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  1. The other hot seat which just had the temperature turned up a few degrees would presumably be that of ex-Kotoyuki, who is now the only loanee borrowing from an active rikishi. I know the retired/deceased loans have expiration dates on them, but ex-Kotoyuki has a myoseki belonging to someone turning 37 in a few weeks. I wonder whether he's actually the next borrower of Kitajin. I know we've often talked of Nishikijima in connection with ex-Toyonoshima (who obviously has his own complicated issues in trying to secure a long term stock), but it appears this switch in concert with the sanyo-for-all policy and the upcoming Isegahama ichimon logjam has really tightened things up.
  2. themistyseas

    Preparations of the Y/O Nagoya 2022

    Curious - while we're on the subject of translations - can anyone share how they are expressing "to go all out?" This seems to come up in a lot of interviews over the years (not just these), and I've always been curious about how they express that sentiment which sounds like it's a stronger sentiment than ganbarimasu
  3. They can just load the extra assignments on Nishonoseki, he seems to have no problem taking on more and more work!!!
  4. At this point, given the recent track record of the kyokai, I think we have to almost assume that every oyakata will take on the sanyo role. Especially if there is no real reason for them not to do so.
  5. themistyseas

    More Takatoriki nonsense.

    Haha! I know this is probably tongue firmly in cheek but it's not an idea I hate, if one were to limit it to rikishi who - and I don't know how this is qualified - are prospects of some legitimacy. Have to imagine you wouldn't find many who would publicly hope never to make a salary from their life's work... :)
  6. themistyseas

    More Takatoriki nonsense.

    That's true, but it's worth remembering also that Oho & Hoshoryu possibly arrived as two of the most hyped recruits in recent years anyway. So it's not like he showed up in the top division as a young guy and people wanted to crown him (like for example, Onosho or Hokutofuji) - he's one of the very few recruits that has literally been of public interest since his jonokuchi debut. A number of hardcore fans in Sumo Forum will be following any number of promising recruits, especially those who come from college, but we are the extreme rare bunch. These two, simply due to who they are, have had the public spotlight on them from the jump (with one moving a bit faster than the other as is normal). We can obviously take most of what Takatoriki says with a Terutsuyoshi sized heap of salt, but when your dad (himself a yusho winner) is saying in the media that the expectation is for you to "be more like Taiho," the bar's long been set at a different level to his peers, rightly or wrongly. It feels to me that the hype train is very much full steam ahead on Hoshoryu, but the disappointment may just be that the performance/results are not congruent with his behaviour/demeanour.....
  7. themistyseas

    Ex-Kaounishiki finds a new job in sumo

    I'm curious who supports the guys who can't come back in an official capacity (oyakata/sewanin/wakaimonogashira) but still manage to help out and coach at a heya, and also if it's something that happens more often than we know, since it must happen unofficially. Does the koen-kai support their "salary?" Does the shisho fund it himself, as, in this case, as Asashosakari rightly points out, this particular shisho more than likely needs help? We also of course know that many of the larger heya have meaningful scouting networks or affiliations, and I imagine those scouts must get some kind of (under the table?) fee for their work.
  8. themistyseas

    Retirements after Natsu 2022

    I was shocked, after seeing his photo in the db, to watch a video of a match of his ~2018. I thought Oazuma must be the other wrestler! Likewise - as a less folically blessed person myself, I would always get asked by people new to sumo if there would ever be a bald rikishi and he (along with Sagatsukasa in later years?) was a good example It took ages when I saw him in person to work out exactly who he was for that very reason!
  9. themistyseas

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (17th Wave)

    Ha, well considering I don't think I've ever got out of Jonidan in this game before and constantly have to pick guys from either the bottom end of that division or keep restarting from Jonokuchi, I'll take it :)
  10. themistyseas

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (17th Wave)

    Jd72 Hanafusa
  11. themistyseas

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (18th Wave)

    Woof. Brutal. Let's go with Jk22 Kazekeno I feel like whenever I do these I inevitably have to just keep picking Jonokuchi guys constantly. Not so much surfing as staying on the beach (or drowning I guess)
  12. themistyseas

    Is Meisei (still) hurt?

    It's a very interesting case that I too have been considering for a while. He's been such a prolific recruiter of talent but I wonder if his ability to keep bringing in the best new recruits will be impacted by his inability to get any of them into Juryo. Success does not always (or even mostly/normally?) seem like the driving factor for most folks to join a particular heya, but at a certain point surely there will be those youngsters who will see Naruto and maybe think "I'm not going to be able to make a living for myself if I go there." So while he has got close he really needs to push a couple over the line who prospective young rikishi can look at and say "that could be me." In Meisei's case, it is somewhat difficult to argue at least with the shisho's recent track record. Most people might look at Hoshoryu as a can't miss prospect, but Meisei and in particular Akua (who I never even saw sticking in Juryo, never mind Makuuchi) have been really good examples of talent development. Obviously it's taken moto-Asahiyutaka a loooooong time to get there (even though he's one of the older stablemasters but still looks like he's 37), and he has a lengthy legacy of the stable's history to draw on in terms of attracting recruits. I'm curious if there were other former top prospects at Tatsunami that might have flamed out due to injury mismanagement, before even reaching sekitori level (and what that might portend for Meisei), but I'm not so long in the memory as some others here.
  13. themistyseas

    New recruits Natsu 2022

    @InsideSportJapan just posted this tweet - I'm curious who the recruiting oyakata is. With Irumagawa, in the photo you posted, set to retire next year, that might give an indication of who's taking over (ex Kakizoe?) - or at least who's handling recruitment duties. One would assume it would at least appear though it will continue as an active heya rather than being folded in elsewhere.
  14. themistyseas

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I'll add my name to that, and would also note it's been something discussed quite a few times in the comments section at Tachiai (including by folks who have an engineering background and have volunteered to help find a reliable and affordable solution) and across sumo Twitter as well, so I think the desire from the community to contribute is perhaps greater than some folks might assume. I would also add especially in response to some earlier comments on this thread, that feeling that the server situation and uptime can be improved does not in any way mean that the same people suggesting that in the community are not thankful or appreciative of the incredible amount of work that goes into maintaining such a remarkable resource. I think it just means that if there are resources that we can add to help make it even better, even if that just comes in the form of a Patreon or similar, then we'd be hopeful that this would be welcomed so that we can reliably continue to use the site and improve our collective understanding of sumo.
  15. themistyseas


    Wow. Did he want to get as far away from his old shisho as possible while still staying inside of Tokyo? Looks like Onoe is probably the closest bet for degeiko for his soon-to-be-sekitori... although Onoe hasn't got any anyone of that level anymore.