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  1. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    Another topic recently was Yokozuna performance against first time opponents, and the loss doesn't bode well for Terunofuji seeing that he will have his premier first time meeting tomorrow (against Ura).
  2. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    And we have the result already with a final score of 7 for Terunofuji.
  3. Doitsuyama

    Asahifuji kanreki dohyo-iri

    Hard to believe that he died just one year after this...
  4. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    I'd argue that Hakuho tops this, going 33-0 before his first such loss in his tenth year as Yokozuna. It is arguably not Asashoryu's fault that he had only 7 Yokozuna years but he never could go beyond 25-0.
  5. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    I can't answer this for all time since most "final bouts" are in lower divisions and lower division torikumi are far from complete (without gaps only since Heisei era, see the database stats for a complete overview). So it's not unlikely some former rikishi with a long career actually beats the two following leaders: Kasachikara and Itakozakura both were the final opponent for the maximum number of 9 opponents. These two make sense as they had (or have as Itakozakura is still active!) a very long career with a career high in Jonidan as the most final bouts happen in low ranks, and also the lowest rankers have the shortest careers on average, so more final bouts again.
  6. Doitsuyama

    Takagenji Caught Smoking Weed

    Ok, in Asashoryu's case it was a bit more effort than just erasing his name as they indeed also changed Hakuho from YW to YE, but it's not like they really created a new banzuke.
  7. Doitsuyama

    Takagenji Caught Smoking Weed

    I don't agree, it's the same in the sense that the division is short one rikishi (only 41 makuuchi rikishi). It would also be the same if it were the last rikishi in a division - not at once visible but tipp-exed nonetheless.
  8. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The makushita hoshitori should be fixed now.
  9. Doitsuyama

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2021

    Thanks for all the details, they are in the DB now. Just one question, the kanji of "Sho" here is different from his real given name, so I guess I want to make sure if this is correct?
  10. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    I wouldn't call this equality. At this volume 51.4% is a small, but pretty clear advantage. Looking into the full basho records of the involved parties I'd say that the makuuchi rikishi are doing actually better than expected (from the full basho records), and the explanation for this should be simply that low makuuchi (the other opponents for the makuuchi sides in the full basho records) in general is a bit stronger than high juryo (the other opponents for the juryo sides). Oh, these full basho records are 8900-12593 (41.4%) for makuuchi sides and 11604-9856 (54.1%) for the juryo sides. Of course a good explanation of this disparity also is that these rikishi are selected for inter-divisional matchups because of their records in the first place.
  11. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    If this is a trap street, than I am the one who got trapped. These records are taken from other sources of course. At least the promotion from 195811 to 195901 indicates a draw though as Wakanaruto overtook another rikishi at 4-4 ahead of him. Something seems to be missing, but I better keep it as it is now until some better source can clear this.
  12. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    @Yubinhaad Thank you for all the name change updates, they are in the DB now. I must have missed an earlier first name change though (probably in Kyushu 2017 or even in Natsu 2017?) as still shows as Kyokusoten Nozomi in the DB. I'd like to update this to Manrai but need the kanji, do you have this?
  13. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    You are actually right, but perhaps not for long as he has an active pursuer hot on his heels... Here is a table of all rikishi with 70% or more of their career basho in maegashira (limited to hatsu dohyo after 1934): ID Shikona mae tot ratio -------------------------------- 1284 Takekaze 83 100 83.00 12055 Endo 39 48 81.25 26 Higonoumi 53 66 80.30 3823 Sakuranishiki 24 30 80.00 3911 Ohikari 62 79 78.48 11934 Chiyotairyu 46 59 77.97 3843 Wakasegawa 53 68 77.94 4002 Toyokuni 36 47 76.60 10 Tochinonada 73 96 76.04 5967 Yoshikaze 71 94 75.53 3876 Wakabayama 48 66 72.73 11728 Takarafuji 52 72 72.22 17 Tamakasuga 64 89 71.91 11786 Aoiyama 50 70 71.43 50 Tokitsuumi 50 70 71.43 2818 Tokitenku 60 85 70.59 3864 Hajimayama 43 61 70.49 3871 Otachi 40 57 70.18 3929 Kaizan 42 60 70.00
  14. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    The record since 1909 actually is Kasachikara, believe it or not. He had his 41st birthday on day 4 of his ultimately career high ranked basho. Other than him and Sawaisamu, there is only Wakakuma after World War II who beats Akiseyama. But after that it is really, really close (also for the salaried ranks record) as Ononishiki was only a few days younger than Akiseyama at his highest rank basho. Too bad that Akiseyama fell from 7-6 to 7-8...
  15. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    Well, that's a limitation of the automation which already is very complicated to be able to deal with two uses of the substitute. I looked into the rules, and there actually was no mention of being allowed to use the substitute again at all. I amended the rules with "The substitute then can be used for one more substitution."