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  1. RabidJohn

    Kensho Hatsu 2019

    Were there fewer than five on the Kakuryu bout then?
  2. RabidJohn

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Takakeisho looks like he's still intent on blowing everyone away! I reckon Ichinojo ought to switch to a predominantly oshi style, too. He's brought it out a few times in the last few basho and it's very effective. I am also very pleased to see Nishikigi exceeding expectations. I know it was only Goeido, but I thought it was a classy belt win. Can he manage a second joi KK on the trot? Hakuho and Kakuryu looking like yokozuna, Kisenosato unfortunately not... I hope he doesn't wait for the YDC to push him.
  3. RabidJohn

    Sumo goods

    I'd have thought the same sort of artistic license that doesn't show the bandages and braces would have given Yago a proper oichomage, but no...
  4. RabidJohn

    Merry Christmas

    Season's greetings to all. Can't believe I'm the first to post!
  5. RabidJohn

    Takayoshitoshi scandal

    I know what you mean about becoming inured to its quite frequent occurrence in Japanese words, but I can't say I never noticed. It first raised my metaphorical eyebrow when I read the tale of Yoshitsune in my youth. Mind you, it kind of pales into insignificance compared to the issues with the name of the town where I was born: Scunthorpe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scunthorpe_problem If Typhoo put the T in Britain, who put the... Well, I'm sure you can see where that's going!
  6. After 23 years on the staff of a weekly fishing magazine, I can vouch for this. I've experienced it from both sides, too, as both writer and sub editor. From personal experience, I can inform you that sub editors suffer from frequent 'headline fatigue'. Out of the thousands I came up with, there were probably fewer than twenty that I was actually proud of.
  7. RabidJohn

    Match of the Basho - Kyushu 2018 Submissions Open

    Oh, yes he was! Doing the job right at the third attempt is hardly the standard expected of a tate-gyoji. He missed the head shimpan's raised hand calling the first matta (FWIW, I saw it straight away). His call for the second matta was lousy. Yes, spotting Tochinoshin's toe go out was good, but the damage had already been done by then.
  8. RabidJohn

    Match of the Basho - Kyushu 2018 Submissions Open

    Which makes it all the more mystifying why the NSK has promoted this incompetent, Shikimori Kandayu, to tate-gyoji for January! Maybe they've done it so they can sack him for imcompetence before March... Back on topic, my vote goes to Kotoshogiku vs Shohozan.
  9. RabidJohn

    Top 10 Sumo Records Kyushu 2018 Edition

    You mean Hokutoumi (now Hakkaku rijicho).
  10. RabidJohn

    Preparations of the Y/O- Aki 2018

    Nah, what you're looking at is the injury that was announced well over a year ago: a detached pec. That hollow next to it (i.e. towards his shoulder) has been there for a long time. Check out the pics of his ceremonial dohyo iri over the last year.
  11. RabidJohn

    Aki 2018

    Wakatakakage and Chiyonoumi will both miss the makuuchi wall. That's not a matter of opinion, as they're both in juryo...
  12. RabidJohn

    Mitakeumi shikona change?

    @ryafuji & @Asashosakari Thanks for the replies. From reading the 'Banzuke', 'New juryo' and other threads hereabouts, I was aware of the 'tradition' of taking a new or 'proper' shikona on promotion to juryo or makuuchi, so I probably should have made myself clearer. Have there been any rikishi who changed shikona on promotion to ozeki, then reverted because they immediately hit a downward slump?
  13. RabidJohn

    Sumo Books in Japanese

    Surely not in Osaka... I know, "Don't call me Shirley."
  14. RabidJohn

    Mitakeumi shikona change?

    Some of these between-basho topics are excellent! Rikishi always come across to me as a very superstitious bunch. You know, not shaving for luck, reverting to a previous mawashi colour when a change to a new one coincides with a poor run of results, etc. So much so, I'm surprised any of them dare switch from a shikona that's done them proud so far. Do they ever switch back if a name change proves 'unlucky'?
  15. RabidJohn

    Natsu jungyo 2018

    Is that not the way it works?