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  1. Obviously I'm blissfully unaware of any hype surrounding Ura in the Japanese media, so I can well understand how jaded you must become with it all if you're following the press over there. He isn't hyped here. I'm a fan of Ura's undeniable entertainment value more than his unorthodox sumo. I'd like to see him get a lot more aggressive at the tachi-ai, though I doubt we'll ever see him cracking that precious head of his like Yoshikaze does, but then lots of rikishi try to avoid that if they can. I'm sure the people who suggest he needs more upper body strength are right too. What I don't get is why so many people believe Ura won't develop the necessary technique and strength he'll need to remain further up the banzuke, while suggesting his opponents will develop and evolve beyond him. Yes, some of them, like Hokutofuji, probably have greater ultimate potential, but the fact Ura gained all that weight tells me he's willing to adapt and change, and I won't believe that process has ended until I see it has. He's probably going to get a very rude awakening in the joi next time, because nearly everyone does, so that won't mean much in the long run. It'll be what he learns from the experience and how he bounces back that matter. I still reckon he'll be a regular in the upper half of makuuchi with occasional appearances in sanyaku - and just maybe a sanyaku KK if everything falls into place for him. --- I like the shorter guys and gunning for the underdog, so I also like Ishiura and Takakeisho a lot, and I'm more of a fan of their styles. Loved both their wins today. What about that Takakeisho on the belt - even Tochinoshin was smiling! I can't recall the last time I saw a yokozuna getting a fusensho... I wonder if Hakuho will settle one of the other debates on this forum: you know, the one about whether he'll ever zensho again... --- Takayasu has seemingly done what he needed to for his ozeki promotion, and while he may lose to Harumafuji tomorrow, he's still likely to improve on 10 wins to clinch the deal. When are we likely to hear something official about it?
  2. Hi Rapidjohn

    I just noticed that we are from the same part of the world or even the same part of England.....What part of Lincolnshire are you from? I dont need to tell you where I am from its all there in my avatar box......

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      Hi Paul,

      I come from the marchlands, on the banks of the vanished River Don, just on the right side of the border between the Saxons and the Vikings, between the archbishoprics of Canterbury and York, and between North Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire as they are now known! Crowle, a couple of miles east of the Trent and not far from the start of the Humber. I see you're at t'other end... Well, you can't help that - lol!

      I've been up that end of the A18 quite a few times when I used to go fishing a lot around North Somercotes, Aby, Authorpe, Legbourn... all over between the Wolds and the coast really. Coppers in Grimsby invariably pulled me over when I was driving back on a Sunday night, just cos I was young, and I always got a producer, even when it was the same copper as the previous week! Ah, fond memories...


      Paddy (aka RabidJohn)

  3. What 'hype' around Ura? He was brought to my attention here on this forum as he was rising up makushita, and not in a hyperbolic fashion either. He had an extraordinary winning percentage. It was special. Videos of him started to appear, and he moved like no one else I've ever seen in ozumo (and I saw Mainoumi live in the flesh in 1991). It was and still is special. He hit something of a wall for a while in juryo, but he was unexpectedly (to me) banging weight on and clearly having to come to terms with that decision. When he emerged into makuuchi last basho he was still finding his way a bit, but this time he seems to have found confidence in his sumo. He's a shorter than average rikishi, but far from the lightest in the division, yet he can still move incredibly fast and he appears to have lost nothing of his gymnast's sense of balance and agility, all of which makes him extremely popular (look at the kensho!). That is special. It's not hype FFS, it's real! I did not expect him to prevail against Shodai today, but he did! I don't expect him ever to be a sanyaku mainstay either, but I'm pretty sure he will continue to confound almost everyone's expectations, hopefully for a good long career, so who knows? Will Ura end up facing a sanyaku opponent this basho? I was also very pleased for Mitakeumi today, as his score doesn't really reflect his performance. About time something paid off for his 100% effort every bout. I'm hoping he can hang on to his sanyaku status. Kisenosato made the right move. No point risking further injury by being blasted off the dohyo by Tamawashi. He's given the crowd the best of what he had to offer this time. --- A couple of pages back someone posted that zabuton are thrown in anger/disgust when a yokozuna loses. And there was me thinking (for over 30 years) that it was a celebration of the underdog winning! How wrong can you be? I still prefer my way of looking at it, though... --- I do not discount the psychological effect being forced to stop doing the thing that made him popular with the crowd may have had on Kotoyuki's performance. Nor do I discount the possibility that it's just a coincidence. (He said, balancing carefully on the fence.)
  4. It's great to see Hakuho and Harumafuji resurgent, but not so great to watch Kisenosato struggling. I think he's more than done his duty to the fans, who can see he's not yet recovered, and he should go kyujo. Disappointing as that might be, it would at least set up a senshuraku showdown between the two remaining yokozuna. I'm chuffed to bits to see Ura gaining such confidence in makuuchi. I hope he can get double digits and a sansho. I've no doubt other hiramaku are studying videos of him, wondering how they're going to deal with him. Sure, patterns are emerging and he'll always be beatable, but when he pulls one of his unexpected Matrix-like moves (like that lightning side step on Onosho the other day) the only thing you can rely on is you're own lightning reflexes in that moment. I'm not saying some rikishi don't have fast reaction times because some clearly do, but 'lightning reflexes' isn't what generally springs to mind when you think of ozumo...
  5. Shohozan looked very nervous about letting that crafty little bugger in pink get anywhere near, with the result that he back-pedalled himself out. I never imagined Ura intimidating anyone! At nearly 38, has Takekaze finally worn out all the grip on his feet? Win or lose, it's all great experience for Mitakeumi, and it appeared to be experience that won the day between two otherwise well matched rikishi. Has Yoshikaze realized he's old enough to be using wiliness instead of his usual reckless abandon? Did Hakuho fall when he shouldn't have, as Moti suggested on his video? My first impression was that he skillfully avoided kneeing Aoiyama in the head... I thought Harumafuji overdid things at the tawara today, so for me the injury was largely self-inflicted. Hopefully it won't affect his yusho chances too aversely, because he had been looking pretty good overall.
  6. I can't read the Japanese article, but I'm sure I remember Kotoshogiku defeating 3 in his yusho. Should that be komusubi or something, rather than just "rikishi"? --- I must echo Morty's comments above. Kisenosato has probably impressed me more this time than he did in his two yusho. I was rooting for Mitakeumi today, thinking this was his best chance - and, as good as he is at the moment, he just could not do it! I don't think Kisenosato stands much chance against the remaining Y/O, but that doesn't matter because he's really showing everyone what he's made of - and it appears to be 100% yokozuna material. I've been wondering how awestruck Daieisho must have felt when Hakuho yorikiri-ed him with such apparent ease.
  7. Hakuho seems like a man with a different plan for each rikishi he faces. His arms-length tsuki/oshi/tsuppari/harite stuff is nowhere near as attractive as his yotsu-zumo, but it's pretty damned effective. Bit of a shock seeing Takayasu go down to Tamawashi today... I do hope that was just a temporary aberration. Is Shodai injured? Something seems off with him this basho. I loved watching Ura manhandle Ichinojo off the dohyo! Ichinojo looked totally defenceless against a guy who can literally run rings around him.
  8. I'm very much enjoying the efforts of the two joi-debutants from Kokonoe. They're both likely to MK, but they're doing it in style! I've never seen Kisenosato fighting injured before and I'm really impressed by his tenacity and fighting spirit. I was also really impressed by Mitakeumi going for Hakuho's belt! It didn't work, but as others have mentioned it was more valuable experience garnered.
  9. I had that one in mind when I posted!
  10. True, and a lot could happen in the next 11 days, but Takayasu is looking just as good as he was last time and no one above him is looking as good. Harumafuji and Hakuho may have the same score currently, but they haven't looked anywhere near as good getting there. It's a developing trend, and things are shaping up nicely for Takayasu's promotion. I think he won one of his hardest bouts today, and that he's on course for thoroughly invalidating the track record that says he should MK this time... Poor Kisenosato looked utterly bewildered lying on his back in the audience... I felt just a bit sorry for Ura, too. It looked to me like he threw himself into that somersault in a bid to be last down, and it actually worked... That 'dead body' business just muddies the waters as far as I'm concerned, but then Ura has a track record of making things difficult for the gyoji, so I suppose he brings it on himself. Always entertaining, though!
  11. 'Rules' not rules. Let's say it was an unconventional promotion then, as was Kise's (which is not to suggest either was undeserved), so it appears to me that the Kyokai has shown a recent willingness not to adhere strictly to convention when it comes to the highest promotions. This is all speculation, fantasy sumo. In reality Mitakeumi is showing the kind of form he had in January, in which case he could well force his sekiwake promotion for July. He's very good, and judging by today's reaction very popular too. Wow, what about Takayasu the clobberer? Both Goeido and now the Geek sent reeling by Takayasu's superb tachi-ai. Does Ura read this forum? He's doing exactly what I want him to do! He's excellent at oshi-zumo. My favourite bout of the day was Kisenosato v Chiyonokuni, of course. Both of them went up another notch in my estimations. Kise appeared determined not to concede his first kinboshi, and Chiyonokuni is certainly not disgracing himself in his joi debut. BTW, why was the Osunaarashi v Chiyomaru bout stopped? I've seen them stopped for wardrobe malfunctions many times, and long ones occasionally for water breaks, but I've never seen one apparently stopped for a rikishi to have his nose wiped!
  12. As you point out, the Kyokai bent it's own 'rules' when they promoted Terunofuji. They've recently bent them again to promote Kisenosato, so who knows? Clearly, if it suits them, they'll do it. Of course, though, I expect Mitakeumi will have to do it the hard way - and I believe he's perfectly capable of forcing his way up there.
  13. Oh, there was some great sumo today. Highlights for me were Ura working all his strengths against Kagayaki, Chiyoshoma's brilliant defensive win over the Geek, and Takayasu absolutely battering Goeido at the tachi-ai. I winced when Hakuho landed on his right elbow yesterday, and today it was bandaged up and he was avoiding Yoshikaze's belt... After being so fit for so many years, it's just one injury after another now, isn't it? Looks like Kakuryu should also have had a practise with Chiyonokuni before the basho. I'm pleased for the latter with his first kinboshi, but Kak should not have fallen for one of his favourite moves. Re: Mitakeumi's ozeki run. If he were to score 12 wins this time, he would have 33 wins from M1, which is exactly same score as Terunofuji had from M2 to get promotion to ozeki. Difference is, Terunofuji was lucky enough to get straight to sekiwake from an 8-7 at M2, whereas Mitakeumi will have to do it the hard way and force his way up past consistent sanyaku incumbents. However, I do wonder what the feeling would be if he went and won the yusho with a 13 or 14 this time.
  14. I see the manga artist has spotted Kisenosato's Vulcan salute, but he's given him a Romulan forehead!
  15. Check out John Gunning's interview with Konishiki: The big guy says Takayasu's gonna get 12!