora promotion, he'll certainly deserve it, IMO. And having brother Wakas in makuuchi is too appealing to vote against.
  8. I wonder if any emerging scandal is fueled or soused by occurring at the New Year's break... Even the Japanese have a little extra time on their hands.
  9. I feel for you. I really wanted to see Hokuseiho in his new silk mawashi, but we only had to wait 7-8 bashos to be disappointed. I suppose we did get the one bout...
  10. Kaminariyuki

    Sumo videos workout playlist

    OK, I'd go to a basho with you but clubbing looks to be off the table.
  11. Kaminariyuki

    Corona and sumo

    Funny thing is auto-correct didn't bother asageiko at all. I guess it just didn't know where to go.
  12. Kaminariyuki

    Corona and sumo

    Yes, the hyena heyas. At least the second time...
  13. Kaminariyuki

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2023 - Seems so far away!

    Y1 - Terunofuji Y2 - Takakeisho O1 - Mitakeumi O2 - Abi O3 - Meisei Shodai intai. I nearly said Terunofuji, as well, but hopefully he holds out through at least 2022. Looking pretty good the last couple of basho but I think his body may be easily susceptible to injury given the competition he'll have.
  14. Kaminariyuki

    Corona and sumo

    Wow, this is amazing. Gives one hope. Has this occurred and folks are actually visiting hyenas for asageiko?
  15. Kaminariyuki

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    I think you should do an alternative avant-garde poster!