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  1. Amamaniac

    Hakuho retires

    That bout was actually one of the more critical bouts in the 2012 Nagoya Tournament. Harumafuji had secured 14-0 two bouts earlier, and Hakuho had to win against Kisenosato to stay tied for a big Senshuraku winner-takes-all showdown. I'd argue that the henka against an Ozeki opponent at that stage had a degree or "harm and foul". But that's sumo. The way Hakuho put Kisenosato in his place was actually admirable IMHO. I missed that tournament since I was in the middle of an international relocation, so I really appreciate @Koorifuu and @Kamitsuumi for shedding light on it.
  2. Amamaniac

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Sorry about the late query, but ... Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether or not the China-Japan Friendship Cloisonné Cup was presented at the 2021 Autumn Tournament? I didn't spot it, and I am starting to think that it was withheld either due to Covid or to strained relations with the PRC.
  3. Amamaniac

    Kimarite Statistics - 2021 Aki

    NHK has already drawn attention to the shift afoot in the Top Division where oshi-zumo (pusher-thrusters) is becoming more common than yotsu-zumo (on the belt). The trend reverted to yotsu-zumo in Nagoya when Hakuho logged his 15-0 zenshoyusho against Terunofuji's Yokozuna-promotion-worthy junyusho 14-1. Despite Terunofuji doing a valiant job at Yokozuna-worthy yotsu-zumo (8/13 wins by yorikiri + 1 yoritaoshi), the balance overall in the Top Division swung back to oshi-zumo in this tournament. Summer 2021 yorikiri 65; oshidashi 67 Nagoya 2021 yorikiri 91; oshidashi 61 Autumn 2021 yorikiri 64; oshidashi 77
  4. Amamaniac

    Hakuho retires

    From the title of this latest piece, the Japanese press is aware of the current power struggle:
  5. Amamaniac

    Hakuho intai raw overview

    Interesting list. If we are considering domination against non-Yokozuna opponents, then Asashoryu deserves a little (just a little) more praise than Hakuho. Like you, I was surprised by the poor record in that regard posted by Taiho... Had he been as dominant when being the lone Yokozuna as he was when having to fight other Yokozunas, he could well have increased his championship total by, say, another 4 yusho!
  6. Amamaniac

    Hakuho intai raw overview

    Who is that accompanying Hakuho when he was promoted to Yokozuna? Doesn't seem to be Miyagino Oyakata!
  7. Hiro releases his review of the 2021 Aki basho:
  8. Amamaniac

    Outstanding oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    Turns out Aminishiki's danpatsu-shiki has actually been postponed (yet again?) until May 29, 2022.
  9. Amamaniac

    Outstanding oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    I get how people's first impression is that of an empty Kokugikan, the newspapers suggesting that there were only about 250 people (not necessarily fans) in attendance. Not sure if it is significant that Hakuho was not there (he notably had no fondness for Kotoyuki's owl hoots). He may be retired, but he'll still be on the banzuke in November. It's definitely sad that wrestlers who've dedicated a good chunk of their lives to the sport are being deprived of a glorious send off ... thanks to Covid. Also interesting is the gyoji wearing a face mask for this, yet not for official tournaments. I get how there may have been "lay people" there, but ... really? P.S., I checked the record between retired Kotoyuki and in-attendance Terunofuji, and they were 3-3! I guess this was a case of "he who snips last, snips best."
  10. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Aki 2021

    Day 6 03.8s J3w Sadanoumi (5-1) oshidashi M17e Chiyonokuni (5-1) 04.2s M13e Kagayaki (4-2) oshidashi M15e Ichiyamamoto (1-5) 16.3s M13w Tsurugisho (3-3) tsukiotoshi M16w Tokushoryu (1-5) 13.3s M12w Tochinoshin (2-4) yorikiri M14w Yutakayama (3-3) 09.6s M11e Endo (4-2) uwatedashinage M16e Chiyomaru (3-3) 10.9s M15w Chiyonoo (3-3) uwatenage M11w Kotoeko (2-4) 03.2s M10w Myogiryu (5-1) oshidashi M14e Kaisei (2-4) 01.9s M10e Chiyotairyu (3-3) oshidashi M7e Shimanoumi (3-3) 02.3s M7w Terutsuyoshi (3-3) yorikiri M9w Hidenoumi (2-4) 29.5s M6e Ura (3-3) oshidashi M9e Aoiyama (2-4) 01.9s M6w Onosho (5-1) okuridashi M8w Tobizaru (4-2) 07.8s M8e Okinoumi (4-2) yorikiri M5w Takarafuji (3-3) 10.6s M1w Takanosho (3-3) oshidashi M5e Chiyoshoma (0-6) 05.6s K1e Takayasu (2-4) tsukiotoshi K1w Ichinojo (2-4) 02.4s S1e Mitakeumi (5-1) oshidashi M3w Kotonowaka (2-4) 05.0s M4w Daieisho (4-2) hatakikomi S1w Meisei (2-4) 08.8s M2w Kiribayama (5-1) yorikiri O1e Shodai (4-2) 06.8s M4e Tamawashi (3-3) oshidashi O1w Takakeisho (2-4) 16.5s Y1w Terunofuji (5-0) kimedashi M3e Wakatakakage (3-3)
  11. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Aki 2021

    Day 7 02.5s M16w Tokushoryu (2-5) oshidashi J1e Mitoryu (2-5) 03.2s M15e Ichiyamamoto (2-5) oshidashi M13w Tsurugisho (3-4) 03.7s M16e Chiyomaru (4-3) hatakikomi M13e Kagayaki (4-3) 25.7s M14e Kaisei (3-4) yorikiri M12w Tochinoshin (2-5) 05.4s M14w Yutakayama (4-3) oshidashi M11w Kotoeko (2-5) 24.7s M11e Endo (5-2) yorikiri M17e Chiyonokuni (5-2) 11.4s M9w Hidenoumi (3-4) yorikiri M15w Chiyonoo (3-4) 01.8s M10e Chiyotairyu (4-3) tsukiotoshi M7w Terutsuyoshi (3-4) 05.6s M10w Myogiryu (6-1) yorikiri M7e Shimanoumi (3-4) 03.9s M9e Aoiyama (4-4) hatakikomi M6w Onosho (5-2) 06.9s M8e Okinoumi (5-2) oshitaoshi M6e Ura (3-4) 154.1s M5w Takarafuji (4-3) yorikiri M8w Tobizaru (4-3) 05.0s M4w Daieisho (5-2) hikiotoshi M2w Kiribayama (5-2) 03.8s K1e Takayasu (3-4) oshitaoshi M1w Takanosho (3-4) 07.6s S1w Meisei (3-4) tsukiotoshi M5e Chiyoshoma (0-7) 17.9s K1w Ichinojo (3-4) yorikiri S1e Mitakeumi (5-2) 05.6s O1w Takakeisho (3-4) oshitaoishi M3e Wakatakakage (3-4) 03.0s O1e Shodai (5-2) yorikiri M4e Tamawashi (3-4) 22.4s Y1w Terunofuji (7-0) yorikiri M3w Kotonowaka (2-5)
  12. Amamaniac

    Hakuho retires

    Here are several links (in English) that shed light on the situation. They suggest that Hakuho may be swallowing his pride and playing the NSK's game (... for now). Of course, he must be 10X more outraged than most of us are, but he knows how to deal with opponents of all shapes and sizes inside and outside the ring. Furthermore, the editorials reveal that there are Japanese who find the targeting of Hakuho missteps to be racist (restoring my respect for Japan's Vox populi). (n.b., final line: ""He [Shibatayama] added that Hakuho showed no objection to signing the pledge.")
  13. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Aki 2021

    Day 8 04.9s M16e Chiyomaru (5-3) oshitaoshi M14e Kaisei (3-5) 21.9s M16w Tokushoryu (3-5) oshidashi M13e Kagayaki (4-4) 04.4s M13w Tsurugisho (4-4) tsukiotoshi M14w Yutakayama (4-4) 10.2s M15e Ichiyamamoto (3-5) yorikiri M12w Tochinoshin (2-6) 05.0s M17e Chiyonokuni (6-2) oshidashi M11w Kotoeko (2-6) 19.6s M10w Myogiryu (7-1) yorikiri M15w Chiyonoo (3-5) 39.2s M8e Okinoumi (6-2) yorikiri M10e Chiyotairyu (4-4) 05.9s M11e Endo (6-2) okuridashi M7e Shimanoumi (3-5) 04.7s M9e Aoiyama (4-4) tsukidashi M7w Terutsuyoshi (3-5) 30.6s M6e Ura (4-4) oshitaoshi M8w Tobizaru (4-4) 06.5s M6w Onosho (6-2) okuridashi M9w Hidenoumi (3-5) 04.8s M3e Wakatakakage (4-4) yorikiri M5w Takarafuji (4-4) 21.0s M1w Takanosho (4-4) oshidashi M2w Kiribayama (5-3) 01.3s M5e Chiyoshoma (1-7) uwatenage K1e Takayasu (3-5) 04.8s M1e Hoshoryu (2-4-2) yorikiri K1w Ichinojo (3-5) 04.0s S1e Mitakeumi (6-2) hikiotoshi S1w Meisei (3-5) 04.3s M3w Kotonowaka (3-5) uwatenage O1e Shodai (5-3) 02.8s O1w Takakeisho (4-4) hatakikomi M4w Daieisho (5-3) 07.4s Y1w Terunofuji (8-0) yorikiri M4e Tamawashi (3-5)
  14. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Aki 2021

    Day 9 03.7s M17e Chiyonokuni (7-2) hikiotoshi M16w Tokushoryu (3-6) 03.6s M13e Kagayaki (5-4) oshidashi M14e Kaisei (3-6) 06.4s M12w Tochinoshin (3-6) yorikiri M15w Chiyonoo (3-6) 05.0s M11w Kotoeko (3-6) yorikiri M13w Tsurugisho (4-5) 01.2s M11e Endo (7-2) hikkake M15e Ichiyamamoto (3-6) 14.5s M16e Chiyomaru (6-3) yorikiri M9w Hidenoumi (3-6) 04.1s M8e Okinoumi (7-2) oshidashi M8w Tobizaru (4-5) 07.3s M14w Yutakayama (5-4) hatakikomi M7w Terutsuyoshi (3-6) 07.4s M7e Shimanoumi (4-5) oshidashi M9e Aoiyama (4-5) 02.3s M6w Onosho (7-2) oshidashi M10w Myogiryu (7-2) 01.7s M10e Chiyotairyu (5-4) hikiotoshi M6e Ura (4-5) 37.3s M5w Takarafuji (5-4) shitatenage M3w Kotonowaka (3-6) 10.1s M1e Hoshoryu (3-4-2) ipponzeoi M3e Wakatakakage (4-5) 03.7s M1w Takanosho (5-4) yorikiri K1w Ichinojo (3-6) 06.7s S1w Meisei (4-5) tsukidashi M4e Tamawashi (3-6) 01.8s M2w Kiribayama (6-3) okuridashi S1e Mitakeumi (6-3) 07.7s O1w Takakeisho (5-4) oshidashi K1e Takayasu (3-6) 08.9s O1e Shodai (6-3) oshidashi M5e Chiyoshoma (1-8) 14.1s M4w Daieisho (6-3) yorikiri Y1w Terunofuji (8-1)
  15. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Aki 2021

    Day 10 06.3s M14e Kaisei (4-6) oshidashi M15e Ichiyamamoto (3-7) 04.8s M14w Yutakayama (6-4) oshidashi M16e Chiyomaru (6-4) 02.5s M15w Chiyonoo (4-6) yorikiri M13w Tsurugisho (4-6) 02.6s M10e Chiyotairyu (6-4) tsukidashi M13e Kagayaki (5-5) 13.6s M9e Aoiyama (5-5) hatakikomi M16w Tokushoryu (3-7) 44.0s M9w Hidenoumi (4-6) yorikiri M17e Chiyonokuni (7-3) 02.9s M10w Myogiryu (8-2) yorikiri M8e Okinoumi (7-3) 08.7s M12w Tochinoshin (4-6) yoritaoshi M8w Tobizaru (4-6) 10.3s M11w Kotoeko (4-6) oshitaoshi M7w Terutsuyoshi (3-7) 03.5s M6w Onosho (8-2) oshidashi M11e Endo (7-3) 09.7s M5e Chiyoshoma (2-8) okuridashi M7e Shimanoumi (4-6) 01.0s M2w Kiribayama (7-3) uwatenage M1e Hoshoryu (3-5-2) 03.7s M5w Takarafuji (6-4) tsukiotoshi M1w Takanosho (5-5) ……… K1e Takayasu (4-6) fusensho M3w Kotonowaka (3-7) 05.5s K1w Ichinojo (4-6) oshidashi M4e Tamawashi (3-7) 02.3s S1e Mitakeumi (7-3) oshidashi M3e Wakatakakage (4-6) 05.5s O1e Shodai (7-3) hatakikomi M4w Daieisho (6-4) 11.5s O1w Takakeisho (6-4) oshidashi S1w Meisei (4-6) 92.3s Y1w Terunofuji (9-1) uwatenage M6e Ura (4-6)