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  1. Identity politics or not, the photo of the 1923 training session caught my eye. Given the wallpaper, modern weight equipment, and lack of shikirisen, I would hazard to guess that this keikoba was set up somewhere in Europe(?). That looked like quite an investment and, almost 100 years later, is there any sumo facility outside Japan that matches it?
  2. Amamaniac

    Takayoshitoshi scandal

    Make fun of me all you want. That's fine. I was making an observation about the new shikona for Takayoshitoshi. I saw a coincidence (two coincidences in fact) and it seemed that the new shikona was an unfortunate choice. I can see well enough through all the tin foil covering my head that there is no "plot" as stated elsewhere as being hinted by me.
  3. Amamaniac

    Takayoshitoshi scandal

    I agree with you that Takano- and -fuji are common shikona elements (esp. fuji for Mt Fuji), but there are plenty of other "extremely common" choices that they could have gone with, even substituting the Taka of Takanohana with the Taka or Takanosho, from Chiganoura Stable. Takanohana had to have realised that the "fresh" shikona smacked of controversies past. He is the master of crafting significance-rich shikona!
  4. Amamaniac

    Takayoshitoshi scandal

    I don't buy the "fresh start" idea either! What I see is: Takayoshitoshi is now the living embodiment of Takano(Iwa) and (Haruma)fuji! Not a great association – both wrestlers disgraced by acts of violence. If the shishou really wanted a fresh start for this registered bully, the shikona should have had no relation to those two wrestlers whatsoever. Call me suspicious, but this looks more like a dig at the NSK, no matter how smily-faced Takanofuji is.
  5. Amamaniac

    Takakeisho local yusho celebrations

    It is great to see all the children at his old school rally behind him. But check out the watch on his wrist! That's a yusho money watch, methinks. Is Nigawa gakuin Elementary School Catholic or Protestant? Akinomaki posted one small photo above which I can only assume was taken in the school chapel.
  6. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    In the following article (, Shibatayama claims: “The association has been working for a long time on a solution to the problem of violence,” Shibatayama said. “It is important to respond promptly and to make sure it does not happen again.” I want what he's smoking!
  7. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    At first when I saw this pic, it looked as though Takanoiwa had wet himself. Moral of the story: wear black.
  8. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    You are right in pointing out that there is a chance he will get one. He has indeed been in over 30 sekitori tournaments. I guess I was thinking that the NSK had some discretionary say in the matter. Out of curiosity, has any 30+ tournament sekitori ever been denied a KGK danpatsu-shiki? If not, then I guess there is something to the hush money theory.
  9. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa pics overview

    Gotta hand it to "the papers" on being ahead of the news on this one. But there must have been in leak in the Kyokai (would Shibatayama do something like that...?).
  10. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    I can't wait to see how many people show up at Takanoiwa's danpatsu-shiki at the Kokugikan! Oh wait. There's 0% chance he will get one of those. That facetious remark aside, the full-blown danpatsu-shiki are sometimes considered to be a form of hush money, although I don't completely buy that theory. But I wonder if Takanoiwa will start making allegations to the press about that ("much worse" stuff)? How else is he going to pay for his girlfriend's Maserati?
  11. Miki is back with Sumo ABC #91! In it, he reveals the secret (perhaps one of many) to Takakeisho's success.
  12. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    Perish the thought!
  13. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    Thanks for keeping us so well informed Akinomaki. Your handle has the caption "A dose of sumo a day". Seems to me that that is one huge dose!
  14. Amamaniac

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    There is no good side to this story. All I can say is that it was a good thing that Takanoiwa's tsukebito was Takataisho, and not one of the original Chiganoura deshi. That would have created more tension than I am pretty sure began with the arrival of Takanohana stable wrestlers. Depending on how long Takataisho has been Takanoiwa's tsukeibito, he probably has had one of the worst tsukebito careers as such careers go. But I wouldn't be surprised to hear even worse horror stories. If Takataisho does not leave sumo, will he be required to stay on as Takanoiwa's tsukebito? Or will Chiganoura assign Takanoiwa a new tsukebito? And does being under house arrest mean that tsukebito services are temporarily suspended? The influx of Takanohana Stable wrestlers seems to have brought great happiness in the form of a Top Division championship celebration, but also a lot of unwanted media attention (not to mention kyokai censure) that Takanohana was trying to shield his deshi from by retiring. Sigh.
  15. From your remarks, I have to conclude that you are a journalist facing similar frustrations. That the term "clickbait headline" exists really sickens me. Don't sub-editors realise that what they are doing lends itself to the whole "fake news" paranoia? In your opinion, does “Change in stable can revive wrestlers’ careers” qualify as a "clickbait headline" or as a simple lack of familiarity with the topic?