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  1. Kurowashi

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    also Takakeisho pulling out, will probably help for this decision..
  2. Kurowashi

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    This day was indeed excellent and very entertaining ! Cool to see Chiyomaru and Onosho on fire and sad to see Tochi loosing 3 straight after winning his opening bout. Also what‘s up with Chiyonokuni, 0-4 ?! Terunofujis finishing move was just hilarious But i didn‘t understand why they called a torinaoshi on Mitakeumi vs Meisei ! 1. Meiseis left leg was under the dohyo line. 2. Even after that his right foot touched down while Mitakeumi was still clearly in the air.. Talking Mitakeumi, his bout yesterday was probably his strongest yotsu bout till now, at least for me a sign that he really improved his sumo !
  3. Kurowashi

    TORCHBEARER 2022: invitation, rules, and your picks

    asanoyama j7e
  4. Kurowashi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Tsurugisho vs Midorifuji was also a blast, very entertaining bout
  5. Kurowashi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Aoiyama vs Chiyonokuni looked like the former getting a proper beaten by the latter, in front of a bar Damn Kiribayama showing his strength today
  6. Kurowashi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    man tochi looks a lot thicker, seems like he‘s only drinking and eating lately
  7. Kurowashi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    i was referring to it in the sense of active rikishi with quality sumo and realistic chances to have been there or the chance to still get there.. of course thats also subjective.. as much as i enjoy hoshoryu (since hatsu this year, jumped pretty late on the train, wasn‘t convinced before ) for example, my choice is for sure chiyonokuni because he‘s a veteran and you gotta love his spirit and aggressive fighting style
  8. Kurowashi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    i hope to see him getting into sanyaku at least once in his career, from all the rikishi who haven‘t been in sanyaku he‘s definetly the one who deserves it the most…
  9. Kurowashi

    Lower division celebs results

    just catched up on days 3&4 and saw hagiwaras leg injury, does anybody know more about the injury and how long it will take him out ?
  10. Kurowashi

    Hakuho retires

    True, true Thanks, very intersting, i like that kind of trivia
  11. Kurowashi

    Hakuho retires

    Wow crazy, blows my mind That‘s one of the lovely things about sumo, with all the strict rules and hierarchy, there‘s always surprises to what is possible and what‘s not
  12. Kurowashi

    Hakuho retires

    Who called the mono-ii ? I couldn‘t see it in the footage, seems like a normal mono-ii from a shimpan to me…
  13. Kurowashi

    Hakuho retires

    Really ? I can‘t believe that, wouldn‘t the rikishis be to biased to be allowed to call a mono-ii ?
  14. Kurowashi

    Hakuho retires

    If Hakuho is gonna become a shimpan, he could finally call a mono-ii for real
  15. Kurowashi

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    I don‘t get it why he doesn‘t understand, that every time he pulls he loses..