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  1. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    But with Hakuoho, Azumaryu coming down, and probably Hitoshi as well, wouldn’t that open 3 spaces? Or do you think Hitoshi won’t be demoted to makushita? And day 14 Tochimusashi vs Chiyosakae, that’s probably a exchange bout? But it seems more like Tochimusashi is the one more at risk of promotion/no promotion, no? Also considering Oshoumi won both vs Asakoryu and vs Chiyosakae.
  2. Kaitetsu

    New kesho mawashi

    That is the same company that gave Hakuoho his koi fish kesho-mawashi, I didn't find a post here showing it, but maybe I just missed it.
  3. Kaitetsu

    Oshoma Accused of Harassment

    If we are going by “alledged people close to the heya” as sources, Twitter user yamadayama007, who is extremely close to the whole heya, says the tabloid report is “impossible” (ありえない). That apparently everyone there is friendly. But I wonder how training sessions are while friends/supporters are not in the heya visiting…
  4. Kaitetsu

    Oshoma Accused of Harassment

    Newspapers have picked up on it, seems like its probably real, and some mention that more rikishi were affected, not only Anzai. Im deeply sad that Naruto is not apparently able to control his own deshi
  5. Kaitetsu

    Oshoma Accused of Harassment

    I hear you, but why would Oshoma be out to injure his own stablemates, hampering his own training partners and therefore his training? And why would Naruto let it happen? Simply because Oshoma is a sekitori? He never came across as the kind of guy to really enjoy that style of training…?
  6. Kaitetsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Anosho's hometown in spelled Kurihara, not Kurehara. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurihara,_Miyagi
  7. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    On twitter(?) okamisan says it was summer holidays, so maybe pre-nagoya?
  8. Kaitetsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    I don't know if anybody else mentioned this, but first class tokoyama Tokohira is not on the JSA's list of active tokoyama anymore, therefore he must have retired.
  9. Kaitetsu

    New recruits Kyushu 2023

    Not really a recruit for this year's Kyushu but probably for the next, Musashigawa has announced on twitter that Musashikuni's younger brother Daniel has joined the stable and has started his period to make a debut in pro-sumo
  10. Kaitetsu

    Kaisei Intai

    Pictures from the party afterwards (from Luciana Watanabe's instagram stories):
  11. Kaitetsu

    Kaisei Intai

    I follow some brazilian sumo athletes like Luciana Watanabe and she posted the final part of the cutters, in terms of active rikishi apart from Terunofuji, Tenshoho, Chiyomaru, Atamifuji and Takarafuji were there. Kiriyama-oyakata (ex-Asahisho, former stablemate after the Tomozuna-Oshima merge), Sanoyama-oyakata (ex-Chiyonokuni), Magaki-oyakata (ex-Ishiura), Tateyama-oyakata (ex-Homarefuji) and Isegahama-oyakata were also there to cut. Also Fernando Kuroda (ex-Wakaazuma, brazilian juryo) cut as well, he is the one that connected Ricardo with Tomozuna. Kimura Hisanosuke, Yobidashi Akira and Oshima-oyakata (ex-Kyokutenho) all had cuts as well. Also interstingly, I think the gyoji holding the scissors is Shikimori Tomokazu (makushita gyoji, the most senior gyoji from Tomozuna that didnt come from Oshima), but using makuuchi gyoji Shikimori Kiichiro's robes? And the only yobidashi in yobidashi clothes and working (with the clappers etc) is probably Yobidashi Kokichi
  12. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    Mentioned by Yubinhaad on Ozumo Discussions about the latest urakata promotions, but the heya's gyoji Shikimori Komei is promoted to Jonidan gyoji, and the heya's yobidashi Kenta is also promoted to Jonidan yobidashi. Both after a good while as the most senior jonokuchi urakata in those positions, Komei's promotion comes around 4 years after debut and Kenta's after 5 years. Promotions will be effective from December 25th, their first basho in these ranks will be January 2024.
  13. From first had experience: Tomioka Hachiman is a beautiful temple and the yokozuna, ozeki and strong(?) sekiwake stones are really cool if you are really into sumo and know some shikona kanji. I didnt go to Yokozuna Tonkatsu but Chanko Kirishima and Chanko Edosawa serve delicious chanko in a sumo-y vibe but no exhibitions (tho Chanko Kirishima has an Akebono tsuna behind a glass, very cool).
  14. Kaitetsu

    Narutobeya happenings

    Wait a hot minute... Sakurai... just had his danpatsu-shiki this friday? Coming after an 5-2? There are photos on wakya39 on instagram... Not Anzai, but Sakurai. And on the pre-basho posts on twitter and instagram, no mention on Sakurai retiring, just Anzai. Did I miss anything?
  15. Kaitetsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Should Kuniazuma's english page show when he changed his shikona kanji? Or somehow is this just an error in the japanese page? Also his first name is Vander, with a V not W (this variation exists tho) as shows his instagram, his last name is Ramos, in the english page the Vander is in all caps as if it were the surname