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  1. Thank you, if it does close temporarily, is there a chance it can reopen with Miyagino in charge and the same rikishi as before even if they've been moved to other heya's?
  2. Stupidface

    Hakuhou is now Miyagino

    Very interesting points you make. Ps. I love your username but alas I am stuck with Stupidface!
  3. Stupidface

    Gaga Does Dallas!

    You're most welcome, hopefully we can all find some footage on YT to enjoy without having to suffer in the weather!
  4. Stupidface

    Gaga Does Dallas!

    I wonder if @sumojoannwill be interested in this? However as I'm from England, the size of Texas is difficult to comprehend. It may be like someone recommending me to go to France to watch sumo "locally".
  5. Stupidface

    Ex-rikishi YT sumo channels

    Some of the rikishi can pull it off and look almost healthy, Gagamaru didn't in my opinion so I'm glad he's getting back to how he naturally. I remember watching a video of him eating bowls of rice followed by Spaghetti Bolognese whilst mentioning all of his bicycles that he has broken! Hopefully the bicycles are safe now!
  6. Stupidface

    Ex-rikishi YT sumo channels

    He's looking really well in my opinion, looks a lot healthier. The slimmer look suits him.
  7. Stupidface

    Kakuryu on Twitter, FB

    Aww you're too sweet, I'll let you know how he turns out!
  8. Stupidface

    Kakuryu on Twitter, FB

    Oooh I'm looking for an event planner for my wedding, I wonder if Kakuryu would be willing and available?!
  9. Stupidface

    Recent NHK Hakuho retirement documentary

    Is there any way to watch with English subtitles please? The video is loading but no subs.
  10. Stupidface

    Aki joint keiko sessions

    Thanks for the info but pretty harsh of the oyakata but I get very protective over Shodai!
  11. Stupidface

    Bright colored mawashi, Ura among them...

    Whoa, I never knew they cost that much! That was the first time I was introduced to Ura, he seemed so nice and I've routed for him ever since
  12. Stupidface

    Bright colored mawashi, Ura among them...

    I did yes, his purple fringe one was very nice from what I can remember. Tochi's mawashi is a lovely colour too
  13. Stupidface

    Bright colored mawashi, Ura among them...

    They certainly put a lot of thought into it, I would have a different colour every basho but I'm a typical female, I like clothes!
  14. Stupidface

    Bright colored mawashi, Ura among them...

    Same here! I hope so too, awesome name by the way, he was one of my favourites from the book :)