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  1. Urban animals

    As a lifelong angler this is a sight I've seen many times over lakes and rivers. There was nothing wrong with their sonar: they were feeding on a fly hatch. Aquatic insects often choose the calm at dawn and dusk to emerge from the water, and many species of bat are quick to take advantage.
  2. Relapse Prevention Committee-training week

    Absolutely nothing or a very serious head injury, depending who you believe. Possibly caused by Harumafuji hitting him repeatedly with a karaoke remote control, but we can't be sure.
  3. NHK Charity ozumo 2018

    Wow! Ozumo meets Idol culture. The mind boggles!
  4. Does anyone here know anyone in the Kyokai? Because this seems to be a laudable solution. They may already be heading that way with their recent decision to guarantee Takanoiwa what amounts to a J14TD.
  5. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Totally off-topic, but Anthony Joshua is aiming to do just that in April.
  6. Haru 2018 "Poster" (leaflet )

    You sure about that? I seem to remember Hakuho was docked the whole of January's salary and half of February's.
  7. Guess a rikishi - win a tegata

  8. Haru 2018 "Poster" (leaflet )

    I think it's more to do with Shikimori Inosuke being suspended/resigning.
  9. Haru 2018 "Poster" (leaflet )

    Shikimori Kandayu, I think. Edit: Or it could be Kimura Tamajiro... They're both sanyaku gyogi (orange rosettes) and I always get them mixed up.
  10. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    He sounded to me like just about every other rikishi I'm ever heard interviewed. They all seem to speak in the lowest register they're capable of, just like they all talk about "doing my style of sumo" and "taking it one bout at a time"! What I (and many others apparently) really noticed about Tochinoshin this time was his pinkness, as well as a marked improvement in technique. The former may well be a sign of PES use, I really don't know (and don't much care tbh), but I'm fairly sure steroids aren't known for imparting skills.
  11. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I have a feeling Takayasu will have to crack the back-to-back yusho or yusho+equivalent barrier to get the rope. A 12-3J is a good result, but it's not a yusho equivalent as he was only technically in contention for a couple of days. Kisenosato was a special case whose run of jun-yusho in 2016 also added up to the most makuuchi wins for the year, and the combination of the two was his 'yusho equivalent'. There was also the fact that Japan was getting desperate for a home-born yokozuna. None of that applies for Takayasu at the moment. He needs to win, and I believe he will get his opportunities this year.
  12. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Congratulations to Tochinoshin on the first hiramaku yusho since I've been watching again - and the first, I believe, to a European. I ought really to be more of a fan of his. He tries to do the yotzu-zumo I like the most, but up until now I've always thought of him as a rikishi with all the necessary strength, but hampered by injury and lacking in technique. Not this time! Beating all the available sanyaku except the yokozuna was a superlative display of ozeki-quality sumo. Whether he can keep it up and make that rank remains to be seen, but I always appreciate someone doing well so I hope he can have another good showing in March. The other big surprise for me was Ichinojo. I expected him to crumble as he usually does in the joi, but 10-5 is not to be sniffed at and he didn't look useless in all his losses either. Shades of the form he blasted into makuuchi with, so I'm eager to see if he can maintain it. Takayasu looked pretty good too, turning in a proper ozeki performance and seemingly over his injury. I'm wondering how long it will be before he can convert his potential to a yusho. Some time this year by the looks. Kakuryu also turned in an ozeki-standard performance in the end, but it seemed disappointing after his 10-0 start. I expect he'd have been happy to take it, had he been offered 11-4 before the basho. I really hope Mitakeumi's second week slump after a blinding start was down to injury. He looked disconcertingly helpless in some of the matches he should have won. Still, he hung on to his rank, which is no mean feat. This time last year, who'd have thought Isegahama would have only one makuuchi rikishi come March? Not me for sure! Some disappointment for my favourite youngsters, Onosho, Hokutofuji and Takakeisho, especially Onosho with a busted knee. I've no doubt they'll bounce back eventually. I'm sure there's at least one future ozeki in that trio. Nothing turned out according to the script I had in my head before the basho, but that's one of the reasons I find ozumo so fascinating!
  13. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    The thing I've noticed is his exceptional pinkness, like he just got out of a very hot bath. Is that a pointer?
  14. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Although thoroughly pleased with his emphatic win over Kakuryu today, I couldn't help feeling slightly concerned that there's a Mitak-A-umi and a Mitak-B-umi... Another awesome display of controlled power from Tochinoshin today. "No, my Mongolian friend, you're not taking a nap on my shoulder!" Got the bit between his teeth now - I hope he doesn't stumble at the last two hurdles. To add my two pennorth to the inevitable promotion talk, I think a 14-1 or 13-2 yusho from M3 will certain count as the start of an ozeki run if he can follow up with a double digit score in March. And following that up with another in May is an even bigger if. As I keep saying, I don't trust his knee to carry him that far. Still, I never thought Takayasu could complete a successful run, so what do I know? I've been enjoying the two newcomers too. Both with 9 wins using two completely different styles. Abi's is very reminiscent of his shisho.
  15. Videos and promo-Hatsu 2018-Days 1-15

    Yeah, thank you always feels insufficient when it comes to Moti's efforts on our behalf. Not sure about YouTube's sudden ability to select spoiler screenshots, though...