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Nekonishiki Banji

2012 Haru Basho Yoso-Kumi-Banzai

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Wakanosato pontszámaiban hiba volt, javítottam.

There was an error in scores of Wakanosato, I have corrected it.

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Fujisan    137

Yes, it seems you missed it. :-(

Well thats the first time I've done that I was actually choosing my picks when the deadline passed....(Using the stats from Sekitori toto)

I just didn't consider what time it was and the impending deadline...

Oh well I wasn't on for my 4th consecutive yusho even if I won and at least I got my kachi koshi...

More embaressed than anything...

Bad basho(even Yokozunas have them) back to winning ways next time...

Oh and congratulations on the yusho Nekonishiki.. (I am not worthy...)

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(First prize...) Ozeki Zentoryu - 200 pont/points (15-0) (First prize...)


Sekiwake Gaijingai - 119 pont/points


Maegashira 4 Mibaya - 14 pont/points


Sekiwake Vikanohara - 27 pont/points



(First prize...) Maegashira Walagashima (15-0) - 69 pont/points (First prize...)


Maegashira Walagashima - 2.16


Maegashira Walagashima - 32 helyes találat/correct guesses


Maegashira 8 Mmikasazuma - 24 pont/points



(First prize...) Komusubi Nekonishiki (11-4) - 334 pont/points (First prize...)


Komusubi Nekonishiki - 4.12


Maegashira 1 Mizu - 65 pont/points


Maegashira 6 Dozoo - 246 pont/points

(Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...)

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2012 Haru Basho Kekka


O1w Zentoryu 15-0

K1w Fujisan 14-1

O2e Zarao 14-1

S2w Vikanohara 14-1

M7w Marimo 13-2

M10w Arasan 12-3

M12e Andrasoyamawaka 12-3

S1w Ganzohnesushi 12-3

M4e Mibaya 11-4

S2e Gaijingai 11-4

M13e Genya 10-5

M6w Gonzaburow 9-6

M7e Mmikasazuma 9-6

M8w Emiroo 9-6

M5e Barat 9-6

M8e Kotossho 8-7

M1w Flohru 8-7


M2w Anjoboshi 7-8

M14w Niobee 7-8

J2w Takanorappa 6-9

M9w Kuroimori 6-9

S1e Shiyonofuji 6-9

M9e Pepoetse 6-9

M3w Achiyama 6-9

O1e Susanoo 5-10

J3w Hangaryu 5-10

M4w Jejima 4-11

J1e Dozoo 4-11

M11e Katonahana 4-11

K1e Zafirowaka 4-11

M1e Cifra 3-12

J2e Bolo 3-12

M12w Stephanohana74 2-13

M11w Mizu 2-13

M6e Holleshoryu 1-14

M16w Nekonishiki 0-15


M1w Walagashima 15-0

K1w Gonzaburow 13-2

M8w Mmikasazuma 12-3

M3e Kuroimori 11-4

O1e Ganzohnesushi 11-4

Y1w Flohru 9-6

M16e Hangaryu 9-6

Y1e Susanoo 8-7

M8e Fujisan 8-7


M10e Marimo 7-8

M11w Takanorappa 6-9

S1w Jejima 5-10

M7w Pepoetse 5-10

M12w Shiyonofuji 4-11

M1e Nagayama 3-12

M15e Katonahana 3-12

M2w Gaijingai 3-12

M10w Nekonishiki 2-13

M9w Holleshoryu 1-14

K1e Anjoboshi 1-14


K2e Nekonishiki 11-4

M7e Bolo 11-4

Y2e Ganzohnesushi 11-4

M6e Dozoo 9-6

M1w Mizu 9-6

O1w Genya 8-7

O1e Holleshoryu 8-7

M6w Gonzaburow 8-7

Y1w Andrasoyamawaka 8-7

Y1e Fujisan 8-7

M4w Mmikasazuma 8-7

M5w Barat 8-7


S1e Anjoboshi_II 7-8

M2w Emiroo 7-8

M2e Arasan 6-9

M1e Susanoo 6-9

M3w Mibaya 6-9

K1e Yeditoshi 5-10

M4e Wakamasuto 5-10

M3e Niobee 5-10

M8e Terminatori 5-10

M8w Takanorappa 4-11

M9e Kuroimori 4-11

K1w Kotossho 2-13

Edited by Nekonishiki Banji

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Zentoryu    141
KUMI O1w Zentoryu 15-0

Wow, first time I've won a sumo game Yusho in probably four or five years. Now if only I could do this in my own game... :-D

Edited by Zentoryu

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