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  1. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    He was also on power water duty in Juryo one day, idk how above that is for his level or if it is not at all, but he gave Oshoma his sagari and towel.
  2. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    Nooo, not Oshoryu too
  3. Kaitetsu

    Stable and Ichimon Dominance

    With Atamifuji now in makuuchi, i made the calculations and 6 out of 42 give a percentage of 14.28% of the banzuke, so just below or along 1981 Mihogaseki. Also, the last most recent time we had 6 rikishi from the same beya in makuuchi was in Musashigawa 2004.03 Im pretty sure. o
  4. Kaitetsu

    Miyagino manager mondai

    Wait, so a manager scammed Hakuho, his plans are now on hold, and he may be punished by the JSA? But I dont understand why would they punish him...
  5. Kaitetsu

    New recruits Kyushu 2022

    One of the new shindeshi is ex-Aminishiki’s nephew, Sakuraba Ryo(?). Joining Isegahama-beya, of course. https://www.nikkansports.com/m/battle/sumo/news/202210140001055_m.html?mode=all
  6. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    Also, apparently the hotels are gonna serve Naruto-beya chanko
  7. Kaitetsu

    COVID-delayed oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    Is it just me, or does the gyoji call his son by a shikona starting on “Koto-“ as well?
  8. Kaitetsu

    What's so special about Hokuseiho?

    Oh wow, just finished reading about him, what a interesting trajectory, he seems like a fun guy.
  9. Kaitetsu

    What's so special about Hokuseiho?

    I get Ishiura, Enho and Hokuseiho, but who was the other one?
  10. Kaitetsu

    Trivia bits

    Aki 2022 was the first time since Hatsu 2018 (coincidentaly, Tochinoshin's maiden Yusho) that Kasugano stable had 4 sekitori. With the almost certain demotion of Tochimaru back to Makushita, I theorize that it will be a long while until Kasugano gets 4 sekitori again, not even counting that both Tochinoshin and Aoiyama may be looking at retirement in the not-so distant future...
  11. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    Naruto-beya had the post-basho party with the supporters to celebrate Oshoma's first Juryo kachi-koshi and Oshoumi's Sandanme yusho and probably just how well the stable went this basho, only 4-5 rikishi from 16 went make-koshi. Oshoma giving a speech. And Oshoma posing with his kesho-mawashi. On Instagram, Naruto-oyakata thanked the fierce support from fans and expressed how happy he is to have had a supporters party after a long while.
  12. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    If only Oshoryu was doing as good in upper makushita as Oshoumi is in sandanme, maybe Naruto-beya would have 2 sekitori :( kinda sad that Oshoryu missed on a KK.
  13. Kaitetsu

    New recruits Aki 2022

    Were they presented already? I completely missed photos of them in the KMs
  14. Hey guys, Kaitetsu here again. I am looking at the brazilians sekitoris because of the mood Kaisei's intai put me, and I am finding incredibly difficult to find photos of 90s brazilian juryo Ryudo, the first foreigner to receive makushida tsukedashi status. From what I've seen, what we have of him is basically what there is on the sumo wrestling wiki, Wikipedia, Sumo reference and a blogspot post by a brazilian amateur sumotori which only goes through Ryudo's story until leaving ozumo. Does anyone have any kind of more info on the guy? Or any photo of him? Thank you all for reading and for the help.