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  1. Mark.Buckton

    Hakuho's son at the Hakuho cup

    Yes, you can, through his mother and based on how old he is at the time, if he ever wins a yusho. Nationality is dual until selected just after 20(usually 22 is the 'choose by date', but even then, there are ways to avoid losing one (of two nationalities). FWIW - it has only been possible to pass (Japanese) nationality through Japanese women married to or having a child fathered by a non-Japanese national since the mid-80s. Think what that means for Taiho. Surprises a lot of people that!
  2. Mark.Buckton

    overseas media covering Hatsu 2015

  3. Mark.Buckton

    Former rikishi for TV CM - long shot

    Former rikishi wanted for TV CM - to be shot in Europe so should live there - thus long shot. 1300 - 2000 euros depending on length of shoot. Just need to do 'dohyo-iri' No more than 5 seconds air time. PM me if you know someone.
  4. Mark.Buckton

    overseas media covering Hatsu 2015

    Another TV production crew will be over shooting for a BBC show on sumo in early-mid Jan. They will be at the Kokugikan on one or two days with me and would like to speak to any non-Japanese about their passion for the sport. Also, a couple of well respected art / sport photographers will also be over for much of the first week too, would like to shoot a foreign fan or two watching the sport. Younger the better apparently, thus ruling me out!
  5. Mark.Buckton

    Konishiki interview

    the woman who did the interview did ask for and get some 'juicy' opinions from both Konishiki and I on racism in sumo, but the guy you hear asked for that to be chopped so as not to ruffle feathers.
  6. Mark.Buckton

    Demon Kogure unmasked

    no privacy advisory needed. He has been to the Kokugikan before minus make up, and the photo of him as a Waseda student is one of several out there. They have appeared before in the Japanese language media and I have used one in at least one article.
  7. Mark.Buckton

    Video Stream - Availability

    main is now Tokyo numbers wise. Kyoto second, Kanazawa third.
  8. Mark.Buckton

    Konishiki interview

    Last Thursday lunchtime Konishiki recorded an interview that will air on BBC radio. Decidedly different comment to those in the vid with Moti. I recorded my own comments the same evening, and it is now in final editing I hear so probably out soon - on the BBC World channel. About 8 or 9 mins.
  9. Mark.Buckton

    Konishiki interview

    So my contact came through? presume so Moti - I am only speaking to BBC side / their op here. No time for Konishiki myself.
  10. Mark.Buckton

    Konishiki interview

    he will be interviewed again soon for another interview to appear on BBC World Service. Alongside moi.
  11. and peppered with gaffes
  12. Mark.Buckton

    pleasure island theme park cleethorpes---Health warning

    I thought the way charity jumps worked were the person jumping paying for it PLUS raising money. Not using the sponsorship to get an experience.
  13. Mark.Buckton

    pleasure island theme park cleethorpes---Health warning

    used to jump and get paid for it. Never thought about paying to jump!
  14. Mark.Buckton

    Tips for Newbie at Fukuoka Tournament

    for food you don't need tickets to walk around but I would suggest going behind the main arena before you enter. The arena is basically on the shore. Head over to the left (as you are looking at the front of the arena) and you will see a port perhaps 100 - 200 metres away. Over where the boats dock, if any are in, there is a small market selling individual sushi pieces for 70 - 150 or so yen apiece. Massive range, absolutely outstanding and fresh, and better than anything in the stadium. You can take it in. Well worth the 10 mins it will take.
  15. Mark.Buckton

    Hakkaku Oyakata to star in Swiss movie

    only saw a brother (think it was). Early morn though, parents perhaps in hotel.