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  1. Miki points to the need for Takakeisho to improve his "jump-off" (? initial charge) if further promotion is on his mind.
  2. Missed a few by John: Sumo 101: Could Have Beens Sumo 101: Consistent Losers
  3. Amamaniac

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Just realised that no gold stars were surrendered by the two Yokozunas on the banzuke, who completed the Spring Tourney without going kyujo. I'm not sure what is rarer, no gold stars or no Yokozuna pulling out.
  4. Amamaniac

    Top 10 Sumo Records Haru 2019 Edition

    If Aminishiki makes it through the Summer Basho, he will reach 1803 career bouts, and move into the number three position on this list. How likely is it that he will stay in competitive sumo for at least another full year after that so that he can break Oshio's record? In other words, is he wily enough?
  5. Mr. Gunning takes a closer look at Chiganoura Stable as a contributing factor in Takakeisho's recent success:
  6. Amamaniac

    Day 15 pics overview Haru 2019

    Has anyone else noticed that Takakeisho has a habit of sticking out his tongue? This was a somewhat unfortunate example...
  7. Amamaniac

    Day 1 pics overview Haru 2019

    Satoyama will be retiring that day too!
  8. Amamaniac

    Silent Violence

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. These kinds of incidents usually go unreported. As you seem to have a close connection to Filipinos in the sport of sumo, I for one hope that you will continue to share information (hopefully positive) as you learn of it. But by the looks of things, there is only one Filipino rikishi left on the banzuke...
  9. I know the enlightened attitude is to permit freedom of action, and arguably Hakuho deserves to be cut some slack given the fact that he will soon have more yushos than all Yokozunas combined , but sumo is steeped in tradition, and that tradition is inherently feudalistic. After the reaction to Hakuho's banzai calls in November of 2017, I thought that Hakuho would have learned his lesson. Like Jakusotsu, I too felt uneasy when Hakuho highjacked the microphone at the end of the yusho interview, and asked everyone to do his bidding. The whole thing seemed forced. After all, Hakuho was injured, and could barely clap himself! Nevertheless, Hakuho was determined to do it, and his motivation was definitely in the right place. He has gone on record as saying that he was moved when the Emperor personally sent him a letter of encouragement early in his career. Maybe he felt this was a way of showing his gratitude and respect. But, in feudal society, there is a right way and a wrong way. The clap is a tradition reserved for the very end of the tournament, after the kami gods have been sent off. There is also some indication that sumo fans (outside all the fans in the stadium who willingly joined in the clapping) sent in letters of complaint about the incident. ( has some relevant tweets) As I see it, the YDC is simply doing its job and placating traditionalists. That doesn't mean that everyone has to like it. How much stock Hakuho puts into their decisions is probably minimal.
  10. Amamaniac

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    Like robnplunder, I have my reservations about Takakeisho's chances to become a Yokozuna, but given the "history" of sumo, I am being swayed to the "he can do it" camp. Loved your fantasy banzuke for Haru 2023! I'm betting on Hoshoryu like you, but when I see his name beside (nay, atop) the likes of Ichinoji, Mitakeumi, and Takayasu, I tell myself that he really needs to put on some more weight... a lot more weight!
  11. Amamaniac

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    True enough, Nantonoyama and Eikokutai. But actually, his Ozeki career will lose much of its significance, when not if (?) he becomes the first Yokozuna of the new era (the name of which is still secret)!
  12. Amamaniac

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    Takakeisho will go down in history as the "last Ozeki of the Heisei Era". I'm sure it is not a major issue, but frankly, I would prefer to be the first Ozeki of a new era!
  13. Amamaniac

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    According to Otokonoyama's link (sorry, out of likes ;-( ), Takakeisho is the 6th fastest wrestler to rise to the rank of Ozeki (28 tournaments) and the ninth youngest ever Ozeki (22yrs 7mons 22days). But apparently, he has the sole distinction of being the shortest ever Ozeki (in recent history, which according to their sample goes back to the 1990s)! You know what that means? Shortest ever Yokozuna (to be)!!!!!?!?! Perhaps "shortest ever" was a stretch, but "cutest ever" might still be a possibility?
  14. Miki reviews the effects of the 2002 quota agreement in the latest Sumo ABC:
  15. Amamaniac

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    So you've seen that video too? From my recollection (which I would not place too much stock in), there was a problem with which arm he raised prior to one of the shiko. But I think it is harsh to attack him based on one slip. Overall, he delivered a dohyoiri that was replete with "fan service" ... in the good sense.