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  1. Edwardoho

    Next salt-thrower

    Who was it before terutsuyoshi?
  2. Edwardoho

    Bout-Length Hatsu 2023

    Thank you Kotomaru. It's quite strange to think I could sit down and watch every bout in 46 minutes if all extras were removed!
  3. Edwardoho

    Raiden’s Sumo Dohyo

    interesting to see! thanks for sharing!
  4. Edwardoho

    Bout-Length Hatsu 2023

    not sure if you have these in a spreadsheet but it would be really interesting to see a total minutes and average bout for each days data. thanks for posting these!
  5. Edwardoho

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Not many great bouts in the top division today! 2 or 3?
  6. Edwardoho

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    He got carried out of the arena by an ex rikishi?
  7. Picked up my tickets yesterday at 7-11. Simply showed my email on my phone and signed a piece of paper. Didn’t need to show credit card or ID. there is some Japanese on the email for them to read. Very easy
  8. Edwardoho

    Sumo monuments and statues

    Is the Tochinoshin rugby statue still in tokyo? What building is it next to? Thanks
  9. Edwardoho

    Heya location map?

    I vaguely remember a link to a map containing all of the stable locations in Tokyo. Does anyone have it to hand? I’ve searched but can’t find it. Linked to this, does anyone know if the miyagino stable has moved to a new location? I read it was going to be moved after hakuho takes over. Thanks!
  10. There are some special 2 person B-box seats for the upcoming Toyko basho. They are described as "4-guests box seats open for use by only 2 guests". Is this simply a promotion to try and sell more seats? Does anyone know if it's specific B level box seats that are allocated for this type of ticket sale? Inferior ones in awkward positions perhaps? Thanks!
  11. Thank you! For anyone else interested, Masu S - row 1-4 of boxes Masu A - row 5-8 of boxes Masu B - row 9-12 Masu C - row 13-15
  12. Does anyone have the detailed seat map of the Ryogoku Kokugikan (similar to the below) but that includes the new S categories of arena and box seats? I'm curious how many rows of Arena S there will be in front of Arena A which previously was the rows nearest to the front.
  13. Thank you. So you can still see them walking but no interaction.
  14. Do rikishi still walk to the Kokugikan from nearby stables or do they now take cars to avoid risk of covid from crowds of people? Am I correct in assuming all picture taking and autograph signing are no longer possible? Obviously nobody can predict the future but im wondering what was it like in September. Thanks!
  15. Edwardoho

    Should Basho Be Taken From Kyushu?

    I did wonder what was going on with all the empty seats. I thought it may have been covid regulations so it was interesting to read its simply lack of demand.