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  1. Must have been a bug in my Excel script which generated the bouts from the torikumi tables... thanks as usual for catching the error, should be corrected now.
  2. I agree, the decision that Hakuho was shinitai is questionable. He at least had a bit of a counter attack going, in the picture above he isn't exactly looking "dead"...
  3. Oh yes, they have changed their coding. Plus, shin-deshi pages are not up yet but Murata is in the day 1 sandanme torikumi, so I had to look up his info (and Wakatakakage as well) from other sources. Torikumi is up now in SumoDB and also in the games DB.
  4. Well spotted, I corrected this now.
  5. A bit late, but the selection stats are in. No really outliers this time as all rikishi had selections for the correct rank. The biggest surprise seems to be Tokushoryu's promotion to Makuuchi at the cost of Chiyootori. He even left Nishikigi behind who is among those with bad banzuke luck (measured against the guessser's expectations) as are Myogiryu, Ura, Daieishi, Kotoyuki and Hokutofuji. Sadanoumi (will you never learn? ) and Endo are among those with good banzuke luck.
  6. Well, if you can give me a picture, I will add it. Seems not to be available in the mainichi shop now, but maybe it's to be found somewhere else.
  7. Rikishi pic updates for the database are always welcome, I can upload them. Yes, filename is just the rikishi ID, type must be .jpg. Size must be no bigger then 480 pixels in either height or width (usually height = 480 pixel). Bigger sets are best sent by mail.
  8. I don't think this would be "bending rules for a Japanese yokozuna", to me this looks like normal consideration for a very good ozeki. With his track record, a 15-0 yusho (unlikely as that is) would result in likely promotion, Japanese or not.
  9. I think it's ok now to enter the games.
  10. You should be able to play when the entry form for next basho is available.
  11. And the selection stats are up and running: Of course Shohozan was lucky, what did you all think? Ikioi apparently was unlucky, only one player got him right. Also a bit unlucky probably were Takekaze, Ishiura and Takakeisho (formerly known as Sato).
  12. Fixed.
  13. Thanks a lot, it's now in the DB. Now the Jonokuchi scheduling next basho should be interesting with 9 Iseghama-beya rikishi at the bottom (and presumably likely make-koshi).
  14. Sorry about that, there were a few problems with the server. But now it seems to be faster then ever.
  15. The games can go on.