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  1. It doesn't. Take the Beatles, for example; some would argue that their debut was as the Quarrymen at a garden fête in the 1958, and they performed for a couple years as the Silver Beatles and then the Beatles in Liverpool and Hamburg, so they were well past their debut when their big break came, and that was when they took Brian Epstein as manager and he got them a deal with Parlophone. "shy bird"?
  2. I don't disagree with anything YBF posted last, but just to add to the confusion, I'm still waiting for my big break!
  3. That's a beautifully clear example, thanks. One of the things I really like about this forum is that I never feel bad about being put right!
  4. Well, I've never used any Mongolian that I'm aware of, so I ain't arguing! I got it from Wikipedia, which has him down as 'Jigjidiin Mönkhbat' (and Hakuho as 'Mönkhbatyn Davaajargal'). Could the 'iin/yn' be a bit like the Japanese 'no' then, so it's effectively 'Mönkhbat (son) of Jigjid' and 'Davaajargal (son) of Mönkhbat' respectively? Way off topic, but you've gone and got me curious now.
  5. Oo, me and my wayward fingers! I don't care for footie myself, but you're right: the City vs United thing is quite major!
  6. A stroke of good fortune that his missus happened to be compatible! Good on her, and continued good fortune to Fia. Get well soon.
  7. Not really. True, they don't get demoted for putting in 0-0-15s, but they're not allowed to abuse it. One or two kyujo honbasho in a row is by far the most common scenario. Three and you'll generally start to hear 'comments'. I wasn't watching sumo at the time, so I've no idea how Takanohana got away with seven on the trot in 2001-2, but I don't think that can be used as a yardstick.
  8. I admit I had to look this up only recently when I saw the 'New tachi for...' thread, because I'd always thought the yokozuna's sword was a katana (though I should have realised, because the yokozuna's senior attendant is not called a katana-mochi). Yes, there's next to no visual difference except the way the sword is supposed to be held/worn, but there is actually a far more significant difference between a katana and a tachi. The katana is not only usually shorter, but it's also quite a bit lighter for any given length of blade (i.e. smaller cross section). Apparently the development of the tachi into the katana arose from a need for speed when the one-lethal-strike style came in; having the blade up in the scabbard means the draw can be the start of a strike, and having a lighter, shorter blade means you can move it a lot faster. Getting off topic now... soz.
  9. He's holding it like a katana, which is just wrong! A tachi is traditionally worn hanging from a belt, blade down, which is why there are hangers on the scabbard, and when they are displayed on stands it's always blade down. The more modern katana is traditionally worn blade up with the scabbard stuffed through a sash, which is why there are never hangers on a katana scabbard. Similarly katana are always displayed blade up. On that basis, I don't know why Harumafuji would hold it wrongly, unless there's some symbological meaning I'm unaware of. Also I don't know why either Haru or Kak would hold the scabbard in their right hand (unless they are known to be left-handed), so I was wondering if the images had been reversed, or were they asked to pose thus for the composition of the poster?
  10. Maybe more to the point, does Japan allow its citizens to have dual citizenship? I thought they had to properly become Japanese, take a Japanese name and everything. It would seem peculiar after all that to permit dual nationality...
  11. I'm no doctor, either, but I know they use induced coma in several treatments, usually severe brain injury or brain surgery. It reduces brain activity and therefore blood flow to the brain, which helps reduce swelling. It's not the induced coma that's dangerous, but the injury or condition that results in its use. It's a pretty drastic step, but it's not a death sentence. I personally know a couple of people who are still alive and well because of it, both motorcyclists as it happens. Anyway, if Chad's in hospital with cellulitis, there's no reason for him to be in an induced coma. What he has is obviously a major infection and that's bad enough as it is. I hope he pulls through ok.
  12. No, of course not, and that's not what I wrote. With something this crucial to his future I imagine he has everything in place ready to go.
  13. I've gone for 2017, but I think a lot depends on his dad. Hak, apparently, doesn't want to renounce his Mongolian citizenship while his dad's still alive, yet his stated planned future depends on doing so. I've been thinking for a while that if Jigjidiin died tomorrow, Hak would announce he was taking Japanese citizenship immediately after the funeral. He could then intai at any time (maybe as soon as during or after Natsu 2017, depending on the result, as that could be a whole year without a yusho), take his well-deserved one-gen kabu in his own shikona from the Kyokai and start his own heya.
  14. I only really follow makuuchi, but I know from this forum that he's been the shokkiri performer with his bro for a while and he should therefore be 'cursed/jinxed' never to succeed, but here he is making his sekitori debut at the ripe old age of 19. I've gone for 8-10. He's never been stellar, but he's got a decent w/l ratio overall. It's his youth that's kind of exciting; he's got time to learn and master his craft.
  15. For everyone like me (i.e. who thought they'd seen every Gene Wilder movie from the era) "this" is Start The Revolution Without Me (1970). I shall have to find it!