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  1. Kaitetsu

    Does anyone recognize this signature?

    The first kanji i think seems to be 琴 (koto)? So probably a former Sadogatake man if its legit. But reading japanese calligraphy signatures is def not my forte
  2. Kaitetsu

    Haru jungyo 2024

    The Ise Shrine tournament matchups has been released and as bow-twirler is… Asanowaka? Well, if Yuki retired and Satonofuji is not doing it because Teru is not participating
  3. It does seem kinda stupid for the sport to remove the exciting matchups of Hakuoho vs all Fujis; even if the training will probably be the best in the JSA... Or maybe Asakayama has NO capacity at all to house everyone.
  4. The JSA specifically rejected plans to separate rikishi and shisho, they will all go to the same stable together (yeah its too fast)
  5. Yeah, but they all were already in sumo and just merged, just wondering how it would affect recruiting a foreigner
  6. Sorry mods for going on this tangent. The basho right after Kyokutenho yusho’d, Tomozuna-Oshima merger happens, there were 3 foreigners (all sekitori) in the heya, Kyokutenho, Kaisei and Kyokushuho. But Kaisei only went to Asakayama after becoming a coach, so iirc Asakayama never had a foreigner so far.
  7. Just was thinking about it as maybe Kaisei might bring someone over from Brazil?
  8. Well, if they go to Asakayama in the new plan, Kaio sure must be a bit pissed that he will get his foreigner slot taken by Seihakuho, or because he is being forced there the rule wont apply in the future?
  9. Kaisei XD (although idk if he would be a good strict oyakata)
  10. Kaitetsu

    Sumo db not updated yet?

    It always takes awhile, it will get updated eventually, even if sometimes it takes longer than usual
  11. Kaitetsu

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    More puzzing is that Kotoshogiku doesnt appear in this picture (maybe he got there later), but they shared even more time together in the heya
  12. Well, he is getting another chance... don't f*** that up Hakuho
  13. Will this be a temporary (even if for over a year) arrangement, or is Hakuho basically not gonna be stablemaster anymore?
  14. Kaitetsu

    New recruits March 2024

    Nishonoseki has 2 new recruits, Endo Daishin (遠藤大心, same surname as maegashira Endo) 15 year old from Ami city, Ibaraki prefecture, will make his debut in March. The not-for-long-Endo and the stablemaster at his school. And Matsuzawa Yoshihiro(?) (松澤美博), 15 year old from Saigo town in Fukushima prefecture. Nishonoseki doesn't say that he will or will not start in March, just saying that he has joined. (Source: Nishonoseki-beya Twitter page)
  15. Kaitetsu


    In the most recent Sumo Prime Time video on Otowayama-beya, Otowayama now has 4 rikishi. Takeuchi becomes Kakuho so his younger brother can use the name. The new Takeuchi is a year younger than his brother. And there is also the 18 year old Hakuryu (Kakuryu had to really think hard for these shikona huh). I don't know if both are making their debut in March, but I think it's probable. Also, I feel like Kakuryu really gets what needs to be done to make sumo a little more attractive young guys and their parents, with what he said on the video.