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  1. Ura - Yokozuna Bandwagon

    On Jason's talk-over he said it was the age distributon of the voters.
  2. Next Yokozuna to retire?

    It looks like he's going to try and collect a kinboshi or two on his way down. I'm fairly sure he'd have announced his intai when he went MK if he didn't intend to continue.
  3. Next Yokozuna to retire?

    Harumafuji was promoted after two back to back zensho-yusho. While he has had one more zensho since he became yokozuna, he hasn't come close to back to back yusho, so I think it's very fair to say that double zensho when he was still ozeki was his peak. It wasn't a prediction about Kisenosato - just pointing out the facts. After staying remarkably healthy and fit for so long, two serious injuries (in terms of preventing him competing) in three basho is not a good sign.
  4. Next Yokozuna to retire?

    Actually, Kisenosato is closest to Onokuni atm, with a yusho as ozeki and another as yokozuna. If Kisenosato's injuries turn out to be terminal for his active career - and we don't yet know they're not... well I just hope he doesn't complete the comparison by posting a MK! Even if Kakuryu or Kisenosato never win another yusho, they aren't the first yokozuna whose peak performance was actually as an ozeki to get the promotion (Harumafuji is another). Neither will have anything to be ashamed of, either, as they both made it to the top. For every dai-yokozuna there's going to be a fairly mediocre one to normalise the statistical distribution of talent - but they are all yokozuna!
  5. Rikishi and oyakata CM activities

    I almost didn't recognise him in some of the pics with two eyes open and neither one black!
  6. Ticket sales Aki 2017

    I've often wondered how approachable some of those regular faces are. For example, does any pretty young sujo stand a chance of parking her pert derriere next to Wiggy Guy? Who's the lady with the henna-ed streak in her hair sitting on the west side near the hanamichi most days, etc? These people are the keys to ringside seats, but I imagine cultivating a relationship with one of them is going to be a long-term project involving living and working in Japan - and then getting really lucky!
  7. Akebono was always too top-heavy. It was just his shape with those long legs and the bulk of his weight above his waist that put his centre of gravity too high. All the commentators remarked on it when he first appeared in makuuchi. He was very powerful, but also vulnerable to being toppled if his opponent managed to get a hold of his belt - that's what I meant about him lacking stability. I lost track of ozumo after 1992, so I was quite surprised to discover he'd made yokozuna. From the pics, I assumed that the added weight had increased his stability, simply by making him harder to move.
  8. Akebono said in an interview that he would not have achieved yokozuna rank as quickly as he did had it not been for Jesse and his ways. When you consider that he was the first ever gaijin yokozuna, that he's in the top 10 with 11 yusho, and that he was concurrent with 2 other all-time top 10 yokozuna, one of whom is the all-time no. 6 with 22 yusho, no, I don't think Akebono could have achieved much more than he did. As I recall, he was less stable when he was lighter, but I'm not qualified to say if he exceeded the optimum.
  9. Ticket sales Aki 2017

    It's amazing how things have turned around in the relatively short time I've been back into ozumo. It was already under way in the latter half of 2015 because it was news that the onrei banners were going up again, but that drew my attention to the fact that there were other days when the banners weren't up and empty seats could be seen all over. I'm glad I've got no plans to try to see live ozumo!
  10. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    That's why I described my 'tache as misleadingly sensible and trustworthy. On my fishing trips to India in the 90s (where my avatar pic was taken) I was somewhat taken aback at how much respect I was shown. I'd heard Indians were fantastically polite and friendly, but this was something more. It wasn't until years later that I found out Indian policemen are encouraged to grow mustaches, because in India mustachioed men are regarded as being the most trustworthy with a high general approval rating... That's misleading because I found Indian policemen to be the most eminently bribe-able law-enforcement officers I've ever encountered! --- Edit: @rhyen I think you have it. Kam Fong Chun as Chin Hair Kelly (nearly) strikes me a typical Kintamayama pun! @Kintamayama You should not be floored, for there is Google. I'm not old enough to have more than vague memories of the theme tune and "Book him, Danno". @Everybody: Sorry!
  11. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Common usage in the UK would suggest it's a goatee, but whatever you want to call it it's my experience here that such growth is usually a vain attempt to define a chin in an overweight face that's lost all jawline definition - which might also explain its almost universal appearance on those rikishi who choose to grow anything. On the odd occasion I see the thing on the face of a slim young rake, however, I do have to wonder if he's something of a dandy, or even a popinjay. Not that I'm biased against facial hair; I've sported my misleadingly sensible and trustworthy moustache since the late 70s - fashion be buggered!
  12. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Well, you've put your finger right on it there - I'm in denial about anyone other than Lynda Carter playing Wonderwoman!
  13. Natsu jungyo 2017 goatalk

    Well, if recognition is any indication of fame, I recognised Topol, Natalie Portman and Moti Dichne! Sorry, but 'Ido Portal' looks to me like it should have 'The' in front of it in big letters on the cover of a sci-fi novel...
  14. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    I believe that's the only other example, and there won't be another until Takanohana retires. What an odd thing to suggest here, on this forum... Personally, I hope ozumo hangs on to its overt xenophobia, traditional misogyny and callous disregard for health and safety.
  15. Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    The name disappears, but the heya can continue under a qualified kabu holder. Yamahibiki-oyakata taking over Kitanoumi-beya when Kitanoumi died was the most recent example.