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Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

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Ozeki Kaio really did nothing to work against his image as a choker. The situation was the same for him like it was last basho. He is one win behind the leader who is fighting after him. He can force the leader to win to avoid a playoff against him. He gets an opponent everyone considers as easy, last basho it was Kotomitsuki, this time Musoyama. Kaio evidently thinks the same and flips that ominous switch back in his head not to go all out. This is the grave mistake because Kotomitsuki last basho and Musoyama this basho are going all out, so Kaio loses. And he loses in a really bad way.

Again it didn't really harm Kaio's yusho chances because Yokozuna Asashoryu grabbed Chiyotaikai's mawashi instantly and disposed him in fractions of a second like he always do in their training bouts. Well, it wasn't more than a training bout anyway, spiced with 16 kensho and televised nationally of course.

Kyokutenho disappointed losing against Toki in a mawashi battle. Probably he's happy anyway because he will be Sekiwake next basho because of Musoyama reatining his Ozeki rank against Kaio and Dejima losing to a fighting Takamisakari. Plus he was awarded the kanto-sho. Kyokushuzan won his last bout to go 8-7 and was awarded with the shukun-sho due to his win against Asashoryu, the first time in a while the shukun-sho was awarded to any rikishi.

The Komusubi slots are up for grabs between Dejima, Tochinonada, Miyabiyama and Aminishiki. Aminishiki was awarded the gino-sho which he probably has deserved.

Former Sekiwake Akinoshima declared his retirement yesterday. Demotions to Juryo could be Takanotsuru, Takanowaka, Shimotori and a bit surprisingly Yotsukasa due to his 1-5 finish.

Tamakasuga had no problems handling Kakizoe and he made sure that Kakizoe was out of the dohyo before turning to bow. So he wins the Juryo yusho two wins ahead of Kakizoe and Tochisakae. Possible promotions to Makuuchi are Tamakasuga, Kasuganishiki, Ushiomaru, Tochisakae. A fifth promotion would be close between Kakizoe, Tochinohana and Kinkaiyama.

Demotions from the paid ranks are pretty clear with Gokenzan, Sumanofuji, Komahikari and Kaito. Akinoshima also will leave the paid ranks.



Day 15


Ms2e Kotoiwakuni (4-3) sokubiotoshi J13w Kaito (7-8)

J10w Kokkai (8-7) kotenage J9w Oikari (7-8)

J8w Wakakosho (7-8) yorikiri J11e Futeno (8-7)

J13e Sumanofuji (3-12) oshidashi J6w Komahikari (2-13)

J7w Tamakasuga (12-3) yorikiri J6e Kakizoe (10-5)

J9e Senshuyama (8-7) hikiotoshi J5e Hayateumi (9-6)

J4w Tochinohana (9-6) sukuinage J7e Harunoyama (7-8)

J12e Toyozakura (9-6) utchari J4e Hamanishiki (6-9)

J3w Kobo (7-8) yoritaoshi J11w Nakao (7-8)

J1w Oginishiki (4-5-6) oshidashi J12w Gokenzan (4-11)

J5w Wakatoba (8-7) okuridashi J1e Kasuganishiki (9-6)


J2w Ushiomaru (9-6) fusen M15w Akinoshima (6-9)

J2e Kinkaiyama (8-7) hikiotoshi M13e Yotsukasa (6-9)

J3e Tochisakae (10-4-1) oshidashi M11w Shimotori (4-11)

M10e Kotoryu (9-6) yorikiri M15e Asanowaka (8-7)

M14w Otsukasa (8-7) yorikiri M9e Jumonji (8-7)

M8w Gojoro (7-8) kotenage M10w Wakanoyama (6-9)

M12w Aogiyama (7-8) hikiotoshi M5w Hokutoriki (6-9)

M5e Miyabiyama (10-5) shitatenage M13w Asasekiryu (8-7)

M4w Kotonowaka (8-7) oshidashi M12e Buyuzan (9-6)

M9w Iwakiyama (7-8) oshidashi M4e Kaiho (5-10)

M3e Kyokushuzan (8-7) hikiotoshi M8e Tamarikido (7-8)

M2w Takanonami (7-8) oshidashi M3w Tamanoshima (7-8)

M7w Aminishiki (11-4) uwatedashinage M1e Tochinonada (8-7)

M11e Toki (10-5) tsukiotoshi K1w Kyokutenho (10-5)

K1e Tosanoumi (4-11) hikiotoshi M6e Kasugao (4-11)

M1w Takamisakari (6-9) yorikiri S1w Dejima (7-8)

S1e Wakanosato (9-6) yorikiri O2w Tochiazuma (8-7)

O2e Musoyama (8-7) tsukiotoshi O1w Kaio (11-4)

Y1e Asashoryu (13-2) yorikiri O1e Chiyotaikai (10-5)

List of yusho

Makuuchi: Asashoryu (3rd)

Juryo: Tamakasuga

Makushita: Tamanokuni

Sandanme: Tenpozan

Jonidan: Ai

Jonokuchi: Kagaya

List of sansho

Shukun-sho: Kyokushuzan (1st)

Kanto-sho: Kyokutenho (3rd)

Gino-sho: Aminishiki (2nd)

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