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Le Monde du Sumo : new articles in ENGLISH

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Greetings to Forumers!

I am happy to announce publication of newly translated articles from earlier issues of Le Monde du Sumo and Le Petit Banzuke Illustre. From focus on a hot rising star, to a moving last goodbye to one of true greats of sumo world, the articles are:

- Hakuho: The white phoenix flies towards the summit (from PBI 15, may 2006)

- Kotonowaka's retreat: the mountain recedes! (from MDS 13, december 2005)

- An Interview With Fujishima Oyakata (from MDS 12, october 2005)

- Danpatsu-shiki of Musoyama Masashi, the 232th Ozeki (from MDS 12, october 2005)

- Death of Futagoyama Oyakata: the Prince of Sumo leaves us! (from MDS 10, june 2005)

You can find them, and many others, at the familiar address:

Of course, all this would not be possible without continuing effort of our translators, proofreaders, layout makers and publishers. :-S

Thank you for your attention, and we will do our best to start bringing you fresh articles come autumn!

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Many thanks to all involved! You can't have too much to read about sumo. And your articles are always particularly interesting. (Sign of approval)

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