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  1. Takayasu went from 7 kensho on Day 9 to ... 17 on Day Day 11, i.e., the day Kise withdrew. Things were even "better" in Day 12's bout: he took home 21 kensho. Looks pretty clear to me that Kise's prize money has shifted to stablemate Takayasu, whose Ozeki promotion seems to be a done deal (+ he's still in contention).
  2. Frankly, if Ura keeps winning, I could see Ura getting the nod rather than Shodai. Shodai is higher up in the banzuke, but his record is not as good as Ura's (10-2) in this tournament.
  3. Sorry. I should have said "entire Yokozuna career". 3 of the 5 fusen came before his ascension to Grand Champion. I was replying to RabidJohn's comment about Yokozuna's getting fusensho...
  4. Not exactly a regular occurrence. In Hakuho's entire (i.e., long) career to date, he has received only two fusensho. The first was on day 12 of the 2009 Hatsu basho. And a little more recently, he received a fusensho on day 8 of the 2015 Summer basho. You might find this site helpful:
  5. He fights Harumafuji on Day 14. He can get his KK on Day 13 against Takarafuji. "If" Terunofuji withdraws due to injury, the torikumi of the final few days may get reshuffled. As much as I was/am hoping that Teru can mix things up on the leader board in his scheduled bout against Hakuho on Day 14, it would be interesting to see who they would chose to go up against Hakuho in his place.
  6. That would make sense, but I have long been disgusted by the habit of most rikishi to spit on the floor while they are waiting to walk the hanamichi. Talk about a slippery slope.
  7. I totally missed your post. Thanks.
  8. I watched the NHK broadcast of Day 11's action. It provided footage of Hakuho emerging from the shitakubeya with his tsukibito in tow. What caught my eye was that one younger tsukibito came out with a plastic bowl of something (liquid?). Hakuho stopped in the hall with his back to the camera. He bent over the bowl as if to breathe in whatever it contained. My first thought was that it might be something like smelling salts. Then I considered that it was some oriental concoction. Anyone have any thoughts? Hakuho seems to be trying everything to keep on top.
  9. Since Kise withdrew, Harumafuji fought Mitakeumi in the final bout of the day. The NHK broadcast did not show the banner parades for that bout – too busy reviewing replays of Hakuho's victory over Goeido. Does anyone have information on how many kensho were awarded Mitakeumi? Mitakeumi may have had 18 or 19 kensho going into the bout. The win did not bring his total up past Goeido's. So there had to be less than 37. But just how much less, given the possibility that Kise's kensho were redistributed?
  10. I would love to see Ura fight Terunofuji! While Teru has the weight and strength advantage, I think Ura would be too much for him to handle. Ura is fast and stays low, always making it difficult for opponents to get a belt hold. Given Ura's record in this tournament, he'll be advancing upward in the banzuke. He could well be fighting Teru later this year, if not in this tournament...
  11. While I would agree that this is generally true, I would argue that zabutons have been thrown in upsets of Yokozunas prior to the last bout of the day. I draw your attention to Day 7 of the 2016 Autumn Tournament. Kakuryu lost to Takayasu that day in the second to last bout of the day, and zabutons were thrown. The point I was trying to make was that even on Day 1 of the current tournament when Kise lost to Yoshikaze in the last bout of the day, there were only a handful of zabuton thrown, unlike the shower of zabuton thrown on other occasions involving other Yokozuna.
  12. Kisenosato lost his opening bout against Yoshikaze. A few zabuton were thrown that day. But in his three subsequent losses, fans are not throwing zabuton in disgust as is usually the case for Yokozuna bouts in which the Yokozuna fails to win. Is this a case of double standards, or have sumo fans suddenly decided to toe the line vis-a-vis throwing zabutons?
  13. Did you happen to catch what was said about Sokokurai's footwork? Why does the graphic indicate 20 left and 10 right? In a normal tournament, there are 15 tachiai. Not sure about the numbers, except that 30=2X15...
  14. 21
  15. FYI, the second graphic indicates that in the last tournament (March 2017) Terunofuji took on average 13.5 seconds in the bouts that he won, and he took on average 6.5 seconds in the bouts he lost. The overall average length of bouts in that tournament was 8.5 seconds.