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  1. Amamaniac

    1940's Short Clip of Japanese Sumo Wrestling

    Thanks #sumojoann for posting all these early video clips of sumo. By watching them all, YouTube algorithms dug up a few more such clips. Here is one more entitled Sumo 1937:
  2. Amamaniac

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Whoever becomes the next Yokozuna, it will probably boil down (in part) to being in the right place at the right time. Being in the right place in my mind is related to being healthy and being near the top of the banzuke (i.e., in a position to win two consecutive yusho). And at the right time refers to when Hakuho calls it a day. In my mind, the odds of seeing another Yokozuna promotion before Hakuho retires are somewhat slim. Hakuho probably has a year and a half left in his active career, or let's say 8 more tournaments. With the current state of the Makuuchi ranks, a breakthrough within that time (with Hakuho there to still take home a yusho or two) seems unlikely. But Hakuho's departure will create a real vacuum! Someone like Takakeisho could make an early bid, but his recent injury seems serious enough that it may slow his particular bid to be the next Yokozuna. But I am with Akinomaki. Asanoyama seems to be developing nicely under the same guidance that got Asashoryu to become the 68th Yokozuna. In my eyes, he fits the right-place-right-time criteria.
  3. Amamaniac

    Day 11 pics overview Natsu 2019

    FYI, I believe that is Kimura Shotaro...
  4. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Was re-watching Day 2 coverage on and spotted a Georgian (?) beer commercial starring none other than our favourite Georgian Ozeki. (see 2:15:45) Everyone is entitled to their own conclusions...
  5. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    I was watching Enho's senshuraku NHK interview, and I could swear that he gets his eyebrows groomed! Not that I have anything against the practice, but it does suggest a degree of vanity. How many other rikishi/sekitori get their eyebrows done? And does that sort of thing fall under the purview of Tokoyama? LOL
  6. Before what will possibly be a much-deserved break, John Gunning gives us yet another Sumo 101 look inside sumo; this time he focuses on the JSA Chairman. There are even a few tidbits that explain why Hakuho (like Taiho and Chiyonofuji) may never become Chairman, despite having illustrious Yokozuna careers.
  7. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Asanoyama IMHO actually had a pretty good tournament. Walking away from this tournament where he fought at his highest-ever rank (M1e) with a 7-8 record is actually nothing to lament. He had a great attitude viewing losses to higher-ranked opponents as a learning experience, and he even got two Ozeki scalps. The positive news is: he has only been in the Top Division for just over two years. He remains someone to watch, and watch closely. Better yet, despite only having 7 wins, he took home more kensho prizes (96) than ... money-bags Endo (84) who had ten wins. And who says money doesn't heal all wounds?
  8. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Nagoya 2019

    Day 12 had three bouts longer than one minute, and Hakuho's was the longest. But the record this tournament for longest bout seems to have gone to Yago on day 4...
  9. If this were really a tfic thread, then I would have expected some comment about Enho ducking under opponents' bellies so that he can disappear from view and work his ashitori magic... Like you, robnplunder, I am a big Enho fan myself. Let me just say this: When things started going poorly for wee Enho in his second Top Division tournament, I seriously feared he would end up with another makekoshi. The last thing I expected was him getting a ginosho. But given his intense efforts yaocho (tfic) he managed to duplicate Mainoumi's achievement, albeit one tournament later (n.b., Mainoumi got his first ginosho with an 8-7 record). More tfic theories: 1) thanks to the new NHK app, the NSK feared sumo fans would revolt if he didn't get a sansho. They probably would have given Enho the ginosho even if he had lost all five of his final bouts. 2) Hakuho purposely messed up Myogiryu's neck to "soften" him up for the latter's bout against Enho the very next day.
  10. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    In general, Yokozunas like to have Maegashira wrestlers in their dohyoiri teams. While it does happen, sanyaku-ranked wrestlers usually get a pass. And by the looks of it, Endo is headed for the sanyaku elite ranks next tournament. Fans have been waiting for SIX (6) 1.6 years for this! But as for the championship parade, Endo is definitely eligible!!!
  11. Amamaniac

    Kensho Nagoya 2019

    How do we account for the 11 kensho on Day 14's Enho v. Myogiryu bout? Neither sekitori seems to have a fixed number of sponsors, or if they do, it is not more than 2-3 each. 11 is a significant jump for either or both wrestlers. If the answer to that question is spillover from withdrawn sekitori with significant numbers of sponsors, then why weren't there 11 kensho on yesterday's Enho bout when he was fighting for his KK, or why aren't sponsors spreading some love to Tomokaze now that he is proving to be a future star?
  12. Amamaniac

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    I am contractually obliged to say Harumafuji (former Ama). I miss him because he is gone. I can't see him fight down in the lower divisions (like Ura). I can't see him ringside as one of the judges (like Kaio). He is missing and he is missed.
  13. Amamaniac

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    I get why you said Kaio. What I don't get is why you didn't say Kotomitsuki... (just curious)
  14. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Now that we have the final day matchups, two rank-and-filers will be taking part in the koreyori sanyaku final three bouts. That in and of itself is not too surprising, given that all four Ozeki have withdrawn. However, the fact that Shimanoumi is one of the two designated hiramaku aite (rank-and-file opponents) is rather noteworthy. This is only his second Top Division tournament, and low and behold, he's fighting Sekiwake Mitakeumi in the second-last bout of the tournament! I'm going to call that quite an accomplishment. He has his kachikoshi majority wins, but will victory against the elite Sekiwake secure him a special prize despite the fact that he doesn't have 10 wins? Unconventional matchup. But this has the potential of being a pretty good contest.