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  1. Kenneth Minami

    Hakuho, nationality and People's Honor Award

    Jigjidiin MÓ©nkhbat, Hakuho's father is very honored person in Mongolia. Much more than his son and Asashoryu. And now he is sereously ill. He wanted Hakuho to stay Mongolian. If Hakuho gets Japanese cityzenship, it will be accepted as a betrayal to his country and his father.
  2. Kenneth Minami

    Banzuke Surfing Nagoya 2017 (11th Wave)

    Jk25e Tomokaze.
  3. Kenneth Minami

    Preparations of the Y/O-Nagoya 2017

    Kisenosato-Yoshikaze. 9-12. Kisenosato is going to become Terunofuji-the-second?
  4. Kenneth Minami

    Songs and sumo

    What are the names of the songs?
  5. Kenneth Minami

    Preparations of the masses -Nagoya 2017

    Yesterday Mitakeumi went to Sakaigawa-beya and faced Goeido. They fought 11 times, Mitakeumi won only 1 bout. Then shin-sekiwake trained with Sadanoumi and Toyohibiki. He won 5 bouts and lost 8...
  6. Kenneth Minami

    Kokonoe-beya Website

  7. Kenneth Minami

    Featured rikishi - Wakanosato

    Yes! Thanks a lot.
  8. Kenneth Minami

    Featured rikishi - Wakanosato

    Can anybody post here a photo of young Wakanosato with his parents and Naruto-oyakata?
  9. Kenneth Minami

    Asasekiryu intai

    Yes, I saw him
  10. Kenneth Minami

    Mitakeumi's mother

    Yes, I can.
  11. Kenneth Minami

    New recruits for Natsu 2017

    Oh! That`s Saito
  12. Kenneth Minami

    New recruits for Natsu 2017

    Who is the man with yellow tie?
  13. Kenneth Minami

    Who will win Emperor cup in May?

    Goeido or Kakuryu...Kakuryu, I think.
  14. Kenneth Minami

    Yutakayama's Makuuchi Debut

  15. Kenneth Minami

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M2W Chiyoshoma) - May 2017

    Mitakeumi Chiyoshoma Daieisho