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  1. Kenneth Minami

    Takaryu intai

    He had problems with his legs, maybe this is one of the main reasons of his retirement.
  2. Kenneth Minami

    Yoshibayama, the accidental yokozuna

    The gyoji with a beard was Shikimori Inosuke 19th, who had a serious allergy to any kind of shaving.
  3. Kenneth Minami

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Aki

    Liked that guy. I remember he was nearly crying when he saw that Aminishiki, whom he considered his idol ,was injured
  4. Kenneth Minami

    Yumitorishiki mini-drama

    It was Oga, by the way.
  5. Kenneth Minami

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2021

    Chiyoshoma feels bad and asks ex-Arawashi to replace him. After getting some steroids and drugs from ex-Takagenji, Arawashi manages to win a Yusho. On senshuraku the two Mongolians meet each other in Kokugikan, when the name of a winner is announced, a serious quarrel starts between them - Chiyoshoma wants his money for a yusho, but it was Arawashi who deserved it. Rijicho Hakkaku announces that the only way to deal with the problem is a kettei-sen. After 10 minutes of fighting Arawashi (in black mawashi) wins. Chiyoshoma, who was also wearing black mawashi, was announced as a winner by mistake (by aways absent-minded tate-gyoji, of course). Arawashi, angry as never in his life, kills Chiyoshoma and takes all the trophies. He wants to leave Japan as fast as possible and buys ticket to Mongolia. Five minutes before the flight, the Police arrest the criminal. But… It was Chiyoshoma.
  6. Kenneth Minami

    Sagatsukasa intai

    28 basho as sekitori can be enough.
  7. Kenneth Minami

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    Oh Thank you, I forgot all the story
  8. Kenneth Minami

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    He is a good friend of Hakuho.
  9. Kenneth Minami

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    I think Shibatayama who was one of the worst Yokozuna in sumo and as oyakata was regularly beating Dayubu should not be in NSK, but not Hakuho) Hakuho did a lot of bad things that go against traditions of sumo, remember situation with Mono-ii when he didn’t agree that he lost, but in terms of justice he was always right. Not like Asashoryu, who played football when he was having medical treatment in Mongolia…
  10. Kenneth Minami

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    This situation represents the intellectual level of NSK and shows that they are jealous of his achievements that they do not have. Looks like just brain-ducking. Of course Yokozuna should be responsible for all his actions much more than jonokuchi wrestler, but there is no tradition to constantly comment every Hakuho’s action, including things that do not violate rules such as his behavior on day 14 - it’s not correct for Yokozuna, but it also doesn’t go against the rules of shikiri. As well as kachiage. Which were not hizi-uchi (elbow hit) but kachiage. Hakuho is the national team ambassador, he is not the last man connected to Judo and he has the right to attend these games, even if he is a jonokuchi rikishi or yobidashi. From the point of view of the virus, he did nothing risky, since there are no spectators at the Games.
  11. Kenneth Minami

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    They are absolutely crazy.
  12. Kenneth Minami

    Asahifuji kanreki dohyo-iri

    It can be also completely red, it’s not forbidden. But traditionally tsuna is red and Gohei are white.
  13. Kenneth Minami

    Terunofuji is the 73rd Yokozuna.

    You’re right. Btw the one who choses the style is Shisho, not the rikishi. Of course, he consults with his “student”, but, as it usually happens in sumo, the final decision remains with the Shisho. Same with shikona.
  14. Kenneth Minami

    Terunofuji is the 73rd Yokozuna.

    It is said he will perform Shiranui dohyo-iri. i think Kakuryu and Kisenosato didn’t perform so well with their unryu dohyo-iri. And Hakuho is the greatest Yokozuna in sumo, who is going to retire in a year. Maybe Terunofuji is seen as an heir of Hakuho and his style. And we should remember that Asahifuji and Harumafuji from the same Isegahama-beya performed shiranui dohyo-iri.
  15. Kenneth Minami

    Survivors of closed heya

    There definitely were 42 in about 2015. 41 - I think, no. Oh, my memory … i wish I could check it somehow