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  1. More light has been shed on this issue: IMHO, having a relatively incompetent Kimura Shonosuke (nice guy or not) cheapens the overall quality of oozumo. The way I look at it, there are many wonderful things in Japan, like sushi and oozumo. You can enjoy authentic sushiya sushi or settle for kaizen zushi, just like you can enjoy competent oozumo refereeing or you can settle for Kimura Shonosuke (XXXVIII). I wish him all the best, but seeing him struggle in performing his duties is, simply put, disappointing.
  2. Amamaniac

    Aki 2023 day 15 pics overview

    Not sure what to make of it. When Takakeisho won his first championship, his mother and father posed with supporters in the post-tournament shitakubeya group photo. There was too much press coverage of his parents, and so they have not been present for subsequent championship victories by their son. More recently, in January of this year, Takakeisho's wife and child posed with supporters in the post-tournament shitakubeya group photo. For his fourth championship title, neither his parents nor his wife and child showed up to show their support. I don't know what that says about Takakeisho...
  3. Amamaniac

    Rikishi Status - 2023 Aki

    Sorry. This question may be too late, and may have already been discussed in the Results Discussion thread. But, on day 13, Onojo (Ms53w) had a nasty fall in his victory over Tokunomusashi. He eventually managed to get back up on his own steam, but used the oversized wheelchair to leave. Was there any report on his apparent injury? Does the NSK even report on concussion protocols after wrestlers are injured in the ring? Onojo did end up returning to fight in the seven-way Makushita playoff on day 15, but he was eliminated after just one bout.
  4. Amamaniac

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    The main reason I said that was when Hakuoho finished the Summer tournament with a 14-0 record at J8w, his promotion only took him to the very bottom slot in the Top Division for Nagoya. In this tournament, Onosato is fighting at J14e (about 11 slots lower than where Hakuoho/Ochiai was). I prefer to err on the side of caution, and then be pleasantly surprised when I'm wrong.
  5. Amamaniac

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    Down in Juryo, Onosato is on fire. With Hakuoho sidelined, he has a chance to make a big splash as the next great thing. But even if he sweeps in that division, it will be quite unlikely for him to shoot up into the Top Division in November. But he is definitely one to watch.
  6. Amamaniac

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    Colour me surprised, but going into this tournament, I had little confidence that Takakeisho would get the 8 wins he needs to protect his Ozeki status, especially after he lost to Hokutofuji on day 1. At 4-1 after five days, he is definitely off to a good start. Now I am wondering if he will surprise me even more and walk away with the yusho. (I know, I know. Early days...)
  7. Amamaniac

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    I know this is not of particular consequence to the ongoing yusho race, but... Interestingly, for the last two days (4 & 5), tate gyoji Shikimori Inosuke has not used a paper tie for the bundle of papers used in his Torikumi gohiro announcements before the start of the Top Division bouts. In the past (at least since I've been watching), the announcements always involve the breaking of the tie, and then dropping it casually onto the dohyo, from where whichever hapless yoibidashi is assisting in the ceremony has to pick it up and tuck it into his sleeve. Not sure if the NSK has introduced a new anti littering campaign or if sumo fans complained about littering the sacred dohyo. Interesting or not, it's a development...
  8. Amamaniac

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    Apparently he heard you!
  9. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2023 discussion (results)

    Apologies if someone else has already brought up the amazing performance by Wakakari in the Sandanme Playoff bout. Colour me impressed! This 18 year-old (after only three tournaments in Oozumo, not counting Maezumo) showed some real technique, going in with a Plan A, Plan B, and probably Plan C & D. It was, in my mind, one of the best bouts of the tournament ... in any division. I may be exaggerating for effect, but Wakakari could probably teach half of the Makuuchi boys a thing or two. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.
  10. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2023 discussion (results)

    The Kyokai got caught with their pants down on that one! Usually, there is a Sansho trophy available on the day for each and every winner. But given the circumstances (what someone called "A Kantosho bargain sale" on the Abema broadcast), they had to recycle the same kantosho trophy for each recipient! As soon as one winner stepped down off the ring with the trophy, yobidashi Kouhei snatched it from their hands and carried it back up onto the ring for the next presentation. That's the first time I've seen something like that!
  11. Amamaniac

    Nagoya 2023 discussion (results)

    What made this tournament quite interesting was the number of "once-in-a-lifetime chances": possible first championship for Hokutofuji, possible (initially anyway) first championship for Nishikigi, possible Ozeki promotions for Daieisho and Wakamotoharu (sorry, but I fear that the ship has sailed for Daieisho and, perhaps, even for Wakamotoharu), and ... possible Makuuchi debut championship for Hakuoho. Just goes to show that sumo is not for the faint hearted. On this occasion, Hoshoryu had the necessary nerves of steel.
  12. Amamaniac

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Sorry, still playing catchup, but thought that yesterday's Makushita bout between Tochimaru and Toshunryu was rather noteworthy! Soon after the bout got underway, Toshunryu pulled off Tochimaru's sagari tassels, and they ended up not on the dohyo, but... tangled in the big man's mage!!! The gyoji (Kimura Chishu) contemplated trying to yank it off while the wrestlers were scrapping, but wisely chose not to risk it. Then as soon as they tired out and locked up, Chishu moved in and stopped the bout. The tassels/cords were quite tangled indeed, and it took 10 full seconds to free them. That has to be something of a rarity. Kudos to Kimura Chishu for his quick thinking.
  13. Amamaniac

    Kensho Natsu 2023

    That's a real shame!!!!
  14. Amamaniac

    Kensho Natsu 2023

    The Hakata Salt Co. sponsored two kensho banners in the Meisei v. Mitakeumi bout on Day 1. Not sure whom they were backing, but if your speculation proves right, my feeling is that Meisei should pick up the mega salt thrower mantle. Trouble is that he doesn't seem to be the type to seek attention. Actually, Akua, down in Juryo, seems to be taking over in the salt-dump category as of this tournament (thanks #Kintamayama for pointing that out).
  15. Amamaniac

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Any Forum members out there with steel-trap memories care to correct me on this? This may just be the first official Grand Sumo tournament to start its Top Division bouts with judges overturning the gyoji's call. I could feel the "crow" going down poor Shikimori Kindayu's throat as he presented the kensho envelopes to Oho...