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  1. Oskanohana

    Sumo Gaming World Championship Daily Scoring

    First of all, congratulations to Susanoo for being the world champion (barring a bug in The Random One's almighty algorithms, one can only hope) It was a pleasure reading Rando's comments every day. In the end I was the first of the ones who lost. Instead of Miyabikeumi, I ought to rename to Kisenoyasu. I don't think I even have a green mawashi ffs. I could blame myself for not trusting Abi pre-basho, or thinking that Takanosho would bounce back, or thinking that Wakatakakage is indeed ozeki material (if only by the crappiness of the other "contenders"). I could blame the Bench Sumo Banzuke Making Commitee for dropping me to J1e this basho. I could blame Rando himself for not stopping the count when he should have or for spoiling the beans on my tactic of going for a big Odd Sumo play. But I won't, I'll be the bigger man.... ....and blame Kagayaki, that muppet (as some former SG world champ would say). Results details for Oskahanada in Kyushu Basho 2022, Day 15 Rikishi Quota Kagayaki 1.49 Nishikigi 1.68 Wakamotoharu 1.23 Abi 1.58 Hoshoryu 1.31 Hokutofuji 2.52 bet number: 78066 total quota: 48.18 ante: 3 points won: -3 It was a fun competition. Thanks as always to everybody running the games and to the Doitsu-base, who has to get a lot of credit for my performance. I sincerely don't know of any other web of sporting results that is even remotely close to being that thorough, organized, user friendly and well kept. See you all next year.
  2. Oskanohana

    UDH Kyushu Basho 2022

    I didn't receive any confirmation e-mail for this basho, so I've sent my line-up also via e-mail and a private message on this forum to @Tamanaogijima with it. Go team suspension mid-basho!!!
  3. Oskanohana

    Games Bugs

    Anybody else hasn't received confirmation e-mail from UDH? I remember that months ago I found it on the spam folder and I removed it as spam, but now I got nothing. I've sent an e-mail to gyoji@seisa.de with my line-up just in case, but it just seems weird.
  4. Oskanohana

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Aki 2022

    Funny thing is that if I hadn't won the yusho I'd probably be again in a paradox again, being an ozeki and not at the same time because of the low scores all around. Miyabikeumi's legend was stopped short probably because I forgot to change my name. Anyways, I'm very happy I won. Thanks to all responsible for running the game.
  5. Oskanohana

    Aki 2022 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    I've said a million times before and I'm not exaggerating. You must stop the count!!!. I have the best picks, I picked this Tamawashi fellow very high in UDH and they gave me no points even though he won the yusho. They're just trying to delay. I'm the undisputed world champion for this year, and I will be for the next years too. You know, these Germans, they don't send us their best people to count the points. They didn't even add my points for winning the makushita game yusho. They're inventing this Kyushu basho thing now when everything should have ended in Natsu because that's where I handed the President Cup. Everything is wrong and I have wonnered the world championship already and only the bad people is stopping me from claiming the title I deserve. Sad!
  6. Oskanohana

    Banzuke for Aki 2022

    I was thinking this also, but then I remembered that Takanoshou actually went kyujo but not because of covid, so he must have been treated as a regular 1-14 record. Meanwhile Endo was a 3-9 and....I don't know, they counted it as a 6-9?...and even by that standard they were generous. By the way, I forgot this Takanosho fact and put him as M3e in my 8th placed guess for this basho. That GTB game is just great.
  7. Oskanohana

    Trivia bits

    Nishikifuji got 3 wins by fusen on the same basho for the first time in history in makuuchi. As a master of the technique, he should've been awarded the gino-sho. Query He equalled ma boy Kasuganishiki, but "The shopkeeper" only made it in juryo. Weak. I wonder if the feat did cost him some kesho-mawashi back then.
  8. Oskanohana

    Games Bugs

    Comfortable last place for my old shikona, even with a Ryuden for yusho pick I'd have been on the last 4. That means I'm killing at UDH, right? You're welcome, everybody.
  9. Oskanohana

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Nagoya 2022

    And this, boys and girls, is how the legend of Schrödinger Miyabikeumi started. He lived in perennial superposition, being kadoban and sekiwake-zeki at the same time. You couldn't even collapse the wave function by looking under his mawashi.
  10. Oskanohana

    Trivia bits

    Regarding that basho, what the hell is THIS? Why did they get the fabulous idea of pairing a yokozuna and an ozeki on shonichi and immediately discarded it afterwards? I would be all for it, really. Is there any explanation?
  11. Oskanohana

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Nagoya Basho

    He defeated 2 KK rikishi in his run. That should count for something.
  12. Oskanohana

    Trivia bits

    Had you said "you" referring to me, it would have been incorrect. Your correct answer would be "me" referring to you.
  13. Oskanohana

    Trivia bits

    I was too lazy to look for the thread where it was mentioned, somebody analyzing the "Yusho Grand Slams" and the correction that he won a yusho in July but the year it wasn't in Nagoya because covid.
  14. Oskanohana

    Trivia bits

    Since his rise to yokozuna, Terunofuji was 6-0 against ozeki. Until yesterday happened...and then today. He choked big time. He's really cursed in Nagoya. Sumodb query
  15. Oskanohana

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Nagoya 2022

    Oh, boy, it seems to me my score is as fringy as it can be. Not even a jun-yusho will save me? Shall I name myself Miyabikeumi thus creating a paradox where I cannot be promoted nor demoted?